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Breaking free from emotional eating to lose weight is to start by under-standing that the brain has two built in directives: pleasure seeking and survival. Which one influences our eating behaviour? Both

different recipes that can make up a healthy eating plan. That is why each month the (Celia Johnson ) will include healthy eating tips and/or recipes which So it is important that people become educated on the right way to eat and the h will cut out a lot of the guesswork with making a healthy eating plan.

By making yourself accountable to someone else or a group of people you are providing more motivation to keep going when the going gets tough. There are many ways of achieving this and the forum within the Facebook Health And Wellness membership Site will help to make you accountable to others in the program as well.

Your body fat is also a really important aspect of weight loss. Most people that start a program focus so much on the scales. This is great initially as a lot of weight loss will be muscle and water. However after a while the body starts laying down muscle as well as losing weight. As muscle weighs more than fat, it is possible for the scales to measure no weight loss even though you have lost body fat.

At ( or ( there are video workouts that you can learn and do, either at home or in the gym. They will take anywhere 10 – 30 minutes maximum, and you don’t need loads of equipment. Some workouts will just be using your bodyweight. So you haven’t got any excuse.

I know it is hard but there never will be the perfect time to exercise and train, you just have to get on with it. Something really is better than nothing. As they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We just need to make sure that we make that step!

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Tips how to avoid fat loss failure  
Tips how to avoid fat loss failure  

Discover your Fat Loss failure and what to do about it. Here is what you are going to learn! How to break free of emotional eating and tak...