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Our Schools SHINE with Robotics and Coding

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n er • Engages students in fun interactive technology/engineering o d



P • Introduces students ofW allo levels to programming


• Provides opportunities to learn skills for future employment

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• Encourages students to wonder, to explore and to problem solve

CODING AND BENEFITS: • Enables students to create software, apps or websites • Allows students to learn programming languages • Prepares students for a job market demand for coders in industry • Engages students to understand the technology shaping our world

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Let them Shine

as Beacons of Hope, Radiants of Knowledge, and as Disciples for Christ


VOL. 53 NO. 2 Publisher Bishop Michael Mulvey, STL DD Editor Alfredo E. Cárdenas

Esai Lozano, who aspires to become a priest one day, stands alongside his parents, Rene and Sonya Lozano holding the chalice and paten his parents gave him during a Mass celebrating his 15th birthday. If he does become a priest, he will use the chalice and paten at his first Mass as an ordained priest. If he gets married, he and his wife will give them to the priest who witnesses their sacrament of marriage.



Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

Theological Consultant Ben Nguyen, JD/JCL. Editorial Staff Mary E. Cottingham Adel Rivera Madelyn Calvert Correspondents Luisa Buttler, Rebecca Esparza, Jessica Morrison, Emily Priolo, Luisa Scolari, Beth Wilson, Dayna Mazzei Worchel

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Fernandez, a Primary Montessori 1 student at Sacred Heart School in 16 Santiago Rockport, works on a math game inside the school's gym. The school, which reopened on Jan. 4 for the first time since Hurricane Harvey struck, is currently holding classes in four modular buildings. The gym currently serves as a cafeteria, administrative office and an area for indoor Physical Education classes if the weather is too cold.


Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

VIDA CATÓLICA 4 VIEWPOINTS 20 Acompañar a los que buscan a Renewing ourselves as a community of missionary disciples

VOCATIONS 6 Lent, an invitation for prayer and conversion

Jesús es objetivo del plan pastoral

NATIONAL NEWS 22 Bishops stand with 'Dreamers' as DACA battles continue

NEWS FROM THE DIOCESE THE VATICAN 10 Accompanying 25 people Be intentional about silence to find Jesus is the plan

NEWS BRIEFS 15 Students learn the art of a good handshake

during Mass

FAITH 27 OUR A holy family always puts God at the center

February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  3


Renewing ourselves as community of Most Reverend Michael Mulvey is bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

MISSIONARY DISCIPLES Bishop Michael Mulvey South Texas Catholic


n the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, we as the people of God in the Diocese of Corpus Christi began a process to develop a pastoral plan for the diocese. A pastoral plan is like a road map similar to the star the Magi saw that led them to Jesus. Over the next few months, together, we will discern in the light of the Holy Spirit and with the presence of Jesus among us, how God wants us to renew ourselves as a community of missionary disciples and by what means he wishes us to be his instruments in bringing the Good News to others. The pastoral plan will assist us to minister to the needs of those who have lost their way or have never known the beauty of God's love and his mercy. This pastoral discernment will be guided through listening sessions throughout the diocese. You will be invited to come to one of these sessions in your area. Additionally, you will be able to participate in a survey that will be available in the pews in your parish or online. I have already met with your pastors and with the priests of the diocese to orient them to what we hope to accomplish. However, your participation and support in this process to develop a pastoral plan is crucial. Pope Francis, in his apostolic letter “The Joy of the Gospel” encourages the whole Church to become mission oriented. The pope writes, “Pastoral ministry in a missionary key seeks to

abandon the complacent attitude that says, ‘We have always done it this way’. I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities.” I am very excited about the future of our missionary ministry in the Diocese of Corpus Christi. The pastoral planning discernment will give us—bishop, priests, deacons, consecrated men and women and laity—the opportunity to be together, to be unified in our one desire and effort to bring God's love and mercy to so many who long to meet him. As we prepare ourselves, I have surfaced five areas that can be a framework to our process. The first, is to understand ourselves as the Church in communion. The second, is to see the presbyter as the foundation of communion and evangelization in our parishes. The third, is to look at parish life and how we live together as a family in our parishes. The fourth, is the role of the laity, both in the Church and specifically in the world. And the fifth, is to examine our catechesis in evangelization processes and programs, such as religious and adult education programs and Catholic schools. I look forward to traveling this road together with you as the disciples on the road to Emmaus walked with Jesus; to accompany others to meet him as well. May our Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us as we embark in this journey to better serve her son.

➤The pastoral planning discernment will give us—bishop, priests, deacons, consecrated men and women and laity—the opportunity to be together, to be unified in our one desire and effort to bring God's love and mercy to so many who long to meet him. 4  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

• • • • • • • •

St. John Paul II hosts robotics competition Diocese offices, schools close due to inclement weather Catholic Daughters celebrate Feast of the Epiphany Students learn the art of a good handshake Bishops to launch ‘9 Days for Life’ campaign Chancellor will participate in MLK forum Centurions boys basketball turnaround is turning heads Eric Genuis in Concert to open Diocese Pastoral Planning Process • Garriga Middle School hosts STREAM Fair • Indiana parishioners provide relief' • Catholic leader offers condolences on death of Mormon president

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Father Romeo Salinas is Vocations Director for the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

Lent, an invitation for prayer and conversion Father Romeo Salinas



ames Akin, the Senior Apologist for Catholic Answers, defines Lent as the 40-day period before Easter, excluding Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. Lent is a period of prayer and fasting which we observe in imitation of Christ using a 40-day period of prayer and fasting “to prepare for the celebration of his ministry’s climax, Good Friday—the day of the crucifixion—and Easter Sunday—the day of the resurrection.” Quoting from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Akin says “‘For we have not a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tested as we are, yet without sinning (Heb 4:15)’. By the solemn 40 days of Lent the Church unites herself each year to the mystery of Jesus in the desert (CCC 540).” Lent is an invitation from Mother Church to prayer and conversion; it is an incentive for us to change and get closer to Jesus today, not tomorrow. Conversion in our families and in the world begins with us. We become a light; we witness Christ to others by example. We live the beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We recognize Christ in the least of our brethren and respond to their needs. Charity and mercy become an integral part of our behavior towards others. As St. Therese of Lisieux so often said, “No act of love is too small for God.” We must strive daily to get closer to Jesus. Lent affords us that opportunity, and we must remember that all we seek is in Jesus. St. Teresa of Avila reminds us “Blessed is the one who truly loves him and keeps him near. Love calls for love in return.” At Christmas, Jesus blessed us from his mother’s arms; during Lent, he blesses us from the cross. Lent is a good time to surrender all our past to Christ; let our Lord handle all; let go of all

