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Diplomatic Affairs May 27 to June 02, 2013

Li Keqiang, Nawaz Sharif setting future line of action Dr Azhar Jadoon

elevates to higher platform for public welfare

Pak nation capable to withstand challenges: Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

Taking Pak-China all-weather friendship forward


t is an enviable fact relating to Pakistan and China relations that the two countries’ friendship is examplary. The two countries stand by each other all the times, be it crises or trials. To further consolidate the relationship, leadership of both the countries make visits time to time. Chinese Prime Minister Li Kegiang has recently visited Pakistan. Generally, foreign leaders do not visit countries being governed by caretaker governemts. But China acknowledges the importance of its relationship and friendship with Pakistan, which is why Chinese premeir has visited the country during the time of caretaker set-up. It reflects the height of relations between the two countries. During his visit to Pakistan, Chinese Premir Li Kegiang held meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari, Caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and several other leaders. His activities during his short visit spanning only two days remained very constructive. The two countries have always been with each other in carrying out development activities. China, no doubt, has always been supporting Pakistan in difficult times. It has been supporting Pakistan’s position on international issues. There are numerous sectors wherein China and Pakistan cooperation is continued. Li reiterated the China government’s resolve to support Pakistan in all sectors and extend further cooperation, especially in strategic, energy, science and technology and agriculture domains. This is indeed a happy omen for the improvement of relations between the two countries. He was right to say taht the Pak-China friendship is an outcome of centuries old historical people-topeople contacts. The dignitary held meetings with military leadership. He reaffired that China would like to deepen military relations, enhance communication in defense and constantly expand cooperation to new fields with Pa-

kistan. The new government in Pakistan should pay attention to further improving defence sector cooperation between the two countries. Chinese pime minister also held meeting with Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the incoming prime minister of Pakistan. The meeting has great significance, as PML-N is all set to form government in the centre, following which it will have to focuss on developing relations with other countries, especially the neighbours. The new government should concentrate on economic and trade relations with China, improving the current status. In one of his statements, the Chinese premier has also realised the need for strengthening economic cooperation, saying that “Pakistan faces challenges of economic and social development and China as a friend will give every support to it.” This pledge has an immense value as far as the two countries cooperation in the field is concerned. The time demands of the incoming government to concentrate its energies on resolution to economic problems by expanding trade relations with friendly countries like China, as this will surely lead to address other challenges like energy crisis and price hike in the country. The cooperation between the two countries in almost all spheres is the need of the hour, for which the new government will have to take sustainable steps. Mian Nawaz Sharif will hopefully visit China after assuming the charge of prime minister for the third time, as he said while talking to media that China‘s visit would be one of his first foreign tours after taking the charge. This visit will have its own importance for improvement of the relations. Pakistan and China, not only at government-togovernment levels but also at people-to-people level, have high reverence and esteem for each other. The people of Pakistan love the people of China. The two countries know this fact. This is why they have been seen standing by each other in all ordeals. This friendship has to be taken forward, for which the two nations have a strong determination. The future will definitely see the relations on height because of the governments of the two countries.

The two countries have always been with each other in carrying out development activities. China, no doubt, has always been supporting Pakistan in difficult times. It has been supporting Pakistan’s position on international issues. There are numerous sectors wherein China and Pakistan cooperation is continued.

An eyeful of weekly

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May 27 to June 02, 2013


Int’l symposium on C-IED

Pakistani nation capable to withstand challenges: Kayani MONITORS REPORT RAWALPINDI


rmy Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said that Pakistan is a peace loving country and as a nation its commitment to moderation‚ prosperity and rule of law is total and unwavering. Addressing a day-long international symposium on C-IED “Saving lives by jointly defeating IEDs” in Rawalpindi the other day, the Army Chief said, “we have the resolve and a firm belief to overcome the challenges for achieving these goals.” The Chief of Army Staff said overwhelming majority of Pakistani people is moderate‚ resilient and extraordinarily hardworking. He said in the recently conducted general elections‚ we have amply demonstrated that as a nation we can withstand any challenge. In these elections‚ people of Pakistan not only courageously withstood the threat of terrorism; they also defied unfounded dictates of an insignificant and misguided minority. He said with the support and collaboration of international community, Pakistan and the region would overcome the menace of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

“Our success will hinge upon adopting a focused and multilayered approach, improving upon the ability to work with partners around the globe and at all levels of government as well as the private sector to monitor, protect against and ultimately reduce the threat of an IED being used successfully,” he added. General Kayani said, “We must continue to coordinate our efforts, commit the required resources and maintain the hard-earned counter-IED experiences for our collective use.” The Army Chief said as a nation, Pakistanis were peace loving people. Overwhelming majority of the people was moderate, resilient and extraordinarily hardworking. He said in the recently conducted general elections, the nation had amply demonstrated that it could withstand any challenge. In these elections, the people of Pakistan not only courageously withstood the threat of terrorism, they aldo defied unfounded dictates of an insignificant and misguided minority. “As a nation, our commitment to moderation, prosperity and rule of law is total and unwavering. We have the resolve and a firm belief to overcome the challenges towards attainment of these goals,” he added. He said one of these challenges was the threat of terrorism.

In fighting this menace, we share the experience of many other nations, he added. Pakistan, he said, had a rich experience of dealing and succeeding against the faceless enemy, who employed highly innovative means of destruction. In pursuit of global peace, Pakistan had to respond to this enemy equally innovatively while always staying a step ahead, he added. The COAS said over time, the IEDs had posed a new dimension of threat to the public as well as the law enforcement agencies. This threat was multidimensional and complex. He said factors like prompt availability, ease of manufacture, low production cost, innovative use and resultant devastating effects had made the IED, a weapon of choice for the terrorists. Their use had unfortunately gained wider currency. Gen Kayani said the threat and impact of these weapons was not Pakistan specific. “IEDs have caused devastation at both regional and global levels.” He said these had been used with unfortunate consistency in Iraq and Afghanistan and somewhat inconsistently, in other countries of the world. Quoting an example of recent Boston bombings involving use of homemade IED, he said

it manifested the international dimension of this threat and served as a stark reminder that even the most developed nations of the world remained vulnerable to this threat. He said contrary to prevalent perceptions, Pakistan had come a long way in fighting this menace over the past 2-3 years. Pakistan, he said, had had taken significant policy initiatives to counter the IED threat. The Pakistan Army aware of the seriousness of the threat, was leading the drive to create a pragmatic, cost-effective and efficient C-IED strategy. He said this strategy was aimed at creating awareness, assisting legislation, adopting the best practices from across the world, suitably equipping the forces and effectively training them. The strategy thus aimed at developing a proactive, rather than a reactive response at the national level.

Pakistan sympathizes with victims of Oklahoma tornado DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


he government and people of Pakistan are deeply saddened and shocked at the humanitarian tragedy unleashed on the Oklahoma State by a devastating tornado said a statement issued by Foreign Office the other day. Our sympathies and prayers go out to the families of victims of this horrific incident that led to precious loss of life and property. We are particularly grieved over the loss of innocent children and their teachers who were buried under the rubble. May God Almighty give courage and strength to the bereaved families to bear this irreparable loss. The people of Pakistan stand hand in hand with the people of Oklahoma at this difficult time.

KARACHI: Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry President, Muhammad Haroon Agar presenting a crest to Huseyin CEPNI, country manager of Turkish Airlines during a meeting here. DA

UN, academia join hands to mark World Day for Cultural Diversity DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


world of peace and solidarity can only be accomplished by acknowledging and celebrating our diversity, Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General in his electronic message has said, to mark this year’s observance of the World Day for Cultural Diversity. He said ‘on this day, and throughout

our lives, let us take steps – small and large, with families and friends, old and new – that will strengthen bonds, deepen our understanding of the value of cultural diversity and help us to live together better.” The UN system in Pakistan led by UNESCO, United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office and UN Women are partnering with a group of civil society representatives from specific backgrounds to promote awareness

and education on the tolerance, equality, inclusion and dialogue in a special event that draws lessons from recent national happenings. At a dialogue held in partnership with the National University of Science Technology (NUST) and their students; a diverse group of discussants comprising students, faculty members from universities across the city, human rights defenders, media representatives, members from

religious-ethnic-disability and sexual minority groups and the UN, to share their experiences on issues related to equality, participation and inclusion, from May 11th national elections. Highlighting the critical importance of the day, Kozue Kay Nagata, Director/ Representative UNESCO Pakistan asserted, “The objective is to educate students to be able to defend against what is seen as a commodification considered harmful to a disadvantaged

culture — supporting its development through promotion operations as protecting human rights of minorities.”

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Argentina envoy hosts reception to mark national day ABUBAKAR SIDDIQUE ISLAMABAD


ean of Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Argentine Republic & Mrs Rodolfo Martin Saravia held a reception at Serena Hotel here the other day to mark the national day. The event was attended by a large number of ambassadors and high commissioners of different countries in addition to several politicians. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rodolfo Martin Saravia said Pakistan and Argentine enjoy friendly relations. He said the two countries have a great potential to further cement the relations. He said efforts are under way to improve the relations and bring the two countries closer.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Obama limits drone hits

‘Washington in process of rebuilding relations with Pakistan’ MONITORS REPORT WASHINGTON


resident Barack Obama on Thursday defended America’s controversial drone attacks but announced new restraints on targeted killings, saying civilian casualties haunt him and that Washington is in the process of rebuilding relations with Pakistan. In a major speech to military and political leaders at the National Defence University, Obama announced the most significant shift in US counter-terrorism since the fall of the World Trade Centre, saying he would restrict his own signature policy of ordering drone strikes around the world. He said he has planned to wind down the drone strikes, which have stirred controversy at home and abroad. He imposed a higher standard on authorising such aerial attacks, shifted responsibility more from the CIA to the military and suggested the creation of a secret court that would have to sign off on strikes in the future. President Obama said the US could not wage “a boundless global war on terror” but must face a new reality where threats come from regional jihadists and home-grown extremists. “America is at a crossroads” in the fight against terror... We must define the nature and scope of this

mocracy demands.” At the end of his hour-long speech, the president was repeatedly heckled by a woman who demanded the immediate release of detainees on hunger-strike at Guantanamo military prison. “Part of free speech is letting me speak,” Obama told the woman, who belonged to the social justice group “Code Pink”. During interruptions, the president however renewed his resolve to close down Guantanamo Bay and urged Congress to lift the restrictions on detainee transfers from Gitmo. “The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to... These are tough issues and the suggestion that we can gloss over them is wrong.” Obama said Washington will continue to have the need to partner with foreign countries to counter terrorist threats as he acknowledged the sacrifices Pakistan has made. “Already, thousands of Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives in fighting terrorists,” Obama said. “The cost of our relationship with Pakistan was immense... Our operation in Pakistan against Osama bin Laden cannot be the norm. The risks in that case were immense... the fact that we did not find ourselves confronted with civilian casualties, or embroiled in an extended firefight... also depended on some luck. And even then, the cost to our relationship with Pakistan – and the backlash among the Pakistani public

stan is the unending drone strikes. Under a new directive signed this week drone strikes would be limited only to those cases where the target represented a “continuing and imminent threat” to the US. Although insisting that the targeted killing programme was legal and effective, Obama said the US must also exercise “the discipline to constrain that power – or risk abusing it”. He insisted on “near certainty” that no civilians would be killed before authorising strikes, saying for him and his commanders the deaths of

