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TIP Before using D-mode, make sure you understand its operation along with the operation of the drive mode switch.

1. Drive mode switch “MODE”


D-mode is an electronically controlled engine performance system with two mode selections (touring mode “T” and sports mode “S”). Push the drive mode switch “MODE” to switch between modes. (See page 3-17 for an explanation of the drive mode switch.)

D-mode (drive mode)


Sports mode “S” This mode offers a sportier engine response in the low- to mid-speed range compared to the touring mode.

Touring mode “T” The touring mode “T” is suitable for various riding conditions. This mode allows the rider to enjoy smooth drivability from the low-speed range to the high-speed range.


This vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer system to help prevent theft by re-registering codes in the standard keys. This system consists of the following: ● a code re-registering key (with a red bow) ● two standard keys (with a black bow) that can be re-registered with new codes ● a transponder (which is installed in the code re-registering key) ● an immobilizer unit ● an ECU

1. Code re-registering key (red bow) 2. Standard keys (black bow)

Immobilizer system



Super Tenere Specifications 4  

sports mode The touring mode Push the drive mode switch “ MODE an immobilizer unit 1. Code re-registering key (red bow) 2. Standard keys (bl...

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