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Chancel Repair Liability Training 2013 Parish Information Pack

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Programme for the day


Glossary of terms


Powerpoint presentation: Greg Yerbury


Chancel Repair Liability PCC action sheet: Greg Yerbury


Researching Chancel Repair Liability: Greg Yerbury


Frequently asked questions: Church Commissioners


Land Commission Report from House of Commons 1887


Lincolnshire Enclosure Awards likely to have land with Chancel Repair Liability


Lincolnshire parishes with probably liability as a result of Enclosure Acts 1757 – 1771


Lincolnshire Enclosure Maps


Chancel Repair Liability Training Day Friday 15 February 2013 Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground

Programme From 9.30am

Arrival and registration


Presentation: Greg Yerbury


Coffee break


Presentation: Greg Yerbury


Break to collect lunch


The Bishop of Lincoln




Mike Rogers: how to do the research


Caroline Mockford: the registration process and the legal liabilities of trustees


David Millichap: the PCC experience



3pm End

Speakers The Reverend Greg Yerbury is Team Rector of Penkridge in the Diocese of Lichfield, and is a nationally recognized expert, advising parishes on how to research and register their chancel repair liabilities. Ms Caroline Mockford is the Diocesan Registrar Dr Mike Rogers is Collections Access Team Leader (Archives and Remote Access) at Lincolnshire Archives Mr David Millichap is Churchwarden of Lenton, St Peter, where the PCC has been through the process of research and registering or commuting liability Mr Keith Halliday is the Diocesan Church Buildings Advisor and DAC Secretary 3

Glossary of Terms Term



Prebend, Dean, Bishop, Chapter etc who collected the greater tithe and obligated to repair the chancel


The part of the church where the incumbent carries out his work

Clerical Rector

Incumbent who had at least some of the Greater Tithes may share it with Lay Rector

Commutation of Tithe

1836 Act that converted tithes into Tithe Rent Charge (monetary payment)

Commutation of Tithe Rentcharges

1936 Act abolishing Tithe Rentcharges removing chancel liability from some land apportioning it other places

Corn Rents

Tithe converted in monetary payment before 1836 by local act of parliament (enclosure award)

Ecclesiastical Commissioners

Between 1840-1890 took over most appropriators liability for chancel

Enclosure Act

Private Act of Parliament that re-organised local land ownership sometimes created land in lieu of Tithe or Corn Rents

Greater Tithe

The most valuable tithe, medieval owner obliged to repair Chancel

Impropriate Tithe

The same as the Greater Tithe


The person who owned the Greater Tithe or Rectory land obliged to repair the Chancel

Land in Lieu of Tithe

Tithe converted to land If given to an appropriator or impropriator for Greater Tithe this land bears the liability for the chancel

Lay Rector

Same as Impropriator

Lesser Tithe

Tithe for the Vicar no liability for the chancel attached to this can be owned by a lay person

Merger of land and Tithe

Legal event that happened in some places in 1830 and 40's transferred liability for Chancel from tithe owner to land owner


Informal conversion of tithe to money in medieval times

Perpetual Curate

Incumbent normally without any or very little Tithe

Record of Ascertainments

Document showing Rent Charge liability outstanding in a parish. Ignores all other liability & in many cases there is other liability

Rectory Glebe

Land owned by a Rector that probably carries liability for the repair of Chancel if has not been part of the benefice since 1532.

Rectory Tithe

The same as the Greater Tithe


Between 1836 and 1936 Rent tithe charge owners could redeem payment of tithe rentcharge (may have ended CRL)

Tithes of wool, lambs and wheat Same as greater tithes Vicar

Incumbent who owned at least some of the lesser tithe may own Greater Tithes as well

Vicarage Glebe

Majority of glebe lands and no liability for repair of chancel

Vicarial Tithe

The same as the Lesser Tithe




















Chancel Repair Liability PCC action sheet (updated on the 1


Feb 2013)

PCC responsibilities Each PCC should: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Understand the principles and ascertain their personal obligations as charity trustees Find the parish in ‘The Clerical Guide and Ecclesiastical Directory’ by Gilbert (available on line in Google books) Look up the parish in the series of books called “ Victorian County History” (some of this on the internet) Obtain or view all the parish tithe files from the National Archives or local archives if present. If the parish has several tithe districts there will a number of these files. The key files are:  Record of Ascertainments of 1936 found in IR 104 (Diocese may have a copy)  Tithe Apportionment file found under IR 29, which records mergers etc (or held in local archive)  Tithe file found under IR 18, which indicates whether there was any merger of land by deed. Some churches, such as Market Drayton, have dedicated sections.  Locate any deeds of merging of land and tithes (Tith 3) locate Rectorial glebe

5) Discover whether the parish underwent Enclosure files could be in national archives or locally held look on St Michael’s links page for help. 6) Look up the parish in Tate's book ‘Domesday of English Enclosure Acts and Awards ’if this fails. 7) If relevant, obtain or view a copy of the award to find out whether land was allocated in lieu of tithes or corn rents. 8) Locate the Enclosure maps and/or Tithe Maps for the parish, since a surveyor will need these to find any plots. 9) If the parish has any lay rectors such as Bishops or Cathedral staff and / or universities, contact either them or the church commissioners to ascertain whether they are aware of their liability. 10) Once all the research has been completed, the next stage is probably to engage a surveyor to determine the cost of locating the land.

Possible Outcomes Outcome 1. There is a small amount of land with a high proportion of apportioned liability or the land has non-apportioned liability and the plots are easily identifiable. Contact a surveyor to locate the land and engage a solicitor to gather the information to provide to the Land Registry, so that the liability can be recorded on the Land Registry. If the land had fallen into the hands of the church Commissioners (appropriators) they may accept liability but the PCC will have to prove this. Outcome 2. The amount of land is large in proportion to the liability Prepare a cost benefit analysis to provide evidence to the charity commissioners that the costs of imposing the liability exceed the benefits. To do this you will need to obtain:  

a surveyor’s estimate of the cost to find each plot of land an estimate of the legal costs of registering the liability on the land and dealing with contested claims

The PCC should then consider:  how much money the PCC has at present to cover the fees  how often claims would be made on the lay rectors and what the return would be  whether people will give less money to the church if they are upset about the liability, and if so, whether this can be proven


At this stage, the PCC could send a letter to the Charity Commissioners under s 110 of the Charities Act 2011, explaining the issues. If the Charity Commissioners do not agree with the proposals, it is possible to reapply, providing further information. There is no need to write to the charity commissioners in every circumstance or outcome 3 but I would recommend in many cases to protect individual PCC members. Outcome 3. The land is occupied by houses and to impose liability would hinder the charitable objectives of the church (Reputational damage to the charity). The Charity Commissioners have accepted this view and evidence would be needed to support this, and I think a cost benefit analysis would be helpful. A public meeting and letters from people affected to provide evidence could aid a PCC’s case. Work with your local community including MP and councillors. The Charity Commissioners are looking for a reasonable argument as to why the PCC have chosen this way forward Outcome 4. Notify the liability on limited number of plots of the land because doing it widely is too costly This could be a reasonable response if the plots are non-apportioned. It may, in fact, be the only option since some pieces will be untraceable or too expensive to trace. Outcome 5. The land is impossible to locate and or the legal issues are opaque This would be a possible argument when there are corn rents, where the merger documents are hard to understand or where the tithe or enclosure maps are poor. Some evidence from a surveyor and/or solicitor may be needed to support this option. Outcome 6. Do nothing This may apply where a non-land owning lay Rector has a large liability, where the liability has gone or where there never has been a lay Rector. It will be necessary to get authenticated copies of the relevant documents for the Land Registry. The cost of copying a whole file from IR 29 from the Archives will be at least £100 from IR 18 at least £20. Copying Enclosure awards from National archives could cost in excess of £500.Normally only a few pages should be authenticated Recording The PCC should record the reasons behind their decision whatever it is and keep the supporting paperwork with the minutes. What they decide should be what is best for the charity if in doubt write to the Charity Commissioners. There will be instances where there is no need to write (i.e. 10% liability over 300 allotments) Research Tip Search terms to use on Google and local archives are impropriate tithes, impropriator, great tithes, lay rector, Rectorial tithes, Glebe, merger of tithes, extinguishment of tithes, deed, commutation of tithes. Enter the current name of the parish but check also older names of the parish or alternative spellings. Sources: James Derriman ‘chancel repair liability how to research it’ Websites for Truro Diocese, Rochester diocesan, Durham Newcastle, Lichfield diocese National Archives website A place to start your research is Written by Rev Greg Yerbury Rector of Penkridge