6  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

evil, anger, condemnation of others, jealousy and all we never confessed; give all to Christ. We must renounce evil and temptation as Jesus did in his encounters with Satan in the desert. In sin, no one can be happy. We want to say no to things that have no value. This leaves us time to concentrate on wonderful practices that confer great graces; bring us closer to Christ; and help us learn to love with God’s love: an unconditional love that fills us with peace, joy and holiness, and places God first in our lives. Lent is so beautiful, because we are all working together to become closer to Jesus, to achieve conversion as we change our life practices to better emulate the example Jesus set for us to be gracious and merciful; slow to anger; rich in kindness; relenting in punishment (Joel 2:12-18). As a Church, we are given so many opportunities to turn to God and open our hearts to him together. Begin everything at Lent. Start now. Begin with baby steps, for prayer life begins with a little prayer. Just start on Ash Wednesday, and add a little at a time. What kind of effort and participation can we make a daily practice during Lent, and hopefully continue after Lent, to become closer to Christ? All the practices that comprise Lenten sacrifice are already in place and reward us with great graces. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Fasting and prayer Daily Mass Confession and penance Holy Communion Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Daily rosary Daily reading of Scripture Daily prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory 9. Gaining indulgences for ourselves or other deceased

together to become closer to Jesus, to achieve conversion as we change our life practices to better emulate the example Jesus . . . Starting each day with the Fatima Sacrifice Prayer and offering up an action or some suffering in a spirit of sacrifice. “Oh, my Jesus, I offer this for love of thee, For the conversion of sinners, And in reparation for the sins Committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” With prayer and fasting, we resist Satan and all evil and all he wants to destroy in our lives. With prayer, God enters our hearts, and we become open to God’s will. As we do his will, we achieve the holiness which is within our reach. God enters our hearts and places in them a desire for heaven, for salvation and for eternity. Jesus allowed St. Faustina Kowalska many visions in her lifetime, all of which were recorded in her diary, together with conversations she had with Christ regarding his great love and unfathomable divine mercy which he held for all souls. In one vision (Notebook I, sec. 153) she

describes two roads she saw. One was broad, covered with flowers and all sorts of pleasures. People walked and danced along this easy path, and when they reached the end of the road without realizing it, they fell over a horrible precipice into the abyss of hell. The other road she saw was a narrow, rocky path strewn with thorns and rocks, and all the people walking this path suffered greatly. Yet, at the road’s end lay a magnificent garden filled with great happiness and all these souls entered there. Which road do we travel in our lives? Are we journeying for unbelief to faith, and from sin to salvation gained in the death of Christ? In another vision Jesus gave to St. Faustina (Notebook I, sec. 446) she saw the Lord nailed to the cross. Many others hung on crosses crucified like him. A second group of people were not nailed to their crosses, but carried them firmly in their hands. A third group dragged their crosses behind them in discontent. Jesus said to her, “Those who are like me in the pain and contempt they suffer will be like me also in glory.

And those who resemble me less in pain and contempt will also bear less resemblance to me in glory.” How do we carry our own crosses? Do we clutch them tightly to our hearts, with joy, patience and love or do we carry them with anger and impatience, dragging them in the mud? Let us resolve during this Lenten season to carry our crosses with patience and love, understanding the merits we gain through our suffering, and offering that suffering to Christ on his cross. We must surrender totally to God: love Him with all our heart, mind and soul; love our neighbors as ourselves; have God in the first place in our lives; pray with our hearts; decide completely for God; receive sacraments we have not received; remember always that our first vocation is holiness (doing God’s will), and that holiness brings the salvation for which Christ died to gain for us. Sweet Jesus, make us worthy of your love and mercy and of the salvation you wrought for us on the cross.

February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  7


➤Lent is so beautiful, because we are all working


Sisters of Providence bid Sister Barbara Bluntzer, SP Contributor


oodbye, Sister Barbara!” “God bless you.” “We will miss you, Sister.” All these greetings I heard recently as I took leave of friends and relatives after 31 years of ministry in the Diocese of Corpus Christi. In late December, I returned to the motherhouse in the midwest, thus ending 71 years of service to the Diocese of Corpus Christi by my community, the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-theWoods, Indiana. Their service in the diocese came about when Msgr. George Scecina built a convent and school at St. John Nepomucene Parish in Robstown and petitioned the Superior General in Indiana to send sisters to teach there. In January l946, four Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana arrived in Robstown to open the school, and to provide religious instruction to the young people of St. John’s and of St. Frances of Rome in Agua Dulce. Over the years, they built a high school that closed its doors in l970, after 16 years of existence and after graduating 320 students. The grade school continued serving the area until l986. The old high school was eventually moved to serve as the Knights of Columbus Hall on Hidalgo Street. Besides the years of staffing the school, the 70 sisters who came to South Texas to teach in the grade and high school there, also spent Saturday mornings instructing the children in Violet and Clarkwood. In the years following Vatican II, other ministries evolved and sisters began the Pastoral Institute, worked in the Marriage Tribunal, taught at Archbishop Oscar Romero 8  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

Middle School and Corpus Christi College Academy, directed the Office of Worship and were DREs at various local parishes, including, St. Theresa, Most Precious Blood, St. Pius X all in Corpus Christi, and at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Portland. In these ministries, the sisters were involved in education, prayer and hospitality; continuing the work of the congregation “that by their service, making visible and tangible God’s providential care for all people.” This the community has been doing this for 177 years in Taiwan, Peru and across the United States. How did this record of service to the people begin? Going back to the beginning, in 1839 the Bishop of Vincennes, Indiana requested sisters from France to come and establish a novitiate, and staff a boarding school for the young pioneer girls in his diocese. Six sisters from the diocese of Le Mans, France volunteered to answer that call, and eventually they came by ship, train, buggy and riverboat on a three-month journey toward the forests of Indiana. On Oct. 22, 1840 as the buggy took them on the last few miles of their journey, Mother Theodore Guerin remarked, “It is astonishing that this remote solitude has been chosen for a novitiate and especially for an academy… all appearances are against it.” One hundred and fifty years after she died in May 1856 Mother Theodore was canonized a saint. As the buggy came to a stop, the priest remarked, “Come down, sisters, we have arrived.” Shocked that the promised school building was not in sight, nor a place of residence for the six sisters and the four young ladies who wished to join them, the group paid a visit to the small chapel

Sister Barbara Bluntzer, SP which served as a parish church, and prayed for strength to embark on this new mission. Fortunately, a nearby farm family welcomed the group of 10 women, and shared their meager dwelling with them for several months until other arrangements were made for housing. Their task was to carry on the work begun by their founder, Father JacquesFrançois Dujarié in l806: to educate children, to visit the sick, poor and prisoners. In Indiana, led by Mother Theodore, their task was also to “honor Divine Providence by works of love, mercy and justice.” The small community relied on God’s Providence throughout the years of struggle to establish the academy and go out to those in need. Today, many of the community’s present ministries are inspired by Vatican II,


f arewell after 71 years to follow services different from teaching in traditional classrooms. “Although our works of love, mercy and justice have become more diverse, the concept of education remains a constant Realizing that knowledge is power, we continue, both as a Congregation and as individuals, to seek and find new paths to knowledge and enlightenment and justice for the people with whom we work, and for ourselves as

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we journey with them,” reads their Book of Practices. In 2007, the community began a relationship with women and men who wished to become Providence Associates, thus being connected with the congregation. In November, the 10th Year Anniversary of the Providence Associates was celebrated. At present there are 268 committed persons, with candidates who are preparing

to become associates next fall. In the Diocese of Corpus Christi, three persons have professed their commitment to partner—in their place of employment —with the congregation in works of love, mercy and justice. Each Associate is a blessing to the community of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, which continues to be a light and example for all.

