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whaler ­president’s letter Keeping the legend growing.

President, Boston Whaler

Huw Bower Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Jeff Vaughn Manager of Content & Event Marketing

Traci Davis Marketing & Sales Event Coordinator

Anna Collins Digital Media Specialist

Katie Toot Marketing Administrative Assistant Kristin Osweiler





Douglas Leik

Account Executive

Annie Brown

I’m willing to bet your boating is not a passive activity. A life built around the water doesn’t happen by accident; it’s something you make happen, because it matters deeply that your days include it.

Fishing, cruising with friends, pulling your kids on a tube—these activities are far from casual, despite being things we do with our “leisure” time. They’re activities we do with our full attention, our whole heart and mind. They’re passions, and there’s nothing casual about that. At Boston Whaler, we build every boat around the concept of Core Confidence— performance, safety, comfort, reliability, function and fun, instilled from the inside out, designed into every fiber, every component. In the pages of this issue, you’ll read about some of the choices we make to ensure that every outing on a Whaler goes smoothly. And you’ll meet some of the many owners who use this Core Confidence to engage every ounce of their passion for boating. This issue is bittersweet, as it will be my last as president This is a company of Boston Whaler. I’ll be moving to a new position with our of outstanding parent company, Brunswick, and while it’s a tremendous opindividuals, working portunity, I will forever be grateful for my time at Whaler. together as true This is a company of outstanding individuals, working together teammates to produce as true teammates to produce the best boats on the water—boats enjoyed by customers who are, likewise, a truly remarkable the best boats group. Thank you, sincerely, for making this role something to on the water. feel passionate about.

Huw Bower

President — Boston Whaler

Editorial Director

Randy Hess

Managing Editor

Amy Wideman

Senior Content Editor

Elli Purtell

Editor at Large

Jennifer Chesak Editor at Large

Alexa Poteet

Creative Director

Russell Duncan

Digital Creative Director

Kraig Devenport Art Director

Justin Goode Graphic Designer

Brittany Huisenga Photographers

Mike Calabro, Steven J. Conway, Robert Glover, Richard Steinberger

Whaler magazine is published two times a year for Boston Whaler by Dino Publishing LLC. Any correspondence should be directed to: Dino Publishing 350 W. Hubbard St., Suite 400 Chicago, IL 60654 email:

The opinions expressed in this magazine are not to be considered official expressions of Dino Publishing or Boston Whaler. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all editorial or advertising matter. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, or artwork. Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photograph, or illustration without prior written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. Printed in U.S.A. Copyright © 2016 Boston Whaler.

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volume 7 issue 1



Going for Grouper Angler Andy Shanahan and his pals enjoy major tournament success and a healthy dose of fun courtesy of one very capable 370 Outrage.


Amazing Abu Dhabi A city that dually embraces tradition and innovation is a perfect playground for a Boston Whaler Conquest.


All the Right Moves The legendary Outrage family welcomes its newest member, the comfortable, confidence-inspiring 230 Outrage.


Running Strong MercuryÂŽ outboard power combines industry-leading technology with boating savvy, propelling every outing on your Whaler to the next level.

Going for Grouper



Navigate Delve into gyroscope technology, go hunting underwater, feast on a seafood triple play, learn where to find superior replacement canvas and more.

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Towing Hit the road! Travel across Virginia with a Boston Whaler in tow, and check out the state’s best inland lakes with this trailering itinerary.



Panhandle Pastimes For one Florida family, a 240 Dauntless is the key to enjoying the best of Panama City Beach, from waterskiing to scuba diving to waterfront dining.


Watersports Whether you favor skimming the surface on a tube or carving wake on a board or skis, life looks good from the end of a towrope.

On The Cover: The Patronis family with their 240 Dauntless and boat-loving pup Kyleigh.

Photo by Mike Calabro

5/5/16 12:19 PM

HOOKS, NEWS, GEAR AND INFO volume 7 issue 1

Effortless Meets


SOPHISTICATED Easy operation doesn’t have to mean simplistic.

The Boston Whaler Montauk family strikes the perfect balance between cutting-edge design and no-frills functionality. It’s this hose-and-go readiness—combined with purposeful amenities like built-in livewells, spacious bow seating and ample rod holders—that has made the classic Montauk a popular choice among families and anglers for generations. And with an array of available options including a deluxe fishing package, a canvas sun-top, a tow arch and more, it’s easy to find a Montauk that suits your boating style. Visit to view the complete lineup.



vol. 7, issue 1

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READY, STEADY, GO Seakeeper’s revolutionary gyro stabilization technology significantly reduces boat roll, dramatically cutting down on the type of movements that can cause seasickness. How does it work? Inside Seakeeper’s vacuum encapsulation, a flywheel spins at speeds up to 10,700 rpm. When a boat begins to roll in the waves, the gyro tilts fore and aft, creating a powerful torque that counteracts the port-to-starboard rocking. Seakeeper’s computer sensor automatically adjusts the torque based on sea conditions so the captain doesn’t have to. “With Seakeeper, factors like the weather, time of day and sea conditions won’t keep you from using your boat and enjoying your experience on the water,” says Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper’s vice president of sales and marketing. To incorporate this technology, Whaler thoroughly examined the effects of Seakeeper forces acting on hull laminate and foam. “We put the boats through extensive endurance testing to prove the system is structurally sound,” says Bobby Garza, senior naval architect for Boston Whaler. The Seakeeper 5, available as an option on Boston Whaler’s 350 and 420 Outrage models, delivers a 70 percent to 90 percent roll reduction. The lightweight product uses modest electrical power, no outside appendages, and can be installed off centerline, if necessary. To find Seakeeper’s products for other boat sizes and learn more about this game-changing technology, visit

A RMED F O R T HE U N DERW A T ER HUNT The pre-dawn hunt is thrilling. As you steer your Whaler out of port and aim for the horizon, you anticipate returning home with a fishbox full of the day’s hard-won trophies. Now, treat yourself to a fish-finder that gets you on your prey even faster, putting you ahead of your fellow anglers in the race for success: The Dragonfly® 7 Pro from Raymarine. Dragonfly sonar pinpoints the fish like no other product can. Using wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ technology, it easily identifies underwater structure and fish, while Raymarine’s bright, all-weather displays are guaranteed never to fog. Plus, with Raymarine’s Wi-Fish Sonar Module, you can even pause, zoom and rewind images right on your smartphone and share with friends online. It’s not a question of whether you’ll find your next big catch, but when—and with a Dragonfly 7 Pro, “when” comes a whole lot sooner. To learn more, visit