Researching Chancel Repair Liability on Tithe Awards (Apportionments) and Maps Every Tithe Map and Tithe Award is unique and prepared in a particular style and each parish may consist of a number of townships each with their own Tithe map and Apportionment There are, however, key issues to investigate when trying to identify Chancel Repair Liability (CRL). Tithe Apportionment 1. Check to see who got the Rectory tithes (also known as the Greater or Impropriator tithes). If they were collected only by the incumbent at the time, i.e the Vicar, Rector or curate, then there will be no CRL for that tithe. If the tithes were collected by anyone else, such as the appropriator, a lay person or clergy person other than the incumbent, or a charity, CRL may continue to exist. 2. The introduction to Tithe award will note whether there has been a reduction in the titheable area as a result of an Enclosure Award made before the Tithe Apportionment. If this is the case, it is essential to read the relevant Enclosure Award. 3. A ‘merger’ of land and tithes is usually identified in the introduction to the Tithe Apportionment, and there may be a schedule(s) of properties later in the Apportionment. It is also possible that a merger will be noted only in the main body of the Apportionment. a) If the Tithe Apportionment notes a merger, but there is no accompanying schedule of properties, you should try to obtain a copy from the National Archive (Tith 3 section). b) After the various schedule of properties in the main body of the award the properties which are merged may be identified with a plot number or not or left blank or a name simply put on the map. c) If there is a merger of land and tithes, this land has non-apportioned liability under section 1 of the 1839 Tithe Act. A PCC need only register one plot of this land to protect their asset. d) It may be difficult to identify this merged land although there may be a separate map for ‘merged’ land, stored in another archive. If it is not possible to find the merged land then CRL cannot be proved 4. The Record of Ascertainments shows the liability for each plot of land in 1936 based on the rent tithe charge. The rent charge for a field may differ between the Tithe Maps from the 1840s and the Record of Ascertainments in the 1940s, indicating that the proportion of CRL may have changed. You could research this further at the National Archives You should work out what percentage of liability each field has. Bear in mind this liability is not in the related to any other liabilities and so zero record of Ascertainment’s from 1936 does not mean there is no other liability. 5. If there is a substantial difference between the Record of Ascertainments and the Tithe Apportionment the next stage is identify why. Some possible reasons are listed below: a) There may well have been an Enclosure Award after the Tithe Map, in which case this will need to be obtained. b) The tithe charge on the land could have been redeemed (between 1836 and 1936), suggesting that any CRL has been extinguished. c) There has been a special Apportionment (obtain a copy from the National Archives). d) There may be something unusual for your parish and you may need to visit the National Archives after searching through their online records. When researching the location of particular plots the District map of your particular parish may well be helpful found under IR90 at the national archive Rev Greg Yerbury (Team Rector of Penkridge)


Reading Enclosure Awards and Maps for Chancel Repair Liability Enclosure Awards were intended to make better use of land considered to be waste or common land and, possibly, to end the collection of tithes. Land with common grazing rights was apportioned between local landowners and others using a variety of criteria. As a result of the Enclosure Awards, the wealthy, including the owner of the tithes, gained significantly at the expense of the poor. Every Enclosure (Inclosure) Award and Map is a unique hand written document. It may be very long, requiring a lot of time to understand its implications. If the enclosure was authorised by a Parliamentary Enclosure Act, it would be useful to read the Parliamentary Enclosure Act also. For research into chancel repair liability the first point is to work out how many parishes are involved in each Enclosure Award and to be aware that land may transfer parishes. It is generally the allotment post the Enclosure Award, which determines the CRL for a particular parish. An example of the standard order of allotments in Enclosure Awards: 1. A preamble, which may refer to an allotment given in lieu of tithes or sometimes in lieu of tithes & manorial rights. It is this land which would carry the CRL and should be investigated. 2. Setting up, creating and closing roads and foot paths, and laying boundaries 3. An allotment for gravel for maintenance 4. Allotment(s) for manorial rights (may include tithes, and therefore CRL) 5. Allotment(s) for impropriate (greater) tithes carrying the CRL 6. Allotment for lesser tithes for the Vicar, curate or Rector (no liability) 7. Allotments to be sold for expenses 8. Allotment for cottage lands 9. Allotment for warren rights 10. Allotment for common rights 11. Allotments to local landowners who own nearby land 12. At the end there may well be some exchanges of land and if the land for tithes is exchanged it will be the new allotment that carries the liability Having read the Enclosure Award,   

Determine the parish in which the land allotted for tithes is included at the time of the Enclosure Award. It will be necessary to check your church’s files at the National Archives since sometimes corn rents were converted into tithe rent charges. If there are Corn Rents in lieu of tithes, which are still being collected, the CRL is held by those receiving the Corn Rents. If the allotments or Corn Rents were held by an Appropriator, contact the Church Commissioners since they may have a record of this land. An Appropriator is a church organisation or body (i.e. Bishop, Dean, Cathedral chapter, Prebend)

Post script 1) To prove liability for the Land registry the relevant documents should be authenticated this would typically be the map or part of and the parts of the Enclosure or Tithe awards that show he piece of land you are interested in. 2) If the parish had a particular private Act of parliament then a copy should be obtained from parliamentary archives Rev Greg Yerbury (Team Rector of Penkridge)


Chancel Repair  Liability     What  is  chancel  repair  liability?     Chancel   repair   liability   (CRL)   is   a   long-­‐standing   and   legally   enforceable   liability   to   repair   –   or   to   contribute   to   the   cost   of   repair   of   –   the   chancel   (usually   the   easternmost  part)  of  a  parish  church.       Some  chancel  repair  liability  is  attached  to  the  ownership  of  particular  pieces  of  land.   That   is   because   the   land   in   question   originally   formed   part   of   a   rectory   (an   endowment  including  land  to  support  the  priest  who  serves  a  parish)  or  because  it   otherwise   represents   property   that   originally   formed   part   of   a   rectory.   During   the   middle   ages   monasteries   acquired   a   large   number   of   rectories.   Following   the   dissolution  of  the  monasteries  under  Henry  VIII,  a  large  amount  of  property  that  had   belonged   to   rectories   came   into   lay   ownership.   The   relevant   Acts   of   Parliament   made  it  clear  that  the  new,  lay  owners  of  the  land  held  the  land  on  the  same  terms   as  the  former  monastic  owners.     That  included  the  obligation  to  repair  the  chancel  of  the  parish  church.       When  a  person  acquires  land  to  which  CRL  is  attached,  that  person  becomes  liable  to   repair  –  or  to  contribute  to  the  cost  of  repair  of  –  the  chancel  of  the  parish  church.   CRL   was   formerly   enforceable   only   in   the   church   courts   but   in   1932   Parliament   passed  legislation  –  the  Chancel  Repairs  Act  1932  –  which  provided  that  in  future  CRL   was   to   be   enforceable   in   the   county   court   instead.   The   Chancel   Repairs   Act   1932   provides   that   the   responsible   authority   for   enforcing   CRL   is   the   parochial   church   council  of  the  parish  concerned.         Is   it   not   unfair   that   home   buyers   can   find   themselves   subject   to   chancel   repair   liability  even  if  they  were  not  aware  of  it  when  they  purchased  their  property?       While   in   theory   this   might   have   been   a   problem,   we   are   not   aware   of   any   recent   case  where  someone  has  bought  property  without  knowing  it  was  subject  to  chancel   repair  liability  and  has  subsequently  faced  a  demand  for  payment.       In   any   event,   the   issue   has   now   been   addressed   by   government   legislation.   In   future   CRL  will  need  to  be  registered  against  the  title  of  the  affected  land  if  it  is  to  bind  a   purchaser  of  the  land.  With  effect  from  14th  October  2013  purchasers,  by  inspecting   the   registered   title   of   a   property,   will   be   able   to   discover   definitively   whether   it   is   affected  by  chancel  repair  liability.        


