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Bridal Dreams JAMAICA JHTA

endorsed event

Welcome to Bridal Dreams the BDJ Bridal JAMAICA Showcase! Introducing the first annual Bridal Dreams Jamaica, Titled Fruits of Passion, the event will feature in store promotional events, food seminars and culminate with the BDJ Bridal Showcase and Fashion Show June 8-9, 2013.

BDJ Bridal Showcase offers wedding professionals three distinct

marketing tools to connect and stay connected to the large destination wedding market.

1 In Print- Dreamworld Bridal Magazine


Pocket Size Magazine 2.25”x5.5” ...SMALL ENOUGH TO SLIP INTO YOUR BRIDES’ PURSE! Distributed at our Bridal Show Informative, easy-to-read, thorough content organized by wedding category. Vibrant pictorials, Real Weddings. Affordable advertising rates

2. In Person- The Bridal Dreams Showcase

- Showcase your company at our premier bridal showcase. - Secure more sales when you sell, demonstrate & take immediate orders from hundreds of bridal prospects. - Make a lasting impression when you meet face-to-face with newly engaged couples annually.

3. Online –

- Your display ad automatically reprinted & posted online for easy, 24-hour access, free of charge. - Online Business Listing targeting Tech Savvy Brides. - Provider of unique & return visitors, with free links to your website & e-mail; special offers, & bridal show info.

4. Enhanced Marketing Packages

- Growth enhancing sales packages combining magazine ad, show exhibit, and online upgrades - all at discounted prices and low monthly payments.

The information that follows in this media kit describes in detail Dreamworld Bride Magazine, The Bridal Dreams Showcase and If you should have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us at (876) 408-5288. Thank you for your interest.

Dionne Waugh

Bridal Dreams Jamaica

The Bridal Dreams Showcase

(expo and fashion show)

The Bridal Dreams Showcase is the ultimate direct marketing tool, allowing you the opportunity to make your own unique impact as you meet attendees.

The Bridal Showcase advantage • Massive advertising campaign to create high bridal show attendance. • Create relationships by meeting brides face to face. • Qualified Bridal Lead List to continue your marketing efforts. • Affiliate your business with a creditable Bridal Show Producer… Bridal Dreams Jamaica • Make sales and book appointments THAT day. • Network with other wedding industry professionals

Bridal Showcase: Exhibitor Space and Packages Standard Package $35,000

Premium Package $75,000



Showcase 10x10 Booth Space 6 ft Trestle Table Padded Chairs Free Showcase Tickets $500 Meal Vouchers Electricity 110V

Website Basic Listing

Magazine Basic Listing

Increase your impact before, during and after the show with the following marketing tools:

Pre-Showcase Enhancements Flyers 4 x 6 Join us in our intensive marketing campaign! Get on our flyers as we print and handout hundreds to Nearly Weds and their families. A special 4x 6 colour AD is printed on the back of each flyer. Increase your earning potential by offering special discounts and coupons redeemed at the Bridal Expo!

Showcase Enhancements “Get in” The Bag Program Don’t miss a single bride! Have your sales literature (supplied by you) pre-stuffed in our “Bridal Gift Bag” that will be distributed to every attending bride (while supplies last) as they enter the show.

Pre- & Post Show Big Screen Advertisement Project a winning image with our exclusive Pre & Post Show Commercial Presentation. Sell your company’s services to a captive audience awaiting our high energy fashion show! Have continuous, ten-second commercial impressions running throughout the day (no audio).

Dreamworld Bridal Magazine

(available to sponsors and Premium Packages)

Dreamworld Bridal Magazine is a convenient pocket sized magazine; it fits easily into your brides’ purse and will be their ultimate planning resource. The magazine features; tips, inspiration boards, expert advice and exclusive features on local wedding professionals.

The Dreamworld Magazine advantage - Intensive distribution ensures brides will see your advertisement. - Modern layout & visual content gives your products and services more exposure. - Advertisements include free online listing for internet savvy brides. - Magazine features planner, photos, articles, & timelines brides love. - Grouped by category helping brides find your service quickly & easily. - Detailed directory listing assures the bride will use Dreamworld Bridal Magazine throughout her entire engagement. - Professional AD development at minimal additional charge. - Show brides a commitment to your business by partnering with us.

Magazine distribution: the key to success. Brides will get our Magazine through the following channels - Bridal Shows: Dreamworld Bridal Magazine will be handed directly to brides-to-be every year at our annual bridal show! - Internet Version: Dreamworld Bridal Magazine is published digitally online and can be accessed anytime, anywhere on our website.

Special Introductory AD Rates, Best Value for Print Advertising!

