Dingman Center Annual Report 2018-19

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he 2018-19 academic year was a year of change for many of us at the Dingman Center. In September, former executive director Elana Fine ’97 passed the leadership baton to me as she moved on to a different stage in her career. In my first year of leading the Dingman Center as Managing Director, I found myself newly invigorated by our mission and inspired to see us through a successful year. This year, we expanded our footprint on campus. In the winter, we opened our new space at the Diamondback Garage located in the Discovery District. This space has led to new crosscampus relationships including a unique partnership between our Terp Startup summer accelerator and the newly opened WeWork College Park. From this space, we can also engage more students across our vast campus. Beyond expanding our footprint, our team delivered a strong year of events and venture programming. We executed our strongest Pitch Dingman Competition to date; expanded our Terp Startup summer accelerator; and hosted a stellar lineup of speakers through the Robert G. Hisaoka Speaker Series. Now in the third year of the Ladies First Initiative, we saw female engagement increase from 25% to 40%. The Center’s activities helped lead the University of Maryland to a #8 ranking in The Princeton Review's annual survey of the Top Schools for Entrepreneurship and #10 in a Crunchbase report on public research institutions graduating the most fundable founders.

CONTENTS 2. Remarks from Managing Director 3. Bill Boyle Appointed Board Chair 4. Dingman Expands Programs

We celebrated the 5th Annual Rudy Awards, an event dedicated to honor the Rudy Awards namesake, Rudy Lamone. It is so fitting that we always close out our academic year by honoring members in our network who shined almost as bright as Rudy.

6. Terp Startup at WeWork 8. Faculty Partnership 10. Robert G. Hisaoka Speaker Series 12. Pitch Dingman Competition 14. Ladies First 16. Hult@UMD 17. Thought Leadership 18. Rudy Awards 20. Board of Advisors

The Dingman Center’s secret sauce, as they say in startup land, is our community. This annual report showcases the students, faculty, alumni, mentors, investors, partners and fellow staff who helped make this year a success. As you read about our year, I hope you will agree that our team delivered on our mission to support entrepreneurs of all kinds. Go Terps! Holly DeArmond, MBA ’17 | Managing Director, Dingman Center

22. A Remarkable Community 23. Staff, Faculty & Community





he Dingman Center appointed Bill Boyle as Chair of its Board of Advisors for the 2019-2021 academic years. Bill is the founder of FiberGate, Inc., a Washington D.C. metro area provider of dark fiber services. He managed the company for 17 years and successfully exited in the fall of 2012. Currently, Bill invests

and works with startup companies through the Dingman Center Angels, and advises students in our Pitch Dingman Competition and Terp Startup programs. As leader of the Dingman Center's advisory board, Bill's insights as an alumni entrepreneur and investor will usher in a new era of strategic growth for the Center.

“ I am excited to help grow the many programs of the Dingman Center. From our annual Pitch Dingman Competition to our Ladies First Initiative, the Advisory board wants our students’ entrepreneurial dreams to become reality. Good things are happening, and the best is yet to come.” —BILL BOYLE

Hear Bill discuss his entrepreneurial journey on the 50th episode and season 6 launch of Bootstrapped: A Dingman Center Podcast: “From Founder to Funder: An Entrepreneur's Transition to Investing.” Tune in at go.umd.edu/Bootstrapped

• In a fireside chat, Bill Boyle gave student entrepreneurs in this summer's Terp Startup accelerator an opportunity to ask an angel investor what it takes to get funding





he Dingman Center achieved a major milestone toward expanding programs this year by opening a second office space in the new StartupUMD headquarters at the Diamondback Garage. Located behind The Hotel at UMD, the co-working space is part of the “Discovery District”, a $2 billion push to revitalize Greater College Park. The Dingman Center shares StartupUMD with other campus innovators, including UM Ventures, Maryland’s technology commercialization arm; the Terrapin Development Company; and the School of Public Policy’s Do Good Accelerator. With WeWork’s first college campus location opening just across the street, the Diamondback Garage is poised to become the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity at Maryland. • Diamondback Garage

Dingman Expands Two Key Venture Programs We improved the accessibility of our startup advising programs by hosting Dingman Fridays and Dingman Jumpstart sessions across campus at the Diamondback Garage and the new Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation.