Pakistan remains opposed to drons DA REPORT ISLAMABAD

he government of Pakistan has taken note of the counterterrorism strategy outlined by president Obama in his speech the other day. Pakistan appreciates president Obama’s acknowledgement that “force alone cannot make us safer”. This also has been Pakistan’s longstanding stance that a comprehensive strategy was acquired to address the root causes that foster terrorism and extremism, says a Foreign Office statement. As a frontline state in the fight against terrorism, Pakistani troops have borne the brunt and

given the ultimate sacrifice for it. We appreciate President Obama’s acknowledgement ad recognition of the sacrifices made by Pakistan particularly by our law Enforcement Authorities. We welcome the resolve expressed by President Obama to continue efforts to rebuild the important bilateral relationship with Pakistan, which we believe should be based on the mutual respect and mutually of benefit. The Pakistan government repeated its view that US drone strikes in its territory were illegal, after President Barrack Obama laid out new guidelines for their use. The US president mounted a firm defence of his covert drone war as legal and just in a major speech on counterterrorism policy but warned

that undisciplined use of the tactic would invite abuses of power. Islamabad said it welcomed some aspects of Obama’s address, particularly his acknowledgement that “force alone cannot make us safe”, but it remained firm on its long-held public stance on unmanned missile attacks in its tribal northwest. “The Government of Pakistan has consistently maintained that the drone strikes are counter-productive, entail loss of innocent civilian lives, have human rights and humanitarian implications and violate the principles of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

struggle, or else it will define us… Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organisations must continue. But this war, like all wars, must end… That’s what history advises. That’s what our de-

over encroachment on their territory – was so severe that we are just now beginning to rebuild this important partnership.” Another highly troublesome issue with Paki-

innocents would “haunt us as long as we live”. Today, he said, the core of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on a path to defeat. “Their remaining operatives spend more time thinking


about their own safety than plotting against us. They did not direct the attacks in Benghazi or Boston. They have not carried out a successful attack on our homeland since 9/11. Instead, what we’ve seen is the emergence of various al Qaeda affiliates. From Yemen to Iraq, from Somalia to North Africa, the threat today is more diffuse, with al-Qaeda’s affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP –the most active in plotting against our homeland. While none of AQAP’s efforts approach the scale of 9/11 they have continued to plot acts of terror, like the attempt to blow up an airplane on Christmas Day in 2009.” On the loss of civilian lives in US counterterrorism actions, he said “it is a hard fact that US strikes have resulted in civilian casualties, a risk that exists in all wars... For the families of those civilians, no words or legal construct can justify their loss. For me, and those in my chain of command, these deaths will haunt us as long as we live, just as we are haunted by the civilian casualties that have occurred through conventional fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.” He also stressed the utility of US assistance for foreign countries, calling it fundamental to American national security, and any sensible long-term strategy to battle extremism. “Foreign assistance is a tiny fraction of what we spend fighting wars that our assistance might ultimately prevent. For what we spent in a month in Iraq at the height of the war, we could be training security forces in Libya, maintaining peace agreements between Israel and its neighbours, feeding the hungry in Yemen, building schools in Pakistan, and creating reservoirs of goodwill that marginalise extremists.” “For over the last decade, our nation has spent well over a trillion dollars on war, exploding our deficits and constraining our ability to nation build here at home. Our service-members and their families have sacrificed far more on our behalf. Nearly 7,000 Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice,” Obama said. The White House released a policy document that Obama okayed ahead of his speech. The document lays out a rigorous process for reviewing and approving operations to capture or employ lethal force against terrorist targets outside the US and outside areas of active hostilities. The White House said Obama has decided to share, in this document, certain key elements of these standards and procedures with the American people so that they can make informed judgments and hold the Executive Branch accountable.

US envoy felicitates Imran Khan on victory in polls BUREAU REPORT LAHORE

U LONDON: Pakistan High Commissioner in UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan presenting a gift to Lord Mayor of Manchester Naeem-ul-Hassan at Pakistan High Commission. DA Desk

S ambassador in Pakistan Richard Olson called on PTI Chairman Imran Khan at his residence Friday and discussed matters pertaining to the priorities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government which the PTI is going to form next week along with its coalition partners. The PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Shafqat Mahmood and Jahangir Tareen who were present during the meeting, told media that US ambassador also discussed Washington’s security concerns in Afghanistan in the wake of PTI’s provincial government in KP.

They said Richard Olson congratulated Imran Khan on his party’s maiden electoral success in recent elections and also inquired about his health and the process of recovery following the unfortunate incident in which he fell down from a fork-lifter at an electoral rally a fortnight ago. After coming out of Imran’s residence following the meeting, Richard Olson praised the spirit with which Pakistani nation participated in the polls and said the process of emergence of new government in Pakistan was welcoming and would strengthen the democracy and democratic institutions in the country. He, however, refused to talk further to media. Imran Khan was also not available for comments over his talks with the US envoy.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Pak, UAE relations to be promoted further, says envoy Urges students to work for welfare of Muslim Ummah DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


mbassador of United Arab Emirates to Pakistan Essa Abdullah Al-Basha AlNoaimi has said that youth is real asset and power of Muslim Ummah and institutions like International Islamic University (IIUI) can play vital role to prepare this youth for their decisive role in the progress

and prosperity of their respective countries. He was addressing to a ceremony, held in honor of IIUI graduates of UAE. Rector IIUI Dr Masoom Yasinzai, President IIUI Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, Director Academics Shagufta Haroon and heads of vari-

ous faculties and departments of the university were also present on the occasion. Abdullah Al-Basha said that Pakistan is great nation and UAE always enjoyed excellent relation with Pakistan. He vowed that efforts for broadening the relations between both

countries would continue. While congratulating the students on graduation, he advised them to work for betterment of Muslim Ummah. UAE Ambassador lauded the efforts of IIUI for promotion of education and termed the recent cultural week of the university as an omen of unity among The Muslim countries. Dr Masoom Yasinzai in his address said that it was an occasion of immense pleasure that Arab Students passed their degrees in regional Pakistani languages. “Today life is competitive, only a devoted, hardworking and committed to profession person can excel in the field, we expect same characteristics to be applied by IIUI graduates” he said. He termed the graduation of

Edu ultimate solution of contemporary problems: Dr Al-Draiweesh DA REPORT ISLAMABAD

Dr Ghazi represents IIUI in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


ducation is a vital guarantee for the progress and prosperity of nations, and it has ultimate solution of contemporary problems. International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is keenly focusing on quality education and promotion of knowledge which is prerequisite for the development of society. There is dire need to introduce new aspects of education in universities and to take initiatives for looking new avenues in this field. These views were expressed by Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh , President IIUI while addressing to a seminar titled “ National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan” organized by Department of Education (female) in female campus of the university. Dean faculty of social sciences Dr Nabi Bux Jumani, Chairperson Department of education, Dr.Samina Malik and large number of teachers and students were

UAE students from IIUI as an addition in strong PAK-UAE ties.Dr. Al-Draiweesh also spoke on the occasion and said that doors of IIUI always remain open for the seekers of knowledge; foreign students would be welcomed as IIUI always strives for establishing strong ties with Muslim countries. He stressed on the students to apply Islam in practical life and disseminate the message of peace and harmony which they learnt at IIUI. Earlier, graduate students shared their experiences of degrees and delivered speeches in regional Pakistani languages. At the end of the ceremony, students were awarded shields while exchange of souvenirs also took place from both sides.


also present on the occasion. Dr Al-Draiweesh said that highly skilled and professional teachers are utmost need for the Muslim Ummah, as they could play an important role for its development and prosperity. He further said” we are focusing and striving to achieve the purpose to produce highly professional and skilled graduates integrated with teaching of Islam who could be able to face the contemporary challenges”. President explained that our top priority is quality education not just number production. On this occasion he also

presented a plan to convert education department into a separate faculty. He said university was also mulling over exchange of students between IIUI and good ranked universities of Saudi Arabia, in this regard, he asked the concerned staff to constitute a committee for selection of talented students and teachers. He was of the view that women always have integral role in the prosperity and development of the country, therefore IIUI managed to give an equal importance to its female students. He urged the students to give core importance to research as

it is a need of the hour. He said contemporary challenges must be dealt according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Dr Jummani, in his address said that Education Department of IIUI was one of the top position departments of Pakistan which provides training to the teachers. He lauded the active role of the teachers of the department and assured them of every possible support. Earlier, Dr. Samina Malik also addressed to the seminar and apprised the participants about the history and achievements of the department.

ead Department of Translation and Interpretation of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), Dr Inam Ul Haq Ghazi visited KSA where he represented IIUI and presented a paper in the forum of universities and institutions related to the service of Arabic language in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf held Riyadh. He was invited for this visit by Ministry of Higher Education KSA and King Abdullah International Centre for the service of Arabic language Riyadh. The topic of Dr. Ghazi’s paper was: “Objectives of Learning Arabic; a case study of Pakistani professionals”. In this two-day Forum he apprised the participants about contribution of IIUI in teaching Arabic language.

UNHRC inaugurates RAHA secretariat in capital DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


he UN Refugee Agency inaugurated the other day a newly-constructed Refugee Affected and Hosting Area (RAHA) Secretariat building in Is-

lamabad. The building was constructed jointly by UNHCR and The United Nawtions Office for Project Services (UNOPS), and the facility was opened in a joint ceremony by the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON), UNHCR and UNOPS. Other RAHA actors, including UN sister agencies and German Government agencies also attended the event. Speaking at the occasion, UNHCR’s Representative in Pakistan, Neill Wright, said that the opening ceremony marks the start of improved national RAHA coordination under one roof during the expansion of the RAHA initiative. “This building will help to bring the RAHA team

together to better plan and implement strategies in a well-coordinated manner,” the UNHCR Representative explained. In order to augment management and im-

plementation capacity as discussed in the stakeholders’ conference on RAHA, the Representative noted the importance of consolidating RAHA structures both in Islamabad and in the

provinces. “RAHA is the largest component of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR), accounting for almost 80 per cent of donor contributions for implementing that strategy in Pakistan,” he added. The Representative lauded the efforts of the Government of Pakistan, participating UN Agencies and donors in bringing RAHA to its current level of success. He advocated for continued engagement, “If we are to maintain this progress, we must deepen, broaden and strengthen our partnership with the active cooperation of all stakeholders, under the leadership of the Government of Pakistan.” The Chief Commissioner of Afghan Refugees, Dr Imran Zeb, present at the occasion, said that the Government of Pakistan attached utmost importance to the RAHA initiative, stating, “The impact of RAHA has been enormous. The Government appreciates the team work demonstrated by the RAHA programme.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Olson, Sabharwal meet PML-N president separately

It’s time US respected Pak sovereignty, says Nawaz



akistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) President, Nawaz Sharif the other day told US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson that the time had come for the US to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty. Olson and Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal met Nawaz Sharif separately in Raiwind. Oslon congratulated Nawaz on the success of his party in the May 11 general elections and said that it was a positive sign for democracy in Pakistan. He said the US wanted to strengthen its ties with Pakistan and was willing

to help Pakistan overcome the energy crisis. Earlier, Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal called on Nawaz Sharif. He told Mr Sharat that Pakistan wanted to resolve all outstanding issues with India on the basis of equality through dialogue. During a meeting with the US envoy, the PML-N chief said Pakistan offered more sacrifices than others in the war on terror. Therefore, the sacrifices of Pakistanis should be respected in the world. He said the Pakistani nation wants trade, not aid, from America. He said the Pak-US relations should be based on equality and the US should respect the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan.

