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Calendar of Prayer

August 2019


Clergy and People of Jersey

Area Dean: Michael Keirle Vice Dean: Paul Brooks, Geoff Houghton Deanery Officers: David Smith, Philip Bailhache, Beverley Sproats, Steve Wilderspin, Ken Wee, Robin Dupre, Kate Hamilton, Bruce Willing, Kenneth Syvret, Gregory White, Peter Mourant Anglican Communion: Missionary District of Oeste-Brasil (Brazil) Vacant Boga (Congo) The Rt Revd Mugenyi William Bahemuka Port Elizabeth (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Edward Ronald Daniels


Jersey Deanery: Clergy with Permission to Officiate

Please pray with us for those with Permission to Officiate within our Deanery. We thank God for their willingness to continue serving the Church with generosity and joy. May they be upheld and strengthened in their ministry. Please pray for: Chris Buckley, Anthony Hart, Bill Matthews, Tim Neill, Ray Speck, Derek Turner, Lawrence Turner, Pauline Willcox, Christopher Ivor, Robin Dupre, Anthony Keogh, Christine Price Anglican Communion: Offa (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Akintunde A Popoola Bolivia (South America) The Rt Revd Raphael Samuel Karimnagar (South India) The Rt Revd Reuben Mark

3 August

Jersey: All Saints with St Simon

Clergy: David Grantham Anglican Communion: Karnataka Central (South India) The Rt Revd Prasana Kumar Samuel Karnataka North (South India) The Rt Revd Ravikumar J. Niranjan Karnataka South (South India) The Rt Revd Mohan Manoraj


4 august

Jersey: Holy Trinity

Clergy: Geoff Houghton Licensed Lay Ministers: Helen Hamilton, Fleur Benest, Angela Le Sueur Anglican Communion: Pray for the Church of the Province of South East Asia The Most Revd Ng Moon Hing - Archbishop of South East Asia & Bishop of West Malaysia

5 august

Jersey: St Andrew

Clergy: Mark Barrett Licensed Lay Ministers: Stephen Harzo, Neville Brooks Anglican Communion Ogbaru (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Samuel Ezeofor Bondo (Kenya) The Rt Revd David Kodia Kasai - Mbujimayi (Congo) The Rt Revd Marcel Kapinga

6 august

Jersey: St Brelade with St Aubin

Clergy: Mark Bond Licensed Lay Ministers: Pat Bougeard, Brian Clarke, Laurie Dicker, Judith Dingle, Denise Waller Anglican Communion: Ogbia (Nigeria) The Rt Revd James Oruwori Bor (South Sudan) The Most Revd Ruben Akurdid Ngong Umzimvubu (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Sitembele Mzamane

7 august

Jersey: St Clement

Clergy: Martin Dryden, Tracy Le Couteur Bromley, David Shaw Anglican Communion: Ogbomoso (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Matthew Osunade Botswana (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Metlhayotlhe Rawlings Beleme Brandon (Canada) The Rt Revd William Cliff


8 august

Jersey: St Helier

Clergy: Michael Keirle Anglican Communion: Ogoni (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Solomon Gberegbara Brasilia (Brazil) The Rt Revd Maurício Jose Araujo De Andrade Brazzaville (Congo) The Rt Revd Molanga Jean Botola

9 august

Jersey: St John

Clergy: Beverly Sproats Please pray for God to lead St. John’s Church, Jersey, to be a beacon of faith and a focal point in the community where people grow together in God’s love. Please pray for building relationships in our parish through monthly coffee & croissants morning, Knit and Natter hobby group and Little Oaks Sunday Club for primaryschool aged children. Please pray for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with others and to make disciples who make disciples. Anglican Communion: Ogori-Magongo (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Festus Davies Brechin (Scotland) The Rt Revd Andrew Swift Katakwa (Kenya) The Rt Revd John Okude Omuse