Are PCCs  obliged  to  register  and  enforce  the  repairing  obligation?       A   PCC   is   a   charity   so   its   members   are   subject   to   the   usual   duty   of   charity   trustees   to   exercise  their  powers  in  its  best  interests.  They  cannot  therefore  simply  choose  not   to   register   or   enforce   chancel   repair   liability.   However,   as   Lord   Scott   noted   in   the   Aston  Cantlow  case  [paragraph  137],  there  may  be  circumstances  in  which  a  PCC  can   properly  decide  not  to  do  so.  A  PCC  could,  for  instance,  in  an  appropriate  case  take   into   account   the   possibility   of   excessive   hardship   that   might   be   caused   to   those   liable  if  the  obligation  were  enforced,  or  the  damage  that  enforcing  it  could  do  to  the   mission  of  the  Church  in  the  parish.  But  the  decision  is  one  for  the  individual  PCC.       Advice   from   the   General   Synod’s   Legal   Advisory   Commission   is   available   here:             Advice  from  the  Charity  Commission  is  available  here:         Is  the  Church  nationally  co-­‐ordinating  the  registering  of  chancel  repair  liability?       No.  It  is  a  matter  for  individual  PCCs,  with  the  benefit  of  advice  from  their  diocesan   registrar.         Is  the  Church  nationally  co-­‐ordinating  the  chasing  of  chancel  repair  payments?       No.  It  is  again  a  matter  for  individual  PCCs.         Are   grant-­‐making   bodies   such   as   English   Heritage   insisting   that   parishes   pursue   chancel  repair  liability  before  they  will  make  grants  to  those  parishes?       The  policy  of  English  Heritage  has  been  that  it  will  not  provide  grant  aid  to  a  PCC  in   respect   of   repairs   to   the   chancel   of   a   church   where   there   is   a   lay   rector   who   is   responsible  for  its  repair.  However,  responsibility  for  grants  for  places  of  worship  is   to  be  taken  over  by  the  Heritage  Lottery  Fund  (HLF)  with  effect  from  1st  April  2013.       HLF  have  said  the  following:     “One   of   these   key   alterations   to   the   grants   repair   scheme   to   be   introduced   from   01/04/2013   will   be   the   way   in   which   we   assess   financial   need.   Whilst   we   will   still   look   at   the   value   for   money   applications   offer,   we   will   no   longer   follow   the   highly   detailed   financial   needs   assessment   model   as   currently   used.   Neither   will   we   continue  with  the  blanket  policy  that  considers  chancel  repairs  where  there  is  a  lay   rector   to   be   outside   the   scope   of   grant   aid.   Instead,   we   will   take   account   of   the   financial   needs   of   the   applicant   with   regard   to   future   development   plans   for   the   long-­‐term   sustainable   use   of   the   building.   We   will   also   be   realistic   about   their   ability   to  fund  raise,  and  therefore  we  will  not  encourage  the  PCC  to  pursue  Chancel  Repair   Liability  on  occasions  where  it  is  evidently  unreasonable  for  them  to  do  so.”    


Will the  Aston  Cantlow  case  lead  to  a  flood  of  similar  claims?       No.  The  principles  involved  were  established  in  2003  when  the  House  of  Lords  gave   judgment.  We  are  not  aware  of  any  increase  in  the  number  of  chancel  repair  claims   since  then.     Is   it   right   that   the   Church   of   England   continues   to   benefit   from   this   historic   liability?     The   Church   of   England   has   financial   responsibility   for   45%   of   the   nation’s   Grade   1   listed   buildings   and   many   other   architecturally   important   churches.   70%   of   repair   bills   are   met   by   local   fundraising,   with   only   a   minority   coming   from   English   Heritage,   lottery   funds   and   other   non-­‐church   sources.   This   places   a   considerable   financial   burden  on  PCCs,  which  largely  rely  on  voluntary  giving  to  support  their  work.  Against   that   background,   the   Church   cannot   be   expected   to   forego   sources   of   funding   to   which  it  is  entitled  unless  it  receives  adequate  compensation  


Land Commission Report from the House of Commons 1887

County at  the  6me Linclonshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire

Probable loca6on  of  enclosure  plan Hunts  RO  SF  451 LAO  Lindsey  Award  2 NaKonal  archive  PRO  MPL  1/51  (  LAO  Barton  St  Mary  parish  1/2) nat  archive    PRO  C54/9575  [m.15] LAO  Kesteven  Award  22 LAO  Dunston  Par.  17 LAO  HD  67/3/A-­‐C LAO  Appleby  Par.  17/1 LAO  Faldingworth  Par.  Co.  17 LAO  Holland  Award  28 LAO  Lindsey  Award  25 naKonal  archive  PRO  MPL  1/1 Grimsby  AO  1/901/2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  216  and  nat  archive  PRO  MPLL  1/10 NaKonal  archive  MR  1/847 LAO  Lindsey  Award  221  LAO  Kirton  Manor  Aslaco  Court  Book  1790-­‐1811 ERRO  IA  Holme  upon  Spalding  Moor LAO  Lindsey  Award  43 LAO  Kirkby  cum  Osgodby  Par.  Co. LAO  Kesteven  Award  95/9 LAO  Kesteven  Award  7 NaKonal  archive  PRO  CP  43/892  [rot  2] naKonal  archive  MPLL  1/3 LAO  Lindsey  Award  56 LAO  Middle  Rasen  Par.  17 NaKonal  archive  PRO  MPLL  1/7 LAO  Saleby  Par.  17 LAO  HD  67/17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  66 LAO  Lindsey  Awrd  101 naKonal  archive  PRO  CP  43/885  [rot  161] LAO  South  Witham  Par.  Co. LAO  3  Cragg  1/36 LAO  Swaton  Par.  Co. NaKonal  archive    MR  1/140  and  LAO  T.D.E.  MISC.  A.1/3 LAO  Kesteven  Award  51 Please  see  notes  at  the  end  Greg

Approx year  of  Act 1791 1819 1793 1811 1806 1793 1810 1821 1794 1784 1817 1795 1832 1813 1792 1792 1792 1779 1803 1795 1794 1801 1791 1806 1772 1775 1803 1810 1794 1776 1801 1794 1795 1806 1792 1794

Enclosure Awards which are highly likely to have land with Chancel repair liability

Parish(es) and/  or  area  (s)  of  the  enclosure Alconbury-­‐cum-­‐Weston Alvingham Barton  upon  humber Cabourn Deeping  St  James Dunston East  and  West  Fens East  Santon  or  Upper  Santon  (Appleby) Faldingworth Frampton Fulstow Gainsburgh  and  Thonock Grimsby  Great Haburgh Helpringham Hemswell Holme  upon  spadling  moor Hu^o_ Kirkby  cum  Osgodby Londonthorpe Long  Bennington Louth Ludford Mareham  on  the  Hill middle  Rasen  (Raisen) Quadring Saleby  with  Thoresathorpe Sibsey Skillington South  and  North  Killlingholme south  Ferriby South  Witham Swarby swaton Tealby Timberland  MarKn


