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GREEN SALAD with graved-salmon stripes, baby lettuce, diced avocado, cherry-tomatoes and herbal dressing 16

LAMB’S LETTUCE with beetroot stripes, fresh herbs, diced egg, roasted pumpkin seeds and french dressing 16

BLACK ANGUS BEEF-FILET-CARPACCIO thinly sliced, with marinated rocket, sliced Sbrinz, sautéed mushrooms, freshly baked bread and olive oil 28│42

TUNA-SASHIMI with pan-fried scallops and shrimps, wakame salad, soy sauce and lime-vinaigrette 28│42

COCONUT-CURRY-SOUP with coriander, sesame, sautéed mushrooms, chili, lime and pan-fried shrimp 16

ASIAN PUMPKIN-CREAM-SOUP with a pan-fried scallop, sweet & sour pumpkin-dices and a light bourbon vanilla espuma 16


BRETON SOLE pan-fried whole fish, served on champagne risotto, with baby spinach, capers and dried tomatoes 52

«SPICY TUNA» pan-fried tuna steak coated in a sesame-spice crust, on wasabi-potato-puree, with sauteed pak choi, sesame curry emulsion and saffron-espuma 49

ZÜRCHER KALBS-GESCHNETZELTES pan-fried veal stripes, on a crispy hash-brown, with seasonal vegetables, cherry-tomatoes and mushrooms in a light cream-sauce 46

SURF & TURF «DELUXE» black angus beef filet-medallion, with pan-fried lobster tail, on a potato and chive puree, seasonal vegetables, lemon butter and balsamic-vinegar-jus 59

HOMEMADE POTATO-GNOCCHI with sweet and sour pumpkin and pear-dices, brussel sprouts, baby spinach, mushrooms, glazed chestnuts and marinated lamb’s lettuce 39


BARBARIE DUCK BREAST pan-fried, with sweet-potato-puree, seasonal vegetables cooked in the wok and orange-ginger-jus 42

SAFFRON-LINGUINE with black tiger shrimps, scallops, mussels, cherry-tomatoes, baby spinach and saffron sauce 26│42

«ROSSINI-AQUA-STYLE» BLACK ANGUS BEEF-FILET-MEDALLION pan-fried, with sautéed duck liver, on mashed potatoes, red wine pear, baby spinach and truffle-jus 59

PASTA DELLA CASA daily changing choice of pasta, with either meat or vegetables 24│39

AQUA-PREMIUM All our ingredients are carefully selected and prepared by our kitchen crew. If you wish to have some more information about our products, please ask your waiter/waitress. They can provide you with more detailed information about the origin and the suppliers. You can also have a starter plate as a main course, with a small surcharge. Please don’t hesitate to ask your waiter/waitress. Our bread is homemade and freshly baked every day by our kitchen crew. All our prices are in Swiss Francs, including 7.7 % VAT.

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Aqua 6005 Luzern  

Aqua 6005 Luzern