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EVERYDAY HERO Active families require ease and versatility. One day on the water might involve watersports, and the next deep-sea fishing. The all-new 2017 GMC Acadia Denali is designed to anticipate your ever-evolving needs, with accommodations and technologies to deliver unprecedented ease. Smart Slide Seats and the Hands-Free Power Liftgate make carpooling to the marina effortless: When your hands are full with wakeboarding gear, your foot can open the rear liftgate, and a single hand can move the second row seat to access the third row. The Rear Vision Camera with Tow Vision adds a center grid line to help when hitching a trailer, and real-time viewing of your trailer while driving. Premium seating for up to seven passengers delivers comfort throughout, and a comprehensive suite of Driver Alert and active safety technologies help prepare you for the unexpected. Keep your journey on track and the family satisfied with Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ compatibility*, which displays select phone functions onto Acadia’s full-color screen, including music and directions. No matter what the day ahead on your Whaler will bring, the 2017 Acadia Denali is ready to help you get there hassle-free. Available Spring 2016. Visit to learn more. *Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple® and Google® and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply.



vol. 7, issue 1

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Step up to the plate: Nobilo Wines and New Zealand’s Matt Lambert, head chef and owner of acclaimed restaurant The Musket Room, have developed a recipe for Whaler owners that spotlights the sea’s bounty in multiple ways. Lambert recalls growing up in Auckland, fishing with his father and uncle: “There is an instant connection for me with cod, summer and fishing,” he says. “Same thing goes with pickled mussels! At almost every barbecue my parents had someone who would bring a tub of pickled mussels. The way I brought the two together in this dish is very simple, and nearly the whole preparation can be made ahead of time.” It practically goes without saying that this dish pairs beautifully with a glass of Nobilo Icon’s Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc—excellent for raising a toast to the boating season. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS Cod 4-1/3 lb portions of a very large cod, filleted by local fishmonger 4 tbsp butter Salt, to taste Pickled mussels 2 lb steamed mussels 3-1/4 cup cider vinegar 1 cup sugar 2 cups Nobilo Icon Sauvignon Blanc 10 peppercorns 2 tbsp salt 4 stems tarragon 6 bay leaves Crab and Fava Sauce 4 tbsp crab meat 7-3/4 cups blanched fava beans 3 tbsp liquid from the pickled mussels 2 tbsp Nobilo Icon Sauvignon Blanc 1 tbsp chopped chives 1 tbsp chopped cilantro 1 mussel 1 tbsp salted butter

Fava Puree 2 cups blanched warm favas 1 cup hot heavy cream 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp unsalted butter Garnish Black mint Dill Fava flowers 1 lemon, cut into wedges METHOD Pickled Mussels Heat ingredients until sugar and salt are dissolved. (You may adjust the sugar to your personal taste, adding more if you prefer a sweeter pickle.) Let cool to around 180°F/80°C. Add mussels and store, refrigerated, for at least 5 days. Crab and Fava Sauce Gently warm ingredients in a saucepan, adding butter last, and mix in to incorporate without breaking the liquid and

butter. When you remove from the heat, add the herbs as you are serving and mix through. Fava Puree Place all ingredients into a blender, except for the cream. Add cream slowly and purée on a very high speed to ensure the purée is as smooth and silky as possible. Cod Melt the butter in a large pan over medium-high heat. Season fish with salt, then sauté, skin-side down, until golden and crisp. Flip over to finish the cooking. Plating and Garnish Smear the fava purée at the base of the plate. Place the fish on top of that and carefully place the stack of crab/favas next to the fish. Accent plate with the mussel and serve with lemon wedges on the side, if desired.

For more great recipes and wine pairing ideas, visit the Entertaining section of

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Sunbrella速 is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

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Witness an Elite Feat You know Sunbrella as the manufacturer of the beautiful, durable canvas featured on many Boston Whaler models, but did you know the company is also an avid supporter of the elite athletes of the US Sailing Team Sperry? “Uncharted Waters: In Pursuit of the Athletic Dream” documents the drive, determination and sacrifice of athletes pursuing the chance to compete against the world’s best this summer in Brazil. “Uncharted Waters” is a series of videos, blogs and social media posts focused on the personal stories of 11 athletes to show what it takes to be a top-ranked sailor—from grueling travel around the world for competitions to the demands of an unrelenting training schedule. Get to know these remarkable athletes as they overcome incredible odds on the path to achieving their dreams. It’s must-see content for any lover of water. Made possible by Sunbrella®. Follow the story at


GENERATIONS OF INNOVATIONS Families choose to pass on the Whaler tradition to the next generation not because they know everything will remain the same, but because they know that what’s already great will only continue to get better. The same goes for Interlux® Micron Technology antifouling paint. For more than 30 years, boat owners have relied on the Micron lineup to deliver better performance and easier upkeep with every passing year. The short film “Micron: Generations of Innovations” chronicles the story of four generations of Whaler owners and their passion for the water that Micron’s antifouling technology has helped support. From Micron CF with Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology to the awardwinning Micron 66, there’s an innovative paint solution to protect your Whaler for generations to come.

Choosing the right insurance for your beloved Boston Whaler shouldn’t be left to chance, nor does it have to be difficult. Boater’s Choice’s team of knowledgeable marine underwriters have access to multiple A-rated carriers and “shop” for the best price and coverage options based on your needs. They’ll provide a no-obligation quote right away and support you throughout your policy life cycle. As a trusted provider of comprehensive boat insurance for Boston Whaler owners for nearly 25 years, Boater’s Choice makes the process of selecting insurance easy. Because every aspect of your boating life should be stress-free. Visit to learn more.

“Families have to deeply trust a brand to pass it down to their loved ones,” says Interlux Marketing Manager Matthew Anzardo. “The Micron lineup has proven its high quality over the decades, and a commitment to innovation will ensure it continues to instill confidence for a very long time.” Visit to watch the film.



vol. 7, issue 1

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Refinancing Made Easy Essex Credit shares Boston Whaler’s commitment to providing a worry-free experience. Essex is pleased to offer Whaler owners who wish to seek refinancing a low rate of 3.99% APR*. When paired with Essex’s popular 10-year loan, this interest rate may save you up to $25,565* in interest over the typical life of a loan. Or choose one of Essex’s many other loan term options— from five years to 12 years to 20 years. With far more boat loan offerings than standard banks, Essex can find the ideal plan for you and your lifestyle. Make your refinance process as quick and easy as possible. Visit for more information.

