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Message from the OC Dear Portuguese and IFMSA friends, It is with great pleasure that the Organizing Committee invites you to participate in Training4All 2016 Edition, between the 5th and the 9th of September, in Évora (Portugal). Training4All provides you with an incomparable experience, since it brings together

five different training fields plus a fascinating and refreshing environment that has been largely appreciated by those who have already taken the experience. In this Edition, we intend to create Local and National Officers on General Training Skills, Medical Education, Human Rights and Peace, Global Health and Public Health Leadership. Portugal is a country well known for its warm welcoming and unique landscapes. Along the city’s special atmosphere that is surely in accordance with Training4All’s framework, these are the reasons why we chose Évora to host the 2016 Edition. Évora is a city located in Alentejo – a large region of wide plains in the south of Portugal – and has a history dating back more than two thousand years, reason why it is still partially enclosed by medieval walls and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Challenge yourself and take the journey – we assure you that you will not regret this choice. Come and see what Training4All has reserved for its participants! We are waiting for you. Warm Portuguese regards,

Francisco Martinho Teixeira

Head of the Organizing Committee


The Trainings Plan As we want you to have a solid learning experience, we have consulted your trainers and IFMSA’s Standing Committee Directors in order to carefully plan this Edition’s following agenda:

Will there not be breaks during my training sessions? Worry not. According to

the track you choose, your trainers will be responsible for including and adapting your breaks to your training agenda. What can I do during the free afternoon? Your Organizing Committee will make

sure to provide you with outdoor cultural and social activities across the city of Évora.


The Training Tracks Each training track will have its own venue, sessions and particularities. Nevertheless, The General Trainings (day 5) that you may see in the General Agenda will consist of soft skills trainings delivered by the TNT trainees. This way, we can provide all the










simultaneously certifying the new trainers.

Training new trainers (TNT) Being one of the most emblematic trainings within the IFMSA sphere, Training New Trainers intends to achieve the participants’ realization of their true potential and individuality as human beings, trainers and ultimately as physicians. General trainings, such as communication skills, facilitation skills and leadership, will dig deep into your minds and souls, bringing up your fullest and brightest potential!

Training new Medical Education Trainers (TMET) The meaning of Medical Education has been continuously adjusted over the past few decades due to the constant shifting of medical students’ needs and priorities. However, we currently face several differences between countries and regions within the fields of educational paradigms and medical curricula. Taking advantage of this, this training’s main objective is to provide you with a worldwide view on Medical Education and the way we as medical students can become involved in its dynamics, as well as empowering you to take an active role in advocating for its improvement.


The Trainings Plan Global Health “Think globally, act locally” – this has been and still is one of the main principles of the IFMSA, which represents more than a million medical students worldwide. A huge set of forces and universal determinants have been drastically shaping Health and the way we perceive it on a regional level, thus limiting local action and its outcomes. This training will allow you to clearly identify them and not only acquire relevant knowledge about Global Health issues, such as the economical and climate change impact on this field, but also useful advocacy tools in respect to these matters. Having this in mind, we aim at empowering local call for action regarding Global problems that have a tremendous impact in Health, as well as making you more acquainted with the work that the IFMSA has been developing lately.

Training new Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT) In a time when Global Peace is put into danger everyday, we as PorMSIC believe that today’s youth is part of the key to overcome this great obstacle. We strive for a humane, tolerant and altruistic world with no space left for violation of Human Rights or intolerance towards religion, culture, race and minorities. This workshop intends to give you a glimpse on where we as medical students fit within the framework of action regarding Human Rights and Peace, as well as to capacitate you to implement local action and advocate for these issues. Furthermore, it is expected that the participants acquire a set of skills that will allow you to educate your peers – as Nelson Mandela would say, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the



The Trainings Plan Public Health Leadership Nowadays, Public Health addresses a wide range of subjects in which we as medical students work on a daily basis, either by raising awareness through campaigns, policy making or educating local communities and our peers. With the global burden of disease shifting from infectious diseases to chronic matters such as obesity epidemics, noncommunicable diseases, substance abuse and mental health, prevention has become the key to tackle the problems of the tomorrow. Therefore, this training’s main goal is to provide you with a wide range of competences needed to boost Public Health in your home country. From conducting a basic research and scientifically supporting your local action to acquiring leadership skills, this workshop will give you insight on every required aspect to monitor the impact of your activities and make them reach their purpose.


The City of Évora Évora is a wonderful city located in Alentejo, a sunny and quiet region in the south

of Portugal that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. This city is one of the most historical ones in Portugal and its origins date back to the Roman Empire, more than 2000 years ago. Amongst many other touristic attractions, you will be able to visit the Roman Temple – dating from the 1st century BC and built in honor of Emperor Augustus, considered one of the most emblematic monuments of the country – and other sites of interest such as the Cathedral, Dom Manuel’s Palace, São Francisco Church and the Chapel of Bones. Besides being a touristic attraction, Évora is also a students’ city, which gives it a young and dynamic environment. In fact, The University of Évora is the second oldest in the whole country. In Évora and throughout all Alentejo, you will find very friendly and welcoming people as well as a fantastic Mediterranean climate. And as if all of this was not enough, it is just an hour and a half away from Lisbon and the beautiful beaches of Vicentina Coast!


