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Sermon Discussion Guide T.O.R.N. Part 3--Restoration Open Your Group Time With Prayer This Is Only a Guide—Select the Points You Want to Discuss •

Take a minute to review the points from the sermon outline. What sticks with you and why?

1. Share a time in your life when you have feel seriously TORN 2. Do you believe you have been made in God’s image? Why or why not? 3. What keeps you from living out that image of love, peace, and joy? 4. Have you experienced a time when you where seriously torn down only to be restored? If so share it or write it down 5. Why is humility such an important first step in letting God restore us? GOING DEEPER 1. Read I Peter 5:6-10 Discuss what jumps out at you in this text. For instance what do you think about the commentary on the devil? 2. Read through Psalm 51:1-12 What verses do you find meaning in and why. Go back and focus on verses 10-12. What do you think David means when he is asking God to create a steadfast spirit within him? Focus on verses