DINGMAN CENTER ANGELS The Dingman Center’s key operator at StartupUMD is our Venture Investment Manager, Stan Smith. Stan joined the Center in October 2018 in a dual role with UM Ventures. Stan sources deals for both the Dingman Center Angels investor network and the Maryland Momentum Fund, an early-stage investment fund that backs startup companies formed within the University System of Maryland. Prior to joining Maryland, Smith served as a venture investor for Syncom Venture Partners, where he invested capital from a $275 million multi-stage media and communications venture capital fund. In his first year managing the Dingman Center Angels, Stan brought on seven new members and facilitated investments in six companies. Since inception, the DCA network has invested $16.2 million in 117 companies.

• Alumni tech founders Paul Capriolo ’06 and Zeki Mokhtarzada ’00 mentored students at Dingman Fridays in the Iribe Center

• Student Venture Programs manager Chris Rehkamp, MPS ’18 hosted a

Dingman Jumpstart session in the Iribe Center to teach Computer Science students the fundamentals of venture creation





s soon as College Park’s WeWork opened its doors, the Dingman Center had eyes on its dynamic co-working space for our Terp Startup accelerator program. The exemplary student founders accepted into Terp Startup receive a stipend of up to $5,000, a mentor and access to workshops to help them rapidly grow their business for eight weeks over the summer. This year, the Dingman Center forged a partnership with WeWork to host the cohort during the program and provide each founder with a 6-month “hot-desk” membership. The additional space, along with generous donor support from Matthew Fishlinger '07 and David Quattrone, MBA '05, gave us the ability to accept 15 teams, up from 10 in 2018. Many of these Fearless Founders will go on to compete in Pitch Dingman Competition.

AZELLE | Barathi Aravindan ’22

BREAK BOX | Ryan Perpall ’20

Azelle sells charm bracelets with proceeds that support saving the Chesapeake Bay.

Break Box facilitates better glass recycling practices through fun bottle throwing experiences.

BLESSED BRAIDS | Nadia Edet ’20 Blessed Braids is a business that provides quality protective hair styling for an affordable price.


CODE&PLAY LLC | Felipe de Padua, MS ’19 Code&Play offers live online coding courses from real engineers for kids and teenagers.

BRACELINT | Daniel Raithel ’20

THE DMV COME UP | Sadia Alao ’20

BraceLint’s patent-pending bracelet-like design creates a more portable lint removal solution.

The DMV Come Up is a media production company for young creatives of color in the DMV.


HANGRY | Shehan Weeraman ’19, Nick Adimi ’18 Hangry is an online food ordering and delivery platform that delivers food via drones.

ICED OUT COSMETICS | Isha Kamara ’20 A cosmetics brand that celebrates beauty in people marginalized by societal standards.

MPLEX | Galen Stetsyuk ’20 MPLEX is a virtual reality video game company creating a game worth getting a VR headset for.

PENDULUM ANALYTICS | William Sherman, MBA/MS ’19

TOUCAN | Shyon Parsadoust ’19 Toucan is a collaborative e-commerce platform to help college students market their talents.

Pendulum Analytics provides a costeffective approach to preventing financial transaction failure.

NUROSTREAM | Steven Jettoo ’20 (CEO), Kirsten Newman ’15 (CMO) NuroSTREAM is an app using neuroscience-based tools to help facilitate learning.

SABREEN COSMETICS | Kareemah Mustafa ’19 Sabreen Cosmetics markets vegan and cruelty-free beauty products to women of color.

OPENPOLL | Zachary Wynegar ’20

SAVVY TECH | Thomas Savransky ’20

OpenPoll allows decision makers to distribute surveys and collect responses more easily.

The Savvy Tech app allows users to try out and buy designer clothing in a virtual marketplace.