USAID donates pre-fabricated house to AJK Women Varsity DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


he United States Government through US Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated a pre-fabricated building to the newly announced first-ever women university in Bagh city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Continuing with its commitment to the advancement of education in Pakistan, USAID has denoted a prefabricated building while Government of AJK intends to start 4-6 departments in this newly chartered university from September 2013. This prefabricated building will be used to house the university until the new permanent building is completed by the AJK government. “U.S. government puts a lot of emphasis on advancement of education at all levels in Pakistan. Donation of this prefabricated building for immediate start of the first women uni-

versity in Azad Jammu and Kashmir is another proof of this commitment”, said Catherine M. Moore, Deputy Mission Director, USAID Pakistan. “U.S. is pleased to be working with the people, institutions, and governments of Pakistan and AJK for the advancement of education in general and education for girls in particular.” She added. This pre-fabricated structure was earlier being used by USAID’s Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction Program, which is due to close down after successful completion of 77 public service buildings. They included schools and healthcare facilities in AJK and KP and were part of U.S. Government’s Humanitarian Assistance after the devastating earthquake of 2005. This assistance for the women university is just one part of a comprehensive U.S. education assistance program, which includes a scholarship program for teacher education in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Japanese ambassador calls on president



apanese Ambassador in Pakistan Mr Hiroshi Oe today called on President Asif Ali Zardari at the

Aiwan-e-Sadr. Pak-Japan bilateral relations with focus on promoting trade and investment ties between the two countries were discussed during the meeting. DA Report

Pakistan’s ambassadors designate to Zimbabwe, Ukraine call on president



akistan’s ambassadors (designate) to Zimbabwe, Mr Asif Khan and ambassador designate to Ukraine Maj Gen(R) Wajahat Ali Muftee called on President Asif Ali Zardari at Aiwan-e-Sadr and discussed matters relating to their new assignments.

The President felicitated the newly appointed envoys on their new responsibilities and urged them to focus on further strengthening diplomatic, political, economic, trade and commercial ties between Pakistan and their respective host countries. The President also emphasized on the pursuance of economic diplomacy by all diplomats of Pakistan to further

promote economic interests of the country. The ambassadors designate thanked the President for the confidence and trust reposed in them and assured that they would utilize all their capabilities to boost Pakistan’s bilateral ties with Zimbabwe and Ukraine with focus on promoting trade and economic linkages.

Workshop held at LUMS

Pakistan urged to study EU model for democracy’s sustainability BUREAU REPORT LAHORE


peakers at a workshop discussed measures that how Pakistan could draw lessons from the European Union Model to implement democracy effectively and collaborate strategically with its neighbouring countries towards a much better economic future. Workshop titled “European Democracy and Integration Revisited”

was held at the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The workshop is being organised in collaboration with Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. French Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Philippe Thiebaud, German Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Dr. Cyrill Nunn, Marie Cuire Research Fellow at the Finnish Research Centre in Political Thought and Conceptual Change Claudia Wiensner, Sylvie Jac-

quot- Barrault, Maitre de Conferences in public law at the faculty Jean Monnet of the University of ParisSud France and LUMS faculty were present. The session began with a welcome note from LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr Adil Najam who thanked everybody for their presence and expressed his desire of having more foreign students from across the globe on exchange programmes at LUMS. While addressing the first session, French Ambassador H.E. Philippe Thiebaud and German

Ambassador H.E. Dr Cyrill Nunn discussed their perspectives on Pakistan’s strategic significance to its neighboring economic giants – India and China – and how Pakistan and India need to compare their situation with that of Germany and France back in 1960s, when they had recently moved out of a series of wars against each other. They also highlighted that how these two countries were able to move forward, to reach a compromise despite all their differences against each other.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Romania to remain in Afghanistan to help train security forces ISLAMABAD/BUCHAREST


omanian President Traian Basescu said that Romania will remain in Afghanistan to contribute to the training processes in the security systems of the country after 2014. According to a statement, Romania will start reducing its staff starting this summer, just as planned, but it will remain among the states which will contribute to the training processes in the security systems of the Afghan state after 2014, Basescu told a joint press statement on Friday, with visiting NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. “Your commitment is so much more valuable, in a moment in which we all must make difficult choices,” stressed NATO’s Secretary General, pointing out that at the end of 2014, NATO’s battle mission would have ended and a new chapter of its commitment to Afghanistan will begin. In context, Rasmussen talked about the planning of a new mission for training, counselling and supporting the Afghan forces after 2014. “It will not be a battle mission and it will be a lot smaller. I count on Romania, on Romania’s constant support, for being able to build on what we have already achieved,” said the NATO head.DNA

UK FO finds increasing opposition to drone strikes in Pakistan AGENCIES LONDON


he British government has revealed that surveys carried out in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas - which bear the brunt of US drone strikes - have shown year-on-year increases in opposition to the covert campaign. Responding to a Parliamentary Question this week, Foreign Minister Alistair Burt said that, according to surveys “supported” by the Foreign Office (FCO), the proportion of respondents

who believed drone strikes were “never justified” rose from 59 per cent in 2010 to 63 per cent in 2011. Notably, 63 per cent is also the proportion of Americans opposed to the President being allowed to carry out drone strikes inside the US targeting fellow citizens, according to a recent poll by Fox News. This appears to be the first time that the UK Government has revealed it has carried out opinion research on the CIA drone campaign in Pakistan - a programme on which it has refused to publicly comment. Previously, British ministers have simply stated that “drone

strikes are a matter for the United States and Pakistan.” However, there have been reports that the British Government is complicit in the programme, by sharing locational intelligence with US agencies to help them target the strikes. As a result, UK ministers are facing a Judicial Review of their intelligence-sharing policy, brought in the English courts by Noor Khan, whose father was killed in a March 2011 strike which hit a meeting of civilians. Mr Khan is being supported in his action by human rights charity Reprieve. Commenting, Reprieve Legal Director, Kat Craig said: “The UK should

Italian govt to help promote olive cultivation Azhar Mahmood Awan RAWALPINDI

P ISLAMABAD: Ambassadors of Tunisia, Mauritius, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and others posing for a group photo on the occasion of opening of a coffee shop in Diplomatic Enclave. DNA

Pak, Dutch illustrators’ ‘Laddu is born’ surfaces DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


mbassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Gajus Scheltema was presented with a display copy of a wonderful new children’s book, ‘Laddu is born’, at the inauguration of the Children’s Literary Festival in Islamabad. Laddu is a character created by illustrators and writers from Pakistan, based on the legendary character Miffy (‘Nijntje’ in Dutch), created by Dutchman Dick Bruna. Laddu, the new character, symbolizes the cooperation and friendship between Pakistan and The Netherlands. Ambassador Scheltema said, “Nijntje has found a new friend in Pakistan, Laddu, and she loves books! Early childhood is a time of exceptional physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and the sooner we expose children to the joys of reading, the greater the im-

not need to carry out polling to determine that a campaign of illegal killing is wrong. But what this does show is that even British Government surveys find that the drone campaign is increasingly unpopular. “This is yet more evidence that the CIA’s campaign of deadly strikes in Pakistan is deeply counter-productive - which is hardly surprising, given it has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians. Ministers must come clean on the role UK intelligence is playing in supporting drone strikes, put a stop to it, and pressure the US to end its campaign.”

pact. Books such as the Miffy/Laddu book being launched today will help children learn the skills important for future reading.” ‘Laddu is born’ is the result of a co-creation process between Pakistan and Dutch illustrators, writers and Early Child Development (ECD) specialists. ‘Laddu’ is a culture-specific companion of Miffy. The friendly monkey from Pakistan will play the

leading part in upcoming children books for kids up to the age of four. The book is a Pakistan version of ‘Play and learn with Miffy’, an initiative started in collaboration with Mercis BV, the publishing company of Dick Bruna, and the Dutch codesign studio Butterfly Works. It is supported by the Netherlands Embassy and Oxfam Novib. ‘Play and learn with Miffy’ also created ‘Yoyo

is born’ in Venezuela. New friends are being designed in China and Nigeria. Laddu will first feature as part of a hygiene toolkit, to be distributed in the flood affected areas, reaching out to 300,000 children. The toolkit is created in such a way that it stimulates the children in a playful manner. World Bank research has demonstrated that ECD programs benefits children, families, and communities. ECD is the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of children until about six years old, which is the period of the fastest growth and development in a person’s life. Laddu will subsequently appear in books, educative toys, games and campaigns in Pakistan. To celebrate Laddu’s birth at the Children’s Literary Festival, Akzo-Nobel presented CLF with paints for the mural painting and Unilever gave children attending the festival ice creams to cool off in the heat.

ir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) and the Italian government would work together for promotion of olive farming in Pakistan, with an aim to first produce enough olive oil for domestic consumption and then for export to the other markets. This was decided in a meeting between PMAS-AAUR Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Rai Niaz Ahmad and Dr Marco Marchetti, Resident Coordinator, AFNEPAK Project, here the other day. In the meeting, it was also decided that Italian government would provide technical and financial support while PMAS-AAUR in collaboration with other institutes BARI, ABAD, etc spread olive oil plantations across thousands of acres in Pakistan regions of Punjab particularly in Pothwar area. Italian scientists would also provide training to university faculty and they would further train students and local growers to ensure quality farming of olive trees. PMAS-AAUR would also conduct awareness and training programs to facilitate the people by creating awareness on olive cultivation techniques and producing value-added products. The marginal lands could be utilized for olive cultivation without replacing the other crops and it would help in reducing the import bill of the country, he added. VC PMAS-AAUR, while sharing his views, emphasized the significance of olive cultivation for the agricultural economy of Pakistan. He further said that new initiative to promote olive cultivation in Pakistan would help generate better income for farmers in the country. Olive was a high-value agricultural product, which can also bring in the much-needed foreign exchange, if exported to other markets, he added. The Italian government and PMASAAUR would soon enter into a memorandum of understanding for collaboration in the identified areas of cooperation regarding the olive oil production in the area.

