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Dipak S. Pawar Graphic Designer

About Me.. I am Dipak.. Graphic Designer based in India, specializing in Graphic & Illustration design. I can make all kind of graphic work which includes with the art’s basic standards. But that's just a part of it. Design is my life. It's my five-star spa. It's my roller-coaster. It's something I do before going to bed, and something I can't wait to do in the morning. Without it, my world would be black and white.

APPLICATIONS Flash Cs5 Photoshop Cs5 IllustratorCs5 InDesign Cs5 CorelDraw x3 Sound Forge 9

B.F.A. 2008 (First Class) In Drawing and Painting, Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune

DACA 2009 (A Class) Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts (C-dac), Pune 9561272301

PROFFESIONAL EXPERIENCE Big Animation (I). Pvt Ltd. Pune A Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Company Role-Light & Shadow Artist India International Multiversity Pvt. Ltd. Pune Multiversity founded by Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar. Role-Multimedia Artist for all E learning Projects. Pixel & Res Multimedia Design.Pune Pixel and Res Multimedia is a Hub of Advertising and Branding; providing a plethora of high end services including Designing, Branding, and the post launch positioning of a Brand. Role-Graphic Designer / Illustrator Smart cloud InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Pune SmartCloud Infotech is Mobile Apps & Gaming company formed in 2011. Here I am designing graphic art for games/applications for iOS & Android(Tablet/Mobile). Role-Graphic Artist / Illustrator


Portfolio: Graphic Design Logo

Mayur Panorama

Amit Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Mayur Panorama is the luxurius residential apartment. Client wants to give very natural & soft feel about their township hence I have created logo with peocock’s feather.

Amit Computers provides training and scalable integration solutions free from licensing and maintenance costs. I have done this logo using the shape of computer cursor. That can explain training & solution part as well as initial of company name.

PG 03


HTP is group which comprises of cardiologist from various renowned hospitals. They wanted to show heart in their logo which would speak of their motive and reason behind the conference. So I helped them to create their logo dynamic & meaningful.

Portfolio: Graphic Design Logo

PG 04

Smart Order

Sky Vista

Smart Order is an iPhone/iPad online app logo that can provide address and contact details of local hotels, motels, restaurant and other food places near by you.

Sky vista is one of the rich appartment system near pune airport. To define richness of the apartment vista name was used. The logo was created keeping in mind the structure & location of the building.

Portfolio: Graphic Design Brochure

Vidyut Controls

Vidyut Controls of India provides automation services to the customers around the world. Created all the artwork on simple white background. There is a dual purpose 1st was attracting attention and 2nd providing information of a product.

PG 05

Portfolio: Graphic Design Brochure ACE Bussiness School

ACE is a management institute in pune.The project was redesign of a bussiness school prospectus. The yellow & blue color was used to describe importance of management and its varieties. Photoshop was used manipulate the photographs. InDesign was used for layout work.

PG 06

Portfolio: Graphic Design Menu Card

Dalchini Restaurant

I redesigned menu card for DALCHINI & ELEVATE LOUNGE. The main elements I used was tree & golden color for DALCHINI one which is included in hotel interior. For ELEVATE I used glass slim outline & silver color on black matte background which creates richness. I used limited colors that were visually strong throughout the card, added lamination on logo for an attractive antique feel.

PG 07

Elevate Lounge

Portfolio: Graphic Design Publication


For this book, I was given all of the paintings & illustrations. Book is about Saint Dnyaneshwar. Written by Mr.Tryambak Chavan. Published by Anmol & Multiversity Publication. The book were edited by Padmashri Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.

PG 08

Portfolio: Graphic Design Pillar Design for branding

KPIT commins

The two designs were created for the Science Rules! Theme, tied to a specific theme of science, technology. All two were created in a variety of illustration methods: Photo Manipulation and vector illustration. Technological elements were used to make this art.

PG 09

Portfolio: Graphic Design Web

Multiversity Web Tour

MVL wanted a portfolio as a web tour with all educational online courses networking i.e. MSCIT , WAVE. I worked on the design right from wireframes to flash. I have added some simulations and animations as per requirements.

PG 10

Portfolio: Graphic Design eLearning


MSCIT is the well known computer course designed and developed by MKCL. Above is assignment flow which give idea to user as per MS-Office tab system . I have done GUI for basic MIND-MAP with simple iconic titles.

PG 11

Portfolio: Graphic Design eLearning


Above are overview & summary frames. I have done pop up container on soft background. The color scheme, buttons, icons and graphics were carefully designed in tree structure frame to make this easy to use and navigate.

PG 12

Portfolio: Graphic Design eLearning


INTERACTIVE frames. The color scheme, buttons, icons and graphics were carefully designed in interface to make this easy to use and interact.

PG 13

Portfolio: Graphic Design eLearning


Splash screens designed for WAVE course. Course is all about training of all design packages provided from adobe. i.e. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator , etc.

PG 14

Portfolio: Graphic Design Application


SMART YOGA is healthcare app coming on app store for ipad. App is a training program to exercise Indian Yoga. I have created interface design and art assets for this application. I worked right from wireframes to mock-ups for this design. Technology- NATIVE

PG 15

Portfolio: Graphic Design Application


STICK GANGSTA is chatting & community purpose app coming on app store for ipad & iphone. This app has so many options to connect with people. It has included mini games like pick pocket & alleyway fight. I created all GUI, assets, inventory of application. I worked on this design right from wireframes to mock-ups. Technology- COCOS2d

PG 16

Portfolio: Graphic Design Application


PG 17

Portfolio: Graphic Design Application


VIKI is online app for all devices. This application is used for online video streaming we build this app only for blackberry OS. I have created icons & user interfaces as per clients requirement. Technology- NATIVE BBOS

PG 18

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games


RISE OF ZOMBIES a side scrolling horror action game for iphone & ipad. The game play is that zombie will zombify humans & collect their hearts as the scores. Targeted toward 16-28 year old. It's a movie promo game based on upcoming bollywood movie. I have created all concept work right from GUI to backgrounds & character designs. Technology- NATIVE

PG 19

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games


PG 20

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games


AMERICAN TRUCK is famous web game. We are developing this for iOS. Created all new realistic style artwork in Photoshop with different style. Client approved the artwork at first look. Technology- UNITY 3D

PG 21

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games


The game is based on popular plush toys in USA based monkey Sammy and his many friends. These plush toys are in the form of animals targeted toward 3-10 year old children. There are many mini games to play in this one game which is the main USP of the game. I created art assets for the game. Designed characters, GUI & backgrounds as per requirements of game play. Technology- UNITY 3D

PG 22

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games GAME ASSETS

PG 23

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games BACKGROUNDS

PG 24

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games BACKGROUNDS

PG 25

Portfolio: Graphic Design Games GAMES & APP ICONS

ICON DESIGN Here I have designed icons for application & game. Tried to make it simple & attractive. Created different designs as per different age group.

PG 26

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 27

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 28

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 29

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 30

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 31

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 32

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 33

Portfolio: Graphic Design Illustration

PG 34

Academic Work Drawing Study

PG 35

Academic Work Painting Study

PG 36

Declaration The above details are true to best of my knowledge and assure you the best of my ability, creativity and hard work. Copyrights Reserved : Multiversity Pvt. Ltd. | MKCL | Pixel & Res | Smart cloud 9561272301


Hi, This is my portfolio.Please take a review. Thanks

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