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park inn by radisson zĂźrich airport

Flughofstrasse 75 8153 RĂźmlang Switzerland

+41 44 828 86 86

Bocca Buona. This is our Italian family - you’ll probably find us walking, talking, flipping a couple of pizzas around and feeding you. It’s all about tasting true Italian culture, and we find that the best way to do that is to dig in...with friends and family over a large pot of great pasta! If it’s at one of our communal tables, the bar or anywhere else in the restaurant, we welcome you into our home for pizza, pasta e basta.

all prices are in chf and include 7.7% vat

beef, veal, pork & chicken : Switzerland cod (longline) : North-East Atlantic seafood, bacon, ham, salami, cheese : Italy Vegetables, eggs, milk, cream sourced from local partners

Do you have any allergies or food intolerances? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Just ask one of us for info on the menu items and we’ll be happy to help.

let’s start with focaccia • spuntini


cestino di pane




Focaccia, Pane Carasau and grissini Focaccia, Pane Carasau und Grissini with a mix of tapenades mit verschiedenen Tapenaden

pane cotto al forno Pizza bread from our oven Pizzabrot aus unserem Ofen

insalata cesare 16 Romaine lettuce, bacon, parmesan and homemade Caesar dressing Mini Lattich, Speck, Parmesan und hausgemachtes Caesar Dressing

con gamberi o pollo

con diversi condimenti with a mix of tapenades mit verschiedenen Tapenaden



with shrimps or chicken breast mit Crevetten oder Pouletbrust

insalata caprese 16


Buffalo mozarella, tomatoes, basil and pesto Büffelmozzarella, Tomaten, Basilikum und Pesto

lattuga verde 9

olive giganti 5

Green lettuce Grüner Blattsalat


insalata di legumi 14 Bell-pepper, lentils, cickpea, red onions, romaine lettuce, tomatoes Paprika, Linsen, Kichererbsen, Rote Zwiebeln, Mini-Lattich, Cherrytomaten

Giant marinated olives with chili and fresh herbs Riesenoliven mariniert mit Chili und frischen Kräutern


with San Marzano tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil mit San Marzano Tomaten, Basilikum, Knoblauch und Olivenöl

minestrone 9

Classic Italian veggie soup Klassische Italienische Gemüsesuppe

antipasti classico


Mixed marinated veggies, Pecorino, Parmesan, Buffalo mozzarella, salami Ventricina, Parma ham Verschieden eingelegtes Gemüse, Pecorino, Parmesan, Büffelmozzarella, Salami Ventricina und Parmaschinken

le paste

le pizze

spaghetti all’ aglio orsino 19 Spaghetti with wild garlic pesto Spaghetti mit Bärlauchpesto

ravioli boscaiola 20 Asparagus ravioli with mushrooms and leek Spargelravioli, Pilze, Lauch

gran tortelloni all’ ortolana Ricotta spinach tortelloni with tomato sauce, antipasti Ricotta-Spinattortelloni, Tomatensauce, Antipasti

strozzapreti marinara Prawns, tomato sauce, garlic Crevetten, Tomatensauce, Knoblauch

tagliatelle bocca buona

Porcini mushrooms, pancetta, Scamorza, bacon sauce Steinpilze, Pancetta, Scamorza, Specksauce

rigatoni al ragu di salsiccia

Salsicca, tomato sauce, Ricotta Salsiccia, Tomatensauce, Ricotta


il padrino di bocca buona

18 22 24 20 19 23

pizza bocca buona


pizza ‘david’


pizza asparago


pimp up your pizza


Porcini, pancetta ham, truffle oil, rocket salad, Scamorza Steinpilze, Pancetta, Trüffelöl, Rucola, Scamorza


Porcini, salsiccia, cherrytomatoes Steinpilze, Salsiccia, Cherrytomaten


Asparagus, pancetta, Pecorino Spargel, Pancetta, Pecorino

per topping / pro Belag


Chef’s favourite Tagliatelle Bocca Buona with a glass of Primitivo or Pinot Grigio Tagliatelle Bocca Buona und einem Glas Primitivo or Pinot Grigio

pizza margherita pizza diavola pizza parma pizza quattro formaggi pizza vegetariana pizza capriciosa


il rafinato


risotto primavera




merluzzo “sous-vide” con risotto al pomodoro


gnocchi sorrentina


gnocchi verdure


Peas, tomatoes, asparagus Erbsen, Tomaten, Spargel

Escalope of pork with Parma ham and sage Schweins Plätzli mit Parmaschinken und Salbei

Codfish ”sous-vide” with tomato risotto Kabeljaufilet “sous-vide” mit Tomatenrisotto Mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce Mozzarella, Basilikum, Tomatensauce

Artichoke, tomatoes, peas, parmesan sauce Artischocken, Tomaten, Erbsen, Parmesansauce

panna cotta tiramisù

8 11

contatori di gelato Scoop of ice-cream Kugel Glace


Bocca Buona Zürich Airport 8153 Rümlang  
Bocca Buona Zürich Airport 8153 Rümlang