SUPERIOR CANVAS Good canvas not only provides shade and shelter from the elements, extending your boating excursions in comfort, it can also spruce up the look of your Whaler. If time has taken its toll or you’re simply seeking a new pop of color, replacement canvas from Great Lakes Boat Top is a great way to go. Trusted by Boston Whaler to deliver high-quality aftermarket canvas options and superior customer service, Great Lakes Boat Top has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the largest and best manufacturers of marine canvas products. Count on sturdy construction and durable marine hardware to deliver years of great performance. And Great Lakes offers industry-leading Sunbrella canvas, which comes with a 10-year fabric warranty, for extra peace of mind. Visit to get your season started in style.

*Estimated APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Subject to consumer loan program requirements and credit approval. Certain fees, closing costs and restrictions may apply. Other rates and terms are available. Saving example: loan of $80,000 with a rate of 3.99% for 10 years as compared to a loan of $80,000 with a rate of 4.62% for 20 years.

EXPLORE. BOOK. BOAT.™ Now you can reserve boat slip space online without ever picking up the phone. Snag-a-Slip is a brand-new online boat slip rental system that lets you search for and reserve space in minutes. “What was previously a time-consuming and frustrating part of planning a boating vacation is now a lot easier,” says Snag-a-Slip Founder Dan Cowens. “Our goal was to get boaters quickly back to the fun part: being on the water!” Snag-a-Slip is adding new marinas daily. Visit to learn more.

TR U E BL U E BJ Braden wrote to share the story of Blue Chip, the 1998 21-foot Conquest that he and his family restored. The boat had been sitting on a neighboring farm for about 10 years when BJ’s son, Boston (how’s that for destiny?), purchased it and kicked off the restoration process. Blue Chip’s interior was black with mold and the gas tank was shot, but structurally the boat was sound. With a pressure washer, a good dose of Lysol, and a whole lot of hours, BJ, Boston and their respective wives, Carol and Kaleigh, got the Conquest looking and running like new again. These days the four of them take the boat out frequently, exploring Florida’s Gulf Coast and inland waterways. “It took a little elbow grease, a little love,” BJ says. “But Whalers—they last forever. We knew it would be worth the effort.”



vol. 7, issue 1

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bw.sp16.towing_VA_Layout 1 5/2/16 3:30 PM Page 12

Photo by James Roney

Trailering your Boston Whaler behind a sophisticated GMC vehicle is a surefire way to enjoy Virginia’s many wonders, including historic attractions like Mount Vernon (top right), and the water-based pleasures of Smith Mountain Lake (bottom right) and John H. Kerr Reservoir (bottom le).



vol. 7, issue 1


bw.sp16.towing_VA_Layout 1 5/2/16 3:30 PM Page 13



Meet Virginia Hitch your Boston Whaler to a sophisticated GMC vehicle and prepare to fall in love with the state’s beautiful inland lakes. Story by Tre Travers | Trailering photo by Mike Calabro


The East Coast of the U.S. holds great natural appeal, and Virginia ranks high on the list of must-see states. From its historical landmarks like Mount Vernon and Monticello, to its many oceanfront beaches, it’s a paradise for tourists and locals alike. Yet one often-overlooked resource is the array of inland lakes and reservoirs that offer boaters nearly endless opportunities to relax, fish, pull a tube and more. For Boston Whaler owners, hitching up to a highly capable GMC vehicle and trailering to one of the following lakes can provide a perfect escape from the everyday. An Ounce of Precaution Before you go, you’ll want to make sure your tow vehicle and trailer are in good working order. the following suggestions, courtesy of the experts at gmc, are intended to help you set out with peace of mind. (find additional tips at or consult your local Boston whaler dealer.) ❚ Before starting your pre-tow preparations at home, take your vehicle and your Boston Whaler for a service check from their respective professionals. Nothing beats a trained eye. ❚ Safe boating begins long before you reach the dock; it begins when you hook up your rig. Make sure your trailer is properly attached to the hitch ball, the latch is locked, the safety chains are attached and the trailer lights work properly. ❚ Most importantly, make sure your tow vehicle is properly rated and equipped for your boat/trailer combo. Your vehicle’s requirements can be found in the owner’s manual and on the manufacturer’s online towing guides.

Come for the boating, stay for the views.

“ ”

Lake Anna Close to Richmond, Fredericksburg and Charlottesville, and just 72 miles south of the nation’s capital, Lake Anna is eminently reachable and understandably popular with boaters throughout the region. Hitch up your Whaler and head for the lake’s public eastern shore, where several boat launch ramps await. Nearby attractions include golf, hiking, vineyards, theme parks and more, but the real action can be found under water: Anna boasts more than 30 species of fish, including large-mouth and striped bass, crappie, catfish and perch. Should you have questions about your Whaler, just call the friendly staff at Chesapeake Boat Basin over in Kilmarnock. Smith Mountain Lake Second in size to Kerr Reservoir (see below), Smith Mountain features an incredible 500 miles of shoreline with multiple easy-access points: Smith Mountain Lake State Park to the north, Franklin County to the southwest, or Pittsylvania County to the southeast. Known locally as “SML,” this “Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains” draws campers, vacationers, anglers and watersports enthusiasts from near and far. Come for the boating, stay for the views; sunset on the lake is a joy to behold. Buggs Island Lake (John H. Kerr Reservoir) Virginia’s largest lake offers more than 50,000 acres of fresh water and 800 miles of winding shoreline. is means an abundance of flat surfaces to skim across on your tube or wakeboard, and a multitude of quiet coves to explore. Anglers will appreciate the healthy fish population here, too; Kerr earned the title of “number-one crappie fishing lake in the U.S.” and supports state and national fishing tournaments each year. Visit on a weekday if you can to avoid the summer crowds. For any service or sales support, the kind folks at Lynnhaven Marine are just a few hours away in Virginia Beach—a vacation destination in its own right.

bw.sp16.watersports_Layout 1 5/2/16 12:42 PM Page 14

Riding in a Whaler is always a good time, but there’s fun to be had behind the boat as well. With the pairing of a 230 Vantage and Hyperlite wakeboard (far right), a Dauntless and a wakeskate (right), or a RAD or inflated towable (above), thrills are guaranteed.



vol. 7, issue 1


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The Pull of the Water Whether skimming the surface on a tube or carving wake on a board or skis, life looks better from the end of a towrope. Story by T.R. Masters | Photos courtesy of Boston Whaler & HO Sports