Approx year  of  Act 1811 1801 1776 1772 1801 1813

Probable loca6on  of  enclosure  plan LAO  Lindsey  Award  121 LAO  Kesteven  Award  80  (LAO  Barholme  Par.  17) LAO  Lindsey  Award  193 LAO  Lindsey  Award  95 LAO  Kesteven  Award  24 LAO  Kesteven  Award  86

Rev Greg  Yerbury  (Team  Rector  of  Penkridge)  

Please see  notes  at  the  end  Greg

Examples of  enclosure  award  chancel  repair  liability  notes     This  informaKon  is  derived  from  House  of  common  Papers  30  and  44  where  they  list  the  effect  of  many  of  the  enclosure  award  from  1771  to  about  1830.  The   Acts  of  parliament  that  I  have  listed  seem  to  give  land  in  lieu  of  Kthes  to  a  lay  person  or  an  appropriator.  I  have  cross-­‐referenced  the  places  with  various  search   engines  to  find  plans  of  the  enclosure  awards.   The  places  listed  may  well  not  be  the  place  to  where  the  church  with  the  chancel  liability  is  and  a    study  of  the  relevant  Kthe  apporKonment  maybe  needed.   The  intenKon  of  the  enclosure  act  might  well  be  contradicted  by  the  award  hence  the  act    award  and  plan  have  to  be  read  together  to  ascertain  what  actually   happened.  The  Award  that  goes  with  the  enclosure  plan  is  likely  to  be  in  the  same  or  a  related  file.   These  are  only  examples  and  not  a  definiKve  list  of  parish  with  enclosure  awards  giving  land  in  lieu  of  Kthes  since  I  did  not  examine  every  parish  and  I  have   excluded  those  if  I  could  not  locate  a  plan  and  those  on  the  order  papers  which  only  had  a  Clerical  Rector,  and  there  will  be  enclosures  not  included  on  order   papers  30  and  44.     I  would  guess  that  about  95%  of  the  places  listed  will  have  the  liability  since  some  churches  will  either  be  redundant  or  have  been  rebuilt  in  a  different  place  or   without  a  chancel.  Ordinary  rebuilt  churches  almost  certainly  retain  the  liability.    There  are  many  enclosure  awards  that  at  first  glance  do  not  seem  to  have  a  plan  but  that  does  not  mean  that  the  land  is  untraceable  just  that  is  significantly   harder.    Plans  or  awards  may  well  be  unreadable  or  the  land  so  changed  that  finding  any  liability  is  impossible.   The  counKes  and  spellings  are  based  on  what  was  correct  or  known  to  the  Houses  of  Commons  in  the  late  1830’s  and  may  not  be  correct  today.   There  are  other  sources  of  chancel  repair  liability  in  the  non-­‐apporKoned  form  including  merged  land  and  Kthes  and  Rectory  Glebe  but  this  may  well  be    found   by  looking  at  Kthe  maps  and  doing  local  research.   My  church’s  website  carries  some  further  advice  h>p://    

County at  the  6me Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Lincolnshire

Enclosure Awards which are highly likely to have land with Chancel repair liability

Parish(es) and/  or  area  (s)  of  the  enclosure Trusthorpe  and  hannah Uffington,  Barholm,  Greadord,  Spalding Upton Welton West  deeping  and  Tallington Witham  on  the  Hill  with  Manthorpe,  To_  



County Linclon Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln   Lincoln  .

Parish or  area  of  enclosure  award

Houghton-­‐in-­‐the-­‐Marsh, alias  Holton  in  the  clay Beckingham  and  SuAon billingborough  and  Birthorp   Bishop  Norton Common  fen,  Boston  West Marton Scawby Scothorn  and  Sudbrook Skirbeck Subbrook  (Ancaster) West  Willoughby   Winterton Aukborough   Barnetby-­‐upon-­‐the  wolds Bicker  .   Billingborough Bourn   Coleby   Donnington    and  Westborough Fotherby     Glentham   Grimoldby   Harmston Heckington   Horbling   Ingham Keddington   Keelby  and  Stallingbrough   Langton  and  Woodall Morton   Newton North  Cockerington  South  Cockerington Scamblesby   Searby       South  Reston Stainton  in  the  Hole Threekingham   Toynton  Supra Wellingore     West  Ashby   willoughton     WooAon   Boothby  Graffoe LAO  Lindsey  Award  6 LAO  Lindsey  Award  91  and  LAO  Willoughton  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  99  and  LAO  WooAon  Par  Co LAO  Boothby  Graffoe  Par.  17/

LAO Lindsey  Award  83

LAO Scamblesby  Par.  Co. LAO  D&C  C  ii  90/18

LAO Kesteven  Award  54 LAO  Kesteven  Award  56

LAO Yarb.  4/16/2

LAO Heckington  P.C.  1    plan LAO  Kesteven  Award  42 LAO  Lindsey  Award  44

LAO Kesteven  Award  8 LAO  Bourne  Par.  17/1 reconstructed  plan  KESTEVEN  AWARD/95/4. LAO  Kesteven  Award  88/7

LAO Marton  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  77  and  LAO  2  NEL  7/1  and  Grimsby  AO  390 LAO  Lindsey  Award  79 LAO  Holland  Award  24A LAO  Scothern  Par.  Co.  17/1 NaBonal  Archives  MPL  1/42 LAO  Winterton  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  1  and  Grimsby  RO  484/1

North Lincoln  record  office  204  Holton  le  Clay  Parish NaBonal  archives  PRO  MPL  1/28 LAO  Kesteven  Award  8 LAO  Lindsey  Award  60

Probable loca5on  of  Enclosure  Plan

Two copies?

NaBonal archive  CP  43/725  rot  119


lincolnshire libraries  BRN0228001

LAO LINDSEY  AWARD/53  (no  map



later plan  and  award LAO  KESTEVEN  AWARD/19

LAO LINDSEY  AWARD/197 later  map  LAO  Smith  9/1/8    award  LAO  HOLLAND  AWARD2

naBonal archives  CP  43/765  rot  151  

uncertain if  3  awards  or  three  copies

lincoln archives  HOLLAND  AWARD/26  (no  map)

NaBonal archives  CP  43/749  rot  171  

Other related  informa5on

Parishes with probable chancel repair liability as a result of Enclosure Acts 1757-1771


Rev Greg Yerbury Rector of Penkridge

There are other sources of chancel repair liability in the non-apportioned form including merged land and tithes and Rectory Glebe but this may well be found by looking at tithe apportionment and doing local research. My church’s website carries some further advice

The counties and spellings are based on what was correct or known to the Houses of Commons in the late 1830’s and may not be correct today.

The enclosure awards that do not seem to have a plan but that does not mean that the land is untraceable just that is significantly harder. Plans or awards may well be unreadable or the land so changed that finding any liability is impossible. Those that are on list that are blank may well have a plan or an award but I can’t find them on the web, the other information are possible locations of an award.

I would guess that about 95% of the places listed will have the liability since some churches will either be redundant or have been rebuilt in a different place or without a chancel. Ordinary rebuilt churches almost certainly retain the liability.

The places listed may well not be the place to where the church with the chancel liability is and a study of the relevant tithe apportionment maybe needed. The intention of the enclosure act might well be contradicted by the award hence the act award and the plan have to be read together to ascertain what actually happened. If there is an enclosure plan listed it is likely the award will be in the same or related file.

