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von 11:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr

Mittags & abends Blattsalat Karotte, Gurke, Cherrytomate 8,00

Pizza Napoli Tomate, Mozzarella, Basilikum 15,00 Pouletbrust Reis, Brokkoli 18,00 Hackbraten Kartoffelpurée, Erbsen 17,00 Spaghetti Tomatensauce, Parmesankäse 15,00

desserts Mövenpick Eiscreme 2 Kugeln mit Rahm Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, Strawberry 6,00 Saisonaler Fruchtsalat 7,00 Schweizer Schokoladen Brownie 6,00

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Alle Preisangaben sind in Schweizer Franken, inklusive MwSt. und Service.


Schweizer Käsetoast Salat 12,00

für die

froM 11:00 aM to 11:00 pM

LUnch & dinner

Swiss cheese toast Salad 12.00 Pizza Napoli Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil 15.00


chicken breast Rice, Broccoli 18.00 Meat loaf Mashed potatoes, Peas 17.00 Spaghetti Tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese 15.00



sweets Mövenpick ice cream 2 scoops with whipped cream Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, Strawberry 6.00 Seasonal fruit salad 7.00 Swiss chocolate Brownie 6.00



1. This is a really, really big body of water. 2. I’ve got rows and rows of sharp teeth. 3. You can use these to cross the sea.


1. It’s the other name for a killer whale. 2. I’ve got 5 legs and a name that twinkles. 3. SOS means you’re asking for…

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All prices are in Swiss Francs, include VAT and service charge.


Salad leaves Carrot, Cucumber, Cherry tomato 8.00


Route twenty-six - Sheraton 8005 Zürich  
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