Each spring, as the mercury begins to climb, watersports fans of all ages start to feel a pleasant tickle in the back of their minds. Latent memories emerge from summers past, when the moments just before dawn marked the best time of day because of the glassy water they contained. The craving for adrenaline can never fully be sated, but a hearty dose of action can help to take the edge off that craving: a lick of spray, a fistful of towrope handle, the rushing of wake underfoot… And so, when summer returns, it’s our duty to once again feed the need— the need for speed. For those familiar with this hunger, you know the best sustenance is a combination of a Boston Whaler, a colorful life vest, and a totally rad pull-toy. Having the right boat and the right gear can make the difference between an ordinary lap around the lake and a full day of watersports bliss. The 230 Vantage, for example, delivers a powerful wallop of performance and comfort; paired with a cuttingedge piece of equipment like the RAD towable from HO Sports, or Hyperlite’s high-tech Shaun Murray signature wakeboard, new heights of fun are easily achieved. Hyperlite and HO’s expert designers incorporate the insights of professional athletes to develop wakeboards, skis, tubes and gear that maximize capability and enjoyment. Below are a few tips and factoids to help fuel your season. Flamingo Style: It’s an impressive move that’s easier than you might think: skiing on one foot. The trick is using your back foot as a rudder to help with balance.

From the water, bring your knee up to your chest. Using a long vee handle like HO Sports’ Elite Deep-V, extend your arms and point the tip of your ski toward your Whaler. Keep your shoulders down as your driver hits the throttle, letting the boat do the work. Allow the top of your back foot to skim the water for balance, press down on your front foot, and slowly pull your hips to meet the handle. Voila! You’re one-footing it like a pro. Retro Thrills: Back in the 1960s, before wakeboarding was invented, determined watersports pioneers experimented with various sizes and shapes to ride behind the boat. Wooden discs wound up being among the more successful devices, and would eventually form the inspiration for HO’s Round Aquatic Device (RAD) towable. Great for riders of all skill levels, the RAD allows for a variety of positions, while machined EVA traction pads keep you from slipping off. Wakeboard Ways: Once you’ve mastered basic wakeboarding maneuvers like crossing the wake and surface turns, you’re ready to take to the air. The secret to a clean jump is to hit the wake square at moderate speed, keeping your knees slightly bent. As you travel up the wake, straighten your knees for extra pop, but make sure not to flatten the board until after you’ve left the surface and are ready to land again. It’ll feel like it’s happening in a split-second and in slow motion, all at the same time— but, as any adrenaline lover knows, that sensation is what it’s all about.

Having the right boat and the right gear can make the difference between an ordinary lap around the lake and a full day of watersports bliss.

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5/2/16 4:58 PM

GOINGfor GROUPER Angler Andy Shanahan and his crew enjoy major tournament success and a healthy dose of fun courtesy of one very capable 370 Outrage.


bw.sp16.Grouper.indd 17

5/2/16 4:58 PM


Ask Andy Shanahan for his best fishing tip, and his answer reflects the mentality of someone who truly enjoys spending time on his boat. “The key is finding the good fishing spots, your little honey holes, and having a lot of them,” he says. “Because you can’t always predict how the fish are going to behave. “There are times when your fish finder is lit right up, but for whatever reason they won’t bite,” he continues. “So it’s always good to have another area you can head to. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing locations, and that one just works. “Of course, that’s the advantage of being on the Gulf with a boat that’s up to the job,” he adds. “In my case it’s worked out pretty well.” “Pretty well” is a bit of an understatement. In the last two years, Andy and his fishing partners Jason Kaufman, Brian Brandfass and Ralph Andrew have earned three first-place wins and one second-place ranking out of four tournaments competed in, including the famed Grouper Grapple. Based in the Fort Myers, Florida, area, the team goes by the name “Snake in the Grass,” owing to their skill at sneaking up on the competition and striking when it counts.



vol. 7, issue 1

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5/5/16 3:34 PM

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5/5/16 3:35 PM

(Above) Andy, at left, works the rod while fishing buddy Ralph Andrew mans the hook. Andy's 370 Outrage serves as the ultimate platform from which to score tournament wins as well as memorable weekends. Thanks to their Gulf Coast location, he and his friends have access to the healthy fish population and hospitable weather that make those boating goals eminently achievable.



vol. 7, issue 1

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5/5/16 3:36 PM

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5/2/16 4:58 PM

(Near right) Jasper’s Bait, a colorful supply store on the Caloosahatchee River, sits atop a giant floating barge. The house was originally used as a prop in the Hulk Hogan movie “Thunder in Paradise." (Above and opposite) Twin Mercury Verados reliably power Andy’s offshore and inshore adventures.

“ ”

And as for the “boat that’s up to the job,” that would be Andy’s formidable Boston Whaler 370 Outrage. “It’s just been a sweetheart of a boat,” he enthuses. “Nice and easy to maintain, no fuss, no muss. In 15 minutes you can jump on and take off, but the ride is such that you don’t get beat up offshore. The Outrage really is the best of both worlds.” Andy credits pal Ralph for getting him started down the tournament path. “Fishing’s been in Ralph’s family for generations. His father comes out with us once in a while too,” Andy explains. “I got to know Ralph when I first moved down to Florida. He took me out on the water, showed me some fishing spots, and said, you know, maybe we should enter tournaments… So we went for it! He’s really the brains of the outfit; I’m more of a work in progress. But with my boat and his skills, between the two of us we do alright.” In fact, the team’s impressive winning streak caught the eye of a TV producer working on a pilot for the Discovery Channel featuring competitive anglers on the Gulf Coast. The fate of the pilot is yet to be determined, but the guys say they’re flattered to have been involved. The novelty of being followed by a camera crew while they flexed their fishing muscles didn’t hurt either.

It’s just been a sweetheart of a boat. Nice and easy to maintain, no fuss, no muss. The Outrage really is the best of both worlds.



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.Grouper.indd 22


Formerly a contractor and developer in the Chicago area, Andy officially retired about 10 years ago, though his pace hasn’t noticeably slowed. “People tell me, ‘You’re probably the busiest retired guy I know,’” he says, citing pastimes like investing and fixing up houses. Still, his schedule affords him the flexibility to enjoy his Outrage often. Having grown up a boater, he was intent on making that an integral part of the life he and his fiancée, Marci Colas-Notaro, have carved out in Fort Myers. “It’s been great living down here. We’ve had a lot of fun getting into the Florida lifestyle, the Boston Whaler lifestyle,” he says, crediting his dealership, MarineMax, with helping him land in the 370 Outrage. “MarineMax has been excellent, above and beyond. The GM, Ryan West, and my salesman, Brian Kemmis—all of them, really a stand-up group of guys.”

