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M o n d a y Ke y n o t e A d d r e s s 9 : 3 0 a . m .

Ver y Reverend Rober t Barron H o l i d ay H a l l

sus is to appreciate him as the Jewish messiah. This means He fulfilled four tasks: He gathered the nations, cleansed the temple, defeated the enemies of Israel and now He reigns as Lord of the nations.  Location Kirkland East

MONDAY, SESSION 1 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Good Question, Good Question See Sunday, Session 1 1 CPDU

Rick Barnhart

DMH Room

Historic Influx of Catholic Immigrants in Diocese How do we reach our immigrant neighbors? This session will identify how our church has been transformed by different flows of immigrants coming to the United States, and learning what our faith expects of us to ensure that everyone’s God-given right to human dignity is respected. 1 CPDU

Very Reverend Chris Brey,V.F.

Pastor of St. Alexius, St. Augustine, St. Fidelis and St. Luke Churches Diocesan Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry Ashland, Illinois

Kirkland West

God Loves Me! Calling Children to Faith Through Song How can we share the great news that God loves us with the children in our care? What are some creative and practical ideas for passing on the riches of our Catholic faith tradition? Incorporating song and movement this workshop will offer a variety of engaging teaching and learning strategies suitable for children at the elementary level. Catechetical themes such as Revelation, Trinity, Jesus Christ, Church, Morality, God’s Kingdom, Sacraments and Justice will be addressed during this session. Come ready to participate in songs and activities that will energize and engage your students as they journey in faith. 1 CPDU

John Burland

Educator and Composer Project Officer - Liturgy/Music for the Catholic Education Office Sydney, Australia Sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor

*HS indicates this session, although open for all, is recommended for high school teachers, catechists and administrators.

K E Y N OY T E - S E S S I O N 1

Sales Representative for RCL Benziger and Catechist of St. Clare of Assisi Church St. Louis, Missouri Sponsored by RCL Benziger


Declaring the Lordship of Jesus - The best way to understand Je-

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DAEC 2012 Program Booklet  

This is the complete program booklet for the 2012 Diocesan Adult Enrichment Conference.

DAEC 2012 Program Booklet  

This is the complete program booklet for the 2012 Diocesan Adult Enrichment Conference.