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What's So Special About Us? Dear Genteel Readers

The Sane Women Behind Unraveling Men

You are holding the pilot issue of Genteel all-Armenian women's magazine. Why Genteel? Because it describes perfectly our view of women of Armenia: elegant and strong. Our aspiration is to bring out the confident, successful and beautiful woman in you. We feature a variety of rubrics, with the hope to satisfy the interest of our diverse readers. You, Genteel readers, are the ones shaping the content and theme of the mgazines, thus we appreciate your feedback on our work. Our team is devoted to bring you the freshest news from fashion industry, career opportunities, health and diet techniques, and many other. As opposed to other women's magazines in Armenia, we emphasize the importance of women at the workplace, as well as in th family. Therefore, our covers will frequently feature successful young women, that did not limit themselves to "average" , be it at the workplace, or in personal life .

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Our models and heroes of the main stories are all of Armenian origin. We believe that there are still a number of treasures undiscovered inside Armenia, so there is no need for relying on foreign .role models or fashion representatives Dear Genteel reader, we hope you will enjoy our first issue and that we will hear from you soon. Love Diana Asatryan, Editor-in-Chief

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Mad Men Season 6 Focuses More on Women By Alessandra Stanley

There’s been an amazing amount of soap opera in “Mad Men” — affairs, abortions, divorces, suicide, heroin addiction, even a Hare Krishna conversion — but the series has not yet become laughable, mostly .because it has never lost its dark sense of humor But the women of the show, more than the men, are the ones who defy expectations and break ground. The show about so-called mad men was always a paean to the sane women who serve them. As the series prepares to shut down, the men seem spent and preoccupied by death; it’s the women who keep us wanting just a little bit more. Time is on their side, and so are the writers. Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Joan (Christina Hendricks) began as secretaries and fought their way out of the steno pool and into careers of their own, a step ahead of the mainstream women’s .movement. And here, at least, there is no backlash On “Mad Men” it’s been the stay-at-home mothers who seem distracted and neglectful, while the working mothers like Joan, handing off her baby to her mother to race out the door and back to the office, seem nurturing. Peggy, who put her unwanted infant up for adoption in the first season, isn’t very maternal with her subordinates, .but she does seem happily married to her work It’s Betty (January Jones), raising her three children with a loving new husband, who appears childless — barren in feeling if not in fact. When Megan (Jessica Paré) filled in as a baby sitter, she was more loving to Betty’s children than Betty, though she lost a little of her “Sound of Music” sweetness once she became their stepmother None of these imperfect mothers are as repellent as Pauline (Pamela Dunlap), Betty’s mother-in-law. In the premiere Pauline has a chance to display her special, incongruous blend of neurotic neediness and deadpan cruelty. ,Particularly when measured against all these unusual

undefinable women, the men of “Mad Men” conform to type — and the biases of the era. Brits are polite and unknowable; WASPs are snobs and heavy drinkers; Jews are smart, brash and pushy; and blacks barely visible. Don has fewer ethnic tells than most because his whole persona is an invention. In the season premiere a young man in a bar can’t peg this stranger who is handsome and dapper but ”?square, not hip. He asks Don, “You some kind of astronaut Identity isn’t just a theme of “Mad Men,” it’s one\ of the series’s recurring jokes. We know who Don is by now, and where he is most likely headed. It’s the women in his life who keep us guessing .

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