Cultural and Social Program

The Organizing Committee will provide the participants very special nights and some activities during the day, in a fantastic cultural and social program! During the free afternoon (on September 7th), you will be offered a walking tour in Évora, so you can discover the city and its monuments and amazing sunny esplanades. Late afternoons will always be time to relax, make new friends and enjoy some activities dynamized by the Organizing Committee, either around the city or up on the Pousada’s rooftop. Every night the Organizing Committee will organize a social program, including the amazing National Food and Drinks Party (NFDP), for which we expect you to bring the best delicacies of your country. You will also have the opportunity to experience Évora’s nightlife, as well as a marvelous sightseeing by night. Believe us, Training4All will be some of the best days of your life!


The Facilities Your accommodation will be provided in the Pousada de Juventude de Évora (Youth Boarding House), a recently-remodeled old house located in the city center that is partially enclosed by medieval walls. The Boarding House is a five-minute walk away from every important location. This means you can easily access the venue, cafés, markets and all the major touristic attractions.

Pousada de Juventude de Évora Rua Miguel Bombarda, 40, Évora 7000-919, Portugal


Your Registration Process The registration process does not require any certification from your NMO, so you simply have to fill in the registration form here or in the following link. Registration will happen in two different moments:

Early Registration (130₏): 16th May – 24th June Late Registration (150₏): starting on the 1st of July (Covering transportation, meals, social program and accommodation)

Early registration will open on 16th May and will close on 24th June. During the registration, you will be able to choose the trainings you want the most. After the registration is closed, the trainers of your chosen track will evaluate your application and decide if you fill the criteria to participate in the training. After this, if you are accepted, you will be sent the final confirmation. After you receive the confirmation (and please bear in mind that we will be strict regarding this), you will have seven days to proceed to the payment by bank transfer and to send the bank statement to the Organizing Committee (further information will be provided). Failure to do so will imply the

cancellation of your registration. If this happens but you still want to attend Training4All, you will need to register again and your previous registration process will reset, as long as it is done while registration dates are still open. Late registration will open on 1st July and will close after notification on the Training4All website and IFMSA Yahoo servers. During this phase, a confirmation e-mail

will be sent to you soon after your registration. After you receive the confirmation you will have seven days to proceed to the payment, on the same terms defined for the early

registration fee.


The Transportation The Organizing Committee will assure your transportation on the arrival day from the Lisbon International Airport in Lisbon to Évora (hours to be specified) and on the departure day from Évora to the Lisbon International Airport (hours to be specified). After the registration is closed, participants will be notified by e-mail with more specifications concerning transportation. Plus, all the transportation during the event will be covered by the Organizing Committee. We highly recommend participants to arrive at Lisbon International Airport. If this is not the most viable option for you, you can also arrive at Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Porto. Should you choose this, you will have to catch a train at Campanhã Train Station (CP Comboios de Portugal website) in Porto and reach Gare do Oriente Station in Lisbon. The Organizing Committee will try to pick you up there, but if this is not possible you will have to go by subway to the airport to get the free transportation to Évora. Nevertheless, if you have any issues regarding this topic, feel free to contact the Organizing Committee and we will clarify your doubts.



Portugal is part of the Schengen countries, which means that the following countries do not need Visas: Albania; Andorra; Antigua & Barbuda; Argentina; Australia; Austria; Bahamas, Barbados; Belgium; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Brazil; Brunei; Bulgaria; Canada; Chile; Costa Rica; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Guatemala; Holy See (Vatican City); Honduras; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Latvia; Lichtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malaysia; Malta; Mauritius; Mexico; Monaco; Montenegro; New Zealand; Nicaragua; Norway; Panama; Paraguay; Poland; Romania; Saint Kitts & Nevis; San Marino; Serbia; Seychelles; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Korea; Spain; Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China in Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan territorial Authority; Sweden; Switzerland; The Netherlands; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uruguay; Venezuela. Citizens from countries not mentioned above need a Visa to enter Portugal, which may be requested at the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate of their country for stays of up to 90 days. In case you have any doubts or problems, please approach the Organizing Committee.


Other Important Infos Clothing & Weather During September you will find Summer weather in Portugal, with sun and temperatures ranging from 25ºC to 35ºC. We advise participants to pack comfortable, fresh and light clothes for each day of Training4All. For night time, we recommend you to bring one or two warmer sweaters as to make sure you do not get cold.

Damage & Responsibilities Any damage made by the participants at the venue or happening during the event will be of their full responsibility, with no involvement of ANEM/PorMSIC.

Health System To have access to the Portuguese Health System, participants shall present their European Health Card. Each Participant shall ensure its possession prior to their arrival. If you are not from Europe, please contact the Organizing Committee or your National Health Administration in order to clarify your specific situation.

Emergency contacts Portuguese National Emergency Number is 112 Portugal’s calling code is +351

Pousada de Juventude de Évora (Youth Boarding House): +351 266 706 050 Local Police Station Number: +351 266 760 450 Local Hospital (Hospital Espírito Santo E.P.E.) Number: +351 266 740 126 Local Taxis Number: +351 266 734 734


The Organizing Committee Head of the OC

Francisco M. Teixeira

General Coordination

André Fernandes

Maria João Brito

Victória de Matos

Logistics Coordination

Carolina X. de Sousa

Image Coordination

Gonçalo Castro

Budget & Fundraising

Paulo Pinheiro

Sara Moura


The Organizing Committee

Registration & Transport Coordination

David Berhanu

Diogo de Sousa

Cultural & Social Program Coordination Ana Dagge

Teresa Valido

Training Support persons

Larissa Lanzaro

Carlos Mendonça

Tatiana M. Marques


Vítor Macedo

José Chen

Got any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

We are waiting for you.



Training4All 2016 - Invitation Package  
Training4All 2016 - Invitation Package  

Dear Portuguese and IFMSA friends, It is with great pleasure that the Organizing Committee invites you to participate in Training4All 2016...