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WORLD YOUTH DAY 2011 Our recent diocesan pilgrimage to Madrid was preceded by around 10 days of ‘other’ pilgrimage, to holy sites and communities throughout Spain. I would have to say that, for me, these places came alive this time in a new and special way, because I was seeing and experiencing them in the company of friends and fellow pilgrims from ‘home’, who not only shared my Australian perspective on the world and faith, but were also processing a wide range of reactions to what we were seeing and experiencing, which in turn enriched my own journey. To pray and celebrate the Eucharist together as Central West NSW Australians in our own way, in all these wonderful sites and holy places, was truly a deeply enriching dimension to our time together. We really were ‘pilgrims’, and not ‘tourists’; and we came to grow into a closeness and sharing which simply would not have been possible in other circumstances. To be ‘plunged’ into the melting-pot that was the WYD week in Madrid, was also a tremendous experience. I found it a time that made me appreciate my own Australian faith, as lived in our Bathurst Diocese - and I have often since reflected on just how lucky we are here in the people and life of our parishes. We may not have the ancient cathedrals and monasteries that we saw in Spain - but we do have the same faith, and the same Lord who fills our lives every day, in our own beautiful country. Father Tim Cahill, Blayney I couldn’t stop smiling and in the moment of walking out in front of 3,000 Aussies, I knew that God was with me. It was one of those moments that you know why God put you there, to enjoy the moment, to live it, and be happy! The cross was so heavy and at one point a priest in the crowd touched me on the shoulder and said, “you can do it”. But the weight did not bother me because the excitement and happiness took over, and I couldn’t remove the smile off my face! This experience is one I will never ever forget; it is one of the most memorable moments of my life. Landon Brady, Coonabarabran (helped carry the cross and icon into the Australian gathering)

HERE’S A GREAT WAY TO SERVE GOD IN 2012 o In 2012 we will need SRE Scripture Teachers & Assistants. More men who have flexible working hours would be especially welcome! or o Could you be a Prayer Partner with a Scripture teacher?

OUR CHALLENGE FOR 2012 is to have…. • a Scripture teacher for every Primary class • a Prayer Partner for every Scripture teacher

COULD YOU HELP??? Please contact your parish priest!

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Observer Magazine December 2011 issue  

Quarterly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

Observer Magazine December 2011 issue  

Quarterly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

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