5/2/16 4:58 PM

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5/2/16 4:58 PM

It’s been great living down here. We’ve had a lot of fun getting into the Florida lifestyle, the Boston Whaler lifestyle.



vol. 7, issue 1

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When Andy’s not out winning tournaments, he and Marci readily embrace the social side of boating. A favorite trip involves getting together with about 30 of their friends and a few other boats for a cruise up the Caloosahatchee River. They like to stop and “whoop it up a little” en route to their destination, Lake Okeechobee. “We’ll take about 12 or 14 friends on our boat and it’s very comfortable with all of them,” Andy says. “That’s the beauty of the Whaler—it does a great job fishing and it’s a great pleasure boat. The finish is so much nicer than on a lot of these fishing boats you wouldn’t want to spend much time on. And yet I can still go out with my buddies 100 or 150 miles offshore into deep seas.” Andy and Marci have been to several MarineMax gatherings, and plan on attending Boston Whaler’s Bimini Rendezvous in the future. They also enjoy regular excursions to the Florida Keys. On longer trips, amenities like the cabin on the Outrage come in quite handy. “If we get caught in a little squall, we can go in there and ride it out. Having that ability to stow away for a little bit was important to us,” Andy explains. “Plus, if Marci gets bored of us fishing, she can duck down there to watch TV.” Fishing with a crew that sees so much grouper action, though, boredom seems unlikely to be a factor.

5/2/16 4:58 PM

Images for illustrative purpose only



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5/6/16 9:47 AM


ABU DHABI A CITY THAT DUALLY EMBRACES TRADITION AND INNOVATION IS A PERFECT PLAYGROUND FOR A BOSTON WHALER CONQUEST Story by Alexa Poteet | Photos by Mike Calabro An obscure form of chanted Emirati poetry, Al-Taghrouda, holds the key to many secrets of Abu Dhabi. While the timeless themes of Al-Taghrouda highlight the desert traditions of the United Arab Emirates, the poetry itself takes on the modern trappings of a rap battle. Performed by a group, one participant recites a line, to which the next person must respond with a similar line in rhyme. Through these challenging exchanges, a new and complex verse is strung, full of creativity. A poet adept in Al-Taghrouda manages to balance old-fashioned motifs with cutting new satire or social commentary. This silver thread of modernity running through a 2,000-year-old tradition illustrates what lies at Abu Dhabi’s heart: the dual embrace of rich history and vibrant innovation. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Abu Dhabi is the perfect playground for a Boston Whaler. These unsinkable legends with modern amenities are right at home in the UAE, where technological advances and centuries-old culture converge. Only a few miles from where Bedouin women practice Al Sadu, a traditional form of weaving, the world’s first research facility to grow both food and fuel opened this year in the Abu Dhabi desert. Using coastal seawater irrigation, the facility raises fish for consumption and grows salt-tolerant plants that can be converted into biofuel. For this desert city, water is at the center of life whether you’re an avid boater or not. But if you are, you couldn’t find a more inviting place to launch.

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 26

5/2/16 4:19 PM

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 27

5/2/16 4:19 PM

“ ” Whalers are extremely versatile boats, which makes them perfectly suited to the different kinds of activities Abu Dhabi has to offer. We have amazing snorkeling, superb diving and a nice fishing season.

Abu Dhabi itself is built on a T-shaped island that blooms into the Persian Gulf before an expansive cityscape. The turquoise sea around the metropolis is calm with many flat-water channels perfect for watersports or simply taking a dip in the warm water. When he’s not burning the midnight oil working on cases, local lawyer Ali Jasem takes his Boston Whaler 305 Conquest out in deeper surf to drop a line for barracuda or kingfish. The waters here yield nice catches, including cobia and grouper between the cooler months of November and March, when the daytime highs float in the upper 70s rather than the mid-100s. The Conquest’s portside seat allows Ali to monitor his lines in comfort, and with nearly 60 square feet of space, the cockpit provides him enviable room to fight the day’s fish or simply entertain over cold tea. On a recent sunny spring day, Ali and his friend Felix John, a local captain, took the opportunity to cruise Abu Dhabi’s harbor and enjoy vistas of the city’s famous Corniche. A groomed 5-mile avenue along the Gulf where water lovers can enjoy bike paths, beaches and a wide assortment of restaurants, the Corniche is a major attraction for visitors to this Middle Eastern paradise. Those who like a side of eco-consciousness with their sunbathing can breathe easy. The pristine beach here has been awarded Blue Flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education, meaning it meets strict water-quality and environmental standards. The guys simply love the look of it though, a clean edge of seashore in front of the glittering skyscrapers. On the day’s cruise, Ali himself seems to embody the traditionalmeets-modern aesthetic of Abu Dhabi, opting for a customary long tunic, or kandura, and a Western-style baseball cap to beat the heat. Before founding his own legal firm, Ali Jasem Advocates, Ali was a lieutenant for the local police force for 25 years, so it’s safe to say he knows how to work hard and play hard. The 305 Conquest he purchased from Delma Marine was a natural fit. His office is within a quick boat ride of Mangrove National Park, a government-protected sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Whether he just needs a mental break or it’s a beautiful day he can’t resist, the local flamingos there provide him a bit of boating whimsy close to the city. Captain Felix is an avid boater in his own right. While Felix currently works for a local holding company, the water is his passion, and he helps connect many clients with the boat of their dreams.



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 28


5/2/16 4:19 PM

(Far left and following pages) Abu Dhabi’s beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is said to “unite the world,” drawing on materials and design influences from more than a dozen countries. (Above) Ali takes to the helm of his 305 Conquest while friend Captain Felix (left) provides expert company.