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Prayer for Our Pastoral Planning Good and gracious Father, All that we have comes from You and we give you praise! As we enter this time of discernment in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, we seek your guidance and wisdom that we all may become one in the Body of Christ, a refuge where all are welcomed in Jesus’ name. Pour forth your Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds that the joy of the Gospel might transform us to be missionary disciples with your vision to see fresh possibilities in bringing the Good News to your people, especially to those who have lost their way or have never known the beauty of your love and mercy. By listening to your Spirit and to one another, grant us the insight to be bold and creative in developing a pastoral plan that will achieve the new evangelization. Living as missionary disciples, may we always be a sign of faith, hope and charity. May we use your many gifts to serve the marginalized, sustain the poor, give hope to the sick, comfort the suffering, strengthen the family, hand on the faith to our young people, and build unity and communion in our parishes and diocese. In all we do may we bring you greater glory. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, and the protection of St. Joseph, may we be of one mind and one spirit working together through our pastoral plan to build up your Kingdom. We ask all these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen 10  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

Accompanying p Alfredo E. Cárdenas


South Texas Catholic

n his Apostolic Exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis encourages “the Christian faithful to embark upon a new chapter of evangelization.” A chapter, the pope said, that is stamped by the joy found in Scripture, and which will lay out “new paths for the Church’s journey in years to come.” That is the intent and hope of the new pastoral planning process in which the Diocese of Corpus Christi has embarked. “The pastoral plan will assist us to minister to the needs of those who have lost their way or have never known the beauty of God's love and his mercy,” Bishop Michael Mulvey said in his announcement of the pastoral planning process made on the Feast of the Epiphany. Referring to the Holy Father’s exhortation, Bishop Mulvey said that the response “We have always done it this way,” would not be acceptable in developing the new pastoral plan of the diocese. In a retreat with diocesan staff in December, the bishop said that Pope Francis, since his installation, has been encouraging the whole church to be mission oriented. Especially us at the diocesan level, Bishop Mulvey told diocesan staff, adding that they should not see their office as coming to work, “it is to come to the mission office.” To be a part of this mission of bringing Christ to others. The planning process goal is to make clear what “we are here for,” the bishop said. “Pope Francis has spoken on a number of instances of people coming to our parishes and finding an institution,” Bishop Mulvey said. The response is usually something like, “Here are the rules, here are the class times, here are the requirements.” “Nobody that walked up to Jesus heard those things,” the bishop said. “Pope Francis is calling us not to put up roadblocks. His word is ‘accompanying’ people. Don’t just throw up requirements, walk with them, accompany them.” The second part of the planning process is to look at the structures in parishes, schools and in the chancery and make sure they “correspond to the spirit of Jesus.” It is not so much about structures,


people to find Jesus is the plan he said, it is about focusing the spirit of bringing Jesus to others. “Listen to people who have a wisdom for life,” he told the staff. The third area in the planning process is to look at the methods used to “evangelize people in our communities.” The bishop said there is going to be a lot of work, but the idea is “to be able to reach out to the world that we live in.” The current Pastoral Plan of the diocese was adopted in 2009 and has become outdated, requiring new approaches to achieving the evangelization the Holy Father has been calling for, at times in colorful language. “An evangelizing community gets involved by word and deed in people’s daily lives; it bridges distances, it is willing to abase itself if necessary, and it embraces human

Town Hall Meetings 6-6:30 p.m. – Social (Light Refreshments) 6:30-9 p.m. – Town Hall Meeting Feb. 19 Sites: St. Joseph Church, Beeville English St. Joseph Church, Alice English and Spanish Holy Family Church, Corpus Christi Spanish Feb. 20 Sites: St. Martin of Tours, Kingsville Spanish St. Gertrude Church, Kingsville English Ss.. Cyril and Methodius Church, Corpus Christi English

life, touching the suffering flesh of Christ in others. Evangelizers thus take on the ‘smell of the sheep’ and the sheep are willing to hear their voice,” the pope said in the “The Joy of the Gospel”. During the last year, Bishop Mulvey has met with the priests of the diocese on a number of occasions to discuss how to move forward with the Holy Father’s pleas for the New Evangelization. Bishop Mulvey’s desire for the pastoral planning is to—in the words of Pope Francis—“invite everyone to be bold and creative in…rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities.” The diocese has set up an online page ( on its website to keep the faithful up to date on the planning process . This page includes the video shown at all Masses on Jan. 6-7, a podcast of the video, a pastoral planning prayer, a calendar of upcoming pastoral planning events and a sign-in form to be kept abreast of latest developments. Other important elements of the planning process, such as a survey form, will be made available at parishes and online as they become available. The formal kick off of the Pastoral Planning will be on Saturday, Feb. 3, with a concert performance at the Cathedral with Eric Genuis. The concert will begin after the 5:30 p.m. Vigil Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Mulvey. Genuis is a world-renowned pianist, composer and inspirational speaker. The pastoral plan will address areas such as evangelization, catechesis, worship, family life, vocations, youth and stewardship, as well as parish life. A number of town hall meetings will be held throughout the diocese on Feb. 19 and 20 to afford the laity an opportunity to provide their ideas. The idea is to prioritize the plan elements for three to five years. After all the input has been received, a leadership team will put it all together.“It’s not going to happen overnight,” Bishop Mulvey said. “We can do this.” February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  11

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Esai Lozano, 15, talks with Father Julian Cabrera, pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Alice, about the chalice and paten gifted to him by his parents and the community.

Chalice of love and dedication

Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

Rebecca Esparza

E Correspondent

sai Lozano was just 10-yearsold when a career day assignment at school helped him realize what he wanted to do when he grew up. In his heart, he knew he wanted to become a Catholic priest someday. The fourth grader did not mind being the only priest, among a sea of police officers, doctors

and teachers. In the five years since that day, his love and dedication for the Church has blossomed and he is more serious than ever about dedicating his life to serving God as a priest. “I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to the Church,” Esai said. “Church is the place I feel most comfortable. Every time I’m not

at church, I feel different. When I’m at church, I feel whole.” A typical Sunday for Esai starts at 5:30 a.m., as he prepares as an altar server for his first Mass at 7 a.m. He serves one Mass every Sunday at each parish in Alice—Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph. Sonya Guerra Lozano and Rene Lozano, February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  13


Esai’s parents, recently presented him with a chalice and paten during a Mass celebrating his 15th birthday at Our Lady of Guadalupe. If he does become a priest, he will use the chalice and paten at his first Mass as an ordained priest, and if he gets married, he and his wife will give them to the priest who witnesses their sacrament of marriage. “I was so surprised! I felt such happiness and joy,” Esai said, recalling his special birthday. Sonya Lozano said she saw an article on social media about something similar being done for a baby being baptized in Mexico, which gave her the idea to turn it into a way to celebrate her son’s milestone birthday. “I know girls have a quinceañera to celebrate their 15th, but nothing is really done for boys. I thought this sounded like a beautiful tradition to start; to not only commemorate their introduction to adulthood, but to encourage vocations in the priesthood,” she said. “I’ve had

Alice altar server Esai Lozano stores the chalice and paten given to him commemorating his 15th birthday. Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic 14  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

several other moms tell me they want to do the same for their sons, which makes me happy.” The Lozanos have the love and support of the community, as four ladies within the church came forward to serve as madrinas, or sponsors, for Esai’s gift of the chalice and paten. They are Rose Espinoza, Jesusa Sanchez, Connie Rodriguez and Carmela Garza. “This is a great way to support Esai in whatever he decides to do with his life,” Father Julian Cabrera, pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church said. “As long as he keeps Christ at the center of his life, whether he gets married or God is calling him to be a priest, we have a community here ready to support him.” Father Cabrera added he hopes today’s youth are open to considering a life dedicated to the Church. “Just because you are discerning becoming a religious, doesn’t mean you will actually become a priest or a nun, but we ask

our young people to at least be open to the calling,” he said. Esai said he hopes his time as a priest is spent in a community parish much like Our Lady of Guadalupe, focusing his ministry on youth. “The youth are the future. I want to work on finding ways to get them more involved with Church,” he said. “I’ve even started now, by inviting my friends from school to church.” Sonya Lozano explained that although she and her husband Rene wholeheartedly support their son in his quest to become a priest, some people have asked how she can accept the fact she will not become a grandmother someday if her only child joins the priesthood. “I never thought I was going to be a mother. I had five miscarriages and it took a lot of prayers to simply have Esai. I want what is God’s will for my son,” she said. “Esai doesn’t belong to me, but he belongs to God.”