May 27 to June 02, 2013

9 Algerian envoy wellcomes incoming diplomats DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


lgerian Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Ahmed Benflis, hosted a dinner in honour of newly-arrived Ambassador of Morocco Mustapha Salahdine the other day. Federal Shariat Court Chief Justice, Agha Muhammad Rafiq, ambassadors of Iraq, Tunisia, Oman, Bahrain and other countries also attended the dinner.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Addressin in Senate

Li vows all-out support to Pakistan for economic uplift DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


tressing the need for “pragmatic cooperation” between China and Pakistan, Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang the other day urged both the nations to stand by each other as friends and brothers. China and Pakistan shared the same destiny and his country would provide every support and assistance as ‘to help you is to help ourselves’, the Chinese Premier told a special session of the Senate sitting convened for his address. Earlier, the lawmakers gave the Premier a standing ovation when he entered the Senate Hall alongwith Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari. National anthems of both the countries were played. “Pakistan faces challenges of economic and social development and China as a friend will give every support to it,” he said. Li reiterated his government’s stance to support Pakistan in all sectors and extend further cooperation, especially in strategic, energy, science and technology and agriculture domains. Pakistan’s support to China was vital for the development of his country as well. He paid tributes to all segments of the society who worked hard to promote friendship between the two countries and said, “The friendship which is based upon shared values of life is long lasting”. Li urged the need that the both nations should stand by each other as friends and brothers with “pragmatic cooperation.” “More than 28 years have passed... my visit has strengthened my convic-

tion about Pakistan-China friendship,” he said. Terming the friendship as outcome of centuries old historical people-topeople contacts, he said that it was nurtured by the nations and fostered by the forefathers through generations to generations. “To be friends forever is the cherished desire of both nations,” he said, adding, that all weathers friendship between the two countries`is precious than the gold.’ Mentioning the names of a number of ancient sites in Pakistan like Mohenjodaro etc, he said people on the land were hardworking and talented. “Since the founding of Pakistan, its government and people have faced challenges...we salute your success,” he said. Describing the priorities to take both the countries forward on way of development and progress and for fostering bilateral time-tested friendly ties, Premier Li said that they would have to speed up the development and utilisation of Karakorum Highway for trade activities.

He said they needed to enhance strategic cooperation and to launch major social and financial projects, and cooperation in energy and agriculture sectors would be the other steps for cooperation. The visiting Prime Minister also said that China highly appreciated Pakistani people to learn Chinese language and said that they would require assistance of Pakistani people in learning the Urdu language. He pledged to work for mutual benefits and fostering of relations between the brotherly nations. Recollecting his memories of 27 years back when he first visited Pakistan, Premier Li said he had travelled some cities and through his extensive engagements with a number of segments of the society and through these conversations, he has learnt one thing as cherished by both the nations and as explained by the Chairman Senate; that is “Long Live Pakistan-China Friendship”. Giving importance to the Pakistan’s geo-political situation, the visiting dignitary said Pakistan used

to work with other countries in South Asia and was upholding the regional security. He said Pakistan was hectically involved in maintaining regional stability and global peace and its contributions were commended by the world. Pakistan was committed to peace in the region and the world and it was playing important role for stability of the South Asia, he added. Premier Li said that their support and cooperation was vital for mutual benefits of both countries and lauded Pakistan’s support and assistance, which they could not forget, as there was a long list of such efforts. He said in 1951 Pakistan developed diplomatic relations with China and they respected each other with sincerity. Chinese Premier said that the Chinese nation could never forget when the first PIA flight landed in China in 1960 and provided them an air route and the timely aid by Pakistani nation when a massive quake hit Chinese population. “In the construction of

Karakorum Highway, a number of our workers lost their lives and Pakistani people are looking after the cemetery and the saplings planted there have now turned into luxurious trees,” he said. Similarly, the Chinese government and people have also been supporting and helping Pakistan in time of natural disasters and crisis, he added. “We are truly proud of such a friendship,” he said. The visiting dignitary said the friendship between the two nations was growing faster than the information technology and the Chinese people had coined a phrase on Internet that impressed him the most and it was “If you love China, please love Pakistan.” Earlier, in the welcome address, Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari urged the need to continuously expand and deepen cooperation in all areas of mutual interest and to concentrate on enhancing economic cooperation through greater connectivity and trade linkages.

Meeting with military leadership

China to support Pakistan in better development: Li DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


he Chinese government will unswervingly stick to its friendly policy towards Pakistan and support the South Asian nation in realizing stability and better development, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here the other day. Li was speaking during a meeting with Pakistani military leaders including Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shameem Wynne, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Naval Staff Muhammad Asif Sandila and Chief of Air Staff Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt. “The Pakistani military is not only an important force in maintaining security and stability in Pakistan, but also a firm supporter of the China-Pakistan friendship,” said Li. The friendship between China and Pakistan is unbreakable thanks to not only the efforts of generations of leaders of both sides and the fervent

support of the two peoples, but also the in-depth development of the ties between the two militaries, Li said. He urged the international community to help Pakistan overcome difficulties and cope with challenges under the premise of respecting its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. As a good neighbor, friend and partner, China pays close attention

to the development of situation in Pakistan and respects the development path chosen by the Pakistani people in accordance with their national situations, Li said. China supports concerned parties in Pakistan to jointly contribute to maintaining political stability, developing economy and improving people’s livelihood in the fundamental interests of the nation, Li said,

adding China is willing to provide assistance to Pakistan within its capability. China would like to deepen military relations, enhance communication in defense and constantly expand cooperation to new fields with Pakistan, Li said. The Chinese premier also expressed the hope that the Pakistani military will continue to do its utmost to safeguard the se-

curity of Chinese agencies and staff in Pakistan. For their part, the Pakistani military leaders said Li’s trip reflected the special friendly relations between Pakistan and China. They said the Pakistani military is proud to have China as its best friend, and will never forget the staunch support and selfless assistance provided by China.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Li, Nawaz setting future line of action



hinese Premier Li Keqiang has promised to enhance defence cooperation between China and Pakistan, besides reiterating the Chinese commitment to strengthen bilateral economic and trade relation and help in major energy and infrastructure projects. The incoming Pakistan prime minister, Nawaz Sharif held a delegation level meeting with the Chinese prime minister and discussed host of bilateral and

regional issues. The Nawaz-led delegation included Shahbaz Sharif, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Senator Ishaq Dar and Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani, while Chinese premier headed a team of ministers and business and trade representatives. The two sides held in-depth discussion on the ways to further strengthen the existing bilateral and strategic relations. They also discussed cooperation in various fields, including energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan. Sources said that Nawaz invited Chi-

nese investment in the energy sector and emphasised the need for enhanced civil nuclear cooperation for long-term energy generation and management in Pakistan. The PML-N chief also stressed the need for increasing connectivity between the two neighbours by developing infrastructure for trade and increasing trade volume through special efforts. He said Pakistan would like to benefit from Chinese experience in major infrastructure projects. Premier Li congratulated Nawaz and his party on success in May 11 gen-

‘Sino-Pak ‘unmatchable’ ties to grow further’ AGENCIES ISLAMABAD

fence fields. Nawaz Sharif sought civil nuclear technology to overcome Pakistan’s energy crisis during the meeting. He focused on civil nuclear technology, trade and foreign investment during his talks with Li. The PML-N chief said China had invested in Pakistani nuclear projects in the past and should provide more cooperation to help the country overcome its energy crisis, the channel reported. He expressed the hope that the two countries will continue working together for the mutual benefit of their people.



hinese Prime Minister Li Kaqiang appreciated the performance of Shahbaz Sharif as the Punjab chief

minister. During his meeting with Nawaz and Shahbaz in Islamabad, he claimed that the Shahbaz’s performance in different sectors during his stint as CM was outstanding. Responding to Chinese PM, Nawaz claimed that he himself was his (Shahbaz) admirer for his passion to serve masses.


hinese Premier Li Keqiang the other day termed ‘unmatchable’ the friendship between Pakistan and China and said the ‘eternal relationship’ between the two countries always withstood the tests of time. “Our hearts beat together and if there is anything time-tested in this world, it is Pakistan-China friendship,” the Chinese Premier said during his visit to the Pak-China Friendship Centre here. Premier Li Keqiang along with caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khoso visited the institute built with the assistance of the Chinese government. Premier Li, in his address to the select gathering of representatives of think-tanks and the Chinese-learning students, said China considered Pakistan as its valuable neighbour. He said it was a point of satisfaction that the people of Pakistan and China considered each other as brothers and were bonded through their hearts and minds. He said the metaphor of evergreen tree for the friendship between Pakistan and China augured well for their future ties. “We have a glowing history of friendship, but we have to double our efforts so that this friendship tree be always lush and green”, he said. Caretaker Prime Minister Khoso highlighted the ‘priceless’ relationship of Pakistan and China that was rooted in the realms of trust.

eral elections and hoped it would help strengt3hen democracy in Pakistan. The Chinese prime minister also extended invitation to PML-N chief to visit China which he accepted. Talking to media persons later, Nawaz said “Our friendship with China is deep rooted. This trip will further strengthen our cooperation and friendship. Both countries enjoy mutual trust and want to work together.” He said that China‘s visit would be one of his first foreign tours after taking charge of PM office. He said both leaders agreed on cooperation in economic and de-

“In our unique relationship, we have only highs and no lows,” he said. Khoso said Pakistan supported China’s vision of maintaining harmonious ties with its neighbours. He said both the countries had same stance on different international issues. Former ambassador to China Inamul Haq said from his diplomatic experience, he could reaffirm that the Sino-Pak friendship was unshakable. He said the people of Pakistan were desirous of emulating the success story of China and rejoiced over their neighbour’s achievements and peaceful rise in the last decade. Dr Rehan Hassan Zubairi, the principal engineer at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission who studied at a Beijing university, said the level of creativity,

construction and architecture of China was impressive. The gathering comprised students of Confucius Centre at the National University of Modern Lanuages (NUML) and those learning Chinese language at private institutes, people from Upper Hunza valley, and the beneficiaries of ‘Bringing Light to Earth’ programme. Earlier on his arrival at Pak-China Friendship Centre, the Chinese Premier was given a warm welcome. The children attired in traditional dresses presented a tableau to the tune of folk songs. Premier Li appreciated the presentation of children and shook hands with them. The Chinese Premier and Prime Minister Khoso also walked through a photographic exhibition arranged by the Chinese Embassy at the gallery of PakChina Friendship Centre.