15 teams 17 students 9 mentors 8 weeks 11 workshops 5 colleges represented





key Dingman Center collaborator in the 20182019 academic year was faculty affiliate Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Together with Professor Schlake, the Center expanded an event, reframed a key course and led a study abroad tour.

Kirvy and interstate font

FALL 2018 | spark: Where Fearless Ideas Start When students come to the Center interested in entrepreneurship but unable to think of a business idea, we point them to our brainstorming event, spark, hosted by Professor Schlake and in partnership with Startup Shell, a student-run incubator at Maryland. In previous years spark took place over two days in the fall, but this year we packed the activities into one exciting day. spark also found a new home in the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center, a building designed to support innovative programs.

• Professor Oliver Schlake teaching students at spark

• T his year’s iteration of spark engaged student groups in a card game which mixed and matched business models, customers and value propositions into a simple elevator pitch.



• Professor Oliver Schlake asked students to deliver a two minute Billy Mays-style infomercial about their ideas.

WINTER 2019 | Dingman Leads Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Tour Over winter break, Professor Schlake and Chris Rehkamp, MPS ’18, Dingman Center Venture Programs Manager, led a group of students on a 10-day innovation trek through France and Morocco.

• S tudents learning about social entrepreneurship and social impact

“ The beauty of this trip was the opportunity to witness unique entrepreneurial approaches with cultural and sociopolitical contexts at the forefront of the experience. The insights that I gained and memories that were made are a priceless souvenir from my time abroad.” —HANNAH SHRAIM ’20

initiatives in Marrakech

SPRING 2019 | New Venture Practicum Professor Schlake also taught students enrolled in our three-credit Fearless Founders course, New Venture Practicum. The syllabus was specially tailored to help each unique student venture progress during the semester. By the end of the course, several members of the cohort were accepted into our Terp Startup summer accelerator.

“ The New Venture Practicum helped me push my business, BraceLint, from the ideation stage into manufacturing. My company and I were able to grow exponentially due to the constant interactions with the creative entrepreneurs in my class, along with the “out-of-the-box” thinking style of Dr. Schlake.” —DANIEL RAITHEL ’20, BRACELINT





ow in its second year, the Robert G. Hisaoka Speaker Series was enthusiastically attended by Maryland students and alumni. Supported by a three-year commitment from distinguished alumnus Robert G. Hisaoka ’79, the gift also includes his chairmanship of the Pitch Dingman Competition. For the speaker series, Hisaoka tapped into his vast personal and professional network to invite exciting speakers to campus who would inspire the next generation of Terp entrepreneurs.

OCTOBER 2018 | Steve Case The kickoff speaker in this year’s lineup was legendary entrepreneur Steve Case, the founder of AOL and chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC. Case provided attendees with free copies of his book, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future, and detailed his perspective on the evolution of technology and entrepreneurship. He also shared stories from his tenure at AOL and his Rise of the Rest bus tours, a platform to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs who are starting and scaling businesses outside of Silicon Valley, New York and Boston.

“ Whether its immigration policy or incentives around capital investment or investments in nascent research • S teve Case or a whole host of things, we better step up our investments. Now is not the time for the United States to step back and create a vacuum. It’s a time when we need to be doubling down on our entrepreneurs.” —STEVE CASE



Robert Hisaoka transitioned early in his career from public accounting to co-owning and running some of the largest car dealerships in the country. Currently, he is the President of Luxury Imports of Bowling Green and BMW of Bowling Green and a partner in various import dealerships. After selling some top-ranked dealerships in 2006, Hisaoka focused on investing in private companies with innovative disruptive technology and giving back through philanthropy. He is an active angel and venture investor sitting on the boards of a multitude of companies.

FEBRUARY 2019 | Founders Panel The second Hisaoka speaker event focused on entrepreneurs who were active students when they launched their startups. On the panel were alumnus Paul Capriolo ’06, founder of Social Growth Technologies and currently Director of Growth at Zentail; Kristen McClellan, a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 who founded SnappyScreen as an undergraduate student at Cornell University; and Jeff Grass, who founded PayMyBills.com while pursuing his MBA from Wharton School of Business, and went on to launch LiveSafe, BuySafe, and his current venture, HUNGRY.