Enclosure award chancel repair liability notes


Alford Alford Algarkirk cum  Fosdyke Althorpe Alvingham AmcoLs AmcoLs Anderby Anderby Anderby  Out  Marsh Anwick Ashby Ashby  de  la  Laund Ashby  de  la  Laund Ashby  juxta  Partney Ashby  juxta  Partney Aubourn Aubourn Aukborough Aukborough Bardney Bardney  Drainage Barholm Barholm Barnetby  Costhills Barnoldby  le  Beck Barnoldby  le  Beck Barrow Barrowby Bartnetby  Costhills Barton  upon  Humber Barton  upon  Humber Bassingham Baston  and  LangtoY Baumber  or  Bamburgh Beckingham  and  SuLon Beckingham  and  SuLon Belchford Belchford Belchford Belchford

1838 1838 1772 1794 1822 1780 1780 1850 1805 1850 1794 1809 1815 1815 1817 1817 1853 1853 1768 1768 1847 1857 1809 1801 1839 1779 1770 1803 1763 1841 1796 1796 1654 1813 1759 1770 1770 1805 1804 1804 1804

LAO HIG  16/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  131 LAO  Algarkirk  Par.  17 PRO  MPL  1/53 LAO  Lindsey  Award  2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  3 LAO  AmcoLs  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  5 LAO  Lindsey  Award  4 PRO  MAF  1/842 LAO  Kesteven  Award  2 LAO  Kirton  Court  Manley  Court  Book  1808-­‐1811 Kesteven  Award  3 LAO  Ashby  de  la  Launde  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  7 LAO  Ashby  by  Partney  Par.  17/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  5 PRO  MAF  1/678 LAO  Lindsey  Award  1 Grimsby  RO  484/1 PRO  C54/13617 LAO  Lindsey  Award  178 LAO  Kesteven  Award  6 LAO  Barholme  Par.  17 LAO  Stubbs  3/7 LAO  LD  19/2 Grimsby  AO  205 PRO  MPL  1/6 LAO  Barrowby  Par.  Co. PRO  KB  122/1344  [rot  2143] PRO  MPL  1/51 LAO  Barton  St  Mary  parish  1/2 LAO  Bassingham  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  45 LAO  Lindsey  Award  9 PRO  MPL  1/28 LAO  Beckingham  Par.  Co. PRO  MPLL  1/8 PRO  MPLL  1/8 LAO  Chat  5/9 LAO  Chat  5/9

Enclosure maps


Benington Benington Bicker Billingborough and  Birthorpe Billinghay Billinghay,  Walcot  and  Dogdyke Bilsby  with  Asserby  and  Thurlby Binbrooke Binbrooke Binbrooke  Cow  Pasture Binbrooke  Cow-­‐Pasture Binbrooke  Cow-­‐pasture Bishop  Norton Biskathorpe Blankney Bliton Bliton,  Wharton,  Pilham  and  Gilby Bolingbroke Bolingbroke Boothby  Graffoe BoLesford  and  Yaddlethorpe Bourn Bourn Braceborough  and  Wilsthorpe BraLleby BraLleby Brinkhill Brocklesby  and  Great  Limber Broughton Broughton  Common Brumby Brumby Brumby Brumby  Moors Bucknall Bucknall Burgh Burgh Burringham Burton  or  Burton  upon  Stather,  and  Stather,  Darby,  Thealby  and  Coleby Burton  upon  Stather

1813 1819 1839 1769 1779 1779 1839 1740 1740 1806 1806 1806 1772 1738 1799 1808 1797 1800 1800 1772 1795 1777 1770 1817 1779 1780 1774 1815 1849 1846 1875 1865 1865 1865 1866 1865 1839 1839 1843 1806 1806

LAO Holland  Award  1 LAO  Benington  (in  Holland)  Par.  17 LAO  Smith  9/1/8 LAO  Kesteven  Award  8 LAO  Kesteven  Award  9 LAO  Billinghay  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  159 LAO  Lindsey  Award  14 LAO  Binbrook  Par.  Co.  9 PRO  MPL  1/80 LAO  Binbrook  Par.  Co.  11 LAO  Lindsey  Award  201 LAO  Lindsey  Award  60 LAO  Misc  Don.  277/2 LAO  Kesteven  Award  10 LAO  Kirton  Manor  Corringham  Court  Book  1798-­‐1808 LAO  2  Sandars  8A PRO  MPL  1/76 LAO  Mavis  Enderby  Par.  17 LAO  Boothby  Graffoe  Par.  17/2 LAO  Kirton  Manorial  Manley  Court  Book  1790-­‐1807 LAO  Bourne  Par.  17/2 LAO  Bourne  Par.  17/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  14 LAO  Lindsey  Award  15 LAO  LPC  1/14 LAO  Lindsey  Award  10 PRO  C54/9575  [m.20] LAO  Lindsey  Award  124 PRO  MAF  1/22 LAO  Lindsey  Award  119 PRO  MAF  1/519 LAO  Lindsey  Award  154 PRO  MAF  1/353 LAO  Lindsey  Award  126 PRO  MAF  1/606 LAO  Burgh  le  Marsh  Par.  Co.  (Par.  Plans) LAO  Lindsey  Award  167 LAO  Lindsey  Award  160 PRO  CP  43/892  [rot  87] LAO  Burton  Stather  Par.  Co.  17

Enclosure maps


Cabourne or  Caborn 1815 Caistor 1796 Caistor  Moor 1814 Candlesby 1780 Canwick 1787 Carlby 1806 Castle  Bytham,  Counthorpe,  Holywell  and  LiLle  Bytham 1807 Claypole 1770 Claypole 1770 Claypole 1770 Clee 1843 Clee 1846 Clee 1846 Colsterworth,  Woolsthorpe  and  Twyford 1808 Colsterworth,  Woolsthorpe  and  Twyford 1808 Coningsby  or  Conesby 1850 Conisholme 1840 Covenham  St  Bartholemew  and  Covenham  St  Mary 1793 Covenham  St  Bartholomew  and  Covenham  St  Mary 1797 Crosby 1807 Crowland 1823 Crowland 1823 Crowland 1823 Crowle,  EastoY  and  Ealand 1822 Crowle,  EastoY  and  Ealand 1822 Croxton 1812 Croxton 1810 Cumberworth 1822 Dalby  and  Dexthorpe 1839 Deddithorpe  or  Derrythorpe 1832 Deeping  Common 1811 Deeping  Saint  James  and  Market  Deeping 1815 Deeping,  LangtoY,  Baston,  Spalding  and  Cowbit  Commons,  Crowland  Common  or   1819 Goggusland,  Bourn,  Thurlby,  Pinchbeck Deeping,  LangtoY,  Baston,  Spalding,  Pinchbeck  and  Cowbit  Commons 1819 Denton 1791 Doddington  and  Westborough 1771 Donnington  upon  Baine 1789 Donnington  upon  Baine 1789 Dorrington 1789 Dowsby 1840 LAO  Market  Deeping  Par.  17/2 LAO  Kesteven  Award  25 LAO  Kesteven  Award  88/7 LAO  Lindsey  Award  20 LAO  Donington  on  Bain  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  26 LAO  Kesteven  Award  28

PRO C54/9575  [m.15] PRO  MPL  1/7 LAO  Lindsey  Award  16 LAO  Lindsey  Award  108 LAO  Canwick  Par.  Co. LAO  Carlby  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  15 LAO  Kesteven  Award  18 LAO  Tallents  3/4 LAO  Misc.  Dep.  81 LAO  HIG  18/2/11 LAO  Lindsey  Award  169 Grimsby  AO  1/920/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  20 LAO  Colsterworth  Par.  17 PRO  CP  40/4035 LAO  Lindsey  Award  163 PRO  MPLL  1/11 LAO  Covenham  St  Mary  Par.  17 PRO  CP  43/917  [rot  124] LAO  Holland  Award  3 LAO  Crowland  Par.  Co. LAO  Crowland  Par.  17/1,2 LAO  Crowle  Manor  9/5 LAO  Crowle  Par.  17/2 LAO  Yarb.  4/11/1 PRO  CP  43/917  [rot  64] LAO  Lindsey  Award  19 LAO  Lindsey  Award  168 LAO  Lindsey  Award  162 LAO  Kesteven  Award  23 LAO  Kesteven  Award  22 LAO  Holland  Award  10