KCCI lauds Pak-China pledge to deepen strategic ties BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


arachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (KCCI President Muhammad Haroon Agar has congratulated the Premier of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari for reaffirmation of the pledge to deepen strategic ties irrespective of international situation and further strengthen “all weather friendship” and “all-dimensional co-operation”. He lauded the Pak-China Governments for signing 12 agreements/ MoUs focusing on further constructing vibrant economic and trade relations and building economic corridor. Haroon Agar stated that handing over Gwader Port to China is a welcoming move and a greater promise for creation of

regional economic and trade corridor. Pakistan need China’s help in full utilisation of port by developing network of roads and railway link from Gwader Port to all upcountry destinations and beyond to Central Asian Republics via China. He appreciated that both governments have decided to push forward negotiations of Pak-China FTA to multiply the volume of trade. President KCCI hoped that current China-Pakistan bilateral trade volume of $12.4 billion will to $15 billion during next few years. To start work on Pakistan Agriculture Demonstration Zone, formation of Young Entrepreneurs Forum and annual Pak China Trade and Investment Forums in Beijing and Islamabad are landmark decisions. China-Pakistan priority projects in connectivity and power generation are also need of the time.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Dr Jadoon elevates to higher platform for public welfare ABUBAKAR SIDDIQUE ISLAMABAD


r Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon, who has recently marked a marvelous victory in general elections from NA-17 defeating a very strong candidate, has said that he was thankful to Allah almighty and the people, who reposed confidence in him, for his success. He said he would contribute to fulfill the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s promise of bring change by doing his level best to work for the welfare and prosperity of the area people. He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan emerged with a true spirit for change in the country and the people have proved they also want the same. He said PTI will live up to the masses expectations. Talking to Diplomatic Affairs exclusively, Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon who has always been seen active for social development and emerged in

the elections owing to his personal efforts for public good, said he supports creation of Hazara province, as it guarantees development of Hazara. He said he joined PTI so that he could raise a voice for making Hazara a province on national level. He said no one could overlook his role and struggle for the cause of making Hazara a province. He said he came up with a manifesto to ensure provision of basic facilities in NA-17, adding that he considers it his duty to work for promotion of education in the area. He added that he wants to ensure health facilities for his people at their doorstep. He said the downtrodden areas of the country could only make progress when there is no dearth of facilities and people could benefit from education and health institutions easily accessible to them. He thanked the international community for extending generous support to his area and helping his people in difficult times like natural

disasters. He said Pakistan needs to improve relations with the international community, as the time demands of us to improve our relations with the world for the sake of welfare of our people. Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon appreciated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, saying he enliven patriotism in people and encouraged youth of the country by assuring them that they could make difference for their future. He said Imran Khan is capable of fulfilling the dream of the youth for change, as he has proved that he could run every institution in a very smooth and transparent manner. He said the country needs people like Imran Khan, adding that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will make tremendous progress in the coming five years. He said all the PTI leaders are filled with the spirit of doing something for the masses and the country, adding that this spirit will surely lead the nation to prosperity.



r Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon was born on April 15, 1960. He acquired his primary education from Burn Hall School in Abbottabad. He did matric from Federal Government Public School Karachi. He did MBBS from Khyber Medical College Peshawar after his FSc. Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon has a record of working for educational uplift of Abbottabad. He has been the president of Doctors Socical Welfare Association till 1985. He has also been the president of Pakistan Medical Doctors Association till 1986. He is representing various important organisations including Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Islamabad. He has been very active for formation of Hazara province. He has contested and won election in NA-17 being a candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Chinese premier welcomed warmly

May 27 to June 02, 2013


May 27 to June 02, 2013


French envoy inaugurates thesis display at PIFD



mbassador of France Philippe Thiebaud inaugurated the “Thesis Display” at Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. He appreciated the work of students and hoped that graduates will enter the local as well as global market whereby contributing new

ideas and energies to it. Thesis Display is being organised for the discerning public during May 25 to June 1, 2013 from 10 am to 6 pm every day. The display consists of projects of 49 students of the Department of Fashion Design, 16 students of Department of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, 11 students of Department of Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences,

seven students from Department of Furniture Design and Manufacture, 23 students from the Department of Textile design and 22 students from Department of Leather Accessories and Footwear. Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) is a premiere institute in Pakistan, imparting design education in a large variety of areas including Textile Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Jewel-

lery Design and Gemological Sciences, Furniture Design and Manufacture and Leather Accessories and Footwear. Ever since its inception in 1995, PIFD has been affiliated with renowned and leading institutions in Europe / United States of America and Asia. Foreign experts from the affiliated institutions regularly visit PIFD to sit in juries to evaluate students’ thesis projects.

Cultural show welcomes guests

Chinese academic delegation visits NUML DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


high-level Chinese delegation from China visited the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) ahead of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit to Pakistan, with the aim to boost bilateral relations between the two countries through cultural and academic links. The delegation was headed by Chief Executive Confucius Institute Headquarters and Director General Hanban, Xu Lin and included Xia Jianhui, Director of General Affairs-I Hanban, and Fanding, Division of Development of Planning, China. The delegation was

part of Chinese premier’s staff that visited Pakistan later, which comprised renowned Chinese academicians, educationists and scholars. The students of Chinese Department of NUML, Roots International and other institutions of the twin cities presented a very colourful cultural show for the visiting guests. On the occasion students sang popular Chinese songs, displayed martial arts skills, recited poems, and rendered a performance on different cultures of Pakistan on some hit folk tunes. During the meeting with NUML Rector Maj Gen (r) Masood Hassan and DG Brig Azam Jamal, Xu Lin was apprised of NUML’s role in promoting Chinese language throughout Pakistan and

was told that NUML’s Chinese and Confucius departments were contributing a lot to promotion of cultural and academic exchanges between China and Pakistan. “We are satisfied with the achievements attained by Confucius Institute Islamabad. NUML is doing a tremendous job for the learning and promotion of Chinese language,” she said. Xu Lin added that the Confucius Institute Headquarters in China would continue to provide syllabus, study material, native Chinese language teachers, trainings, scholarships to assist NUML in meeting the increasing demand of Chinese language learning and teaching. She also said that efforts of NUML admin-

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of China Radio International during its visit to FM-98. DA

istration, Chinese teachers and faculty members for making Chinese a popular language of the country were worth appreciating. Brig Azam Jamal briefed the delegation about the goals, functions, achievements and future endeavours of NUML’s Confucius Institute. The delegation also visited different departments and learning facilities of the universities. Moreover, members of the delegation also met representatives of different institutions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. NUML Rector Maj Gen (r) Masood Hasan presented Xu Lin and other members of the delegation the university souvenir and gifts and expressed gratitude for visiting the university.

Farewell dinner held for outgoing ambassadors



o bid farewell to those envoys who will be leaving Pakistan soon — after the completion of their tenures — the CEO South Asia Division, Serena Hotels, and his wife Waqar hosted a dinner at their residence which was attended by many envoys and their spouses. US Ambassador Richard Olson dropped by for a while, leaving just before dinner was served. The envoys who were the guests of honour were the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armin Limo; High Commissioner of the Maldives, Dr Aishath Shehenaz Adam and the Ambassador of The Netherlands, Gajus Scheltema. Mrs Nasira Ahmed, wife of the Ambassador of Algeria, Dr. Benflis Ahmed, is also leaving because of personal commitments, so she was a special guest. It was a warm evening after a hot day but dinner arrangements had been made outdoors where it was quite pleasant — helped along a little with the cool breeze of the fans placed in the four corners of the lawn! After a relaxed meal, the host welcomed his guests and thanked them for accepting his invitation, adding it was sad to see friends leave but that was diplomatic life and it was a pleasure having known them. Saying he was grateful for the support they gave to the Serena Hotel by making it their preferred choice while living in Islamabad.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


JINNAH ESTATE Deals in Apartments for sale/Rent At Diplomatic Enclave

SHAFIQ-UR-RAHMAN TANOLI 0300-5003200 0322-5003200 Phone: 051-2853200 Fax: 051-2853299 Office#1-A, 1st floor, Pacific Centre,F-8 Markaz, Islamabad

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Turkish envoy calls on PM DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


urkish Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Mr Mustafa Babur Hizlan called on Prime Minster Justice (R) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso at Prime Minister’s House the other day. The Turkish Ambassador congratulated the Prime Minister for successfully conducting the general elections in the country. H.E. Mr Mustafa Babur Hizlan who was also an observer during the elections said, “These were one of the fairest elections Pakistan ever had.” The Prime Minister said that he bowed his head in gratitude to Almighty Allah for providing him the strength to hold general elections in the country. These elections, the Prime Minister said augurs well for the country and would ensure continuity in the

democratic process. The Prime Minister said that the next phase of transfer of power to the elected representatives will see through the process culminating into the first ever transition to a democratically elected government. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan and Turkey have historical, cultural, religious and brotherly relations and “We are proud of our relations with the great Turkish nation”. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan and Turkey have been closely cooperating on various issues at bilateral and multi-lateral forums and enjoy exemplary relationship. The Prime Minister expected the hope that the relationship between the two brotherly countries would continue to expand further in times to come and cement the existing fraternal relations.

Iranian VP, Nawaz for expansion of Tehran-Islamabad ties MONITORS REPORT ISLAMABAD


ranian First Vice-President Muhammad Reza Rahimi and Nawaz Sharif discussed avenues for further expansion of ties between the two neighbouring countries in various fields. Rahimi contacted Nawaz the other day to felicitate him on his party’s victory in the elections, a foreign news agency reported. During the phone conversation, Rahimi expressed the hope that the two countries’ relations would witness further growth and prosperity under

the new government in Islamabad. He reiterated Iran’s support for the progress of Pakistan, and underscored Tehran’s preparedness to supply a major part of Pakistan’s gas and electricity needs. Nawaz, for his part, underlined his countries’ preparedness to further expand mutual cooperation with Iran, adding that his government would do its best to promote the level of Islamabad-Tehran relations and keep the ties as strong and profound as before. Iran and Pakistan exchange delegations on a regular basis and the two neighbouring countries are keen to expedite expansion of their bilateral trade ties.

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister AJK Barrister Mehmood Sultan posing for a group photo with the ambassadors of Norway and Hungary. DA

Turkish Airlines to give discount tickets to KCCI members BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


ll KCCI members can avail exclusive five per cent discount on ticketing from any office of Turkish Airlines’ operating in Pakistan by showing their membership cards. The Airlines also offers air cargo services between the two countries and other destinations. General Manager of the Turkish Airlines Husseyin Cepni during a meeting with President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Muhammad Haroon Agar here at the Chamber informed that during his recent visit to Airlines Headquarters in Turkey he got special approval for discount for KCCI members. Turkish Airline aims to provide services to Pakistanis to fly from Pakistan to worldwide, he said. Regional Director Pak-Turk International

Schools Ali Karan and Director Public Relations Huseyin Demirdelen also accompanied him, said a KCCI release on Tuesday. The General Manager of Turkish Airlines Headquarters apprised President KCCI that Turkish Airlines is providing quality services to Pakistanis travelling between Pakistan and Turkey and to other regions in the world particularly Europe. From Istanbul, Turkish Airlines fly to all prominent European countries and their major cities on daily basis. He said Turkish Airlines is also offers air cargo services between the two countries and other destinations. He confirmed participation of Turkish Airlines in the Turkish Pavilion of “My-Karachi Oasis of Harmony Exhibition 2013.” Turkish Airlines will also offer free tickets and gift hampers to the visitors of My-Karachi Exhibition through a lucky draw. Husseyin Cepni said that Turkish Airlines is a state-owned enterprise and it is negotiating with Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

to start daily operations from Karachi and also flights from Islamabad and Lahore. Turkish Airline is also a good friend with Pakistan’s national carrier having joint arrangements on some routes. The Turkish Airlines is a Star Alliance Member, having youngest fleet of more than 200 aircraft, was ranked as the best airline in Europe last year and one of the top ten airlines of the world. The Airline flies to more countries than any other airline in the world, the General Manager of Turkish Airlines said. President KCCI Muhammad Haroon Agar said Pakistan attaches high importance to the political and economic relations including Pakistan-Turkey bilateral trade due to geo-strategic location of two brotherly Muslim countries. Pakistan is a gateway to Central Asian Republics, South Asia, Middle East and China. Whereas, Turkey can act as a gateway to European Union for Pakistan and other Asian countries in respect of commerce. He appreciated that the Turkish Airlines is vibrantly operating in Pakistan while providing quality services for Eurasian region. Turkish national carrier was not only connecting the business communities of two Muslim brotherly countries but also providing air cargo services, he added. Pakistan is a gateway to Central Asian Republics, South Asia, Middle East and China. Whereas, Turkey can act as a gateway to European Union for Pakistan and other Asian countries in respect of commerce.