Students learn the art of a good handshake Raul Altamirano Contributor

In today's day and age, it is not uncommon to see most peoples' eyes focused on their cell phone screens like they are under a deep hypnotic trance. For Middle Level students at Incarnate Word Academy, the goal of the Amazing Angel Shake Competition has been to bring social skills, professionalism, and a good handshake back to the forefront of interpersonal interaction. Forty Angels put their business etiquette and professionalism skills to the test on Jan. 6 during the first and second rounds of the Amazing Angel Shake Competition in front of 17 community judges. “The goal is to prepare IWA students so they are able to present themselves with poise, charisma, and of course, the perfect handshake that will prepare them for opportunities today as well as those that will come in the future,” IWA Middle Level Assistant Principal Marci Levings said. Throughout the first half of the school year, Middle Level students engaged with guest speakers and business professionals as they prepared to compete in the Amazing Shake National Competition sponsored by the Ron Clark Academy. The Amazing Shake Competition places an emphasis on

Members of the St. John Paul II High School robotics team are, from left, Joseph Norman, Marysa McAllister, Corey Landa, Christian McAllister and Adrian Perez (not pictured). Contributed photo

St. John Paul II hosts robotics competition

St. John Paul II High School hosted and competed in a VEX robotics competition. Schools from all over Texas, from Houston to Eagle Pass, participated in the competition. While the Centurion’s robotics team did not place in the competition, they were nominated for the Excellence Award and chosen to be a teammate with a semi-finalist team for the opportunity to compete in the semi-finals.

Incarnate Word Academy sixth grader, Diego Roberts (left) shakes hands with KEDT President and General Manager, Don Dunlap. Raul Altamirano for South Texas Catholic

teaching students’ manners, discipline, respect and professional conduct. Prior to the competition, students learned the nuances of professional human interaction and were taught skills such as how to give a proper handshake, socially interact with individuals and remain composed under pressure.

Robstown Mission celebrates annual pageant

St. Mary’s Mission in Robstown celebrated its annual Christmas Pageant, “Christmas is in the Heart”, before the Vigil Mass on Dec. 24, 2017. Katie Molina played the part of the angel Gabriel. Mary was played my Denise Navarro, while Christian Martinez played Joseph, both of whom are high school confirmation students. Soloist Anyssa Gomez sang “O Holy Night,” as the angels danced. Christian Martinez (Joseph) sang a solo to “Joseph Lullaby” by Mercy Me, as Mary traveled along the aisle with the baby Jesus. Two young girls, Angelina Guerra and Bianca Bosques, sang to “Hush There's a Baby,” while K3-K5 students danced to the song. The parish youth group participated in the orchestrated Christmas music sharing their music talent with instruments and singing. Narrators were Abel Herrero and his daughter Andrea Herrero.   Father John Patterson SOLT, celebrated Mass with the Deacon Emilio Flores assisting.

Michael Navarro played the role of the lead shepherd leading the others to the Star of Bethlehem. Contributed photo February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  15

Classes have resumed at Sacred Heart School in Rockport. The original school building was destroyed during last August's hurricane, but school officials have obtained several portable buildings for temporary classrooms. Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

Sacred Heart School reopens after devastating hurricane Rebecca Esparza

G Correspondent

age Tyler, 9, is thrilled to be back home at Sacred Heart School. Since Hurricane Harvey destroyed his old school in Rockport on Aug. 25 of last year, both Gage and his twin sister Mia have attended school at Ss. Cyril and Methodius School in Corpus Christi. On Jan. 4, the faculty, staff and children from Sacred Heart

16  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

School returned for classes in Rockport, with school held in modular buildings and the old Activity Center/Gym. Before Hurricane Harvey hit, 146 children were enrolled at Sacred Heart. As of Jan. 4, 90 have returned for classes in 2018. “It’s nice to be back home, but I miss my old school and my old classroom. The best part about being back is seeing my old friends and teachers again,” Gage said. “I missed my

for internet access. These issues are out of our control, so we will be patient. Thankfully, our staff and our parents have all been wonderful.” Some teachers’ workbooks were destroyed and must be reordered. The school’s entire collection of 9,000 library books was also destroyed in the storm. However, the school’s computers were spared, along with the students’ desks and chairs. Father Ray Yrlas, pastor of Sacred Heart Church, said he is extremely proud of Principal Barnes, the teachers and staff, who worked together to make sure the school was able to re-open the first week of January. “Just the other day, one of our generators failed to work and so two classrooms could not be powered,” Father Yrlas said. “I asked one of the teachers, ‘How are you going to handle the situation?’ She answered me: ‘With a smile.’” Although Father Yrlas noted there is no timetable for when Sacred Heart School might be rebuilt, parishioners, parents, schoolchildren and staff are all hopeful about the future. “We have had great obstacles and challenges,


friends a lot.” School staff started moving boxes from the old school back in December. Once the modular buildings were ready, they moved supplies into each building, Kathy Barnes, principal at Sacred Heart School said. Everyday they did as much as they could. The work to prepare the school for opening by January required a lot of sacrifices from the staff, Barnes added, noting that December was “brutally cold and we were here working in freezing temperatures with no power.” The school received generators a few days after classes began. Power is still being repaired in that area of town. Another area of top priority for the school is to build a secure fence around the new school site. Until then, off-duty police officers patrol the grounds throughout the school day. “There are a few little inconveniences we will continue to work around,” Barnes said. “Besides not having electricity yet, we also have no telephones, so we are dependent on our individual cell phones. We’ve brought in a wireless hot-spot

Sacred Heart School's third grade class of Sabina Boet does some hands-on learning during a STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, math) project. Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  17


Students from Sacred Heart School in Rockport returned to class on Jan. 4, for the first time since Hurricane Harvey devastated the area last August. Here, first grader Cameron Taylor works on math problems with the assistance of teacher's aide Lupita Garza. Rebecca Esparza for South Texas Catholic

but the attitude of the school staff is so positive that we are getting things done,” Father Yrlas said. “The children have a great educational and spiritual environment here at the new, temporary Sacred Heart School. Words cannot truly capture how much we appreciate the support that we have been given by Bishop (Michael) Mulvey and the staff in the Construction Department of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.” The outpouring of support not only from the local community, but also from Catholic schools nationwide, has helped the Sacred Heart family heal from the overwhelming changes they have endured over the last five months. Barnes said donations from throughout the nation have helped students with supplies. “There’s one Catholic school in Houma, Louisiana, St. Francis de Sales School, who wanted to do something special for each one of our 104 families. They sent a cookbook with a $50 gift card to a home improvement store for each family at our school,” Barnes noted. “They had

18  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

also been through a storm and knew exactly what kind of gifts would have the most impact.” One Catholic school sent $11,000 for staff and teachers at Sacred Heart School who lost their homes in the hurricane. “The destruction to our school was just unbelievable. But the people who have been there to support us all through this tragedy has truly been amazing,” she said. “It was particularly heartbreaking seeing the damage to our school because we put a lot of work into making everything look beautiful. We worked so hard all summer on the school, because we were up for accreditation in the fall.” Barnes said she believes her staff, parents and even the schoolchildren will come out of this tragedy stronger and more faithful. “We are going to make it. Things are dramatically different now. But hopefully, in a couple of years, we might have a new school: something positive, coming from something so tragic,” she said.

