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Fresh salads, casual snacks, well-known classics or exquisit cuts of meat served on a hot stone – there is no occasion we’re not prepared for, no craving that we couldn’t satisfy! We aim to offer our guests the very best experience in terms of both quality and taste in an uncomplicated and casual setting – just like the famous «Dörfli» district where our restaurant is located.



soups Cream of tomato soup  Soup of the day

Monday to Friday, please ask your waiter

9 5.5

with dressing of your choice

Mixed salad 

with dressing of your choice

Caesar salad 


French fries 


Garlic and herb toast


filled with vegetables and served with sweet chili sauce

with home-style spice blend

salads Green salad 

Spring rolls 


our head chef’s recipe

Tortilla chips  9.5 23.5

with chicken tenders and bacon strips


gratinated with cheddar cheese, served with tomato salsa and sour cream

Swiss beefsteak tartare

70 g or 140 g with «Belper Knolle» cheese, toast and butter

24 / 32

N-68 salad bowl with chicken tenders


with beef strips


with spring rolls



French, Italian or home-style dressing

our apéritif combo Perfect for early winter evenings: 5 varieties of Spanish tapas and 2 x 3 dl of our home made mulled wine for 2 people


hot stone Enjoying meat from the hot stone is a unique expirience. Not only low-fat and healty, but also extremely juicy and tender to the very last bite! All the while you decide for yourself whether you would like to enjoy your cut rare, medium or well done. Each cut of meat is accompanied by three homemade sauces and a side dish of your choice. Enjoy!

Pork loin

250 g 


Fillet of beef

250 g 


Beef entrecôte

250 g 


Lamb loin

200 g 


Chicken breast

200 g 


Horse tenderloin

250 g 


Zebra tenderloin

250 g 


Prawn skewer

180 g 


Veggie skewer

150 g 


Lean and tender cut of Swiss Pork The best and most tender cut of Swiss beef Tender cut of Swiss beef Lean cut of Irish lamb Lean and and tender cut of Swiss chicken Tender cut of horsemeat from Argentina Our most exotic cut of meat, similar to veal and extremely tender, from South Africa Finest prawns from Vietnam Fresh seasonal vegetables

side dishes to choose Rice, French fries, Swiss roesti, vegetables, penne or spaghetti One side dish of your choice is included in every dish, additional side dish CHF 5. homemade sauces to choose BBQ, chimmichurri, house dip, garlic dip, cocktail sauce, curry sauce Three sauces of your choice are included in every dish.

pasta e basta Penne or spaghetti with sauce of your choice


Fish & chips


The club sandwich 


Beer battered perch fillets with homemade tartare sauce and french Fries

Homemade tomato sauce with fresh herbs

Bolognese18.5 Grandma’s recipe with finest Swiss beef

Carbonara17.5 Cream sauce with fried bacon and parmesan cheese

Al pesto

Homemade basil pesto with parmesan cheese an pine nuts

Aglio e olio con peperoncino with garlic, chopped parsley, chilli and extra virgin olive oil


with chicken, bacon, fried egg and tomatoes, served with French fries

dessert Warm chocolate cake


Warm apple pie 



classics Beef or veggie burger 19 / 17 served in a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and sauce of choice: BBQ, house dip or honey mustard.

Origin of meat chicken: CH | beef: CH | pork: CH | lamb: IRL zebra: RZA | horse: ARG* prawns: VN | perch: CH

Pimp it up! Double Patty Cheddar  Bacon Fried egg  Coleslaw  Our burger is served with French fries or a side salad.

+ 7 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2

* May have been produced using hormones and / or other antimicrobial growth promoters. vegetarian dishes Should you or one of your guests be affected by an allergy or food incompatibility, please ask our staff for further information about the respective dishes. We will gladly provide you with a suitable alternative. Prices in CHF incl. 7.7 % VAT.

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N-68 Restaurant & Bar 8001 Zürich  

N-68 Restaurant & Bar 8001 Zürich