Ukraine envoy greets Pakistanis on polls victory DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


olodymyr Lakomov, Ambassador of Ukraine has congratulated the people of Pakistan with successful democratic general elections and PML-N with convincing victory. “Ukraine considers the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as an important partner in the region of South Asia. I am pleased to note traditionally friendly relations between our countries, dynamic development of trade and economic cooperation” the ambassador said in his message of congratulation to the government and Pakistani people. He said “Our common goal is to raise a trade and economic cooperation between our countries to a qualitatively new level. Thus, the urgent task for both sides is to create more favourable conditions for building up mutually beneficial business cooperation. Primarily, it refers to the intensification of political contacts, the further development of a proper legal base for tradeeconomic, financial, transport, launching a fruitful inter-regional, cross-industry cooperation”. “Ukraine is ready to play its part in the development of Pakistan and would welcome any efforts to search new avenues for cooperation and expending ties with Pakistan in various sectors” Lakomov said. The Ambassador said, “In our opinion, both sides should look closely into the issue of joint participation of Ukraine and Pakistan in the multinational energy projects.” “I believe that Ukraine and Pakistan have a significant potential and opportunities to further increase the list of successful projects, and we will reach great success through joint efforts”. “Availing myself of this opportunity I wish to new members of Parliament and new team of Government successful state activity for the benefit of compatriots, mutually advantageous Ukraine-Pakistan cooperation” he said.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Nawaz urged to remember rights of overseas Pakistanis MONITORS REPORT LONDON

P ISLAMABAD: Mr Brend de Groot, Head of Cooperation, EU delegation to Pakistan addressing a function held in connection with World Metrology Day. DA

ISLAMABAD: Mr Brend de Groot, Head of Cooperation Delegation, giving away a shield to Federal Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology, Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar. DA

Israel must halt settlements, demands Pakistan MONITORS REPORT UNITED NATION


eaffirming its support to the Palestinian cause, Pakistan has asked Israel to cease all settlement activity on occupied Palestinian territories so as to promote peace in the Middle East. “Settlement activity must stop, Palestinian detainees must be released, religious freedom should be restored, efforts aimed at financially stifling the Palestinian Authority must stop,” Ambassador Masood Khan told the Palestinians’ rights committee on Monday. “The culture of impunity must end,” the Pakistani envoy added. He also endorsed a call by Palestine’s lead negotiator for renewed international focus on the Israeli– Palestinian conflict in an effort to correct the historic justice. “We understand the excruciating pain of Palestinians as they pass

through these difficult times of occupation and extreme privation,” Masood Khan said. “Continued attention of the international community is extremely important.” The Pakistani envoy spoke after Saeb Erakat, a prominent Palestinian official, said they were “exerting every possible effort” to ensure the success of current efforts to re-start peace negotiations with Israel. Calling on member states to make their positions on the issue clear, Erakat underlined how important it was that US Secretary of State John Kerry succeed in bringing about a resumption of talks. In his remarks, Masood Khan said, “While the US engagement is welcome, the Quartet - comprising the UN, European Union, the US and Russia - and the Security Council should also play their role in this regard.” Resumption of the peace process should mean action with clear benchmarks and deadlines, he added.

akistan needs urgent legislation with regard to its overseas citizens and only the change of faces and the empowerment of the forces of status quo will undermine Pakistan’s relationship with millions of overseas citizens, Pakistani community leaders said the other day. At a press conference here, Pakistani community leader Ijaz Khan, accompanied by members of various political and social groups, called on Nawaz Sharif to show his sincerity to overseas Pakistanis and take steps to make them part of the mainstream. Ijaz Khan said now that the elections are over, the newly elected government should bring changes that could reflect in clear terms that Nawaz Sharif was sincere to overseas Pakistanis. He said several key Pakistani politicians, including Nawaz Sharif and his family who were abandoned by his party and exiled forcibly, when ousted from Pakistan were offered full support by overseas Pakistanis who helped them bring democracy in Pakistan. He said overseas Pakistanis are more concerned about the problems faced by their nation and there is no doubt about their loyalty. He said it had become a routine that Pakistani politicians visit London and other foreign capitals and get benefits and hospitality from expatriate Pakistanis but forget about the promises they make to them and instead start political point scoring back home. “Overseas Pakistanis are spending money in their country while corrupt politicians are taking the money out from their country,” he blamed, saying that the government bodies have turned their backs on overseas Pakistanis and that the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Pakistani embassies have no inter-

est in solving the issues and hurdles faced by the communities living outside of Pakistan. He said the federal government recently appointed grievance commissioners to redress complaints of overseas Pakistanis for all the provinces of the country but the adverts about this appointment were run in Pakistan and no effort was made by Pakistani missions abroad to inform the community members about this development. He said the job of such bodies is to provide relief to overseas Pakistanis but they end up playing in the hands of bureaucrats, who draw vast salaries, and benefiting their offspring and friends only. He demanded legislation for overseas Pakistanis as soon as possible and reserve seats in Senate and National Assembly. He said Pakistan’s elections were rigged at a vast scale and although the overseas Pakistanis have the right to vote now but there are no guarantees whether their votes will be counted for or not and that their votes will not be used in rigging to devoid their favourite candidates of their mandate. Ijaz Khan urged the British overseas Pakistani community and expatriate Pakistanis in other countries to unite and raise voice for their issues and to pressurise politicians to solve their problems.

Sri Lankan activist conferred peace award “A sustainable resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict lies only through the establishment of an independent, viable and contiguous State of Palestine on the basis of pre-1967 borders, with Al-Quds AlSharif as its capital,” the Pakistani envoy told the committee. “The very important and major concession afforded by the Arab League in this regard should be appreciated.” Masood Khan said, “Two States, living side by side, in peace and security, is the goal that we ought to pursue single-mindedly.



he first Didi Nirmala Deshpande South Asian Peace and Justice Award for 2013 has been conferred on Sunila Abeysekera, leading women and human rights’ defender in Sri Lanka and South Asia, and a major player in the global women’s movement. To give the award as a mark of abiding respect for Deshpande and a permanent tribute to her service to humanity, Pakistan Labour Trust, an associate of the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research, had instituted the

award, which carries an amount of Rs1 million. Abeysekera is currently based at the Institute for Social Studies in The Netherlands as the recipient of the Scholars at Risk fellowship. Her work has been recognised through many awards, including UN Human Rights Prize from Kofi Annan and the 2008 Human Rights Defender Award from Human Rights Watch. Abeysekera has lived a courageous life on the forefront of many social movements, fighting relentlessly for justice and human rights — for women and on behalf of all those who experience identity-based discrimination, persecution and marginalisation.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


The Red Emperor opens for Chinese food lovers BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


new Chinese food resort Red Emperor has gone open on Tauheed Commercial, DHA next to Café Flo, in a space that was previously home to the restaurant Saffron. Cuisines like Thai, Lebanese, Hyderabadi and other foods are widely liked, but the Chinese foods have their own attraction. Restaurant owner Danial Baweja said, “Red is a very Chinese colour and ‘emperor’ indicates royalty,” he says. Baweja and his wife Fiza lived in a Chinese town called Chong Qing for six months, which is where the inspiration to run an authentic Chinese joint comes from. “Our food is different and Pakistanis will develop taste buds [for it] with time.” The setting was anything but clichéd — Chinese lamps and lanterns weren’t in sight and neither were there any dragon motifs that one would find in every other Chinese restaurant. A small fountain in the verandah which reflected red light added to the relaxed atmosphere. “The challenge was to rethink the space and design

as the location was a restaurant before,” says architect and designer Marvi Mazhar, adding that since the Chinese food at Red Emperor is fusion style, they had to mellow down the atmosphere. The owner says he isn’t into the traditional China Town look and has tried to give the environment an international appeal. PHOTO: PUBLICITY The theme was primarily white and contemporary. “It’s a fusion — we’ve toyed with a contemporary Arber white,” Mazhar adds. “It was said that the space was too empty when people used to visit Saffron. So instead of putting up partitions [between tables], we’ve divided the space with bronze screens.” She feels the entire street where Red Emperor is located is picking up an urban appeal. At the opening, guests were served chicken dumplings and mint slush. “What we are serving is authentic Hakka Chinese food which includes a blend of South Asian spices,” says Fiza explaining the menu. They will also serve a special Chinese soup called Hot Pot. “There is a gap in the market for good Chinese food. This is going to cater to families on a larger scale.”

PAF chief meets Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


hief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, Air Chief Marshal, Tahir Rafique Butt, who was on an official visit to Saudi Arabia, called on Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is also the Defence Minister of the KSA. Both the dignitaries discussed matters of mutual interest and various fields of future cooperation between the two brotherly countries, said a press release issued here the other day.

CAIRO: Officials of the Embassy of Pakistan in Cairo offering Fateha at Shuhada-e-Pakistan graveyard to remember the victims of Pakistan International Airlines inaugural flight 705 to Cairo that had crashed on May 20, 1965, with 125 passengers on board including the crew. DA

Mushahid elected secretary general of CAPDI



he fourth plenary and second general assembly of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CAPDI) has elected Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed as its Secretary General for a term of four years. CAPDI is an Asia-wide organisation that brings together political parties, parliamentarians and civil society on one platform with a focus on peace and reconciliation and combating climate change. The two-day conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and carried the

theme of “Mobilizing Governments, Political Parties and Civil Societies to Promote Peace and Reconciliation and to Fight Climate Change in Asia”. The event consists of 130 political leaders from 19 countries; including 25 CAPDI members, 48 special guests, 39 delegates from Cambodia and 12 delegates from the Philippines. Senator Mushahid Hussain, Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League and Chairman Senate Defense Committee, represented Pakistan. The CAPDI conference was concluded by signing off on the Makassar Declaration, which canvassed political, economic, environmental, social, educative and cultural matters, as well

as defense and security. The participants also called on governments, civilians and academics to develop conservation programs to tackle climate change. Among those attended the event were leaders and former heads of state, including Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen and his deputy Sok An, former Philippine president Fidel Ramos, former Philippine parliamentary speaker and CAPDI president José de Venesia, former Nepalese prime minister and CAPDI vice president Madlav Kumar, and former Indonesian vice president, Jusuf Kalla, who also chaired CAPDI.

