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AIESEC JLC Intern Booklet

AIESEC SRI LANKA AIESEC Sri Lanka has started in 1995 in University of Moratuwa and now it is operating in 4 universities (in University of Moratuwa, University of Kelaniya, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Colombo) with an active membership of more than 300 and thousands of alumni. The organization has been registered as a student organization in these universities and also under the review of staff advisors form universities. AIESEC Sri Lanka office is situated in Colombo at Kirulapana where you can reach by route no: 138 bus from Colombo Fort. Address of AIESEC Sri Lanka Office

24/12F Sri Siddhartha Path. Colombo 05, Sri Lanka. 24/12F, Sri Siddartha Path, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

AIESEC Jayawardenapura (JLC) has become a wellestablished and committed student organization offering ultimate leadership experiences to students from all faculties of the University and life changing experience the

Exchange Participants.


The Project Urumaya Experience the ultimate GCDPi initiative with Urumaya, a project that will create a milestone in your lifetime! Discover the beauty of another culture. Be a part of this amazing Project by AIESEC Jayewardenepura and experience the most unforgettable 6 weeks of your life yet. Travel around the Sri Lanka and experience the uniqueness heritage of the country and create videos and articles about them .Be creative, innovative and flexible . Interns get to visit at-least 4 places and have to come up with 4 video documentaries and 100 quality photos to be exhibited at the photo exhibition and 4 articles to be posted on the website.

The team of interns has to scout and spend time with those cultural ,arts & crafts molding areas and engage with those activities 1.

2) Interns will be required to analyze the state of the heritage and come up with resolutions to tackle the problems faced by each industry. Resolutions have to incorporate elements of development and protection of those cultural arts & crafts.

Job Description

3) Interns will be required to capture photographs and document their journey with the aim of publishing a report and also required to shoot a video documentary for each industry.

Interns are required to carry out photo editing, graphic designing, and article writing and come up with novel ideas .Producing promotional materials about these situations is a top most priority 4)

Job Descriptions


5) A Photography exhibition & cultural show will be staged at the end of the internship so interns have to actively participate in the organization of the event 6) Photo editing for the Exhibition ,Related video documentaries and video graphic activities has to be carried out by the interns

Ambalangoda Ambalangoda is a coastal town located in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The town is renowned for the manufacture of wooden masks and puppets, and wood carvings. Handicraft of woodcarving in Sri Lanka has a long history. The three dimensional carvings of ebony Elephants, Buddha are popular in Sri

Lanka. Wooden Masks are produced mainly in the South western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Of all the areas of the South� western coastal belt, the city of Ambalangoda has a long heritage in the specialized handicraft of producing Wooden Masks in a wide

range of sizes in vibrant colours.

Kandy (Lacquer Works) Lacquer work is Sri Lanka handicraft is from the Kandyan provinces. Lac is a resin secreted from the bark of certain trees that have been infested with the Lac beetle. They decorate ornaments, walking sticks, book窶親nds, ash trays letter openers, and wooden handles etc. are decorated with Lacquer work. Today, lacquer work is also produced by the inferior method of painting the object and covering it with layers of

varnish. Visitors who wish to witness this craft should travel to the village of Palle Hapuvida near Matale.


The Handloom Textile Industry in Sri Lanka has a centuries old history. This tradition of handloom weaving has been brought down from generation to generation in the country. The Sri Lankan weavers succeeded in creating a distinct identity of their own by transforming the traditional woven patterns and color schemes into the beautiful textile designs.

Sigiriya Sigiriya is an ancient palace located in the central Matale District, Sri Lanka. The name refers to a site of historical and archaeological significance that is dominated by a massive column of rock nearly 200 meters (660 ft.) high. According to the ancient Sri Lankan chronicle the Culavamsa, this site was selected by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE) for his new capital. He built his palace on the top of this rock and decorated its sides with colourful frescoes. The name of this place is derived from this structure —Sīhāgiri, the Lion Rock. Sigiriya today is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning. It is the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka.

Plolonnaruwa The second most ancient of Sri Lanka's kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu I, who defeated the Chola invaders in 1070 to reunite the country once more under a local leader. Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom's first rulers. Its beauty was also used as a backdrop to filmed scenes for the Duran Duran music video Save a Prayer in 1982. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Sacred Temple of the Tooth

ď ś Enjoy the rich Sri Lankan culture visiting the Sacred Temple of the Tooth in the majestic city of Kandy. ď ś Walk around the charming Kandy Lake towards the Sacred Temple of the Tooth and explore the kandyan heritage on your unforgettable retreat.

Whale watching Mirissa

Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is one of the most exciting water activities you can do in Sri Lanka during your holiday. Mirissa is the best place to start your whale and dolphin watching tour in Sri Lanka. In warm Indian ocean you can see Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, sometimes Killer whales, and Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso's dolphins and Striped dolphins. Sometimes you can see turtles and various fish species, for example Bluefin tuna and flying fish.

Official name: Location:

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Currency (code): Commercial capital:

Sri Lankan rupee (LKR)


Sinhala (official and national language) 74%, Tamil (national language) 18%, other 8% Note: English (a link language commonly) is used in government and spoken competently by about 15% of the population Buddhist 69.1%, Muslim 7.6%, Hindu 7.1%, Christian 6.2%, unspecified 10% (2001 census)



Time zone: Electricity:

Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still

Latitude 5° 55. to 9° 50. north, longitude 79° 42. to 81° 52., 650km north of the equator Colombo

Sri Lanka Standard Time is five and a half hours ahead of GMT. (Allowance should be made for summer-time changes in Europe.) 230. 240 volts, 50 cycles AC. If you travel with a laptop computer bring a stabilizer




The currency used is Sri Lankan Rupee. You can change dollars from the stalls situated at

Internet connection should be received via a dongle (around 3500LKR). Direct

Few places in the world can offer the traveler such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine

the Lobby of the airport. All most all the

Wi-Fi access is limited to Colombo city

beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences

banks and branches provide cash exchange

area. Most popular service providers are

service for USD, though they will reduce a

Mobitel and Dialog. It is better to buy a

percentage from the total amount exchanged

SIM card from the outlets situated in

as a commission. VISA and Master card

Airport lobby as soon as you arrive. Get

trailers are situated in all the cities, but if

all details about call rates before

you plan to visit county side it’s advised to

purchasing. 2G network would cover on

keep some extra money in LKR with you.

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G

American express dealer in Sri Lanka is

network covers on HSDPA 850 / 900 /

“Nation trust Bank”.

1700 / 1900 / 2100. There are two

flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and

within such a compact location. Within a mere area of65, 610 kilometers lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1,330 kilometers of coastline - much of it pristine beach - 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years. This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon. Discover refreshingly Sri Lanka!

Reference Link: e_1.asp

options to fund to your mobile account, either pre-paid or postpaid

SRI LANKAN CUISINE & FOOD Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines of South Asia. Due to its proximity to South India, the cuisine of Sri Lanka shows some influence, yet is in many ways quite distinct. As a major trade hub, it draws influence from colonial powers that were involved in Sri Lanka and by foreign traders. Rice, which is consumed daily, can be found at any occasion, while spicy curries are favorite dishes for lunch and dinner. Generally, breakfast costs less than 1.5 USD, lunch around 2 USD and dinner about 2USD. Most of the curries are made with chili, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and rampe. When ordering foods, be aware about the spiciness of them. Indian and western restaurants like

McDonalds and KFC are also available in urban areas

Contacts LCVP IGCDP Anosha Rangalla +94782678496

EP Manager Rishard Zain +94710867018 Team Leader Dinuka Madushan +94768335125

Urumaya Intern Booklet  

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