10 august Jersey: St Lawrence with St Matthew (Millbrook) Clergy: Phil Warren Assistant Minister: Tim Keenan Licensed Lay Ministers: David Barnett, Susan Noble, Peter Noble, Terry Noel Anglican Communion: Ohaji / Egbema (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Chidi Collins Oparaojiaku Brisbane (Australia) The Most Revd Phillip John Aspinall Brisbane (Australia) The Rt Revd Jeremy Greaves Brisbane (Australia) The Rt Revd Ian Keese Lambert Brisbane (Australia) The Rt Revd John Roundhill Brisbane (Australia) The Rt Revd Cameron Venables


11 august Jersey: St Luke with St James Clergy: Nick Barry Anglican Communion: Pray for the united Church of South India The Most Revd Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen - Moderator of CSI & Bishop of Madhya Kerala

12 august Jersey: St Mark Clergy: Jane Ilton, Martyn Shea Assistant Curate: Giles Bartleman Anglican Communion: Ohio (The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Mark Hollingsworth Bristol (England) The Very Revd Vivienne Faull Bristol (England) The Rt Revd Lee Stephen Rayfield Katanga (Congo) The Rt Revd Bertin Subi Katanga (Congo) The Rt Revd Lawrence Elisha Tendwa

13 august Jersey: St Martin (Gouray) Clergy: Jeff Wattley Licensed Lay Minister: Neville Brooks We have a three-point plan at Gouray. To Grow Deeper: pray for our new home group studying the Bible Course and The Prayer Course. To Grow Wider: pray for our ministries in the community; Gouray Mums & Tots, the Hollies Day Centre and Les Houmets Residential Home. To Grow Younger: pray for our new group for young people in church, which launches in September; our ongoing Children’s Ministry and Gouray Young Voices. Anglican Communion: Oji River (Nigeria) The Most Revd Amos Amankechinelo Madu British Columbia (Canada) The Rt Revd Logan McMenamie


14 august Jersey: St Martin de Grouville Clergy: Mike Lange-Smith Licensed Lay Ministers: Linda Bois, Wendy Lange-Smith Anglican Communion: Okene (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Emmanuel Onsachi Buhiga (Burundi) The Rt Revd Evariste Nijimbere Bujumbura (Burundi) The Rt Revd Eraste Bigirimana

15 august Jersey: St Mary Clergy: Tim Neill, Brian Rostill Anglican Communion: Oke-Ogun (Nigeria) The Ven Cornelius Adagbada Bukavu (Congo) The Rt Revd Sylvestre Bahati

16 august Jersey: St Martin Le Vieux Clergy: Geraldine Baudains Anglican Communion Oke-Osun (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Abraham Akinlalu Bukedi (Uganda) The Rt Revd Samuel Egesa Katsina (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Jonathan Bamaiyi

17 august Jersey: St Ouen with St George Clergy: Ian Pallent Assistant Curate: Helen Gunton Licensed Lay Ministers: David Capps, Helen Hamilton, Brian Vibert Anglican Communion: Okigwe (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Edward Osuegbu Okigwe North (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Godson Udochukwu Ukanwa Okigwe South (Nigeria) The Rt Revd David Onuoha Kebbi (Nigeria) The Most Revd Edmund Akanya


18 august Jersey: St Paul (Chapelry) Clergy: Paul Brooks Licensed Lay Ministers: Ian Le Marquand, Nicola Speck As a church we are listening to God. Please pray with us for our flourishing Children’s Ministry, for our Leaders, and how we might call others to become disciples. Pray also for where we are being called to serve. For families and their pastoral needs, for those whose marriages are in crisis, for ex-offenders, and for our on-going support of the needy within our community, including the charities Grace, Trust & Service Station. We pray that our Evangelistic mission will be fruitful - and we are praying particularly for our Alpha Course, which starts in the autumn. Anglican Communion: Pray for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa The Most Revd Thabo Makgoba Archbishop of Capetown and Primate of Southern Africa