Enclosure maps


Dunston Dunston and  Metheringham Eagle Eagle East  Firsby East  Halton East  Halton East  Keal  or  Easter  Keal East  Marsh  Pasture East  Ravendale East  Santon  or  Upper  Santon East  and  West  Allington East  and  West  Fens Easton Epworth,  Haxey,  Belton  and  Owston Ewerby Ewerby  Waith Faldingworth Farlesthorpe FishtoY Foston  and  Long  Bennington Frampton Frampton Freiston  and  BuLerwick Frieston  and  BuLerwick Friskney Friskney Frodingham,  Scunthorpe  and  Gunhouse  or  Gunnas Fulbeck Fulbeck Fulletby Fulstow Gainsburgh Gainsburgh  and  Thonock Gedney Gedney Gedney Gedney  and  Gedney-­‐Fen Gosberton Gosberton Goulceby,  Asterby  and  part  of  Stennigot

1793 1792 1840 1840 1819 1802 1802 1774 1857 1841 1833 1798 1820 1808 1803 1863 1863 1795 1831 1844 1796 1791 1836 1820 1820 1847 1847 1834 1804 1804 1776 1819 1795 1795 1799 1879 1872 1795 1799 1801 1778

LAO Dunston  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  30 LAO  Kesteven  Award  31 LAO  Eagle  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  22 LAO  Yarb.  17/2 PRO  CP  43/884  [rot  47] LAO  Lindsey  Award  45 Grimsby  AO  1/922/3 LAO  Lindsey  Award  153 LAO  Appleby  Par.  17/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  1 LAO  HD  67/3/A-­‐C LAO  Kesteven  Award  32 LAO  Epworth  Par.  17/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  33 PRO  MAF  1/971 LAO  Faldingworth  Par.  Co.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  161 LAO  Holland  Award  14 LAO  Long  Benington  Par.  17 LAO  Holland  Award  28 LAO  Frampton  Par.  23/8  (Par.  Plans) LAO  Holland  Award  7 Frieston  Par.  17/1 LAO  Friskney  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  166 LAO  Lindsey  Award  125 LAO  Kesteven  Award  34 LAO  Fulbeck  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  106 LAO  Lindsey  Award  25 LAO  Gainsborough  Par.  Plans PRO  MPL  1/1 LAO  HD  70/5/2 LAO  Holland  Award  20 LAO  Holland  Award  20 LAO  Gedney  Par.  17 LAO  Holland  Award  40 LAO  Gosberton  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  31

Enclosure maps


Goxhill Goxhill Grainthorpe Great Corringham,  LiLle  Corringham  and  Springthorpe Great  Gonerby  and  Manthorpe  cum  LiLle  Gonerby Great  Gonerby  and  Manthorpe  cum  LiLle  Gonerby Great  Gonerby  and  Manthorpe  cum  LiLle  Gonerby Great  Grimsby Great  Grimsby Great  Ponton Great  Steeping Great  Sturton Great  and  LiLle  Corringham  with  Springthorpe Greaeord Greaeord Greetham Gunby  and  North  Witham Haburgh Haburgh Haburgh Hagworthingham Hagworthingham Haltham  and  Roughton Hammeringham Harlaxton Haeield  Chase Haunt  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen Haut  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen HaycroY  and  LiLle  Field  Estate Haydor,  Aisby,  Oseby  and  Culverthorpe Haydor,  Aisby,  Oseby  and  Culverthorpe Healing Healing Healing Healing Heapham Heapham Heckington Heckington Helpringham Helpringham

1774 1774 1840 1851 1808 1808 1808 1840 1840 1772 1839 1778 1851 1798 1798 1795 1776 1813 1820 1813 1796 1795 1775 1773 1796 1639 1769 1769 1876 1804 1804 1853 1853 1853 1848 1775 1775 1765 1765 1774 1774

LAO Lindsey  Award  107 LAO  Goxhill  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  132 LAO  Lindsey  Award  109 LAO  Kesteven  Award  35 LAO  Great  Gonerby  Par.  Co. LAO  Grantham  St  Wulfram  Par.  17/2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  116 Grimsby  AO  1/901/2 LAO  GM  C/8 LAO  Lindsey  Award  128 LAO  Lindsey  Award  67 PRO  MAF  1/29 LAO  Kesteven  Award  37 LAO  Greaeord  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  30 PRO  MPL  1/79 LAO  Lindsey  Award  216 PRO  MPLL  1/10 LAO  Habrough  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  103 LAO  Hagworthingham  Par.  Co.  1-­‐3 LAO  Lindsey  Award  111 LAO  Lindsey  Award  34 LAO  Harlaxton  Par.  17/1 NoLs  AO  YKS  1  S LAO  Holland  Award  33 LAO  Holland  Award  32 Grimsby  AO  1/922/4 LAO  Kesteven  Award  45 LAO  Heydour  Par.  Co. LAO  Healing  Par.  Co.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  145 PRO  MAF  1/1132 LAO  COR  B/4/4/41/7 LAO  Kirton  Manor  Court  Book  1775-­‐1780 LAO  Lindsey  Award  222 LAO  Kesteven  Award  88/3 LAO  Heckington  P.C.  1  -­‐  plan. PRO  MR  1/847 LAO  Helpringham  Par.  17

Enclosure maps


Hemingby Hemswell Hemswell Hibaldstow Hibaldstowe Hogsthorpe and  Mumby-­‐cum-­‐Chapel Hogsthorpe  and  Mumby-­‐cum-­‐Chapel Holbeach  and  Whaplode Holland  Fen Horbling Horncastle Horncastle Horsington Howton  in  the  Clay  or  Holton  in  the  Marsh Hundleby HuLoY Immingham  Ings Ingham Ingham Keadby Keelby  and  Cotham Kelby Kelby Killingholme Kirkby  cum  Osgodby Kirkby-­‐cum-­‐Osgodby Kirmington Kirmington Kirton Kirton Kirton  in  Lindsey Laceby Leadenham Leake Leasingham Leverton Leverton Lincoln Lissinglea  Field Lissinglea-­‐field LiLle  Bytham

1778 1794 1794 1796 1796 1811 1811 1818 1769 1765 1850 1850 1775 1765 1804 1780 1841 1769 1769 1858 1766 1803 1803 1779 1806 1806 1778 1778 1873 1873 1801 1838 1778 1813 1822 1846 1846 1811 1849 1849 1804

LAO Lindsey  Award  42 LAO  Kirton  Manor  Aslaco  Court  Book  1790-­‐1811 LAO  Lindsey  Award  221 LAO  Lindsey  Award  38 LAO  Hibaldstow  Par.  17/1 LAO  Mumby  Par.  17 Lindsey  Award  123 LAO  Holland  Award  9 PRO  MR  1/842 LAO  Kesteven  Award  42 LAO  Lindsey  Award  147 LAO  Horncastle.  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  36 LAO  Lindsey  Award  40 PRO  CP  43/889  [rot  296] LAO  Lindsey  Award  43 LAO  Stubbs  3/36 LAO  Lindsey  Award  44 LAO  Ingham  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  143 LAO  Yarb.  4/16/2 LAO  Kesteven  Award  45 LAO  Heydour  Par.  Co. LAO  Yarb.  4/17/1 LAO  Kirkby  cum  Osgodby  Par.  Co. PRO  MPL  1/80 LAO  Lindsey  Award  48 LAO  Kirmington  Par  Co. LAO  Holland  Award  27 PRO  MAF  1/498 LAO  Kirton  in  Lindsey  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  138 LAO  Kesteven  Award  47 LAO  Holland  Award  1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  48 LAO  Holland  Award  13 Leverton  Par.  17 LAO  Lincoln  City MAF  1/669 LAO  Lindsey  Award  115 LAO  Kesteven  Award  16