• J eff Grass, Kristen

McClellan, Paul Capriolo

“ If you’re passionate about your ideas, you need to share it, and share your ideas with others who are as passionate as you are.” —PAUL CAPRIOLO ’06

APRIL 2019 | Tom Davidson The final event of the Hisaoka series featured local award-winning entrepreneur Tom Davidson, founder and CEO of EVERFI, an education technology company based in Washington, D.C. As a CEO with a 99% approval rating, Davidson shared his strategies for building a positive workplace culture.

“ You need to be an optimistic person. That doesn’t mean you have blue birds flying around your head. This isn’t fun all the time, but the sense that things are far more possible — people just want to be around people who feel that way.” —TOM DAVIDSON

• Tom Davisdon with Robert Hisaoka




• Pitch Dingman Competition Finals

• The finalists and judges at the Pitch Dingman Competition Semifinals

• Jasmine Snead pitching Aurora Tights


ach year, Pitch Dingman Competition represents the apex of the Dingman Center’s engagement with student founders. Students who compete have often worked with us for several semesters in our Fearless Founders accelerator, Ladies First Founders course and at Dingman Fridays advising hours. With Robert G. Hisaoka ’79 as the competition’s chair, each semifinalist and finalist are named Hisaoka Entrepreneurs, a title that comes with access to exclusive workshops, mentoring and funding opportunities. Whether they win or lose, the process of competing challenges these students to elevate their ventures to new heights.

Thank you to leading donors Robert G. Hisaoka and David and Robyn Quattrone, as well as corporate partner SECU for providing funding for the competition prizes.

• David Quattrone, MBA ’05




AlgenAir | Dan Fucich, PhD ’20 Aurora Tights | Jasmine Snead ’17, MPH ’19, MBA ’21 Code & Play LLC | Felipe De Padua, MS ’19 crepkitchen | Mathew Steininger ’22 Dauntless | Caitlyn Singam ’20 Olympus Projects | Peter Robinson ’19, Zubin Gadhoke ’19 OpenPoll | Zachary Wynegar ’19 Pearl Long Term Care Solutions, Inc. | Myisha Gatson, MBA ’19 Solr Tech | Alex Onufrak ’20 Synapto | Dhruv Patel ’20, Chris Look ’20, Anoop Patel ’20, David Boegner ’20, Megha Guggari ’20


AURORA TIGHTS | Jasmine Snead The David & Robyn Quattrone Pitch Dingman Grand Prize ($15,000) Performance sports apparel for women of all skin tones and sizes.

SOLR TECH | Alex Onufrak 2nd Place ($7,500) Solar-powered charging stations that can retrofit to any patio umbrella.

SYNAPTO | Chris Look, Megha Guggari (presenting) 3rd Place ($3,500) & Audience Choice ($1,000) A device using AI and portable EEG to streamline Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

CREPKITCHEN | Mathew Steininger Runner Up A website that notifies users of sales on limited edition sneakers. OPENPOLL | Zachary Wynegar Runner Up An interactive web and mobile polling platform to help decision makers collect data.

• Left to right: Dingman Center managing director Holly DeArmond, board chair Bill Boyle, grand prize sponsor David Quattrone, grand prize winner Jasmine Snead, Cassie Costin and Gloria Jacobovitz

Pitch Dingman Judges SEMIFINALS Maurice Boissiere ’89 Founder & Managing Coach, Higher Calling Ventures Benjamin Khakshoor ’18 Product Security Engineer, Flatiron Health Juliana Neelbauer, JD ’12 Senior Associate Attorney, Drew Eckl & Farnham Polly Vail Co-founder, Turnstyle Partners Adam VanWagner ’11, MPS ’15 Technical Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