19 august Jersey: St Peter Clergy: Michael Phillips Anglican Communion: Okinawa (Japan) The Rt Revd David Eisho Uehara Bukuru (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Jwan Zhumbes Keewatin (Canada) The Rt Revd David Norman Ashdown

20 august Jersey: St Saviour Clergy: Peter Dyson Anglican Communion: Oklahoma (The Episcopal Church) Vacant Bunbury (Australia) The Rt Revd Dr Ian Coutts


21 august Clergy and People of Canterbury Deanery Area Dean: Kevin Maddy Acting Area Dean: Phil Grieg Lay Chair: Janet Bentley, Liz Morrison Secretary: Harry Macdonald Treasurer: John Morrison Give thanks for a recent Deanery Synod at which we took a creative approach to reflecting on our mission. Pray for us as we move forward in developing our Mission Action Plan. Pray for natural partnerships amongst the Deanery to come to the fore. Pray for the families of our church leaders. Pray for summer holiday schemes and clubs happening around the deanery, in schools, in churches and in community centres. Pray for those children and young people preparing to go to new schools in September. Anglican Communion: Okrika (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Tubokosemie Atere Bungoma (Kenya) The Revd George Mechumo

22 august Canterbury Deanery: Clergy with Permission to Officiate Please pray with us for those with Permission to Officiate within our Deanery. We thank God for their willingness to continue serving the Church with generosity and joy. May they be upheld and strengthened in their ministry. Please pray for: John Arnold, Carl Arvidsson, Clive Barlow, John Barton, Sara Bimson, Mark Blamey, Perry Butler, Julia Butterworth, William Campen, David Cawley, Thomas Collett-White, Helen Connoll, Daniel Corcoran, John Dilnot, Peter Freeman, Michael Fulljames, Jonathan Gledhill, Ian Harker, Bill Hornsby, Ted Hurst, Peter Jacobs, Brian Kelly, Bob Key, Roy Kilford, Brian McHenry, Derek Mottershead, David Naumann, Peter Ould, Richard Owen, Geoff Pearson, Michael Reeve, Eileen Routh, Michael Stace, Simon Stocks, Iain Taylor, Jean Taylor, Grahame Whittlesea, Paul Wilton, Norman Woods, Juliet Woollcombe Anglican Communion: Oleh (Nigeria) The Rt Revd John Usiwoma Aruakpor Bunyoro-Kitara (Uganda) The Rt Revd Samuel Kahuma 8

23 AUGUST Blean: St Cosmus & St Damian Clergy: Stephen Laird Reader: Peter Clough At Blean church we are progressing with the development of our buildings in order to help meet the needs of a growing local community - please pray for us as we move from the preliminary administrative stages into fundraising. Meanwhile, we continue to maintain and sustain close links with several church communities in eastern Madagascar (energised by the reports of 3 members of our congregation who made the trip there in 2018), and with the staff and students at the University of Kent. Anglican Communion: Kentucky (The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Terry White Kericho (Kenya) The Rt Revd Ernest Kiprotich Ng’eno Khartoum (Sudan) T he Most Revd Ezekiel Kumir Kondo (Primate)

24 AUGUST Canterbury: All Saints Clergy: Phil Greig Reader: Gavin Netherton School: St John’s Church of England Primary School UP: Pray for our worshipping community that over the summer and the Autumn months we would go deeper in our worship as we continue to seek God’s leading into the next phase of the life and mission of the parish. IN: We are coming to the end of preaching Deepening Discipleship and will be embarking on a preaching series on prayer in September. Pray that this will become clear to us on what we should teach, and that our prayer life would go much deeper as in our worship. Please also pray that we will be able to find the money to replace our heating system and roof. OUT: Pray for Street Club, families who live in poverty and the new head-teacher at our local community school. Pray that our mission would be in our everyday as in our worship and prayer. Anglican Communion: Kibondo (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Sospeter Ndenza Kigali (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Louis Muvunyi Kigeme (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Assiel Musabyimana 9

