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“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good” - Paula Scher - Paula Scher

- Paula Scher


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My name is Dipali Maurya. I am a budding, zealous designer and dreamer who always wants to learn new things to hone my skills. I believe that creativity does not come only from the classroom. It is developed by observing, getting feedback, self criticism and connecting with other designers. The real challenge is to portray the simplest things in a very creative way, and the thrill of this challenge fuels my minimalist design principle. I have a creative eye for detail, and like coming up with multiple iterations for my work, while also making sure that every design I create has a meaning to it. Designing is about being honest about your work and I am the biggest critique of my own work. My areas of interest include making logos, branding, illustrations, print design and craft making.


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Coffee Table Book Presentation for Frameboxx Parthiv Gohil Concert Adani North Park Gym Markchem Bag Packaging Lifeasy - Social Media Campaign Elecrama - Emailer Design Gaurav Mazumdar - Logo Design Branding Logos Typography Screen Printing Interior Design Apparel Design Website Template Posters Digital Illustration


Startup Concept


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eQuinoxx Design Studio :

: Internship Projects

Coffee Table Book

The coffee table book was designed for guests, parents and students to learn more about the eQuinoxx group. The book was given to the company’s clients as a Diwali gift.

Presentation for Frameboxx : Careers in Animation

This is a thumbnail of the PPT made for Frameboxx, a part of eQuinoxx Ahmedabad. The PPT covers “Careers in Animation & VFX� for students who come seeking admission to frameboxx.

Presentation : Frameboxx Courses

This is a thumbnail of the PPT made for Frameboxx, a part of eQuinoxx Ahmedabad. The PPT covers “Frameboxx Courses” for students who come seeking admission to frameboxx.

Gujarat Gaurav Divas

1st May of every year is celebrated as the Gujarat Gaurav Divas and the year 2017 was the 57th year following this tradition. eQuinoxx wished the government on this day with this creative.

Navratri Celebration : Invite

Garba Invitation for all eQuinoxxers and their guests.

Parthiv Gohil Concert

Creative for a Social Media Campaign, for a Parthiv Gohil concert in Ahmedabad.

Adani North Park

Restroom door graphics (male and female) for Adani North Park Luxury Gym.

Power Palazzo : Logo Design

Logo design for Power Palazzo, a dominant player in the electronics and lighting industry. The logo is a fusion of a diode, an integrated circuit and a capacitor.

Modern Art Wall Clock

Modern Clock for a Modern Designer! The art was made from M-Seal and then painted over with acrylic colors.

Creative Chord Designs :

Client Projects

Markchem : Bag Packaging

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive Packaging made for MARKCHEM CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS.




Final Print Packaging

Lifeasy : On Demand Home Services

Social Media Campaign on Facebook and Twitter for Lifeasy : On Demand Home Services.

LED TV Repair Services

Carpenter, Plumber, Electrican Services

Sofa Cleaning Services

Home Appliance Services

New Year Post

AC Service

Lifeasy :Lifeasy On Demand : Emailer Home Design Services

Emailer Design for Lifeasy On Demand Home Services

AC AMC Service

AC Service

Lifeasy : Banner Design

Banner design for Lifeasy website.

AC Service

All Service

Gaurav Mazumdar : Logo Design

Logo Design for Gaurav Mazumdar - sitarist.

Elecrama : We are all about electricity

ELECRAMA is the flagship showcase of the Indian Electrical Industry ecosystem and the largest congregation of power sector ecosystem in the geography. Sai Electricals was one of the companies that had participated in ELECRAMA.

Svam : Visiting Card

Svam Packaging Industries (P) Ltd. is an organization with an experience over 3 decades in pharmaceutical packaging segment.

Creative Chord Designs : Republic Day FB Post

Social Media Post for Creative Chord Designs. We had done a photoshoot. “C” is the keychain of our company and we had got acrylic paint and with these paints we made the Indian flag and placed the “C” in between the colors.

Creative Chord Designs : Holi - Emailer Design

Emailer Design made for Creative Chord Designs during Holi.

Creative Chord Designs : Valentines - Twitter Post

Twitter post made for Creative Chord Designs during Valentines day.

Creative Chord Designs : Lohri Festival- FB Post

FB post made for Creative Chord Designs during Lohri festival.



Visiting Card

My logo represents the first letter of my name, “D”. The meaning of my name is “lamp of lights”, and the yellow color shows how it spreads brightness and happiness everywhere.

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QIWION : Logo Design

Qiwion is a new inner wear brand for pre teen and teen girls. The name QIWION has been derived from the fruits kiwi, lemon and orange. The logos represent the joyful, humorous, cool, calm and rejuvenating nature of young girls.








Nutrichase: Logo Design

“Nutrichase� is a pharmacy which manufactures herbal products.







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: g

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Typography with poster colors

Redesign the font of “ECLAIRS” to have a blade like appearance.

Typography with poster colors

A friends name in a font that reflects their best characteristic. Anna Marie - Happy going, fun loving person

Calligram : Haiku Poem

This calligram is based on a Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry. “Amidst musical breeze two little birds chirp about love and happiness�

Screen Printing

This is a 3 color based screen printing. The abstract illustration created here is from a poem by “Bancroft Boreland�.

Exposing the screen on light table

Using Squeegee to print on paper

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Apparel Design - 1

Apparel Design - 2

Magazine Mockup

Magazine Front and Back Cover

Standee Design

Standee Design for Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition.

Double Exposure

Polygon Art

Website Template : Industrial Construction company

Website Template : 2

Poster : Beach Music Festival

Poster using Elements and Principles of Design, Split Complementary Colors and depicting the navrasas.

Poster : Document Shredder Mishandled information can have devastating results. A data breach can have serious repercussions. It can lead to loss of privacy, lost business, lawsuits, penalties and damaged reputations. Don’t throw it in the garbage or the recycling bin. Put anything containing sensitive or confidential information in a Shred-it security console for safe, secure destruction.

Poster : Character Design

Poster : Decline of Handicrafts

Digital Illustration

Color Halftone

Home Curry : Startup Concept As it goes, there’s no place like home. Why miss out on home food when out of town? “Home Curry”food from nearby homes, delivered to your doorstep.


Mood Board

Concept Map

Customer Wireframe

Mom Wireframe

Delivery Person Wireframe

Mom Taskflow

Customer Taskflow

Delivery Person Taskflow

Site Map

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so COMPLICATED”

Phone : +91 85 12 038220 Email ID :

Portfolio - Dipali Maurya  
Portfolio - Dipali Maurya