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 29

5/2/16 4:19 PM



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 30


5/2/16 4:19 PM

His experience with multiple brands makes him a wealth of knowledge for friends and family who want to get out and explore the Persian Gulf. In his mind, there’s no better fit for Abu Dhabi than a Boston Whaler. “Whalers are extremely versatile boats, which makes them perfectly suited to the different kinds of activities Abu Dhabi has to offer,” he says. “We have amazing snorkeling, superb diving and a nice fishing season.” For underwater adventurers looking to explore, the local dugongs—friendly, manatee-like creatures that thrive in the Gulf’s balmy waters—are a special sight. The second-highest population in the world of these rare animals lives immediately off the coast of Abu Dhabi, granting visitors a memorable animal encounter. If your sights take you farther afield than the city’s attractive harbor, you’re in good hands. Captain Felix confirms that you’ve picked the right boat for the job. “Having a reliable boat allows you to explore farther into the Gulf and see more because you know your boat will always get you home safely,” he shares. “When I take out a Boston Whaler like Ali’s, I can go out farther and island-hop confidently.” For those seeking a quintessential beach barbecue spot, Bahraini Island is a local favorite where Emirati businessmen and movie stars alike camp under the stars to enjoy the pristine beaches. Delma Island, which the late Sheikh Zayed proclaimed to be “a national treasure,” is another secluded spot to enjoy the Gulf’s unspoiled beauty.

bw.sp16.AbuDhabi.C.indd 31

For a country as in love with boating as the UAE, every day is about the water, whether you’re on your boat or not. One can’t-miss sight is the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a marvel of design and construction that is a key place of worship for the country. Those exploring over land would also be wise to seek out the acclaimed Dubai International Boat Show, taking place in Abu Dhabi’s sister city each spring. Occurring annually for the last quarter-century, it’s the premier boat-show event in the Middle East and North Africa, making it a fabulous place to check out the newest models in the Whaler family. Plus, meeting likeminded boaters in a beautiful city is always a treat. Back on the boat, a local sandstorm kicks up some clouds, so Ali and Felix decide to finish their sightseeing day with a last cruise by Emirates Palace. This architectural homage to Arabian culture is a luxury hotel, despite its royal moniker, and one of the world’s most famous, at that. Its opulent finishes are no joke; the top-most floor has six “Rulers Suites” reportedly outfitted in marble and actual gold. Regular visitors, however, can still enjoy the building’s stunning architecture from the water or through Bedouin tent experiences on the grounds, complete with steaming cups of spiced Arabic coffee to greet you in the morning. The guys admire the view with the wind in their hair. Boating by day and desert camping by night is certainly a lifestyle to aspire to. As Abu Dhabi and Boston Whaler go to show, having it all just takes a nod to tradition and a little imagination.

5/2/16 4:19 PM

All the Right Moves

W The legendary Outrage family welcomes its newest member, the comfortable, confidence-inspiring 230 Outrage.

S t o r y b y A my W i d e m a n


Photos courtesy of Boston Whaler

When Boston Whaler’s team of naval architects, designers and engineers set out to improve upon the popular Outrage series, they did so with a firm ear to the ground. They wanted to learn more about how, precisely, boaters were using the Outrage models, from big-picture patterns down to the nitty-gritty details. It was as much a question of “Where do you plant your feet while driving?” as it was “Where do you like to fish and cruise?”

and softness; handling is responsive and predictable; and the boat is quick to get up on plane. In other words, no matter the conditions, you can trust that the 230 will rise to the occasion. If that occasion happens to be fishing, well, count on an array of purposeful amenities and options to equip you for the hunt of a lifetime. For starters, rod holders placed strategically throughout the cockpit and a convenient rear portside livewell keep you armed and ready. The boat is also available with a new integrated fiberglass hardtop, making you even more impervious to the elements. But perhaps the most standout feature of the new 230 “We focused our attention primarily on three key aspects,” explains Jacob Outrage is its remarkable Converting Leaning Post. At first Wilson, lead designer on the new 230 Outrage. “We wanted to ensure that glance, it appears to be a standard bench helm seat, but if you the boat is easy to operate, comfortable for all passengers, and flip down the back of the seat, you’ll find a highly capable for fishing.” hidden work station—a surface tailor-made Joining its venerable Outrage siblings, That high capability comes in large part from for prepping lines, tackle or snacks. When including the 420, 370 and 350 (above), Whaler’s commitment to Core Confidence—the focus on you want maximum cockpit space, just flip it the new Boston Whaler 230 Outrage (right) proves once again that a boat hull designs that maximize performance, safety and ride back up. Or, if you’d like additional seating, can be both highly capable and highly quality. The 230 Outrage, just like its larger siblings in rotate the backrest down a full 90 degrees comfortable. Not to mention great looking. the Outrage family, impeccably balances ride stability to form the backrest of an aft-facing seat.

bw.sp16.320Outrage.indd 32

5/5/16 12:47 PM

bw.sp16.320Outrage.indd 33

5/5/16 12:47 PM



We really worked to make the 230 Outrage feel bigger than it is. Initial feedback has been incredibly positive;

people are surprised that a 23-foot boat can be this spacious.



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.320Outrage.indd 34


5/5/16 12:47 PM

For serious fishing runs, leisurely cruising with friends and family, or laughing in the face of a summer rainstorm, the 230 Outrage is designed for unsinkable success.

All this while preserving storage space for a 54-quart cooler. (Or, choose the optional Fishing Leaning Post to gain a 30-gallon livewell.) One thing every boater can agree on: The more spacious a boat feels for its size, the better. “We really worked to make the 230 feel bigger than it is,” Jacob says. “Initial feedback has been incredibly positive; people are surprised that a 23-foot boat can be this spacious.” To help achieve roomy-beyond-its-class status, the combing around the bow seat was pushed outboard as far as possible to maxamize floor space in the bow. This allowed for increased seating width, as well as additional legroom. “This configuration contributes to the feeling of stability and security for passengers in the bow,” Jacob adds, noting that cupholders are also strategically placed. There’s also more room for the two-person forward-facing seat in front of the console, which lifts to reveal a large storage compartment. Another storage compartment under a hatch in the floor buys valuable storage space in the bow. An optional bow table lends itself beautifully to social gatherings, and stores neatly in the console when not in use. And for entertaining, your soundtrack

bw.sp16.320Outrage.indd 35

now gets the treatment it deserves: Select the JL Audio stereo package and get four premium speakers—two on the console facing aft and two in the bow—giving you that “surround sound” effect. Meanwhile, the standard head in the console helps make full days on the water more comfortable for all. And for the captain, new refinements make the driving experience even more of a pleasure. A darker console face reduces glare, cup holders are within easy reach, and an intuitive control panel with optional Raymarine E95 touchscreens makes for seamless command. Cutting-edge Mercury FourStroke Verado® power fuels the fun, while the helm seat’s padded flip-up bolster ensures ergonomic positioning for an array of captain sizes and posture preferences. “With the 230 Outrage, and the entire new Outrage lineup, we worked to improve on the boating experience by listening to the features and aspects our customers value,” Jacob says. “From there, our task was to make those features even better.” No small task, to be sure. But with Boston Whaler’s four-time Innovation Award–winning team of naval architects, designers and engineers, the opportunity to design a new 230 Outrage meant the chance to hit a whole new set of pitches out of the park.

