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MENU Hot Dog


Big American Hot Dog with Mustard & Ketchup 10.50

— a l l s e r v e d w it h a S m a l l G r e e n S a l a d & C hu n k y F r ie s —

Add-on’s: Röstzwiebeln, Sauerkraut 3.00/each

Salads mixed salad 9.50 / 4.50 (small) Ceasar salad Anchovies & Croutons 14.50

On i wit on R hS auc ings eT 9.50 artar

BLT Sandwich with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes 16.00

Pastrami Sandwich Mayonnaise and/or Mustard 22.50


Diner Toast Grilled Chicken Breast in a toasted Baguette 22.00 Beef Loin Steak in a toasted Baguette 25.00 both with Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Salad and our Special Diner Sauce

with Chicken Breast 22.00

— N ic e’n’ C hu n k y —

1 serving with Ketchup or Mayonnaise 4.50 (side dish) or 8.50 (as a main dish)

Quarter Pounders Quarter — a l l 170 g ra m s Pounders & h a nd m a de — — a l l 17 0 g r a m s —

our Classic Burger

ler b u e s Doart er a d e — m nd Quund ha & ms o a r c p 70 g si —


as 0 c l 3 8 .0 l ia c e 0 e s p 4 8 .0 m i pr s . 50 s i 28 Sw


our Burger Angus Beef,Classic with Coleslaw, Onions, Tomatoes, Black Angus Cucumber, Beef, comes Salad with Coleslaw, onion, tomato, 22.50 pickle and salad 17.50

The «Helvti Diner Special» The «Helvti Diner» Wagyu Beef, with Coleslaw, Onions,Special Tomatoes, Wagyu Beef, Cucumber, comes with SaladColeslaw, onion, tomato, 32.50 pickle and salad 26.00

The Swiss Prime Burger Green Burger Swiss our Prime Beef, with Coleslaw, Onions, Tomatoes, vegetarian; AAA-Tofu, Cucumber, comes Saladwith Coleslaw, onion, tomato, 17.50 pickle and salad 16.50 sauces

— sauces* a l l ho m e m a d e — R e gu l a r s : — Chili a l l ho Sauce, m e m aSpicy d e — BBQ Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Curry Mayonnaise, Garlic Mayonnaise Regular sauces: Chili-, spicey BBQ-, Cocktail-Sauce; Curry Mayonnaise, s p e c i a l : Home Garlic madeMayonnaise Hot’n’Spicy Tomato Sauce 3.00 ones: 2.50/each *one incl.; additional Guaca m o l e 4.00


u y o


ES K A cl —

5 Sh d 3 5.

K a IL l i c i o u s illa n

y rr n e Va wb a e n lat a a r St Ban oco o Ch e ss k r pr 0 Da E s l 12.5 al

M — De






on 2 . 50


— L i g ht & H e a lt h y —

Our home made

Vegetable SKEWER with a Baked Potato and Herb Cream Cheese Dip 22.00

Cheesecake with Seasonal Fruits 9.50 Our home made

Chicken SKEWER with a Baked Potato, Herb Cream Cheese Dip and Grilled Vegetables 26.00

Brownie with Double Cream & Seasonal Fruits 6.50

Beef Loin SKEWER Spicy marinated; with a Baked Potato, Herb Cream Cheese Dip and Grilled Vegetables

Ice Cream Vanilla, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate; 4.50/scoop

Declaration of Origin: Angus Beef: Canada; Wagyu Beef: Australia; Beef Loin, Chicken, Pork (Bacon/Ham/Sausage): Switzerland


Ch e Ched e se dar, B Swis s Alp luechees e ine C hees or e 3 .0 0 Fr i ed e gg 2 . 50

Grill Skewers




Portion whipped cream 1.00

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Helvti Diner Stauffacher 8004 Zürich