Bokhari for enhanced Pak-UK inter-parliamentary coop AGENCIES ISLAMABAD


hairman Senate, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has called for enhanced inter-parliamentary cooperation between United Kingdom and Pakistan. Nayyer Bokhari who was on a visit to London on the invitation of Baroness D’Souza, Speaker of the House of Lords, attended a roundtable meeting hosted by Baroness D’Souza, said press release received here on Sunday. Among other dignitaries, members of the House of Lords, other parliamentarians attended the meeting. Mike Gapes

MP, Alan Haselhurst MP, Yasmin Qureshi MP, Earl of Sandwich John Montagu and Viscount John Slim were prominent. The Chairman Senate during the discussion, highlighted the political progress in Pakistan including the recent general election which were a milestone in Pakistan’s political and parliamentary history. He also dilated on Pakistan’s role in the war on terror, and noted that Pakistan had so far lost over 47,000 lives and suffered an economic loss of US $ 78 billion in its fight against militancy. He underscored Pakistan’s commitment to combat the menace of terrorism and extremism.

Discussing Pakistan-UK bilateral relations, the Chairman Senate thanked the British government for its continued support to Pakistan in the education sector. Parliamentary exchanges between the two sides were also discussed and stressed increased cooperation in other areas. Lord Speaker and the British parliamentarians praised the success of Pakistan’s fair and transparent elections. They recognized the sacrifices of the people of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and reiterated British support to Pakistan particularly in the education sector. The Chairman Senate accompa-

nied by Wajid Shamsul Hasan, High Commissioner, Iftikharullah Babar, Secretary Senate and Syed Zulfiqar Gardezi, Deputy High Commissioner also held a meeting with Dr. William F. Shija, Secretary General Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) at the CPA Secretariat. Secretary General Shija, applauded Pakistan on successfully holding general election. He briefed on the role of the Commonwealth particularly the CPA, in building bridges amongst its 54 member states. The discussion also covered cooperation between CPA and the Senate of Pakistan.

The Chairman extended an invitation to the Secretary General and CPA executive committee to visit Pakistan.

May 27 to June 02, 2013

20 First Pak woman scales Everest President felicitates mountaineer Samina Baig BUREAU REPORT LAHORE


resident Asif Ali Zardari has congratulated Pakistani woman mountaineer Samina Baig and her brother Mirza Ali on climbing the Mount Everest. In his message, the president lauded the will and determination of Samina Baig. “She has made the nation proud and has earned laurels for the country by becoming the first Pakistani women to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain with a peak at 8,848 meters. He said that the whole nation is proud of the young lady mountaineer for her historic achievement and also for introducing Pakistani women as a symbol of talent and great potential. Congratulating the women of the country and indeed the entire nation on the achievement, the president expressed confidence that young Samina Baig would be followed as role model. While paying tribute to the two young Pakistani mountaineers from Gilgit Baltistan, Samina Baig, 21, and Mirza Ali, 29, the president termed the youth as great asset of the country. The president hoped that Samina Baig and her brother Mirza Ali would continue to work hard and keep the flag of the country flying high in the world of mountaineering.



ountaineer Samina Baig has become the first Pakistani woman to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain with a peak at 8,848 metres. Baig completed the climb to the summit at around 7:30am local time with her brother Mirza Ali, who becomes the third and youngest Pakistani male to scale the mountain. Nepal Mountaineering Department official Tilak Padney said that 35 foreigners accompanied by 29 Nepalese Sherpa guides reached the peak after climbing all night from the highest camp on South Col - the pass between Everest and a neighbouring mountain. Ali (29) and Baig (21) are natives of Shimshal village in Hunza valley, Pakistan. Ali has been climbing since age 15, and he was Baig’s mentor, guide and support. On his personal blog, Ali stated that this climb was the “First Pakistani Gender Equality Mt Everest Expedition”. “Once at base camp, we will begin our acclimatisation trips. This involves climbing to Camp 1, staying the night, then returning to base camp to rest, then climbing to Camp 1 and staying the night and climbing on to Camp 2 and staying the night, before returning to base camp and so on up to Camp 3. Once our acclimatisation trips have finished, and assuming we are in good health and super fit physically and mentally, we’ll be ready to try for the summit, which should be mid May. We will wait for a good weather forecast or ‘window’ for the possible summit attempt.”

Facilitating fishermen

Pakistan may opt for Chinese navigation system AGENCIES BEIJING


akistan may become the fourth country to opt for China’s Beidou navigation system, a rival to the Global Positioning System developed by the United States. Beidou is set to increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with Pakistan expected to become its fourth overseas customer later this month, international business director of Beijing BDStar Navigation Huang Lei, told sate-run China Daily newspaper. Thailand, Laos and Brunei are the existing customers of the system. Lei’s company, which promotes Beidou system, will build a network of stations in Pakistan to enhance the location accuracy of Beidou. Chines PM Li will visit Pakistan on 22 May. While industrial experts estimate Beidou can trigger a potential market worth 225 billion yuan (about $ 37 billion) across China by 2015, Huang believes a huge potential market exists

outside the country. He said Pakistan, Thailand and India are major potential Beidou users in the fisheries sector. The system can help fishermen send emergency messages to rescue centres, and also inform their families about the latest conditions aboard vessels through a text message service, he said. China is expected to invest seven billion yuan ($ 1.13 billion) to support the development of the Beidou satellite navigation system by 2015. “Industries related to the Beidou system are entering a booming development stage,” Yang Qiangwen, a senior engineer at the China Satellite Navigation Office, said at the Fourth China Satellite Navigation Conference on Thursday in Wuhan. According to the official figures, the central government has already invested around 3.5 billion yuan to boost industries related to the Beidou system. The system is serving the Asia-Pacific region since December last year and aims to have a global coverage by 2020. The Beidou network has 16 navigation satellites over the region, with 30 more due to join the system by 2020.

SIALKOT: A group photo of High Commissioner of South Africa in Pakistan, Mpendulo Kumalo with the office bearers of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. DA

SIALKOT: High Commissioner of South Africa in Pakistan, Mpendulo Kumalo addressing the business community at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. DA

SAARC CCI VPs greet Nawaz on polls victory BUREAU REPORT LAHORE


ll the vice presidents from different countries of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an apex body of chambers in the region, formally felicitated the President PML-N, Nawaz Sharif on his election victory. Vice presidents one each from India Mahendra Parmar,Bangladesh, Jashimuddin, Bhutan, Thinley Palden Dorji, Maldives, Ahmad Mujtaba, Nepal, Predeep Kumar Shrestha,Sri Lanka, Kolsala Wickaayake, Pakistan Iftikhar Ali Malik, former SCCI Chief Annis Ul Haq, SCCI President Vikramjit Singh and founder President SCCI Tariq Sayeed congratulated Nawaz Sharif. In a joint congratulatory letter sent to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif through their Pakistani counterpart Iftikahr Ali Malik,they hoped that with the installation of Pakistan Muslim League government in Pakistan,the one on one interaction among the private sectors of SAARC member countries will be

further strengthened in future under the sagacious leadership of the democratically elected government in Pakistan. They said that businessmanturned politician Nawaz Sharif has greater economic vision and hoped that in future trade ties and bilateral relations between Pakistan and India will be improved significantly in every sphere of life. He said a stable democratically elected government in Pakistan will steer the country out the looming economic crisis and defuse tension in the region impeding progress and prosperity. They said that political tensions and constraints that the South Asian region faced over the years played a decelerating role in the economic integration. They said that nearly 60 per cent of total indigenous natural resources in the South Asia are yet not so far fully exploited. “The intra-regional trade figures for South Asian are still disappointing as trade in the region constitutes only 1.4 per cent of the total world imports and 1.2 per cent of global exports. The merchandise trade is only 27.9 per cent of GDP,the lowest

in the world”, “Although South Asia has significantly reduced import tariffs and the cost of trading across its borders is one of the highest in the world.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Tunisian envoy hosts reception for new diplomats

May 27 to June 02, 2013


WFP donates US funds new English equipment language lab for orphans worth Rs7.4m to KP Health Dept Education assistance programme



he United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) the other day handed over medical and information technology equipment worth over 7.4 million rupees to the Health Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The donation is designed to boost the quality of nutrition and healthcare services provided in seven key Khyber Pakhtunkhwa districts, and includes weighing scales, delivery tables, oxygen cylinders and emergency lights, as well as computers and printers. Dr Zafar Afridi, Director General of the Provincial Health Department, received the equipment from Rashida Amir, WFP Pakistan’s Deputy Head of Programme, in a ceremony organized at the Director General’s office in Peshawar. “As part of its commitment to strengthen government capacity, WFP has been providing support to national institutions through the supply of non-food items, in addition to providing food assistance to those in need,” said Amir. “This donation will benefit provincial public health structures in the delivery of quality medical care to malnourished children and pregnant and nursing mothers.” WFP nutrition activities in the province are carried out through



S Ambassador Richard Olson joined staff of the SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad to inaugurate a new English language laboratory at SOS today. Established with a grant from the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund, the new lab will enable the children living at the SOS Children’s Village to improve their Englishlanguage skills. To furnish the lab, the US government bought 22 computers, furniture, a printer, and special English-language software. “The US government funds comprehensive education programs that will help millions of Pakistani children. Our funding of the new English-language lab for the SOS Children’s Village is an example of this assistance. It shows how the United States and Pakistan can work together to improve the lives of Pakistan’s

children,” said Ambassador Olson at the inauguration of the English lab. When asked about the impact of this English language lab, SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad Chairperson, Ms. Naznin Murtaza, said, “English has become the common language of business and education throughout the world. However, most of the SOS children are from backgrounds that have not afforded them the opportunities to learn English. The new US-funded English language lab will help these children overcome that challenge and equip them with English-language skills so they can rise as far as their talent and hard work will take them.” The SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad was established in July 2011, and is currently supporting 92 boys and girls, along with 13 mothers. Most of these children are from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and were orphaned

by the devastating 2005 earthquake. This initiative is one part of a comprehensive US education assistance programme, which includes building or rehabilitating nearly 800 schools; launching new degree programs in education at 90 teacher colleges and universities; providing scholarships for 12,000 students to study in Pakistan; and operating the largest Fulbright academic exchange program in the world. The US Ambassador’s Fund is a $15 million grant program managed by USAID and implemented under a contract with the National Rural Support Program (NRSP). The fund provides opportunities for Pakistani NGOs, civil society groups, private sector organizations, and communities to apply for and receive funding assistance to improve basic economic or social conditions at the local community level and support high-impact, quick-implementation activities.

the Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) intervention in 11 districts in partnership with the Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, UNICEF and national and international NGOs. WFP has been distributing specialised nutritious foods to treat moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) in children 6 to 59 months of age, and pregnant and nursing mothers. WFP provides additional food assistance to the siblings of registered severely acute malnourished (SAM) and moderately acute malnourished (MAM) children, as well as malnourished pregnant and nursing women in areas where food insecurity is most pronounced. WFP donated medical equipment and ICT tools to contribute to the improvement of health care services in 68 rural health facilities in seven targeted districts (Buner, Kohistan, Dir Upper and Lower, Shangla, Swat and D. I. Khan), and to strengthen monitoring, reporting and coordination capacities of Project Implementation Units and the Provincial Nutrition Cell. In 2013, WFP has to date distributed over 900 metric tons of specialized foods under the CMAM intervention in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province only. Nearly 116,000 moderately malnourished children (including siblings) and 36,300 pregnant and nursing women are being assisted through 149 CMAM sites.

