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Gateway Pro BT Firmware update A ne w f irm ware ve rsio n (v. 0 0 5 0 ) is available f o r yo ur Gat e way Pro BT wit h m ajo r e nhance m e nt in Blue t o o t h so und qualit y and a wide varie t y o f m e nu language s. Ple ase do wnlo ad t o day and f o llo w t he inst ruct io ns t o updat e yo ur de vice .

Latest news 'Light ning t o 30- pin Adapt e r' asse ssme nt re sult s De ns io n is p le as e d to anno unc e the re s ults o f o ur te s ts with the ' Lig htning to 30 p in ad ap te r' . We have mad e tho ro ug h te s ts o n... World First iPhone 5 Compat ible Car Int e grat ion Kit De ns io n is p ro ud

De ns io n is p ro ud to anno unc e the iPho ne 5 c o mp atib ility with G ate way 50 0 S BT and G ate way Pro BT. iPhone 5 Updat e With the ne w inte rfac e Ap p le has mad e the anno unc e me nt o f a ' Lig htning to 30 -p in Ad ap te r' whic h e nab le s the ac c e s s o rie s and ... T he ne w Gat e way 500S BT is he re G ate way 50 0 is the mo s t s uc c e s s ful and we ll-kno wn De ns io n p ro d uc t b y far whic h has always b e e n the flag s hip p ro d uc t in o ur... Sne ak- pe e k on t he De nsion smart phone car kit De ns io n is p le as e d to anno unc e that its c ar d o c k fo r s martp ho ne is to b e re le as e d b y the e nd o f Ap ril. No t o nly d o e s this me an a...

DENSION Gateway 500S BT and Gateway Pro BT are now allowing you to: Connect and charge your iPhone 5 wit h t he new Light ning t o USB Cable Bluet oot h handsf ree calls, A2DP music st reaming iPod int egrat ion, music t hrough car speakers - wit h USB connect ion

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Cont rol your iPhone f rom your Head Unit or st eering wheel cont rols

Dension Partner Sof t ware updat e is required f or exist ing Gat eway Pro BT and 500S BT users

C lick he re t o f ill in o ur p art ne r re q ue st f o rm

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

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Dension - iPod adapter f or car, hands f ree car kits, Bluetooth hands f ree kits to equip yourself with a saf e and easy handling! Densio n Audio Systems is a wo rld leading manufacturer o f in-car entertainment systems, pro ducing high quality pro ducts and so lutio ns fo r yo ur car as well as fo r public transpo rt vehicles.

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Densio n entertainment so lutio ns enable yo u to co nnect digital data so urces like iPho ne , iPo d, USB, o r any Blue t o o t h capable pho ne to yo ur existing car audio syst e m witho ut making any changes to the car interio r. Densio n also o ffers a wide range o f service pro ducts to ensure yo ur safe and unclo uded in-car e nt e rt ainm e nt . So if yo u want to : Make hands free calls via Blueto o th Use yo ur iPo d o r iPho ne in the car Play music o r mo vies fro m USB o r any blueto o th capable Pho ne Listen to yo ur favo urite internet radio statio ns o n bo ard Co ntro l yo ur RC vehicle via iPho ne using WiFi De nsio n is yo ur so lut io n!

Product overview Car Multimedia Adapter (iPod/iPhone; USB; AuxIn) Bluetooth adapter Dension Webradio Video solutions Accessories Public Transport Solutions iPhone car kit

In Car Entertainment ice>Link Lite ice>Link One (FM) Gateway Lite 3 Gateway Lite BT Gateway 100 Gateway 300 Gateway 500 Gateway Five iPhone car dock Dension Webradio Webradio FM

iPod car adapter iPod car adapter via aux iPod car adapter via FM transmitter iPod car stereo control iPod ID3 display iPod via Bluetooth iPod dock cable kit

iPhone in car iPhone car adapter iPhone charger 12V- 5V converter iPhone car kit iPhone car accessories

Bluetooth car kits

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Bluteooth for car Bluteooth accessory Bluetooth adapter Gateway 500 with Bluetooth accessory Gateway Five Gateway Blue iPhone car kit Bluetooth iPhone holder for Gateway

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Co p yrig ht Š 20 10 De ns io n Aud io Sys te ms 1116 - Budape st , Sz t re gova u. 1.

Hands Free Car Kits | iPod Adapter for Car | Bluetooth Hands Free Kits  

Dension: A trusted name for handy accessories such as Bluetooth hands free kits, hands free car kits, iPod adapter for car, iPod car, Blueto...

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