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Introduction R.S. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo is a national hospital, which always giving reachable and have a certain quality service. In addition to being the RSCM government hospital also serves as a educational hospital, one of which is the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. The hospital name is taken from the name of Dr. Tjipto Mangoenkoesoemo , a prominent Indonesian colonial struggle. RSCM thousands of doctors and medical personnel together serve thousands of patients each day throughout Indonesia who visited this hospital. RSCM is the central government’s national referral hospital is a place of education and general practitioners, specialist doctors I and subspecialty, nurses and other health professionals.


Mission - Offering perfect health service and have a certain quality, reachable service as well, for all society. - Become an education and health staff research place - A research place and developing in accordance increase society health degree, through i independent management.


Logo The Logo has three main elements which are the hands, the cross, and the circle around it. Two main colours which are blue and white used as blue represents harmony and faithfulnes which RSCM provides on their service while white represent strong connotation of cleanliness/sterility and purity. The open hands gesture shows how RSCM is always ready to help anyone in need. RSCM welcomes anyone who are in need of medical help. The gesture is made to give an easy understanding to people how RSCM will humbly help anyone in need of medical attention. Last but not least is the cross which has been a global symbol for world wide medical service and has been used by almost all medical institution in the world.



About The Logo

“RSCM” Symbol The RSCM logo is comprised of two elements. The two elements are “RSCM” symbol and “RSCM” logotype.

“RSCM” Logotype



Preferred Logo

The Blue-Gradient colour versions of the “RSCM” logo must only be used on a white background. Whenever possible this version should be used above all others.

The Monochromatic-Gradient colour version of the “RSCM” logo is to be used for all black and white applications.


Sub-Brands The 15 Sub-Brands are made to provide the patients an ease to them towards recognizition to each 15 different medical departments or sectors of the hospital.

Gigi dan Mulut The teeth logo has shown the literal illustration for moutn and dental specialist. As most of the time the teeth already shown it as a symbol for dental health which includes mouth.

THT Having the ear nose and throat marked by a round circle as the main focus of this medical sector.

Psikiatri An electricardiogram illustration inside the man’s brain illustration shows how psychiatry in charge on doing medical action towards the psychology which focus with mindset.

Akupuntur The Accupunture logo shows a group of needles as it is the most necessary apparatus to be used at accupunture.

Saraf Neuron as in one of the main object in nerves is being used to illustrate this logo.

Laboratorium The logo uses an illustration of a microscope which is one of the main apparatus used in a laboratory.

Gizi The illustration of the heart in the logo shows how RSCM cares about health and nutrition as the dining utencils shows that nutrition came from food that we eat.

Anak The counting toy is used as a symbolizm for the children polyclinic as this toy is one of the toy that is often used by kids.

Kebidanan The illustration of a pregnant woman has illustrate well enough for people to understand of the medical department that is being symbolized.

Geriatri The illustration of a person using a cane to walk illustrates the department used for treating senior citizens.

Bedah The illustration of a person using head torch, surgery lamp and a table is used to symbolize the surgery department to make it obvious to the patient to ease them to recognize the deparment.

UGD An illustration of electricardiogram is used as symbolazition for the ICU as it is one of the main thing we see at an ICU.

Kulit dan Kelamin The skin layer is illustrated as a sign to the skin and genitalia department of the hospital. The genital is not illustrated as it is considered innappropriate and offensive.

Penyakit Dalam The illustration of internal organs are illustrated as an action to make patient now easily that the internal orgam department is being shown.

Urologi The illustration of the kidney literally already shows patient what department that the logo represents.

Clear Space and Minimum Size X


To guarantee the Preferred Logo’s legibility and reliability, a minimum distance from any other graphics, or “clear spaceâ€? must be valued. The Logo must also never be scaled VRVPDOOWKDWOHJLELOLW\LVVDFULĂ€FHGQRU should individual elements within the Logo be independently scaled or repositioned. This version of the Preferred Logo is to be used for all kinds of applications.




17 mm


Logo Restriction These guidelines indicate how the Logo should not be used. Never rearrange, distort, or alter the color of any of the elements.

Do not remove any parts of the emblem,

Do not scale down the logotype.

neither the symbol nor logotype.

Do not alter or scale any element within the logo.

Do not scale down the symbol and the

Do not use black color and any color except


white for the background


Do not inverse the symbol and the logotype.


Typfaces Typography is a basic element of the overall identity system. Consistent use of typefaces is important to create a recognizable look on all collateral.

Helvetica - Bold

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#

小塚ゴシック Pro

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#

Helvetica - Oblique

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#


Colour Palette The color palette applies to the preferred version of the Logo and to all authorized variable versions. Those colors have been specially selected by the client himself, which are, Magenta, Dark Brown, and Grey.

C: M: Y: K:

70.23 27.54 0 0

R: G: B:

189 13 96



C: M: Y: K:

100 35 21.72 6.23

R: G: B:

0 117 161



C: M: Y: K:

100 51 21 31

R: G: B:

0 80 120



C: M: Y: K:

0 0 0 0

R: G: B:

254 247 255

Recomended Positioning The Logo has to be used as to guarantee the PD[LPXPYLVXDOLPSDFW)RUSURĂ€OHRUWH[WWKH recommended positions are top left and bottom right. As for poster and the other layout design, recommended positions are bottom right and top left.


Product Application The purpose of this is to see how well the logo can be applied to properties that is used in RSCM as the logo is necessary to work as a sign to show the identity of RSCM.

Copyright Š 2014 by Dionisius Andrew Ardimanta All rights reserved. This Graphic Standard Manual or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the designer except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in Jakarta, Indonesia

Rumah Sakit Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo

Jl. Diponegoro No. 71 Jakarta Pusat Telp : 021-330808 Fax : 012-3148991

Graphic Standard Manual - Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo  

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