February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  19


Nuestra oración por Planificación Pastoral El bien y el bondadoso Padre, Todo lo que tenemos viene de Ti y te bendigo! Al entrar en este tiempo de discernimiento en la diócesis de Corpus Christi, buscamos su guía y sabiduría que todos podemos llegar a ser uno en el Cuerpo de Cristo, un refugio donde todos son bienvenidos en nombre de Jesús. Derramar su Espíritu Santo en nuestros corazones y mentes que la alegría del Evangelio nos puede transformar para ser discípulos misioneros con su visión de ver nuevas posibilidades de llevar la Buena Nueva a su gente, especialmente a aquellos que han perdido su camino o nunca han conocido la belleza de su amor y misericordia. Al escuchar a su espíritu y el uno al otro, nos conceda la visión de ser audaz y creativo en el desarrollo de un plan pastoral que permitirá alcanzar la nueva evangelización. Vivir como discípulos misioneros, que siempre puede ser un signo de la fe, la esperanza y la caridad. Podemos utilizar sus muchos dones para servir a los marginados, sostener a los pobres, dar esperanza a los enfermos, los que sufren la comodidad, fortalecer la familia, transmitir la fe a nuestros jóvenes, y construir la unidad y la comunión en nuestras parroquias y diócesis. En todo lo que hacemos le podemos dar mayor gloria. A través de la intercesión de la Virgen María, nuestra Madre, y la protección de San José, que podamos ser de una mente y un espíritu de trabajo conjunto a través de nuestro plan pastoral para construir se Unido. Pedimos a todas estas cosas en el nombre de Jesús, nuestro Señor. Amén 20  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

Acompañar a los que b Alfredo E. Cárdenas


South Texas Catholic

l objetivo de el proceso de planificación pastoral es poner en claro porque “estamos aquí”, dijo el obispo Michael Mulvey de Corpus Christi a el personal diocesano que se reunió para un retiro en diciembre. “El Papa Francisco ha hablado de una serie de casos de personas que vienen a nuestras parroquias y se encuentran con una institución,” dijo el Obispo Mulvey. La respuesta es generalmente algo como, “Aquí están las reglas, aquí están los horarios de clase, aquí están los requisitos.” “Nadie que se acercó a Jesús, oyó esas cosas”, dijo el obispo. “Francisco nos llama a no poner barricadas. Su palabra es ‘acompañando’ personas. No se limite a dar requisitos, caminen con ellos, acompañarlos”. En su Exhortación Apostólica “La Alegría del Evangelio,” Francisco alienta “a los fieles cristianos para invitarlos a una nueva etapa evangelizadora…” El Papa dijo que está sellado por la alegría que se encuentra en la Escritura, y que sentará “caminos para la marcha de la Iglesia en los próximos años”. Esa es la intención y la esperanza del nuevo proceso de planificación pastoral en la que la Diócesis de Corpus Christi se ha embarcado. “El plan pastoral nos ayudará a atender a las necesidades de aquellos que han perdido su camino o nunca han conocido la belleza del amor de Dios y su misericordia”, dijo el Obispo Mulvey en su anuncio del proceso de planificación pastoral emitido en la fiesta de la Epifanía. En referencia a la exhortación del Santo Padre, el Obispo Mulvey dijo que nuestra respuesta, “Siempre hemos hecho de esta manera,” no será aceptable en la elaboración del nuevo plan pastoral de la diócesis. En el retiro con el personal diocesano en diciembre, el obispo dijo que Francisco, desde su instalación, ha dicho que el fomento de toda la iglesia será orientada a misión. Especialmente en el nivel diocesano, el obispo Mulvey dijo, añadiendo que no deben ver a su cargo como venir a trabajar, sino “que es llegar a la oficina Ayudenos a Prevenir el Abuso Financiero La Diócesis de Corpus Christi por medio de la recomendación del Concilio Diocesano de Finanzas y el Concilio Presbiteral han llevado su dedicación mas allá para la buena administración y responsabilidad nanciera en nombre de donantes generosos al instituir un “hotline” para reportar el abuso nanciero. La Diócesis de Corpus Christi ha seleccionado un tercer partido independiente, La Red, para proporcionarle a usted con una manera para reportar anónima y condencialmente el abuso nanciero e fraude. Los empleados, los parroquianos, los voluntarios, los vendedores, y otros partidos interesados estan impulsados para reportar las preocupaciones que tengan respeto a la conducta de påca ética nanciera dentro de la Diócese de Corpus Christi. Todas las investigaciones serán tradas inmediatamente y discretamente. Personas que llamen tienen el derecho de mantenerse anónimas.

Llamada 1-877-571-9748

de la misión”. Para ser parte de esta misión de llevar a Cristo a los demás. El proceso de planificación es revisar las estructuras en las parroquias, las escuelas, en la cancillería y asegurarse de que “se corresponden con el espíritu de Jesús”. No se trata tanto de estructuras, dijo el obispo, se trata del espíritu de llevar a Jesús a los demás en lo que queremos enfocar. “Escuchar a las personas que tienen una sabiduría de la vida”, le dijo al personal. Otra área en el proceso de planificación es revisar a los métodos utilizados para “evangelizar a las personas en nuestras comunidades”. El obispo dijo que va a haber mucho trabajo, pero la idea es “ser capaz de ayudar al mundo en que vivimos”. El actual Plan Pastoral de la diócesis fue adoptado en 2009 se ha convertido en obsoleto, y requiere nuevos enfoques para lograr la evangelización que el Santo Padre ha pedido, a veces en un lenguaje colorido. “La comunidad evangelizadora se mete con obras y gestos en la vida cotidiana de los demás, achica distancias, se abaja hasta la humillación si es necesario, y asume la vida humana, tocando la carne sufriente de Cristo en el pueblo. Los evangelizadores tienen así «olor a oveja» y éstas escuchan su voz”, dijo el Papa en la “La Alegría del Evangelio”. Durante el año pasado, el Obispo Mulvey se ha reunido con los sacerdotes de la diócesis en varias ocasiones para discutir cómo avanzar con súplicas del Santo Padre para la Nueva Evangelización. El deseo del Obispo Mulvey para la planificación pastoral es, en las palabras del Papa Francisco, “Invitó a todos a ser audaces y creativos en esta tarea de repensar los objetivos, las estructuras, el estilo y los métodos evangelizadores de las propias comunidades”. La diócesis ha puesto en marcha una página en su sitio web ( para mantener a los fieles informados en el proceso de planificación. Esta página incluye el video que fue presentado en todas las misas de el 6 y 7 de enero, un podcast de el vídeo, una oración para la planificación pastoral, un calendario de los próximos eventos de la planificación pastoral y un inicio de sesión de forma para mantenerse al corriente de las últimas novedades. Otros elementos importantes del proceso de

planificación, como un formulario de encuesta, estarán disponibles en las parroquias y en el internet a medida que estén disponibles. La iniciación formal de la Planificación Pastoral será el sábado, 3 de febrero, con un concierto en la catedral con Eric Genuis. El concierto se iniciará después de la misa Vigilia de 05:30 cuál será celebrada por el Obispo Mulvey. Genuis es un pianista de renombre mundial, compositor, orador y motivador. El plan pastoral abordará áreas como la evangelización, la catequesis, el culto, la vida familiar, las vocaciones, la juventud y la administración, así como la vida parroquial. Tres reuniones en el ayuntamiento se llevarán a cabo en español, inclusivo el 19 de febrero por las seis de la tarde en la iglesia de San Jose en Alice y la iglesia de la Sagrada Familia en Corpus Christi. También, a la misma hora, el 20 de febrero en la iglesia de San Martín de Tours en Kingsville. Laicos tendrán la oportunidad de ofrecer a sus ideas. Después de que se haya recibido toda la entrada, un equipo de liderazgo va a poner todo junto. La idea es dar prioridad a los elementos del plan de tres a cinco años. “No va a suceder de la noche a la mañana”, dijo el Obispo Mulvey. “Pero si podemos hacerlo”.

“Con Permiso”

Programa de Radio en Español en KLUX 89.5 HD-1 y “Listen Live” en Domingos a las 7:30 a.m. con el P. Julian Cabrera y Gloria Romero

Obispo Michael Mulvey y el personal de la Oficina de un Ambiente Seguro y de Servicios para Niños y Familia se comprometen a ayudar en el proceso de curación de las víctimas y sobrevivientes de abuso. Si usted o alguien que usted conoce está en necesidad de estos servicios, llame a Stephanie Bonilla, Director de la Oficina de un Ambiente Seguro y de Servicios para Niños y Familia: (361) 693-6686 (oficina) ó (361) 658-8652 (celular) para asistencia inmediata.

