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Visual Arts Course—Basic Art Presenters—Christine Slavik’15 & Cathleen (Caiti) Houlihan’15 Students of Ms. Sales Students will show how they recently used their Tablet PCs to study the placement of facial features in famous paintings and drawings. World Languages Courses—Spanish III & French III Presenters—Monika Ferris’14 & Ayomide (Ayo) Osobamiro’14 Students of Sra. Haataja & Mme. Jeler

Upper School Mobile Technology Showcase

Students representing world languages will show how technology can be used to apply their newly acquired language skills.

December 7, 2011 For those interested in learning more about the Upper School’s Mobile Technology Program, please refer to the Mobile Technology Program web site accessible at

Student Presenters & Topics Health / Physical Education Courses—Health & Physical Education Presenters—Rachel Bull’14 & Kelsey Nagle’13 Students of Mrs. Rassel Rachel will give an overview of a presentation she made for her health class on the dangers of the drug Salvia. Kelsey will discuss the web site she created for her physical education course to demonstrate a high level of achievement in a specific fitness area. Language Arts Courses—Honors English & Women’s Studies Presenters—Hannah Forte’12, Isabella (Bella) Yzerman’12 & Claremarie Chaczyk’12 Students of Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Wisniewski-Kozak Hannah and Bella will showcase an innovative presentation tool they used, Prezi, to view a contemporary issue through a Marxist literary lens. Claremarie will give visitors a preview of a digital magazine her Women’s Studies class is creating. Mathematics Courses—Honors Precalculus & Advanced Algebra Presenters—Marissa Ray’13 & Alexa (Lexi) Ditzhazy’14 Students of Miss Brown & Mrs. Bick

Science Courses—Honors Physics, Physical Science, & Honors Biology Presenters—Xaio (Mei-Mei) Butcher’12, Manal David’12 & Dominique McQuiter’15 Students of Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Baran & Mrs. Jones Mei-Mei will demonstrate how motion analysis software can be used to better understand real-world motion. Manal will give participants a live demonstration of the interactive learning software (DyKnow) used by her instructor, Mr. Baran. Dominique will discuss her digital Honors Biology OneNote notebook as compared to a traditional, paper three-ring binder. Social Studies Courses—US History & World History; Presenters—Hannah Gerard’13, Julia Szydlowski’15 & Iman Saleem’15 Students of Mrs. Visocchi & Mrs. Rumbell Hannah will demonstrate the use of her digital notebook which is shared with her instructor, Mrs. Visocchi. Julia and Iman will guide you through a virtual museum they created on topics surrounding the French Revolution. Technology Courses—Computer Applications & Computer Programming Presenters—Kaylyn Lindsey’15 & Telisse Portis’12 Students of Mr. Rossi

Marissa will showcase a math tutorial she created on her Tablet PC. Lexi will dynamically investigate mathematical concepts using Geometer’s Sketchpad, a software tool installed on her Tablet PC.

Kaylyn will present an overview of the skills and topics that are covered in the Computer Applications course which is required for all Grade 9 students. Telisse will demonstrate skills acquired from her computer programming course.

Performing Arts Course—Theatre Presenter—Jillian Waun’15 Student of Mrs. MacLachlan

Theology Course—Morality Presenters—Martissa Williams’14 & Addison (Addie) Wallace’14 Students of Mr. Erickson & Mr. Kiefer

Jillian will demonstrate the use of her tablet to create virtual sets to be used for blocking of actors in scripts.

Students will present short public service announcement videos they produced on morality issues as a part of their coursework.

US Technology Showcase  

Program for Upper School Technology Showcase at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.