Enclosure maps


LiLle Bytham  and  Aunby LiLle  Cawthorpe LiLle  Ponton LiLle  Ponton Londonthorpe Long  Bennington Long  SuLon Louth Louth Ludborough Luddington  and  Garthorpe Ludford Mablethorpe Mablethorpe Maltby  le  Marsh Maltby  le  Marsh Manby Manton Mareham  le  Fen Mareham  le  Fen Mareham  on  the  Hill Markby Markby Market  Deeping  and  Deeping  Saint  James Market  Raisin Market  Raisin Marsh  Chapel  and  Grainthorpe Marshchapel Marshchapel Marshchapel  and  Grainthorpe Marshchapel  and  Grainthorpe,  Out  Marsh Margn Margn,  Blankney  and  Timberland Marton Mavis  Enderby Mavis  Enderby Merton Messingham Metheringham Metheringham  and  Dunston  Fens Middle  Raisin

1804 1837 1813 1813 1796 1794 1790 1805 1805 1775 1797 1792 1840 1840 1842 1840 1817 1829 1744 1798 1826 1843 1843 1815 1780 1780 1857 1846 1846 1857 1857 1795 1789 1772 1800 1800 1768 1804 1779 1792 1774

LAO LiLle  Bytham  Par.  Co./3/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  165 LAO  Kesteven  Award  59 LAO  LiLle  Ponton  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  95/9 LAO  Kesteven  Award  7 LAO  Holland  Award  38 PRO  CP  43/892  [rot  2] LAO  Louth  St  James  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  52 LAO  Crowle  Manor  9/4 PRO  MPLL  1/3 LAO  Misc.  Don.  154/2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  136 LAO  Maltby  le  Marsh  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  142 LAO  Lindsey  Award  58 PRO  KB  122/1196  [rot  3068] LAO  Lindsey  Award  55 PRO  MPL  1/82 LAO  Lindsey  Award  56 LAO  Thimb.  10/1/4 LAO  Lindsey  Award  135 LAO  Market  Deeping  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  112 LAO  4  BM  15 LAO  Marsh  Chapel  Par.  17/2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  139 LAO  Marsh  Chapel  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  175 MAF  1/549 LAO  Kesteven  Award  51 LAO  Kesteven  Award  50 LAO  Marton  Par.  Co. PRO  MPL  1/76 LAO  Mavis  Enderby  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  51 PRO  CP  43/886  [rot  65] LAO  Metheringham  PC  2. LAO  Metheringham  PC  4. LAO  Binnall  6/8

Enclosure maps


Middle Raisin Moorby  cum  Wilksby Morton Morton Morton  Carr Morton  Carr Moulton Moulton  and  Fosdyke Navenby Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall Nene  Oueall NeLleham NeLleham NeLleham NeLleton New  Sleaford  and  Holdingham Newbold  Common Newton Normanby  by  Spital Normanby  next  Spital Normanton North  Kelsey North  Kelsey North  Rauceby  and  South  Rauceby North  Somercotes North  Somercotes North  Thoresby North  and  South  Stoke Northcotes Northcotes Orby Osbournby  and  Mickling  Meadow

1774 1773 1771 1771 1801 1804 1803 1879 1771 1927 1918 1911 1873 1867 1862 1862 1847 1836 1836 1836 1777 1777 1777 1794 1795 1859 1768 1790 1791 1756 1840 1840 1790 1842 1842 1846 1796 1857 1857 1838 1796

LAO Middle  Rasen  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  57 LAO  Kesteven  Award  54 LAO  Bourne  RDC LAO  2  Sandars  8A LAO  Bacon  Plans  30. LAO  Holland  Award  37 LAO  Holland  Award  25A,  also  Holland  Award  35 LAO  Kesteven  Award  55 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 LO  Holland  Award  41 LAO  Holland  Award  41 PRO  MPZ  1/6  (10) PRO  MPL  1/85 LAO  2  CC  62/21415 LAO  Lindsey  Award  174 LAO  Lindsey  Award  61 LAO  Kesteven  Award  67 PRO  MAF  1/808 LAO  Kesteven  Award  56 LAO  TSJ  5/C/Plans LAO  2CC58/12674 LAO  2CC70/7-­‐8 LAO  Stubbs  3/42 PRO  MPN  1/26 LAO  Kesteven  Award  60 LAO  North  Somercotes  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  134 LAO  Lindsey  Award  137 LAO  Kesteven  Award  70 LAO  Lindsey  Award  110 PRO  MAF  1/493 LAO  Lindsey  Award  146 LAO  Kesteven  Award  58

Enclosure maps


Osbournby and  Mickling  Meadow Owmby Owmby Owston Pointon PoLer  Hanworth PoLerhanworth Quadring Quadring  and  Quadring  Hundred Quarrington Raithby Reepham Reepham Reepham Rippingale  and  Kirkby  Underwood Ropsley,  Great  Humby  and  LiLle  Humby Ropsley,  Great  Humby  and  LiLle  Humby Ruskington Ruskington,  Dorrington  and  North  Kyme Saleby  with  Thoresthorpe Salmonby Saleleetby  St  Peters Saxelby  and  Harby  and  Broadholm Scamblesby Scartho Scawby Scawby Scawby Scopwick Scothern  and  Sudbrooke Scothorn  and  Sudbrooke ScoLer ScoLer ScoLon ScoLon ScoLon Scredington Scredington Scremby Scremby Searby

1796 1774 1795 1791 1791 1775 1775 1776 1776 1794 1777 1864 1864 1864 1806 1796 1796 1780 1839 1804 1838 1838 1804 1769 1795 1770 1771 1771 1799 1766 1768 1820 1820 1884 1885 1885 1797 1797 1811 1811 1764

LAO Osbournby  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  62 PRO  MPL  1/44 PRO  C54/7095  [no.16] LAO  Pointon  Par.  17 LAO  PoLerhanworth  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  39 PRO  MPLL  1/7 LAO  Quadring  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  67 LAO  Lindsey  Award  65 PRO  MAF  1/989 LAO  Reepham  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  150 LAO  Rippingale  Par.  17/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  62 LAO  Ropsley  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  64 LAO  Kesteven  Award  63 LAO  Saleby  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  149 LAO  Lindsey  Award  148 LAO  Saxilby  Par.  Co.  1 LAO  Scamblesby  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  71 LAO  Lindsey  Award  77 LAO  2  NEL  7/1 Grimsby  AO  390 LAO  Kesteven  Award  10 LAO  Lindsey  Award  79 LAO  Scothern  Par.  Co.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  122 LAO  ScoLer  Par.  17 PRO  MAF  1/521 LAO  ScoLon  Par.  Co.  11 LAO  Lindsey  Award  176 LAO  Kesteven  Award  65 LAO  Scredington  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  80 LAO  Scremby  Par.17/1 LAO  D&C  C  ii  90/18

Enclosure maps


Sibsey Sibsey Skellingthorpe Skellingthorpe Skidbrook cum  Saleleet Skidbrook  cum  Saleleet,  Salt-­‐marsh  and  Warren Skidbrooke  cum  Saleleet Skillington Skillington Skirbeck Skirbeck Skirbeck  Quarter SniLerby Somerby Sotby Sotby South  Ferriby South  Ferriby South  Hykeham South  Kelsey South  Kelsey South  Kelsey South  Somercoates,  Salt  Marsh  and  Warren South  Somercotes South  Somercotes South  Somercotes South  Somercotes South  Willingham South  Witham South  and  North  Killingholme Southrey SpiLlegate Spridlington Stainton Stainton Stamford  and  Tinwell Stamford  and  Tinwell Stow Stowe,  Sturton  and  Bransby Stowe,  Sturton  and  Bransby Strubby  cum  Woodthorpe

1810 1810 1830 1830 1852 1852 1838 1797 1797 1833 1833 1772 1001 1813 1805 1804 1804 1804 1803 1794 1794 1794 1852 1852 1852 1842 1842 1772 1794 1779 1840 1796 1775 1860 1860 1875 1875 1769 1804 1804 1843

