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Portfolio 2011

E&L Enterprises Ltd.

E&L Enterprises Ltd. 21 809 777


In Brief E&L Enterprises came in operations in the fourth quarter of 2008, since then the company has built a prestigious reputation in the specialisation of sand blasting and electro galvanising of steel structures used for both marine related shipping activities and construction. We provide high quality and experienced services in sand blasting, galvanising and spray. These practices are used on all steel fabrications and structures in the residential, commercial and marine industries.

Client Portfolio Over the years we have established an excellent working relationship and network with contractors that operate in the steel and maritime sector. Due to this we have expanded our business to the Euro Mediterranean region, where lucrative contracts have already been made. The most recent one involving works on an oil rigment docked just outside of Malta. Our extensive portfolio involves both local and foreign investors. These include maritime and shipping companies operating in the Mediterranean region; and government entities.


OUR SERVICES Sand Blasting





Mercedes Showroom

Golden Sands


16 17 18 20

San Lucjan Tank

Sky Parks

Malta Int. Airport

Toyota Showroom


Chop House



ESF Building

Oil Rig Platform

Kordin Grain Terminal

St John Cathedral

St Theresa Sanctuary

Galvanising Works

Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

24 26 36 38 39 40 42

10 MIDI Belveder

Sand Blasting and Finishing.

MIDI Belveder

11 MIDI Belveder

Chop House 12 Chop House

Railing Galvanising and Spray.

13 Chop House

Golden Sands 14 Golden Sands

Sand Blasting and Finishing.

15 Golden Sands

16 Mercedes Showroom

Sand Blasting and Finishing.

Mercedes Showroom

17 Toyota Showroom

Sand Blasting and Finishing.

Toyota Showroom

18 Malta Int. Airport

Sand Blasting and Finishing.

Malta Int. Airport

19 Malta Int. Airport

20 Sky Parks

Sand Blasting.

Sky Parks

21 Sky Parks

22 San Lucjan Tank

Sand Blasting and Spray.

San Lucjan Tank

23 San Lucjan Tank

ESF Building 24 ESF Building

Fire Retardant applied to structure.

25 ESF Building

Oil Rig Platform 26 Oil Rig Platform

Full refurbishment of the Noble Homer Ferrington Oil Rig.

27 Oil Rig Platform

28 Oil Rig Platform

29 Oil Rig Platform

30 Oil Rig Platform

31 Oil Rig Platform

32 Oil Rig Platform

33 Oil Rig Platform

34 Oil Rig Platform

To whom it may concern, E&L Enterprises Ltd. have carried out their work on the Noble Homer Ferrington in a safe and professional manner. E&L have maintained a positive approach to their personal responsibility for safety and the safety of others that work with and around them. E&L have been committed to working safe through their continuous participation in the safety program and all safety meetings onboard the Rig and the professional manner in which they carry out their tasks. We wish E&L Enterprises Ltd. much success in the future and have no hesitation in recommending E&L to any future client.

P.J. Hammond

35 Oil Rig Platform

Offshore Installation Manager Noble Homer Ferrington

36 Kordin Grain Terminal

Full Refurbishment.

Kordin Grain Terminal

37 Kordin Grain Terminal

St John Cathedral 38 St John Cathedral

Full Refurbishment with Sand Blasting and Spray.

St Theresa Sanctuary

39 St Theresa Sanctuary

Full Refurbishment and Sand Blasting in Process.

40 Galvanising Works

Galvanising Works

41 Galvanising Works

42 Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

Sand Blasting and Painting of Risers on Oil Rig.

Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

43 Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

44 Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

Sand Blasting and Painting Work on Oil Rig Flare Boms.

45 Oil Rig Sand Blasting & Painting

E&L Enterprises Ltd. Catalogue 2011  
E&L Enterprises Ltd. Catalogue 2011  

Portfolio of our Projects varying from Sand Blasting, Spray, Galvanising, and Marine.