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Victorian Burlesque The Vintage Era / 1830s –1890s

Prohibition Bathtub Wood, Moss, Bitter 18.00


Inspired by:

Sevilla Gin, White Port, Yuzu Sake, Raspberry, Lavender Bitters Lady Marmelade

Madame Vestris New Orleans in Summer, Tangerine 17.00 Ingredients:

Inspired by:

Monkey Whiskey, Tangerine, Green Velevet, Kronenhalle Bitters Old Fashioned and Sazerac

American Burlesque

The Classic Era / 1860s-1940s

Minksy’s at the Winter Garden Smoky, Salty, Sour 19.00 Ingredients: Mezcal, Plumbitters, Pear, Cucumber, Plum Vinegar Inspired by: Mexican Rivella

Vaudewill Circuit Floral, Spirit-forward 18.00

Ingredients: Celery Gin, Soju, Italicus, Supasawa Inspired by: Martini

Grindhouse Follies The Post War Era / 1940s-1950s

Fiorello LaGuardiab Exotic Asian, Dried Fruit, Sweet 17.00 Ingredients:

Inspired by:

Ceylon Arrack, Chartreuse, Guave, Plum Vinegar, Banana, Soda Geisha-Dance

Flowering Meadow Refreshing, Ginger-Finish 15.50 Ingredients:

Inspired by:

Edinborough Rhubarb Gin Liquor, Aperol, Ginger Beer A day off

The Dark Age

The Obscure Era / 1950s-1995

Blue Angel Cabaret Dark, Refreshing, Sweet 17.00 Ingredients:

Picon Orange, Parfait Amour, Makgeolli, Morentau Bitters Inspired by: Edith Piaf

Roof Garden Refreshing, Citrusy 15.50 Ingredients:

Hendricks Gin, Italicus, Yuzu-Lemonade Inspired by: Cloud Number 7

Neo Burlesque

The Contemporary Era / 1994 until now

Bettie Page Refreshing, Sour 17.00

Ingredients: Rangpur Gin, Matcha, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Flowers, Gomme Sirup, Supasawa Inspired by: Tea Time Japanese Style

Lydia Thompson & her British Blonde Refreshing, Tangy, Orange-Bitter 19.00 Ingredients:

Inspired by:

Jinzu Gin, Elderflower, Aperol, Blueberry, Rose, Peychauds Bitter, Melon Melon Cooler

Soju & Makgeolli

Korean rice wine & traditional Korean rice beer

Somaek 11.50 Cass beer with a shot of Soju Soju Fresh 22.00 Chamisul Soju distilled from barley, 17.8% vol., 3.5dl Soju Grapefruit 22.00

Chamisul Soju distilled from barley with a taste of grapefruit, 13% vol., 3.6dl

Makgeolli 9.00 | 18.00 Traditional Korean rice beer, 6% vol., 3dl | 7.5dl

Highballs Magie Hart 13.00 Wodka, Ginger Beer Josephine Baker 13.00

Jack Daniel’s, Triple Sec

Dixie Evans 13.00 Beefeater Gin, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Soda Sherry Britton 13.00

Havana Rum, Cola

Mistinguett 14.00 Wodka, Red Bull

Jadin Wong 14.00

Tequila, Soda, Cranberry

Ann Corio 13.00 Cachaça, Ginger Ale Carrie Finnell 14.00

Pimm’s, Ginger Ale

Classic Drinks Old Fashioned 15.00

Bourbon Whiskey, Sugar Syrup, Angostura Bitters

Godfather 16.00

Scotch Whiskey, Amaretto

Cosmopolitan 16.00 Wodka, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice White Russian 15.00 Wodka, Kahlua, Cream

Basil Smash 16.00 Gin, Basil, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice Martini Cocktail 15.00 Gin, Vermouth

Mai Tai 16.00 Rum, Cointreau, Almond Syrup, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice Daiquiri 15.00

Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup

Margarita 15.00

Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup

Bloody T 16.00

Tequila, Tomato Juice, Lime Juice

Negroni 15.00

Campari, Vermouth, Gin

Manhattan 15.00 Bourbon Whiskey, Vermouth, Angostura Bitters

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Prosecco Nudo Extra Dry, Colli del Soligo 1dl, 8.00 | 7.5dl, 55.00

Prosecco rosé Prosecco Nudo Rosato, Fasoli Gino 1dl, 8.00 | 7.5dl, 55.00 Champagne Brut Réserve Billecart-Salmon AOC Champagne, France 7.5dl, 89.00

White Wine Fasoli Chardonnay Bio, IGT Veneto, Italy 1dl, 7.50

Protocolo Blanco VDT Laguardia, Spain

1dl, 7.00

White wine spritzer Sweet or sour 1dl, 8.50

Fancy a bottle of wine? Please ask our staff for the exclusive selection.

RosĂŠ Wine Protocolo Rosado VDT Laguardia, Spain 1dl, 7.00

Red Wine Little Lady B Bio, DO Yecla, Spain

1dl, 7.50

Protocolo Tin0to VDT Laguardia, Spain

1dl, 7.00

Fancy a bottle of wine? Please ask our staff for the exclusive selection.

Asian Beer Cass Korea

4.5% vol., 3.3dl, 7.20

Hite Korea 4.3% vol., 3.3dl, 7.20 Sapporo Japan

4.7% vol., 3.3dl, 7.20

Craft Beer Coedo India Pale Ale Japan

5.5% vol., 3.3dl, 8.20

Coedo Hefe Weizen Japan

5.5% vol., 3.3dl, 8.20

Appenzeller Leermond Switzerland

non-alcoholic, 3.3dl, 5.50

Rum Havana 7 Yrs Cuba 40% vol., 4cl Rum Zacapa 23 Yrs Guatemala 40% vol., 4cl Old Monk Rum Gold Reserve India 42.8% vol., 2cl Cacha 51. Brasil 40% vol., 4cl Sailor Jerry Spiced USA 40% vol., 4cl Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados 43% vol., 4cl Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Venezuela 40% vol., 4cl Kraken Black Spiced Trinidad and Tobago 40% vol., 4cl Don Papa Philippines 40% vol., 4cl, 16.00 Ron Millonario Reserva XO Especial Solera Peru 40% vol., 4cl Pyrat XO Reserve Rum Anguilla 40% vol., 4cl Rhum Agricole

Saint James Imperial Blanc Martinique 40% vol., 4cl Saint James Royal Ambre Martinique 45% vol., 4cl

Gin Beefeater England 40% vol., 4cl Turicum Switzerland 41.5% vol., 4cl Citadelle France 44% vol., 4cl Fords Great Britain 45% vol., 4cl St. George Terroir Gin USA 45% vol., 4cl Roku Gin Japan 43% vol., 4cl Hendricks Great Britain 41.4% vol., 4cl Gin Mare Mediterranean Spain 42.7% vol., 4cl Nikka Coffey Japan 47% vol., 4cl Nordes Atlantic Spain 40% vol., 4cl Ransom Old Tom USA 44% vol., 4cl Kyro Napue Finland 46.3% vol., 4cl Brockmans Premium Great Britain 40% vol., 4cl Sipsmith London Great Britain 57.7% vol., 4cl Generous France 44% vol., 4cl

Mezcal & Tequila Cimarron Plata 40% vol., 4cl Don Julio Reposado 38% vol., 4cl Jose Vuervo 1800 Silver 38% vol., 4cl Centenario Blanco 40% vol., 4cl Ocho Blanco 40% vol., 4cl Herradura Reposado 40% vol., 4cl Alipus San Baltazar Mezcal 47.4% vol., 4cl Alipus San Juan Mezcal 47% vol., 4cl Meteoro Espadin 50.3% vol., 4cl Ocho Añejo Tequila 40% vol., 4cl

Vodka Ketel One Netherlands 70% vol., 4cl Grey Goose France 40% vol., 4cl Ciroc Grape France 40% vol., 4cl Snow Leopard Poland 40% vol., 4cl EIKO Premium Artisanal Japan 40% vol., 4cl