Oficina de un Ambiente Seguro y de Servicios para Niños y Familia February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  21


buscan a Jesús es objetivo del plan pastoral


Bishops stand with 'Dreamers' as DACA battles continue


Catholic News Agency

years, these young people have been atholic leaders have living in and enriching the United responded to developStates in many ways. They are conments in the legal battle tributors to our economy, veterans over the DACA program, of our military, academic standouts including a court order in our universities, and leaders in maintaining legal protecour parishes and communities. They tions for undocumented youth, known as and their families deserve certainty, “Dreamers,” and a presidential commitcompassion, generosity and justice.” ment to legislative support for them. Vasquez also called for financially U.S. District Judge William Alsap’s sound, effective, and safe measures Jan. 9 order temporarily blocks President to strengthen national security at the Trump’s attempt to phase out the DACA US border. program, which was initiated by President “Our teaching acknowledges Obama in 2012. Nearly 690,000 undocand respects the right of sovereign umented immigrants are beneficiaries of nations to control their borders,” he the DACA program. wrote. “However, we caution against While President Trump has worked to introducing unrelated, unnecessary phase out the program, he has also called or controversial elements of immifor a legislative solution to resolve the gration policy—especially those that immigration status of DACA recipients. jeopardize the sanctity of families In a televised meeting with bipartisan Bishop Joe Vasquez, chairman of the USCCB or unaccompanied children—into lawmakers, President Trump said that he Committee on Migration the bipartisan search for a just and hopes to reach a solution for DACA reciphumane solution for the Dreamers.” ients with a “bill of love.” The Minnesota Catholic ConferIn a Jan.10 statement, Bishop Joe Vasquez, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Migration, ence recently organized a postcard campaign urging lawmakers wrote that bishops are “encouraged by the consensus that emerged to support bipartisan legislation that “protects the dignity of from yesterday’s White House meeting that Congress and the every human being,” particularly the “immigrant youth who President should move expeditiously to craft and enact legisla- entered the United States as children and know America as tion that would provide urgently needed relief for Dreamers. For their only home.” Other Catholic organizations have organized 22  South Texas Catholic | February 2018


similar campaigns. “As a nation, we have a moral and humanitarian obligation to Dreamers,” Vasquez wrote. In a recent column, Archbishop José Gomez expressed concern for the estimated 125,000 DACA recipients who live within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, all of whom could face deportation when the program ends in March. “It would be cruel to punish them for the wrongs of their parents, deporting them to countries of origin that they have never seen, where they may not even know the language,” Archbishop Gomez wrote. The archbishop called for systematic immigration reform, explaining that most DACA recipients have not experienced a healthy U.S. immigration system in their lifetime. “This debate is passionate and partisan, as it should be. Systematic reform of our

immigration policy is absolutely vital to Immigrants rights activists. our nation’s future. And we need to have Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Shutterstock this conversation. But Congress needs to separate the conversation about DACA from these larger issues.” Deportation of DACA recipients, Gomez said, “would lead to a humanitarian crisis.” The DACA program postponed deportation of undocumented immigrants under the age of 30, who had been brought to the U.S. before the age of 16 and lived in the U.S. since June 2007. DACA participants are eligible to apply for work permits, obtain social security numbers, and, in most cases, apply for a driver’s license. In 2017, a group of business leaders explained that if DACA recipients were deported, “our economy would lose $460.3 billion from the national GDP and $24.6 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions.” February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  23


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Lenten Penance Service/ Servicio de Penitencia March 14 7 pm Palm Sunday/Domingo de Ramos March 25, 2018 Vigil Mass – Saturday April 8 5 pm Mass: 7 am, 9 am, 11 am, 12:45 pm, 5 pm, 7:30 pm Holy Thursday/Jueves Santo March 29, 2018 Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing 7 pm Santa Misa de la Cena del Señor y Lavado de Pies Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 8:30 pm – 11:45 pm Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento

Night Prayer/Oración Nocturna

11:45 pm – 12 am

Good Friday/Viernes Santo March 30, 2018 Live Stations of the Cross – Gospel Drama 11 am Vía Crucis en Vivo – Drama Evangélico Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 3 pm Celebración de la Pasión del Señor Holy Saturday/Sábado de Gloria Easter Vigil Mass

March 31, 2018 8 pm

Easter Sunday/Domingo de Pascua April 1, 2018 Mass: 7 am, 9 am, 11 am, 12:45 pm, 5 pm, 7:30 pm

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Pope Francis speaks during the General Audience on Jan. 10. Daniel Ibañez, Catholic News Agency

Be intentional about silence during Mass


Catholic News Agency

or not speak.

ope Francis says that moments of silence in the Mass should be intentional times of prayer, recollection and communion with God, rather than being viewed as times to just be quiet

“Silence is not reduced to the absence of words, but (is) the availability to listen to other voices: that of our heart and, above all, the voice of the Holy Spirit,” the pope said. In silence, then, we discover “the importance of listening to our soul and then opening it to the Lord.”

Continuing his general audience catechesis on the topic of the Mass, Pope Francis reflected on the nature of the different moments of silence found within the celebration, especially in the recitation of the collect. The collect, which is prayed after the Gloria, or if the Gloria is omitted, following the Penitential February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  25


“Silence is not reduced to the absence of words, but (is) the availability to listen to other voices: that of our heart and, above all, the voice of the Holy Spirit,” Pope Francis. Act, is a short prayer which goes from praise to supplication, and is generally inspired from the day’s Scripture passages, the pope said. This prayer, which varies according to the day and time in which the Mass is being said, begins with the priest saying to the people, “Let us pray,” followed by a brief silence. Pope Francis said “I strongly recommend priests observe this moment of silence, which without wanting to, we risk neglecting.” In this moment the congregation is exhorted to come together in silence, to become aware of the presence of God, and to bring out, “each one in his own heart, the personal intentions with which he participates in Mass.” “Perhaps we come from days of toil, of joy, of sorrow and we want to tell the Lord, to invoke his help, to ask that he be near us; we

have family members and friends who are ill or who are going through difficult trials; we wish to entrust to God the fate of the Church and the world. “For this we need the brief silence beforehand, that the priest, gathering the intentions of each one, expresses in a loud voice to God, in the name of all, the common prayer that concludes the rites of introduction, making, indeed, a ‘collection’ of individual intentions,” Pope Francis said. These silences are written right into the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the pope pointed out. There it says that in the Penitential Act and again after the invitation to pray, everyone is supposed to spend a moment in recollection. And in the silences following a reading or the homily, everyone is called to meditate

briefly on what they have heard. After Communion they should praise and pray to God in their hearts. The Gloria, another kind of prayer, is either recited or sung before the collect on Sundays—except during Lent and Advent—and on feasts and solemnities. Here, “the feelings of praise that run through the hymn are intertwined with the confident pleading of divine benevolence, to end with the Trinitarian doxology, which characterizes the whole liturgical celebration,” he said. The recitation or singing of the Gloria, the pope emphasized, “constitutes an opening of the earth to heaven.” By meditating on the prayers of the Mass, the Liturgy can become for us, the pope concluded, a “true school of prayer.”