EU observers satisfied with re-polling in NA250, says Sindh CS BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


he government officials and European Union observers also visited the re-polling in 43 polling stations of NA-250 the other day and during their visit, Chief Secretary Sindh Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry alongwith IG police Sindh Shahid Nadeem Baloch reviewed the polling arrangements. Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Siddiqui and Additional IG Iqbal Mahmood, also accompanied them. They took a comprehensive round of the area i.e. NA-250, including Club Road, Sharae-Faisal, Abdullah Haroon Road, Fatima Jinnah Road, Clifton Road, DHA, Gizri, Khaliquzzaman Road, Boat Basin, Mae Kallachi Road, Sultanabad, Hijrat Colony,

TeenTalwar, Pakistan Chowk, Gari Khata, Qayayyumabad, Railway Colony and Aram Bagh area. The Chief Secretary heard the issues of voters at various polling stations, and issued on the spot orders for proper display of the concerned voters list at main gate of polling stations, enabling the voters to conveniently cast their votes. At DHA Women College, the team of EUEOM (European Union Election Observations Mission) led by Ms Mariana Skopa (Legal Analyst) met with Chief Secretary and expressed satisfaction over the adequate arrangements of polling. Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry on a suggestion from the voters, contacted the PEC and requested them to send their respective officer to those polling stations, where guidance is required.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Brazilian artist’s painting exhibition held at Tanzara Gallery ISLAMABAD

T ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Brazil, Alfredo Leoni and others viewing paintings and drawings during an exhibition jointly organised by Brazil embassy and Dimax here the other day. DA

ISLAMABAD: A girl taking keen interest in paintings and drawings during an exhibition organised by Brazil embassy and Dimax here. DA

Pak students meet US Consul General 25 students, 25 teachers to travel to US for 3-week exchange programme BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


akistani students, who are learning English through the US-sponsored English Access Microscholarship Program and their teachers, called on US Consul General Michael Dodman here the other day. In the coming weeks, 25 students and 25 teachers will travel to the US for a three-week exchange program funded by the US Embassy. The students from Karachi and Hyderabad, came together to be briefed about their trip to the United States. Sharing their experiences with English Access Program, the enthusiastic students told the Consul General

that before they got a scholarship for Access, they had no confidence in speaking English, but now they are able to speak English. They further said: “We do a lot of activities in class, and we also do community service projects together. We are very excited to go to America and meet people and see how things are there. English has become the common language of business and education throughout the world. We operate the world’s biggest English Access program here in Pakistan because we know how important these skills are to Pakistan’s economic future, said Dodman. We are so pleased to play a role in helping smart and motivated Pakistani students learn skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. The US operates the world’s largest English Access Micro scholarship Program in Pakistan, teaching English to 5,000 students having age range 14-19 years from disadvantaged backgrounds.

British HC hosts Touch Rugby Tournament DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


he British High Commission hosted the Second Annual Touch Rugby Tournament, sponsored by the Marriott, Islamabad. Over 30 diplomats and players from the international community came together for this charity fundraiser, with four mixed teams playing a gruelling total of six games in the warm evening heat. Debbie Palmer, representing the British High Commission, said: “It was great to see such a turnout at the event and for the British High Commission to be hosting such a popular event. We’re very grateful to Marriott Islamabad for supporting the tournament in aid of such a worthy cause.” Jan Verduyn, General Manager of Marriott Islamabad, congratulated the teams on their sportsmanship, and gifted bespoke tee-shirts for the event. With lots of healthy appetites following such an intense competition, the event ended fittingly with a BBQ nearby.

anzara Gallery, in collaboration with The Embassy of Brazil opened a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Brazilian artist Dimax, in Islamabad the other day. The exhibition, titled “conflicting forces”, is curated by the owner of the gallery Noshi Qadir. The opening was attended by diplomats, journalists, artists, art enthusiasts and H.E Alfredo Leoni, the Ambassador of Brazil. The Ambassador commented by saying “Art bridges different cultures and brings people closer together. For this reason, I am very thankful to the talented Brazilian painter Dimax for showing his artworks in Islamabad. Dimax’s paintings are vibrant, colorful, modern, and innovative and, above all, full of ideas. These characteristics are very much those of the young generations of Brazilian artists, of which Dimax is a major representative.” The artist, Dimax, who was pre-

sent at the opening, was pleased with the response he received from the art lovers of the capital. When asked what ‘art’ meant to him he replied “To live is art, because for me to live is different from to exist. One who lives, and not only exists, is the one who feels, who desires, who recognizes the best in oneself and in the world; the one who gives room for emotions and sees the beauty of life.” Talking about the exhibition, Ms. Noshi Qadir said “Dimax’s art is modernistic in flavour – His visual vocabulary demonstrates a surge of creativity that has led to a lot of experimentation -. The paintings are well balanced and the energy floating around captivates the eye- The rich colour palette and bold compositions help create brilliant effects making the painting aesthetically pleasing. Dimax’s art is stimulating and energizing, leaving the viewer with lasting impressions. It is a breath of fresh air” The exhibition will be on at Tanzara Gallery from 25th May till 14th June 2013. NEWS RELEASE

Chinese company keen to invest in K-IV project Scheme to supply 650m gallons water daily for 30 years BUREAU REPORT KARACHI


Chinese company said the other day that it was keen to invest in a major water supply scheme in

Karachi. Li Zhili, president of China International Water & Electric Corporation, expressed his company’s interest in the Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme K-IV at a meeting with the managing director of the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB), Mashkoor ul Hasnain. He said he was going to forward all the necessary details of the project to his parent company “since we are deeply interested in this important KWSB project”. Li Zhili said his enterprise was already working on several important projects in Pakistan, and “we want this project to be completed at the highest technical quality level possible”. The KWSB managing director informed a delegation of the Chinese company that the K-IV project was in its initial stages after it was approved by the Executive Committee

of the National Economic Council. The first phase of the project – said to be the largest in South Asia — will cost Rs29 billion and will be completed in four years. On completion, it will ensure a supply of 650 million gallons daily for 30 years. The managing director said important details of the project were discussed in the meeting, the first of many to come. KWSB engineers will stay in touch with the Chinese company and provide it with all the necessary details. Hasnain said consultants would finalise designing and planning, and the Sindh government was providing the required land for the scheme. He said that due to the importance of the project it was necessary that it be completed on time so that the supply to industrial and residential areas could be increased. Hasnain also briefed the delegation about the Greater Karachi Sewerage Treatment Plant S-III, and presented them with Sindhi Ajraks and Topis.

May 27 to June 02, 2013


Dar for US assistance in energy, economic sectors DA REPORT ISLAMABAD

L ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al-Ghadeer, exchanging views with Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz leaders Dr Jamal Nasir and Sharjeel Mir during a meeting. The ambassador assured them of Saudi Arabia support and cooperation in all spheres. The PML-N leaders appreciated Saudi Arabia for extending generous support to Pakistan and helping the country in every trial and ordeal. DA

eader of the opposition in Senate, Senator Ishaq Dar met US Ambassador Robin Raphel in his chamber at Parliament House here the other day. Both sides discussed bilateral issues and emphasized the need for further enhancing cooperation in various fields. Dar stressed the need for US assistance in resolving the energy crisis facing the country. He also emphasized the need for strengthening trade and economic linkages between the two countries. Earlier the US ambassador felicitated the Senator for PML-N’s victory in the recent elections.

Yemen 23rd Reunification Day celebrated DA REPORT ISLAMABAD


emen’s 23rd Reunification Day was celebrated here the other day, with the country’s ambassador to Islamabad assuring that Pakistan and Yemen relations will further be consolidated. Speaking during a reception, he said the new President Abdurubbu Mansoor Hadi was working zealously for the welfare and well being of his people. It was a memorable event at a local hotel hosted by enterprising Ikhtiar Beg, the honorary Consul General of the Yemen Republic in Karachi. He had gathered a galaxy

of people, prominent being Sindh Assembly speaker Nisar Khuhro, caretake commerce and industries minister Khalid Tawab, Weqar Mehdi, and Rashid Rabbani, the two former advisers from the outgoing government,leading businessmen, diplomats, and elite of the city. Among the diplomats present, prominent were the Kuwaiti consul general nassir Muttairi, the Saudi consul general Rohaili, Omani consul general, the acting japanese consul general Abe,Srilankan counterpart Jindasa, the Thai consul general etc. The Russians were represented by the deputy head of mission. After the ceremonial national anthems of Yemen and Pakistan, the Yemeni Ambas-

sador to Pakistan Abdo Ali Abdul Rehman made a heart-warming speech. He said his country,after reunification, was engaged in impacting the socio-political life of its people. The country’s Constitution will be ready hopefully in six months time. The momentum of good governance, education will be enhanced with the help of 8 million US dollars from friendly countries. In Pakistan also, according to Ikhtiar Beg who spoke later to propose a vote of thanks, were 260 in graduation and post-graduation institutions. The ambassador said the newly elected President Mansoor Hadi, was engaged in changing the life style of the people. He congratulated the people

KARACHI: Speaker Sindh Assembly, Nisar Khoro, Ambassador of Yemen Abdul Rahman, Honarary Consul General Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and others cutting a cake to celebrate Yemen Reunification Day. DA

of Pakistan on the historic transition of power after the May 11 elections. He also paid handsome tribute to Ikthiar Beg, and his lovely wife, Naureen, both of whom he said were a tremendous hosts. Dr Ikhtiar Beg, the envoy said, had worked hard to enhance the bilateral ties in various fields, for which he needed full marks. Speaking next Nisar Khuhro congratulated the ambassador on the reunification day celebrations, falling on 22nd of MayHe suggested that single country exhibitions should be held in each other’s country, and delegations of parliamentarians, businessmen should be engaged to build on the goodwill bonding the two brotherly countries. Nisar, a remark-

able parliamentarian, having been a minister, and now a speaker, and also a tremendous opposition leader during 2002-2007 in Sindh assembly, stressed the need of building people to people contacts for these are always long lasting. Confidence building measures needed to be taken to cement the bilateral ties, he added. In his short speech Ikhtiar Beg felt proud in saying that Pakistan State Oil, and two more oild companies were already busy in exploration work inYemen, and more may follow with their investments in the brotherly country. The function would long be remembered for its warmth and hospitality, and for the concern shown by Ikhtiar and Naureen for their honoured guests.

KARACHI: Ambassador of Yemen Abdul Rahman, Honarary Consul General Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and others posing for a group photo on the occasion of Yemen Reunification Day. DA

Issue May 27 to June 02, 2013  
Issue May 27 to June 02, 2013  

Issue May 27 to June 02, 2013