5/5/16 12:47 PM

bw.sp16.Mercury.indd 36

5/3/16 11:46 AM


STRONG Story by Randy Hess Photos courtesy of Boston Whaler

A Boston Whaler with Mercury power is the true path to Core Confidence.

bw.sp16.Mercury.indd 37

5/3/16 11:46 AM

H Heading offshore is a reso‒ lute act. You launch with a spark of adventure and a slight leap of faith. For‒ tunately, Boston Whalers come standard with Core Confidence, the certainty that you are on a boat built to survive the worst that the sea can throw at you.

But heading out and getting back requires more than just an unsinkable hull. It requires an integrated collection of reliable systems that routinely press on past breaking points to deliver you safely back to shore. Not least of these is the power providing the push. “Boston Whaler has been known for reliability and safety from our founding, and Mercury outboards are a major contributor to that,” says Jeff Vaughn, Boston Whaler's vice-president of sales, marketing and customer service. “The legendary Boston Whaler customer experience includes the certainty that your boat will take care of you in the roughest seas, will deliver outstanding performance and ride, and will hold up for years to come. All of that requires dependable propulsion, which Mercury delivers in spades.” (Right) Standard quad Mercury® Verado 300 engines power the flagship 420 Outrage on any mission. (Opposite, top right) The 320 Vantage makes a beeline for the horizon. (Opposite, inset) Mercury’s integrated Joystick Piloting, available on many new models, affords the captain nearly effortless command and makes docking a breeze.

bw.sp16.Mercury.indd 38

5/5/16 12:52 PM

“ ” Mercury’s continued push to improve reliability, tied with their ongoing innovation, matches our ethos perfectly.

Mercury outboards have been powering Boston Whalers across the whole model lineup for decades, with continuous gains in performance, reliability, corrosion resistance, efficiency, and smooth and quiet running. Mercury and Whaler share a commitment to innovation that builds synergistically to make drivers ecstatic to be, well, in the driver’s seat. But the experience extends well beyond performance to include comfort and durability, among other benefits. Today’s Mercury Verado® FourStroke outboards are practically silent, and really can’t be heard above the trickle of cooling water that streams out of them. They are fuel-injected, supercharged power plants that run more powerfully at lower rpm than competitors do, with strong torque curves, better hole shots and great mid-range acceleration. Verados come pre-rigged from Mercury with their power steering in place so that it’s done at the Mercury factory, not as an after-market substitution, as with some competitors. They also benefit from Mercury’s SmartCraft® engine management and Digital

bw.sp16.Mercury.indd 39

Throttle & Shift control systems. Even the smaller Mercury engines outside the Verado line impress with their smooth, powerful, efficient four-stroke performance and other Mercury advantages. “When we develop a new Boston Whaler, we are driven to lift the overall owner experience,” says Chris Wachowski, Boston Whaler's director of product development. “The original Unibond hull was the first product of that drive. Later, our rugged and smart hardtop systems raised the experience at the helm. Our innovative approach to convertible seating provides next-level comfort and increases cockpit space when the bite is on. And so forth. We expect the same constant focus on progress from our propulsion partner. Mercury’s continued push to improve reliability, tied with ongoing innovation throughout their sizes and applications, matches our ethos perfectly.” Consider Boston Whaler’s flagship 420 Outrage, Boating magazine’s 2015 Boat of the Year. After you stop gawping at its scale, beauty and loads of state-of-the-art features, you can’t help but notice

5/5/16 12:54 PM

the optional quad Mercury Verado 350s arrayed across the transom. When they are pushing the 26,000-pound boat to 50 mph, you really notice them, even though they are quieter than the wind rushing past your ears. In fact, it’s a little eerie to be riding along that fast with essentially indiscernible engine noise. The 420 and its 1,400 horses further inspire awe at the helm, where the captain enjoys a seamless command experience with Joystick Piloting, Digital Throttle & Shift, SmartCraft VesselView and a massive spread of displays to report on and control nearly everything except the weather. Multiple-engine setups are a fantastic thing, not least because they include built-in redundancy. But perhaps Mercury performance in single applications, right down to the 15 FourStroke on the 110 Tender, is even more impressive. “We’ve compared the power, efficiency and reliability of other outboard manufacturers against Mercury to be assured in our choice, and none offer the complete package that Mercury offers to Whaler owners,” Chris explains. “From features to power-to-weight ratio to durability, Mercury FourStrokes and Verados are the only outboards worthy of a Whaler transom.” One area where a focus on innovation has really paid off for Mercury is in corrosion protection, a crucial advantage in the harsh saltwater environment. Verados are built using a proprietary low-copper aluminum alloy throughout the engine and drive called XK 360, a resilient metal with the ideal weight-strength ratio of aluminum, but with incredible corrosion resistance. Props, shafts, trim and various rams, housings and other components are built with 300grade stainless steel. And if that weren’t enough, all of the internal water-cooling passages are treated with an exclusive Mercury Salt Shield, a durable corrosion-fighting coating that no other manufac-



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.Mercury.indd 40


(Top) Boston Whaler’s 110 Tender benefits turer uses. It’s invisible to the from Mercury's efficiency and reliability. owner, but makes a huge dif(Left) SmartCraft instrumentation and Joystick Propulsion. (Right) Easy ference in fighting the impacts conversation, courtesy of Verado’s of saltwater. Think of Mercuremarkably quiet operation. ry’s high-tech metals and their treatments as the foam inside a Whaler’s Unibond hull: Even if something happens to the outside, you’re still protected from the inside. But saltwater protection has to start on the outside, of course. And Mercury has developed the proprietary MercFusion Paint process to ensure its strong metals are never tested by salt in the first place. Three layers of sealant, primer and paint are applied using electrically charged processes that ensure absolute coverage and adhesion. The final powder coat is baked on for extraordinary hardness. Of course, Mercury warrants against corrosion failure just as it does against mechanical failure. “Boston Whaler hasn’t gotten to where we are by not absolutely sweating the small stuff,” Jeff Vaughn says. “And as the saying goes, ‘It’s all small stuff.’ Core Confidence means you can take one of our boats and do with it what you want, knowing that it will take care of you. The Mercury outboards we hang on the back are a central part of that. Go with confidence. Whaler and Mercury have got your back.”

5/5/16 1:02 PM

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5/6/16 11:50 AM

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 42

5/5/16 5:07 PM

PANHANDLE PASTIMES For one Florida family, a 240 Dauntless is the key to enjoying the best of Panama City Beach, from waterskiing to fishing to scuba diving to waterfront dining. Story by Alexa M. Poteet | Photos by Mike Calabro

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 43

5/5/16 5:07 PM

Y You could say boater Yonnie Patronis knows a good catch.