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26  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

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Msgr. Roger R. Smith is pastor of St. Patrick Church in Corpus Christi and Vicar for Priests for the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

A holy family always puts God at the center Msgr. Roger R. Smith

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he Church offers to us the example of the most holy family that ever existed—the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What peace, joy and love must have reigned in that family even despite all the challenges they faced: poverty, persecution, being aliens in a foreign land, the challenges of daily life. Some years ago a survey was done of clergy and counselors asking them what they thought were the traits of a healthy family. There were more than 1,000 responses and from those responses the following list of top 14 traits was put together. It is a good inventory for every family. 1. In a healthy family, the members communicate with one another, beginning with the parents. 2. The members of a healthy family support each other emotionally. 3. The healthy family teaches respect for every member. 4. The healthy family teaches trust, openness and unconditional love. 5. The healthy family has a sense of humor; members can admit when they are wrong and even laugh together at mistakes. 6. The members of a healthy family share responsibility for the daily chores of the family and also the mood of the family. 7. The healthy family clearly teaches that there is moral right and wrong. 8. The healthy family develops family traditions especially concerning holidays, birthdays, etc. even when the members begin to move away. 9. The healthy family takes time to interact and spends leisure time with one

another. 10. The healthy family fosters family conversation, especially at meals, at least once a day. 11. The healthy family has a religious core rather than a materialistic core and attends church together and prays together. 12. The healthy family respects the privacy of its members; we all need some time alone. 13. The healthy family values service to others and gets involved in helping others; they have a sense of a larger world than just me or the family. 14. The healthy family realizes that no family is perfect and that we all can still learn. They know when to seek help for their problems and to recognize when there is a need for outside help and counseling. Looking at the Holy Family, we see that they were faced with many challenges from the beginning. Mary and Joseph’s long journey to Bethlehem in the last days of her pregnancy, giving birth to Jesus in a stable with a manger as a crib, having to flee to Egypt when Herod threatened to kill the child and surviving there without the support of family and friends. Finally, when they returned to Nazareth, they had the challenge of making a daily living supported only by Joseph’s carpentry trade. Yet in all of this, Mary and Joseph always put God at the center, realizing that their vocation was to raise the boy Jesus, preparing him for his mission to be our Savior. Indeed, on the Feast of the Holy Family, we celebrated the healthiest and holiest family ever. Through their example and prayers, may every family be healthy and holy. February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  27


February Liturgical Calendar 1 | Thu | Weekday | green | 1 Kgs 2:1-4, 10-12/Mk 6:7-13 (326) 2 | Fri | The Presentation of the Lord | white | Feast | Mal 3:1-4/ Heb 2:14-18/Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22-32 (524) Pss Prop 3 | Sat | Weekday | green/red/ white/white [Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr; Saint Ansgar, Bishop; BVM] 1 Kgs 3:4-13/Mk 6:30-34 (328) 4 | SUN | FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME | green Jb 7:1-4, 6-7/1 Cor 9:16-19, 22-23/Mk 1:2939 (74) Pss I 5 | Mon | Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr | red | Memorial | 1 Kgs 8:1-7, 9-13/Mk 6:53-56 (329) 6 | Tue | Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs | red | Memorial | 1 Kgs 8:22-23, 27-30/ Mk 7:1-13 (330) 7 | Wed | Weekday | green | 1 Kgs 10:1-10/Mk 7:14-23 (331)

1 23 1

8 | Thu | Weekday | green/white/ white [Saint Jerome Emiliani; Saint Josephine Bakhita, Virgin] 1 Kgs 11:4-13/Mk 7:24-30 (332)

Lk 9:22-25 (220)

9 | Fri | Weekday | green | 1 Kgs 11:29-32; 12:19/Mk 7:31-37 (333)

17 | Sat | Saturday after Ash Wednesday | violet [The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order] Is 58:9b-14/Lk 5:27-32 (222)

10 | Sat | Saint Scholastica, Virgin | white | Memorial | 1 Kgs 12:26-32; 13:33-34/Mk 8:1-10 (334) 11 | SUN | SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME | green Lv 13:1-2, 44-46/1 Cor 10:31—11:1/Mk 1:40-45 (77) Pss II 12 | Mon | Weekday | green | Jas 1:1-11/Mk 8:11-13 (335) 13 | Tue | Weekday | green | Jas 1:12-18/Mk 8:14-21 (336)

| 1 Pt 5:1-4/Mt 16:13-19 (535) Pss Prop

16 | Fri | Friday after Ash Wednesday | violet Is 58:1-9a/Mt 9:14-15 (221)

23 | Fri | Lenten Weekday | violet [Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr] Ez 18:21-28/Mt 5:20-26 (228) 24 | Sat | Lenten Weekday | violet | Dt 26:16-19/Mt 5:43-48 (229)

18 | SUN | FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT | violet Gn 9:8-15/1 Pt 3:1822/Mk 1:12-15 (23) Pss I

25 | SUN | SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT | violet Gn 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18/Rom 8:31b-34/Mk 9:2-10 (26) Pss II

19 | Mon | Lenten Weekday | violet | Lv 19:1-2, 11-18/Mt 25:3146 (224)

26 | Mon | Lenten Weekday | violet | Dn 9:4b-10/Lk 6:36-38 (230)

20 | Tue | Lenten Weekday | violet | Is 55:10-11/Mt 6:7-15 (225)

14 | Wed | Ash Wednesday | violet | Jl 2:12-18/2 Cor 5:20—6:2/ Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 (219) Pss IV

21 | Wed | Lenten Weekday | violet [Saint Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor of the Church] Jon 3:1-10/Lk 11:29-32 (226)

15 | Thu | Thursday after Ash Wednesday | violet Dt 30:15-20/

22 | Thu | The Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle | white | Feast

Holy Hour followed by a healing Mass


Feb. 1 and every first Thursday of the month from 5-6:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart Chapel Jesus Nazareno in Corpus Christi.

Feb. 3 from 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m. at Corpus Christi Cathedral Room 4. Come and see if you are being called to a vocation as a Secular Franciscan. For more information contact Liz at (936) 344-1353 or email:

IWA WORD 101 High School Level open House Feb. 1 from 6-8 p.m. at Angel Avenue Student Center. Families will get to tour classrooms, meet faculty and staff, receive information about academics, athletics, and tuition assistance, as well as enter for a chance to win one of three $1,000 tuition vouchers. For more information, visit

28  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

Secular Franciscan Gathering


2nd Annual Mardi Gras Festival

Feb. 3 from 4-9 p.m. at Columbian Civic Center (KC Hall), located 2137 US HWY 77 in Robstown. Hosted by St. Anthony Church, St. Mary Mission and St. Anthony School. Celebrate Mardi Gras with an evening of food, music, dancing, activities for

27 | Tue | Lenten Weekday | violet | Is 1:10, 16-20/Mt 23:1-12 (231) 28 | Wed | Lenten Weekday | violet | Jer 18:18-20/Mt 20:17-28 (232)

the whole family and more. Wear your Mardi Gras attire and accessories.

Genuis in Concert 3 Eric to open diocese planning process

On Feb. 3 from 5:30-9:30 p.m. join the diocese for an evening of original pieces by Eric Genuis, world-renowned pianist, composer and inspirational speaker. Event will begin with the Vigil Mass celebrated by Bishop Michael Mulvey. The concert will follow the Mass.

Grief and 6 OLPH Bereavement Ministry

Feb. 6 and every Tuesday until Feb. 27 at 6:30 p.m. in the St.

6 27

12 p.m. at Lindale Center/ Caregiver SOS located on 3133 Swantner St. in Corpus Christi. For more information call (361) 826-2343. • Feb. 20 and every third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at Brookdale (formerly Homewood Residence) located at 6410 Meadow Vista in Corpus Christi. For more information call (361) 980-0208. Facilitator is Anita Valle. • Feb. 20 and every third Tuesday of the month at 3 p.m. at River Ridge Nursing Rehab Center located at 3922 West River Dr. (off FM 624) in Corpus Christi. For more information call (361) 767-2000. • Feb. 22 and every fourth Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m. at Kleberg County Nursing & Rehab located on 316 General Cavazos Blvd. in Kingsville. For more information call (361) 883-3935.

Bible Study at St. Patrick Church

Feb. 6 and every Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. at St. Patrick Church, Our Lady of Knock Hall (the corner of S. Alameda and Rossiter Street.) For more information call the parish office at (361) 855-7391.

