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Volume 1, Issue 3

April 17, 2013

After Boston

As a  nation   we  sit  in  corporate   grief  for  the  second  time  in  �ive  months.  Most  of   us  have  remembered  in  prayer  and   expressed  on   websites  our  solidarity  with   those  who  grieve,   those  who  are  injured,  and   the   souls  of   those  whose   lives  ended  senselessly  in  Boston. Our  own  sense  of  vulnerability   is  heightened  and  our  children  are  again  presented  with  more  news   than  they  can   process.   Parents   are   regulating   television   news  more   carefully.   “Terror”   is   precisely  the   intended   result  of   the   bombing. The  collect  for  the  day  and  all  of   our   scriptures  remind  us   that  in  the  middle   of   the  ordeals  that  we  face  stands   the   Good  Shepherd,  who  knows  us  and  calls  us  each  by  name. Our  scriptures   also  recall  the   widow  Dorcas,  who  changed  the   lives  of  many  by  her  care  for  the  poor  and  suffering.   She  lived  the  resurrection. When  tragedy  and  trial   strike,   and   we   daily  carry   the   threats   coming   from  North   Korea,   these   two  �igures   offer   powerful  words. First,   the   risen  Jesus   still   stands   with  us,   and   cares  deeply   for  all   human   suffering.  He   wants  us   to  hear  his  voice   and  be  comforted,  strengthened.  As  we  recite  the  shepherd  psalm,  we  recall  that  we  are  known  and  loved. Second,   even   as   we   experience   so   much   that   tries   our   con�idence,   we   are   given   the   chance   to   join   Dorcas   in   touching   the   lives   of   those   around   us.   As   we   recall   her   faithfulness,   we   can   resist   evil   with   daily  acts   of   loving   service,  sharing  the  life  of  our  Good  Shepherd. +Paul

Triple Dips  for  Diocesan  Stewardship

1)   Have  you  registered   yet  for   the  Evangelism-­‐Stewardship  seminar  on  Saturday,  May  18   at  St.   Stephen’s,  Wilkes-­‐ Barre?    If  not,  go  to,  and  click  on  “coming  events”,  and  register  on  123Signup.    You  can’t  afford  to   miss  it! 2)     Now  is  the  time  to  start  thinking   about  your  Annual  Fall  Campaign  for  Renewal   of   Financial  Commitment.     The   following  ideas  will  help  you  get  started: • Flourish   in  Faith  Stewardship   Narrative   Series  will  be   available  in   late  April.  Its  contents  include  seven   bulletin   inserts,   a   pledge   card  and  proportional  giving   chart,   Prayers  of   the   People,  a   prayer  over  the   pledge   card,  and   sample  letters  .    Login  at  The  username  you  will  enter  is  generous,  and  the  password  is  giving. • Giving   Magazine   annual   stewardship   emphasis   is   produced   by   the   Ecumenical   Stewardship   Center.     Found   Faithful   2013   theme   materials   help   you   coordinate   and   promote   “Found   Faithful”   in   your   congregation.     The   program   includes   Poster,   Bulletin   Cover,   Bookmark,   Bulletin   inserts,   and   much   more.     To   order   visit  or  call  1-­‐855-­‐278-­‐4372. • Those  using  the   Herb   Miller  New  Consecration  Sunday  program  can  order  New  Consecration   Sunday  Stewardship   Program  with  Guest  Leader  Book   and  CD  Rom  from  or    Also,  think  about   your  Guest  Leader  for  this  program,  and  contact  him/her  soon! 3)    This  year,  in   July,   you  will   be  able  to  participate  in  The  Episcopal  Network   for  Stewardship   2013  Stewardship   Conference  in  Salt  Lake  City  via  webcast.    You  will  be  able  to  experience  opening  worship,  three   plenaries  and  four   designated  workshops  for  a  web  conference  registration  fee  of  $75.00.    Location  and  details  to  follow  in  May.

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