Whiskey Scotch Laing Glengoyne 10 Yrs. Scotland 43% vol., 4cl Auchentoshan 12 Yrs Lowlands 40% vol., 4cl Monkey Shoulder Blended 40% vol., 4cl Oban 14 Yrs Highlands 43% vol., 4cl Highlandpark 18 Yrs Viking Pride, Highland Park 43% vol., 4cl Lagavuli 16 Yrs Islay 43% vol., 4cl Ardbeg 10 Yrs Islay 46% vol., 4cl Talisker 10 Yrs Island 45.8% vol., 4cl Macallan 12 Yrs. Old sherry oak, Speyside 40% vol., 4cl Aberlour 18 Yrs Speyside 43% vol., 4cl

Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Canadia Club Ontario 40% vol., 4cl Buffalo Trace USA 45% vol., 4cl Wild Turkey American Honey Kentucky 35.5% vol., 4cl Maker’s Mark Kentucky 45% vol., 4cl Jack Daniels Old N7 USA 40% vol., 4cl Ireland

Jameson Ireland 40% vol., 4cl Bushmills 10 Yrs Ireland 40% vol., 4cl Asia

Suntory TOKI Japan 43% vol., 4cl FUYU Premium Black Japan 40% vol., 4cl Nikka from the Barell Japan 51.4% vol., 4cl Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Japan 43% vol., 4cl Kavalan Single Malt Taiwan 40% vol., 4cl

Cognac & Brandy Martell NCF 40% vol., 2cl, 7.00 | 4cl Pierre Ferrand Cognac 40% vol., 2cl, 9.00 | 4cl Sarpa di Poli Grappa 40% vol., 2cl, 9.00 | 4cl Grappa Berta tre soli tre 44% vol., 2cl, 14.00 | 4cl Calvados Sel. Morin Père 40% vol., 2cl, 7.00 | 4cl

Aperitifs & Bitters Vermouth Bianco del Professore 4cl Dolin Rouge 4cl Dolin Vermouth Dry 4cl Dolin White 4cl Aperol 4cl Campari


Carpano Antica Formula 4cl Cinzano 4cl Pimms Nr 1 4cl Jägermeister 4cl Ramazzotti 4cl Hierbas 4cl Mansinthe Absinth 4cl Pastis 51 4cl

Liquors Grand Marnier 4cl Cointreau 4cl St. Germain 4cl Chartreuse Verte 4cl Kahlua 4cl Amaretto di Saronno 4cl Chambord Liqueur 4cl Baileys 4cl Fernet del Frate Angelic 4cl Maraschino 4cl

Non Alcoholic Drinks Mocktails (non alcoholic cocktails)

Love & Passion 8.50

Maracuja fruits & juices, fresh mint & sparkling bubbles

Bedside Radio 8.50 Fresh pressed limes, spicy ginger lemonade & fresh ginger Asian Teas

Jasmin Deluxe 6.00 Mango Lu Dao Bio 6.00 Darjeeling Tumsong First Flush Bio 6.00 Sweet Pi Lo Chun Bio 6.00 Wild Fruits Bio 6.00

Hot Coffee

Coffee 4.70 Espresso 4.70 Espresso Doppio 5.70 Soft Drinks

Sparkling Water 2.5dl, 3.80 | 4dl, 5.00 Still Water 2.5dl, 3.80 | 4dl, 5.00 Cola 2.5dl, 4.20 | 4dl, 5.50 Coca Cola 3.3dl, 5.00 Coca Cola Zero 3.3dl, 5.00 Apple spritzer 3.3dl, 5.00 El Tony Mate & Ginger 3.3dl, 5.50

Nibbles Available until 10pm


Steamed bao-sandwiches with bulgogi beef, red onions, pickled cucumber & kimchi, 12.50

Mapo Island Bird

Kale in tempura dough, garnished with teriyaki sauce, 9.50


Edamame with Korean chili salt, 6.50

Ding Dong Ditch

Chili & kimchi cheese fries with Gochujang Aioli Sauce, 9.50

Available all night long

Looking for some late snacks? Please ask our staff for the nightly treats.



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