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From the soup pot Onionsoup

CHF 11.50

with bread chips Grisons barley soup with fresh chives

CHF 13.00

Salads Green salad with smoked salmon strips and house dressing

CHF 14.50

Corn salad with bacon, egg and croutons

CHF 13.50

Spinach salad with gorgonzola cheese(italian blue-mold cheesse),pear, walnuts and honey dressing

CHF 16.00

Starters Scottish smoked salmon with salad and dill mustard honey sauce

CHF 16.50

Beef carpaccio (very thinly sliced raw beef with parmesan and olive oil

CHF 19.50

Beef tartare served with onions, capers, toast and butter

CHF 19.50

Goat cheese gratinated with rosemary honey with pear and walnuts

CHF 15.50

Steamed minced meat wan tan with spicy cabbage salad and spicy dip

CHF 16.50

Appetizer Variation Falkenburg ( Steamed minced meat wan tan, Goat cheese gratinated with rosemary honey , smoked salmon and Beef tartare )

CHF 26.50

From the traditional Falkenburg kitchen Veal – meatloaf (homemade) on red wine jus with mashed potatoes and vegetables

CHF 31.50

Veal cheeks in merlot jus braised with gratinated potatoes and vegetables

CHF 43.50

Chicken Cordon - bleu „Appenzeller Style“ (filled with dried beef ham and Appenzeller chees) with french fries

CHF 32.00

Veal pieces on green Thai curry sauce (spicy) with Himalayan rice and fried coconut bananas

CHF 38.00

From the creative kitchen Beef steak with green pepper sauce served with French fries and grilled tomatoes

CHF 42.50

Pork fillet medallions with egg mushrooms sauce with tagliatelle and vegetables

CHF 35.50

Veal bag (filled with spinach, gorgonzola chees and pear) served with mashed potatoes and carrots

CHF 46.50

Challans duck breast with orange sauce with gratinated potatoes and red cabbage

CHF 44.00

From the lake and sea Fried king prawns with Asian vegetables, Himalayan rice and wasabis

CHF 42.50

Pike-perch fillet with white wine sauce served with blue St. Galler potatoes and leaf spinach

CHF 41.50

Vegetarian dishes Tagliatelle served with spinach,dried tomatoes and egg mushrooms sauce

CHF 26.00

Vegetables on green Thai curry sauce (spicy) served with Himalayan rice and fried coconut bananas

CHF 28.50

Vegetables with blue St. Galler potatoes, spinach and grilled tomatoes

CHF 29.50

Drooling big salads -

with Chicken strips and Chilli sauce with Pike - perch strips and tartar sauce with Chicken Cordon - bleu „Appenzeller Style“ with Beef steak with fried king prawns

Chicken: Duck: Veal and Pork: Beef: Fish/Crustaceans:


26.00 28.50 29.50 37.50 39.00

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All prices are in Swiss Francs including 8% VAT

3 dl 5 dl


2.00 3.00

Falkenburg 9000 St. Gallen