LAO HD  67/17 LAO  3  Cragg  1/33 LAO  Lincoln  City LAO  TLE  38/23 LAO  Lindsey  Award  117 PRO  MAF  1/711 LAO  Lindsey  Award  133 LAO  Kesteven  Award  66 LAO  Skillington  Par.  17 LAO  Holland  Award  24A LAO  Holland  Award  1 LAO  Holland  Award  18 LAO  BH  11 LAO  Kesteven  Award  68 PRO  MPLL  1/8 LAO  Sotby  Par.  17 PRO  CP  43/885  [rot  161] LAO  Lindsey  Awards  174 LAO  South  Hykeham  Par.  Co.  (Par.  Plans) PRO  MR  1/227 LAO  South  Kelsey  Par.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  209 PRO  MAF  1/846 LAO  Lindsey  Award  130 LAO  South  Somercotes  Par.  17/2 LAO  South  Somercotes  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  118 LAO  D  &  C  C  v/15/9 LAO  South  Witham  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Awrd  101 LAO  Lindsey  Award  152 LAO  Grantham  St  Wulfram  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  68 LAO  Lindsey  Award  78 LAO  Stainton  by  Langworth  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  69 PRO  MAF  1/183 LAO  Kesteven  Award  71 PRO  MPL  1/34 LAO  Stow  in  Lindsey  Par.  17 LAO  Strubby  Par.  17

Enclosure maps


Strubby cum  Woodthorpe Sudbrook Surfleet Surfleet SuLon  in  the  Marsh Swaby  and  Belleau Swaby  and  Belleau Swaby  and  Belleau Swallow Swarby Swaton Swayfield Swineshead Swineshead Swinstead TaLershall,  TaLershall  Thorpe  and  Kirkby  super  Bane Tealby  or  Tevilby Tealby  or  Tevilby Tetney Tetney Tetney The  Haut  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen The  Haut  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen The  Haut  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen The  Haut  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen. The  Haute  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen The  Haute  Huntre  or  Holland  Fen Thimbleby  and  Edlington Thimbleby  and  Edlington Thoresway Thorpe  on  the  Hill Thurlby Tid  St  Mary`s Timberland Timberland  and  Timberland  Thorpe Toynton  Supra Toynton  Supra Toyntons Trusthorpe Trusthorpe  and  Hannah  cum  Hagnaby Uffington

1843 1770 1778 1778 1840 1789 1789 1789 1806 1796 1806 1797 1774 1774 1778 1798 1793 1793 1778 1779 1778 1769 1769 1769 1769 1769 1769 1779 1779 1817 1774 1810 1793 1760 1789 1770 1770 1774 1827 1827 1794

LAO Lindsey  Award  157 PRO  MPL  1/41 PRO  MPL  1/81 LAO  Surfleet  Par.  17/2 LAO  Lindsey  Award  129 LAO  Lindsey  Award  76 LAO  Swaby  Par.  17/1 LAO  Swaby  Par.  Co.  1 PRO  MPL  1/83 LAO  3  Cragg  1/36 LAO  Swaton  Par.  Co. LAO  Kesteven  Award  74 LAO  Holland  Award  36 LAO  Swineshead  Par.  17 LAO  Kesteven  Award  75 LAO  Lindsey  Award  105 LAO  T.D.E.  MISC.  A.1/3 PRO  MR  1/140 LAO  TETNEY  PAR  CO LAO  Lindsey  Award  215 PRO  CP  43/785  [rot  244] LAO  WigtoY  Parish  17/1 LAO  SuLerton  Par.  17/1 LAO  Boston  St  Botolph  Par.  17/1 LAO  Swineshead  Par.  17/1 LAO  Smith  5  -­‐  Holland  Fen  Enclosure  Award LAO  Misc.  Dep  112/3 LAO  Lindsey  Award  83 LAO  Lindsey  Award  21 PRO  KB  122/987  [rot  46] LAO  Kesteven  Award  76 LAO  Kesteven  Award  77 LAO  Misc.  Dep.  245/3  (ii) LAO  Timberland  Par.  23/1 LAO  Kesteven  Award  79 LAO  Lindsey  Award  83 LAO  High  Toynton  Par.  Co.  17 LAO  Lindsey  Award  87 LAO  Trusthorpe  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  121 LAO  Kesteven  Award  80

Enclosure maps


Ulceby Ulceby with  Fotherington  otherwise  Fordington  otherwise  Forthington Upper  Santon Upton  and  Kexby Waddingham Waddingham,  Cow  Fold Waddington Wainfleet  All  Saints Wainfleet  Common Wainfleet  Saint  Mary Waithe Waltham Washingborough  and  Heighington Welby Welby Welton Welton,  Boothby  and  Hanby West  Ashby West  Deeping  and  Tallington West  Fen West  Halton West  Keal West  Rasen West  Willoughby West  Willoughby Westborough  and  Doddington Westborough  and  Doddington WhiLon Wildmore  Fen Wildmore  Fen  and  West  and  East  Fens Wildmore  Fen  and  West  and  East  Fens Willingham Willoughby  with  Sloothby Willoughby  with  Sloothby Willoughton Willoughton Wilsford  or  Willesford Wilsthorpe Winterton Wintringham Witham  on  the  Hill  with  Manthorpe,  ToY  and  Lound

1833 1836 1833 1777 1847 1847 1770 1867 1867 1856 1811 1771 1834 1776 1776 1773 1792 1773 1813 1820 1773 1775 1803 1773 1773 1771 1771 1775 1816 1820 1801 1780 1838 1838 1769 1769 1775 1819 1772 1795 1818

LAO Lindsey  Award  155 LAO  Lindsey  Award  156 LAO  Lindsey  Award  151 LAO  Lindsey  Award  193 LAO  Lindsey  Award  158 PRO  MAF  1/857 LAO  Waddington  Par.  17/1 LAO  Wainfleet  All  Saints  Par.  17/1 PRO  MAF  1/759 LAO  Lindsey  Award  141 LAO  Lindsey  Award  89 -­‐ LAO  Kesteven  Award  82 LAO  Kesteven  Award  95/7 PRO  MPL  1/79 LAO  Lindsey  Award  95 LAO  Lindsey  Award  93 LAO  Lindsey  Award  6 LAO  Kesteven  Award  24 LAO  HD  67/1 LAO  West  Halton  Par.  17/1 LAO  Lindsey  Award  46 PRO  CP  43/884  [rot  92] PRO  MPL  1/42 LAO  Ancaster  Par.  Co.  1.  Par.  Plans PRO  MPL  1/11 LAO  Westborough  Par.  Co.  1O LAO  WhiLon  Par.  17/1 LAO  Holland  Award  22 LAO  HD  67/3/A-­‐C LAO  HD  67/3/A-­‐C Willingham  by  Stow  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  144 LAO  Willoughby  with  Sloothby  Par.  Co. LAO  Lindsey  Award  91 LAO  Willoughton  Par.  Co. PRO  MPL  1/25 LAO  Kesteven  Award  85 LAO  Winterton  Par.  17 PRO  MPL  1/22 LAO  Kesteven  Award  86

Enclosure maps


Withcall Withern Wood Enderby WooLon WooLon Wrangle Wrawby  cum  Brigg Wyberton Wyberton Yarburgh

1834 1840 1798 1767 1767 1807 1805 1791 1791 1813

LAO Lindsey  Award  140 LAO  Lindsey  Award  127 PRO  MPL  1/82 LAO  Lindsey  Award  99 LAO  WooLon  Par  Co. LAO  HD  67/12 LAO  Lindsey  Award  94 LAO  Holland  Award  39 LAO  Holland  Award  8 LAO  Lindsey  Award  100

Enclosure maps

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Chancel Repair Liability Training 2013 - Booklet  

Online copy of the resources used at the Diocese of Lincoln's Chancel Repair Liability Training Day on 15 February 2013, held at the Epic Ce...

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