Art Department Advertisement(s) for publication can be created in-house for participating advertisers, for exclusive use in

Dreamworld Bride Magazine. (Complex digital manipulation of photographs may incur additional art charges.) Production materials may be sent to: Please

call or email for FTP instructions. Hi-resolution PDFs are the preferred digital file format.

Notice: It is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser to provide for publication a completed display advertisement

submitted in an acceptable digital file format prior to deadline. Should we need to create a display advertisement for Advertiser, all pertinent and relevant artwork (ad copy, logos, photographs, etc.) must be furnished within seven (7) days upon acceptance of advertising agreement. Our website is the online version of Dreamworld Bridal Magazine. It’s a lead generator, a wedding directory, and so much more! Best of all, interested brides can click to see your display advertisement, read testimonials, and review your special offers. Then, brides can visit your website and send you an email!

Listing types and Online Ads available

Available Now BASIC LISTING Company name, phone number, address • Web site link • email link PREMIER VENDOR LISTING All Basic Vendor features plus: • Spotlight ad (200 x 75) rotates on main pages of site PREMIER PLUS+ VENDOR LISTING All Premier Vendor features plus: • One Gallery (up to 12 images) • One Article • Website Feature

Enhanced Marketing Packages

The Power of THREE! Harness the power of three proven marketing tools and increase your earning potential. Our specially designed packages cover all the bases with online, in-person and in print advertising rates. Best Value guaranteed!

$3850 off

$5000 off

$5000 off

Enhanced Standard Package

Enhanced Premium Package

Enhanced Premium Package 2

$51,000 ($4250 Monthly)

$101,550 ($8460 Monthly)

$116,500 ($9700 Monthly)

Bridal Showcase

Bridal Showcase

Bridal Showcase

Standard Exhibition Package

Premium Exhibition Package

Premium Exhibition Package

“Get In” The Bag Program

“Get in” The Bag Program

“Get in” The Bag Program


Pre and Post Show Big Screen Advertisements

Pre and Post Show Big Screen Advertisements

¼ page advertisement



½ page advertisement

Full page advertisement

Online Premier Vendor Listing

Online Premier Vendor Listing

Online Premier Plus Vendor Listing

* Magazine- Package includes single issue advertising.

PARTNER WITH US! Partnership Investment Levels

Tier One Partner

Tier Two Partner

Tier Three Partner







Exclusive branded event or week activity

Special hosted event

Special hosted Event

Bridal Showcase

Bridal Showcase

Bridal Showcase

1. Premium Exhibition Space

1. Premium Exhibition Space

1. Premium Exhibition space

2. Top Tier Logo placement on Showcase printed material

2. Second Tier Logo Placement on Showcase printed material

2. Logo Placement on reverse of Showcase printed material

3. Pre and Post Show Big Screen Advertisements

3. Pre and Post Show Big Screen Advertisements

3. Pre and Post Show Big Screen Advertisements




Website logo placement and hyperlink

Online Listing and Hyperlink

Online Listing

Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign

1. Print Advertising Mention

1. Print Advertising Mention

1. Inclusion in print articles

2. Radio Advertising Mention

2. Inclusion in print advertorial

3. Inclusion in All print articles

3.Social media listing

2. Radio Advertising Mention 3. Inclusion in All print articles 4. Inclusion in print advertorial 4. Inclusion in print advertorial

5. Social media listing

5. Social media competition

*Sponsorship packages are negotiable. We can design a package that suits your investment and Marketing Objectives.

Bridal Dreams JAMAICA

Suite of Products and Services BDJ Showcase Exhibition Packages 1. 2.

Standard Package Premium Package

$35,000 $75,000

Enhanced Show Opportunities 1. 2. 3.

GET IN the bag $1000 Flyer Advertising $6000 per 5000 flyers Pre and Post Fashion Show Big screen ads $5000

BDJ Website

1. Basic Listing $6000 per year 2. Premium Vendor Listing $20,000 per year $27,000 per year 3. Premium Plus Vendor Listing $30,000 per year $37,000 per year

BDJ Magazine 1. 2. 3. 4.

DreamWorld Bridal Magazine

Vendor Directory Listing Ÿ page AD space ½ page AD space Full page AD space

$1050 $2850 $5550 $11,000

Enhanced Exhibition Packages three Marketing Tools) 1. 2. 3.

(included in showcase packages) (for magazine advertisers) (for non-magazine advertisers) (for magazine advertisers) (for non-magazine advertisers)

Enhanced Standard Enhanced Premium 1 Enhanced Premium 2

$51,000 $101,550 $116,500

(pocket size)

(included in showcase packages)

(These packages include all

Bridal Dreams JAMAICA

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