25 august Canterbury: St Martin & St Paul Clergy: Mark Griffin Assistant Curate: Hannah Thomson Readers: Samuel Keeler-Walker, Chris Robinson, Rosemary Walters, Mary Butcher Please pray for our walking alongside local communities and our partnerships with other organisations, for those who visit St Martin’s and expanding use of our facilities at St Paul’s. Anglican Communion: Pray for the Anglican Church of South America The Most Revd Gregory James Venables - Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of South America & Bishop of Argentina

26 august Canterbury: St Mary Bredin Clergy: Barney De Berry Assistant Curate: Stephen Carter Reader: Martin Collings Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is passionate about releasing people from a life-sentence of poverty, debt, unemployment and addiction. We’re partnering Canterbury Vineyard, our local CAP Debt Centre, and becoming an Associate Church with our own Debt Coach who will work at the Debt Centre. Pray for those in need and those who help. We are the resource center for Stop the Traffik Kent. Pray for freedom and justice for those in slavery. We’re also part of a network of churches providing much-needed meals for children who go hungry in the holidays. Pray for the MakeLunch team and those they serve. Anglican Communion: Olo (South Sudan) The Rt Revd Tandema Obede Busan (Korea) The Most Revd Onesimus Dongsin Park Kigezi (Uganda) The Rt Revd George Bagamuhunda


27 august Canterbury: St Stephen Clergy: Kevin Maddy Readers: Peter Toon, Sally Walters School: The Archbishop’s School Anglican Communion: Olympia (The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Gregory Rickel Busoga (Uganda) The Rt Revd Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye

28 august Harbledown: St Michael & All Angels Clergy: Peter Harnden Anglican Communion: Omu-Aran (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Philip Adeyemo Butare (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Nathan Gasatura Butere (Kenya) The Rt Revd Timothy Wambunya

29 august St Dunstan, St Mildred & St Peter Canterbury Clergy: Jo Richards Assistant Curate: Kevin Goodman Readers: Jane Gledhill, John Morrison, Tessa Taylor, Margaret Wells Here in the Benefice of St Dunstan, St Mildred and St Peter, Canterbury, we give thanks for our successful Benefice Away Day. Please pray for us as we look to explore and develop some of the ideas that came from the day, particularly in recognising the gifts that each of our three individual churches offer, to grow the Kingdom of God here in Canterbury, giving thanks for what has already taken place. Anglican Communion: On the Lake (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Chijioke Oti Buye (Burundi) The Rt Revd Sixbert Macumi


30 august Sturry: St Nicholas with Fordwich: St Mary the Virgin & Westbere: All Saints with Hersden Clergy: Peter Cornish Hugh-Nigel Sheehan (Methodist Minister) School: Sturry Church of England Primary School Anglican Communion: On the Niger (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Owen Chidozie Nwokolo Byumba (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Emmanuel Ngendahayo Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh (Ireland) The Rt Revd Ferran Glenfield

31 August Thanington: St Nicholas & St Faith This Parish is currently in Interregnum. Please pray for the congregation, and particularly for the Churchwardens, Caroline Mettam and Tony Martin. Anglican Communion: Kimberley & Kuruman (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Oswald Swartz Kindu (Congo) The Most Revd Zacharie Masimango Katanda (Primate) Kinkiizi (Uganda) The Rt Revd Dan Zoreka

Every effort has been made to ensure that the entries for each deanery and benefice are accurate. We rely on the Diocesan Directory and apologise for any errors. Please report any inaccuracies by emailing a screen print showing the data to so that the data can be updated. Thank you


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Calendar of Prayer - August 2019  

Each day we have the opportunity to pray with and for each other as we seek God’s direction.

Calendar of Prayer - August 2019  

Each day we have the opportunity to pray with and for each other as we seek God’s direction.