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5 Ways to Use Antivirus Software Effectively Which security holes do you need to plug?

What to Expect From the Best Antivirus Software

Privacy & Protection While U Surf • • • •

Blocks sites hosting malware Blocks phishing sites Blocks scam sites Encrypts and blocks private data

Monitor System Vulnerabilities Scans system and warns about: • • • •

Weak passwords Missing Windows updates Software not up to date Weak browser settings

Top Notch Virus Removal Antivirus software Must haves: • • • • •

Great detection abilities Pre installation scan Quick, Full, Smart, on-demand scan Rescue and Safe mode scan modes Real time automatic scan mode

Antivirus Tips Once you have it


How To

Learn to Use:

Use It!

Windows Updates

Rescue Disks Privacy Settings Yearly Subscriptions

5 Ways to Use Antivirus Software Effectively So, which is the best antivirus software? We have tried, tested, and reviewed the 5 best antivirus software products. Just pick one.

5 Ways to Use Antivirus Software Effectively  

Everyone knows antivirus software is a must. Not everyone knows where to go from there. Read on to find out what you need to know to choose...