A Florida native, Yonnie serves up some of the freshest seafood in the Gulf at his Panama City Beach restaurant, Captain Anderson’s Restaurant and Waterfront Market. But it was his love for boating that helped him reel in his wife, Lea, an avid angler, nearly 35 years ago back in high school. Ever since, things have gone swimmingly for this charmed pair, who can be found catching lobster and grouper whenever they can steal a moment. Today the sweethearts and their three daughters, Maria, Anna and Alexa, make the restaurant a family affair. Lea delights the front of the house as hostess; former bartender Maria now attends Physicians Assistant school in Savannah, Georgia; Anna ping-pongs between serving and hosting; and Alexa is a cashier. While family dog, Kyleigh, doesn’t earn her keep in the restaurant, she is the number-one fan of the family’s other passion: boating on their 240 Dauntless. “Kyleigh is always first onboard and will not allow us to leave without her,” Yonnie says. “She is our sea dog.” His daughters, all in their late teens and early twenties, are equally enthusiastic. When teenagers themselves, Yonnie and Lea were avid scuba divers who grew up on the water in Panama City. Yonnie was no stranger to Boston Whaler even then, using a 13-foot Whaler as his primary mode of transportation. “That boat was bulletproof and taught me to love the water,” he says. “As teens, we would ski all day long behind my parents’ home, and we are still doing that today with my kids behind our home.”



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 44


5/5/16 1:04 PM

Whether serving up fresh seafood at their restaurant, Captain Anderson’s (top left), cruising with boat-loving pup Kyleigh (center), or fishing (top right), the Patronis family relishes every aspect of the Panama City Beach lifestyle.

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 45

5/5/16 5:08 PM

Without hesitation, I knew I wanted a Whaler. I wanted that peace of mind that my family would be in the safest boat on the water. Once Yonnie and Lea got married, they upgraded from Yonnie’s high school ride and opted for a bow rider when the kids were young. As the girls got older, though, the family yearned for a center-console fishing boat. There was really only one brand for them. “Without hesitation, I knew I wanted a Whaler,” Yonnie shares. “I wanted peace of mind that my family would be in the safest boat on the water.” Thankfully, he knew just the folks to make it happen: his restaurant’s next-door neighbors at Treasure Island Marina, MarineMax Panama City Beach. Yonnie’s been a loyal customer of MarineMax for 15 years, and the 240 Dauntless he purchased there has only reinforced the dealership’s standing in his esteem. “Their service and support has been hands down the best I have experienced. They have developed a relationship with me and my family that will keep us there for years to come,” he says.



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 46


5/5/16 5:09 PM

The Dauntless is a perfect fit for the grown-up family’s various boating needs. On Sundays, the restaurant is closed, which means the whole crew is off, and everyone can enjoy the Dauntless to the fullest in the Florida sunshine. Lea typically grabs the fishing poles and Anna gets her skis. Maria loves to soak up the sun, and Alexa plays with Kyleigh while the whole crew island hops. Yonnie is just as keen on the Dauntless as the ladies in his life. “It is so versatile and does so many things well, from fishing to skiing to diving to floundering to just cruising and watching the sunset,” he says. “It is an awesome platform.” Lea and the girls all wanted to put a name on the boat, but Yonnie maintains it’s too beautiful the way it is. So far, he is winning, but one thing’s for sure: The Whaler is a crowd-pleaser. On their old boat, the family averaged about 30 hours a year. With their new Dauntless, this adventurous bunch is on track to reach 200 on-water hours this year, and loving every minute of it. The Patronises have quite a boating playground in Panama City as well. The largest city between Pensacola and Tallahassee, Panama City boasts sugar-white sand and nearly 320 days of sunshine a year. While the family’s partial to local hangout Shell Island, an undeveloped barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay, visiting boaters should check out St. Andrews State Park, a 1,200-acre natural reserve with fishing jetties, campgrounds and tons of marine life. A typical Sunday finds the family packing up a cooler of drinks and sandwiches after church to get out on the water. “We’ll grab a couple of rods, bait and go offshore fishing,” Yonnie says. “Anna will often ski on her way back to the house at the end of the day.”

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 47

5/5/16 5:09 PM

Of course, no trip to Panama City would be complete without a visit to the Patronises’ own dining room at Captain Anderson’s. Decorated with nautical curiosities, the restaurant features an oft-changing chalkboard menu of daily fresh seafood specialties. Whether amberjack, flounder or pompano strikes your fancy, Captain Anderson’s has you covered. The restaurant is a haven for diners to enjoy the stunning harbor views. “We have more than 725 seats and serve more than 2,000 people on a summer evening,” Yonnie says. “It’s where we meet many of our friends to talk about our next boating plans.” The Patronises aren’t tethered to the restaurant, though; they take their love of seafood on the water with them. “Every year, we like to travel to Port St. Joe to go scalloping,” Yonnie says. “It is a blast, and Lea and the kids love it. It’s usually our boating highlight of the summer.” No doubt the trip will be made even more special this year as they cruise over in their new Dauntless. The Patronises also help to preserve Panama City’s precious ecology through the restaurant by working with local seafood purveyors who preserve the natural oyster beds of Apalachicola Bay and build artificial reefs, so generations to come can enjoy waterside life as they have.



vol. 7, issue 1

bw.sp16.PanamaCity.indd 48


While the reliability of their Whaler is dear to them, the Patronises feel the boating culture they’ve inherited with the 240 Dauntless is even more precious. “Local boaters and boating families just seem to be great people who are very positive and fun,” Yonnie says. “The boat has been a great foundation to build a positive atmosphere around the children and family. All through life, the local waters and boating have been a magnet to keep our family active and together.” With regards to his recommendations for prospective Whaler customers, Yonnie wants folks to know how discerning he was in the decision to buy a Boston Whaler. For him it all comes down to one thing: “Safety. Safety. Safety. I want only the best for my wife and kids. Whalers are of supreme quality. It gives me great confidence that this boat will serve me for years to come.” Family comes first for this crew, and even though Yonnie and Lea have spent much of their lives in Panama City now, after all these years they still feel they’re in on something special. “The waters and beach here are among the nicest in the country. Panama City is one of our best-kept secrets,” Yonnie smiles. “Life is awesome here.”

5/3/16 9:49 AM

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Whaler Volume 7 Issue 1  

The lifestyle magazine for Boston Whaler enthusiasts.

Whaler Volume 7 Issue 1  

The lifestyle magazine for Boston Whaler enthusiasts.