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MENU A historical industrial site changes with the times Johannes Honegger, born in 1832, together with his brother, built in 1853 a cotton weaving mill in Hueb, a small town 2 km above Wald. In 1860 the factory burnt down and he decided to rebuild on his own, with much success. In 1873 the weaving mill „Bleiche“ was built in down town Wald. Soon after, further factories followed. "The largest enterprise in the municipality Wald closes its doors", were the headlines of the local newspaper, «Zürcher Oberländer» in the spring of 1988. Due to economic reasons, all textile production was shut down at the „Bleiche“ With the opening of the Bleichibeiz on 20th October 1997 a new era started. Today, with a hotel, restaurant, loft apartments, wellness + spa, fitness studio, therapeutical practices, and many other small businesses, the “Bleiche Wald” has become a popular town within a town for work and leisure. The name "Bleiche" comes from the time, when in the proximity of today's factory site, cotton cloths were bleached in the sun. Prices in CHF and include VAT

ASIA—MENU 亞洲菜單 STARTER 首發 Glass noodle salad with vegetable “Julienne” Peanuts, papaya, soya sauce and lime

MAIN COURSE 主菜 Beef curry with diced potato, vegetables, lime leaves, and lemon grass Served with homemade Naan bread

DESSERT 甜品 „Sticky rice“ Thai sticky rice with mango, Coconut milk, raw sugar and ginger CHF 57.50 pro Person

SOUPS Creamy apple und prosecco soup with a Grissini


Cream of banana and curry soup with coconut milk This soup is vegan and gluten free


Soup of the day Freshly prepared every day. Ask our service staff...


To accompany your salad or soup we recommend our fresh garlic bread


SALADS Green garden salad


Mixed salad An assortment of various fresh salads


Salad bowl for 2 persons or more price per Person 8.50 Crispy lettuces tossed in our creamy house dressing, with champignons, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber Lamb‘s lettuce with Garlic dressing, 15.50 / 25.50 Chopped egg, sweet potato and feta cheese Winter salad with honey and mustard dressing, Roasted pecan nuts, beetroot, mandarin and granite apple


COLD STARTERS Beef steak Tatar with a hint brandy, served with toast and butter

17.50 / 24.50 / 29.50

...order your Tatar spicy hot, medium or mild “Muulverrucktmacherteller” 16.50 / 24.50 Our tongue twister! A mixed plate with various cold Antipasti specialities

To accompany your salad or soup we recommend our fresh garlic bread


CLASSICS Sliced veal liver sautéed in butter with onions and herbs Butterroesti (Swiss style hash browns)


“Zürigschnätzlets” A traditional Swiss dish Sliced veal with a creamy mushroom sauce Butterroesti (Swiss style hash browns)


“Züri Oberländer” pork cordon bleu 35.50 crumbed and filled with Parma ham, chilli sausage and local cheeses Tagliatelle or French fries and seasonal vegetables Parmesan risotto with a splash of prosecco:   

Tiger Prawns Mushrooms and vegetables Sliced veal sautéed in herbs

38.50 29.50 39.50

NOSE TO TAIL... Wraps filled with pulled pork and barbecue sauce French fries and coleslaw


Braised lamb shanks in a hearty jus Served on savoy cabbage Homemade pasta


Braised „Walder“ beef ragout with beer and bacon sauce Butterroesti (Swiss style hash browns) Vegetables


FROM OUR WOK Stir fried vegetables with our spicy red curry sauce with coconut milk and sesame oil Served with steamed rice  

with chicken with tiger prawns

32.50 35.50

VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN DISHES Stir fried vegetables with our spicy red curry sauce with coconut milk and sesame oil Served with steamed rice


Parmesan risotto with a splash of prosecco, mushrooms and vegetables


Homemade pasta with vegetables with a creamy saffron sauce


You didn‘t find anything vegetarian to your taste? Ask our service staff for alternatives ... FISH (& CHIPS) Deep fried fillets of Lake Zürich Whitefish in beer batter served with tartare sauce Pommes frites Vegetable ...or served with fresh salads


HOME MADE DESSERTS “Crema Catalana” Classic Spanish caramel dessert


Vanilla Panna Cotta Marinated plumbs with Glühwein


Black & white chocolate mousse garnished with fruit and a dollop of whipped cream


“Bleiche Dessert Symphony” an assortment of our home made dessert specialities


Vermicelles (Chestnut mousse) with meringues, cream and fruit  

small portion normal portion

8.50 11.50

Sundae „Nesselrode“ Vermicelles (Chestnut mousse) with ice cream, meringues and cream


Cheese platter per Person an assortment of local cheeses served with bread, butter, dried fruits and walnuts


Try our sweet dessert wine: Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 2012 Beaumalric Rhône, France 3.75dl Bottle 31.00

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Bleichibeiz 8636 Wald ZH  

Bleichibeiz 8636 Wald ZH