Care Provider 7 Free Training

Feb. 7 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Area Agency on Aging (2910 Leopard St.) in Corpus Christi. Learn to provide personal care to seniors and persons with physical disabilities to enhance and promote the “quality of care in the home.” Seating is limited; call to reserve your space. Certification of completion will be awarded at end of class. For more information contact Felipa Lopez Wilmot at or call (361) 883-3935, ext. 5153 or toll free: 800-252-9240; or Sally Edsill at or call (361) 883-3935, ext. 5156.

8 22


at Corpus Christi Cathedral (505 North Upper Broadway) classroom #4. Deacon Fino Palacios will give some pointers on what Lent should mean to us. For more information call Catholic Daughters of America #246 at (361) 816-6045 or email



Healing Retreat at OLCC


Marian Devotion Retreat at OLCC

Begins Friday, Feb. 16, at 5:30 p.m. and ends Sunday, Feb. 18, at 2 p.m. at Our Lady of Corpus Christi Retreat Center (1200 Lantana). Weekend consists of a series of talks on healing, periods of quiet reflection asking God to reveal where healing is needed, and concludes with a healing service. Register or call (361) 289-9095, ext. 321.

The retreat begins Friday, Feb. 16, at 5:30 p.m. and ends Sunday, Feb. 18, at 1:30 p.m. Spend a quiet weekend praying with Our Lady, coming to know who she is, discovering how she can bring us closer to Jesus. Register or call (361) 289-9095, ext. 321.

Diocesan Adult Confirmation Retreat

Feb. 10 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. (check in at 7-7:45 am) at Our Lady of Corpus Christi (1200 Lantana St. in Corpus Christi). The Diocesan Adult Confirmation Retreat is provided for those parishes that are not able to offer a parish retreat for their adult confirmation candidates. This retreat is for Catholic adults preparing for the upcoming

St. Theresa Altar Society Annual Valentine Waffle Breakfast

Feb. 11 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at St. Theresa Church Parish Hall (1302 Lantana St.) in Corpus Christi. Come and partake of hot “all you can eat” waffles prepared by St. Theresa Church Altar Society members. Tickets are $8, and includes waffles, sausage, fruit, coffee, orange juice and condiments. Call Frances Sanchez (361) 742-2647 or Dora Benavides (361) 883-2370 or email for tickets/information.

Reflections 10 Lenten Feb. 10 from 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

Alzheimer's & General Support Group • Feb. 8 and every second Thursday of the month at 3 p.m. at Mirador Plaza (back side of facility) located at 5857 Timbergate Drive in Corpus Christi. For more information call (361) 883-3935. • Feb. 13 and every second Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Woodridge Nursing & Rehab Center located at 600 S. Hillside Dr. in Beeville. For more information call (361) 358-8880. • Feb. 14 and every second Wednesday of the month at

celebration of adult confirmation on March 1. For more information call the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis at (361) 882-6191


Grounded in Truth

Feb. 17 and every third Saturday of the month. An hour of adoration with

February 2018 |  South Texas Catholic  29


John Paul II conference room in Our Lady of Perpetual Help office.


praise and worship in the OLCC Perpetual Adoration Chapel 7-8 p.m., followed by music and fellowship in Cafe Veritas (attached to Our Lady of Corpus Christi's Bookstore) from 8-9:30 p.m. Call (361) 289-0807 for more information.

Family 17 Natural Planning (NFP)

Feb. 17 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Natural Family Planning at 1426 Baldwin Blvd in Corpus Christi. Learn to recognize the natural cycles of fertility and infertility that occur naturally in every woman. NFP allows couples to plan pregnancies while following the teachings of the Church and respecting the gift of their married love. For more information visit

19 & 20

Diocese of Corpus Christi Pastoral Plan Town Hall Meetings • Feb. 19 from 6-9 p.m. at St. Joseph, Beeville (609 E Gramman St.). Social with light refreshments from 6-6:30 p.m. with Town Hall Meeting to follow. • Feb. 20 from 6-9 p.m. at St. Gertrude Church, Kingsville (1120 S 8th St.). Social with light refreshments from 6-6:30 p.m. with Town Hall Meeting to follow. • Feb. 20 from 6-9 p.m. at Ss. Cyril and Methodius Church ,Corpus Christi (3210 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78415). Social with light refreshments from 6-6:30 pm with Town Hall Meeting to follow • Feb. 19 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at St. Joseph, Alice (801 S Reynolds St.). Social with light refreshments from 6-6:30 pm with Town Hall Meeting to follow.

30  South Texas Catholic | February 2018

19 & 20

Reunión del Ayuntamiento de la Diócesis de Corpus Christi Pastoral • el 19 de febrero a las 6-9 por la tarde una reunión del Ayuntamiento se llevará a cabo en la Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia en Corpus Christi. La presentación se hará en español. Antes de la reunión habrá una reunión social con refrescos. • el 19 de febrero a las 6-9 por la tarde. Una reunión del Ayuntamiento se llevará a cabo en la Iglesia de la San Jose en Alice. La presentación se hará en inglés y español. Antes de la reunión habrá una reunión social con refrescos. • el 20 de febrero a las 6-9 por la tarde una reunión del Ayuntamiento se llevará a cabo en la Iglesia de la San Martin de Tours en Kingsville. La presentación se hará en español. Antes de la reunión habrá una reunión social con refrescos.

Spiritual 22 Women’s Exercises Retreat

Begins Thursday, Feb. 22, at 5:30 p.m. and ends Sunday, Feb. 25, at 1:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Corpus Christi Retreat Center (1200 Lantana Street). Take a quiet vacation with Jesus and let your spirit be renewed. Register or call (361) 289-9095, ext. 321.

and 22 Grandparents other Relatives Raising

Children Support Group • Feb. 22 and the last Thursday of each month from 6-7 p.m. at First United Methodist Church

(900 South Shoreline Blvd. 2nd floor–Rm #216) in Corpus Christi. Parking and entrance behind church. Facilitated and presented by MCH Family Outreach. Call if you plan to bring your grandchild(ren). Classes for all ages. For more information call (361) 334-2255. • Feb. 27 and the last Tuesday of each month from 10-11 a.m. at Greenwood Senior Center (4040 Greenwood Drive) in Corpus Christi. For more information call (361) 826-1368.

for Couples 23 AFeb.Time 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

at Schoenstatt Movement Center (4343 Gaines) in Corpus Christi. Talk on “Practical Faith in Divine Providence” by Schoenstatt Father Gerold Langsch. Call (361) 991-7653 for childcare. For more information call (361) 992-9841 or email

to Face – 28 Face Alzheimer's Education and Support Program

Feb. 28 and every fourth Wednesday of the month (January through October) at the Conference Center located behind the Doctors Regional Hospital Emergency Room, 3315 S. Alameda. Sessions begin at 6:30 p.m. with complimentary refreshments sponsored by community partners.

To see more calendar events go to South Texas







American Bank Center

1901 N. Shoreline Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78401 Special hotel rates for attendees. Group rates available. Limited childcare available.

February 24-25, 2018

Destination Heaven

Reaching from Daily Crosses for His Saving Hand

Bishop Michael Mulvey Diocese of Corpus Christi

Fr. Donald Calloway Author, Speaker, Marian Father

Fr. Peter Marsalek

SOLT General Priest Servant

Mother Assumpta Long

Prioress General: Dominican Srs. of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

February 24th

Saturday Night Concert

Colton Dixon with Hawk Immaculee Ilibagiza


Mike Aquilina

Author, Speaker, VP St. Paul Ctr. for Biblical Rwandan Genocide Survivor Theology, Author, TV Host

For tickets, schedule, and more information:

(877)-218-7884 |

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February 2018 - Vol.53 No.2  

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