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With your Beer Pretzel7.00 with butter + 1.50 with Obatzda (traditional Bavarian cheese spread) + 2.50

Soups Leberknödelsuppe homemade broth with liver dumplings and chives11.50 Beer and mushroom spup 11.50

From the garden Green salad with homemade dressing8.00 Mixed salad with homemade dressing9.50 Potato or kraut salad 


Salad platter «Wolf» with cheese, chicken strips and balsamico dressing 19.50

Snacks Savoury sausage and cheese salad with onions, plain or garnished Obatzda traditional Bavarian Cheese spread with red onions 

16.50 / 19.50 11.50

«Wolfsplatte» 5 varieties of cold cuts and cheese17.50 «Raditeller» Radish with bread and horseradish sauce11.50

Our classics Weisswürstl with sweet mustard11.00 Bauernbratwurst with onion gravy14.00 Wiener Würstl


Meatloaf with a fried egg 16.00 Älplermagronen Maccaroni with potatoes, bacon, cream,21.50 cheese and fried onions Side dishes Kraut salad, potato salad, mixed salad, French fries, rösti, croquettes, Potato dumplings, pasta, vegetables


each additional side dish


Main courses Crusted roast pork


Two breaded pork cutlets


Knuckle of pork with caraway jus18.00 Filet of pork in a herb crust with port jus35.50 Chicken breast with herb butter17.50 Chicken wings with cocktail sauce 15.50 Chicken nuggets with tartare sauce14.50 Sesame coated chicken breast with coconut-and-lime sauce18.00 Surf & Turf «Wolf» Beef entrecôte and black tiger prawns42.50 served with home made Café de Paris Sauce Filet of beef with Havana rum sauce, served with pasta and vegetables52.00 Veal strips Zurich style with Rösti 


Original Wiener Schnitzel with cranberry jam and French fries34.00 Sliced steak of veal with green pepper sauce48.00 served with pasta and vegetables

Homemade cordon bleus


Cordon bleu «Wolf» with ham and Swiss cheese


Cordon bleu «Tirol» with Tyrolean cured ham and Swiss cheese


Cordon bleu «Bauernart» with bacon, onions and Swiss chese


Cordon bleu «Diavolo Blu» with spicy salami, gorgonzola cheese and chili 24.50 36.00 Chicken cordon bleu with turkey ham and Swiss cheese24.50 Side dishes Kraut salad, potato salad, mixed salad, French fries, rösti, croquettes, Potato dumplings, pasta, vegetables


each additional side dish


Spatzli Special Schwiizer Spätzli in a creamy cheese sauce with fried onions21.00 Gorgonzola-Spätzli in a creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce22.00 Gärtner-Spätzli in a vegetable and cream sauce24.00 Förster-Spätzli in a cream sauce with mushrooms and smoked bacon 25.00 Älpler-Spätzli in a cream sauce with ham, potatoes and fried onions


Wolf-Spätzli in a cream sauce with mushrooms and pork strips26.50 Metzger-Spätzli in a savoury sauce with slices of Swiss sausage22.00 gratinated with Swiss cheese

+ 3.50

Fondue chinoise (4 people or more, advance booking required) The popular Swiss version of the Chinese hot pot  Tender pieces of meat cooked to perfection in a pot of boiling stock.

49.00 per person

Beef, horse, turkey, chicken and pork, accompanied by six homemade sauces (cocktail, curry, tartare, garlic, sweet & sour, and herb sauce). Served with French fries, rice, gherkins, pickled onions, black olives and baby sweet corn.

Desserts Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream10.50 Dampfnudeln with vanilla sauce13.50 Apple tartelette with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream9.50 For more desserts ask for our ice cream menu.

Pasta time! A DIFFERENT PASTA DISH EACH DAY! Monday to Friday from 11.30 am till 2 pm.




vegetarian dishes Allergies Should you or one of your guests be affected by an allergy or food incompatibility, please ask our staff for further information about the respective dishes. We will gladly provide you with a suitable alternative. Origin of meat pork: CH | veal: CH | chicken: CH | horse: ARG Turkey: IT | beef: CH / ARG * | prawns: VN Prices in CHF incl. 7.7 % VAT *) May have been produced using hormones and / or other antimicrobial growth promoters.

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