FINALS David Quattrone, MBA ’05 Co-founder & CTO, Cvent Bill Boyle ’81 Founder, FiberGate Inc. Cassie Costin Community Market Leader, SECU Gloria Jacobovitz Technology Manager, Applied Physics Laboratory

• F earless Founders participated in a

Founders’ Showcase preceding the Finals event. The showcase winner of $250 was Kareemah Mustafa (left) of Sabreen Cosmetics.





he third year of our Ladies First initiative was our most impactful yet, with one especially validating win: a member of the inaugural cohort of Ladies First Founders, Aurora Tights co-founder Jasmine Snead ’17, MPS ’19, MBA ’21, won the grand prize of $15,000 at the Pitch Dingman Competition. Jasmine’s success was the icing on the cake to the initiative’s key focus this year: showcasing role models for aspiring female and non-binary founders at Maryland.

NOVEMBER 2018 | Ladies First Fall Dinner with

Mary Schulman ’97 and Brianna Queen ’19 At the Ladies First Fall Dinner, Sara Herald, MBA ’11, Ladies First champion and the Center’s Director of Venture Development, moderated a panel of two inspiring female Terp entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry: alumna and serial entrepreneur Mary Schulman, co-founder of PYT Beauty; and current student Brianna Queen, founder of BEEQBOX and second place winner of the 2018 Pitch Dingman Competition.

• F rom left, Brianna Queen, Mary Schulman and Sara Herald

MARCH 2019 | Ladies First Fireside Chat with

Jean Case

Metrics of success: female engagement in our programs increased from

25% to 40%



In honor of International Women’s Month, we invited Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation and first female chair of the National Geographic Society, to share wisdom from her new book, Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose.

• Sara Herald and Jean Case


As part of our new emphasis on the importance of role models, the second cohort of Ladies First Founders were each paired with a mentor who supported their journey throughout the course. Meet Cohort 2 and their mentors:

SADIA ALAO ’20 | InstaBeauty A beauty supply delivery service to suit the needs of busy women of color.

Mentor: Shelly Bell, Founder of Black Girl Ventures

I’SHEA BOYD ’20 | Baltimore Leading Baltimore BARATHI ARAVINDAN ’22 | Azelle

A program to help first generation college students complete the application process.

A company that sells charm bracelets to support preservation of the Chesapeake Bay.

Mentor: Kelly O’Malley, Regional Director at The Vinetta Project LEAH BARNES ’21 | FOY Drinkware

Mentor: Carolyn Yarina, CEO and Co-Founder at Sisu Global Health

Mentor: Tonia Wellons, Founder, Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund

Sara Herald and Jasmine Snead were honored to speak about the Dingman Center and the impact of Ladies First to an audience of distinguished alumni and donors at President Wallace Loh’s Fearless Ideas campaign event in Centreville, VA.

SABAHAT FATIMA ’21 | Tailormade An app to connect tailors in India with customers beyond their neighborhood.

A social venture that provides reusable water bottles for public school students in the Dominican Republic.

APRIL 2019 | Ladies First at Fearless Ideas Campaign Event

Mentor: Erin Janklow, Founder and CEO of Entrada: Employer Sponsored Learning

DANA HASHEM ’20 | NeuroWhiz An after school program in neuroscience for state schools.

Mentor: Deborah Hemingway, PhD ’18, Founder and CEO at Leon Scientific NAZEA KHAN ’20 | Fitzea A mobile app that creates a fitting room experience for users to try on clothes.

Mentor: LaKisha Greenwade, MBA ’11, Founder of Glam Tech LARA SHARMA ’22 | Ele’ve A fashion editorials app that connects models, photographers and more.

Mentor: Xina Eiland, President and CEO at X+PR SABA TSHIBAKA ’20 | Rendered Inc. • P resident Loh pictured with the Ladies First Founders

• Jasmine Snead spoke to how her involvement with the Dingman Center and Ladies First Founders helped her achieve success with her startup, Aurora Tights

A consignment clothing site with a focus on sustainable wardrobe solutions.

Mentor: Ali von Paris ’12, Founder and CEO of Route One Apparel





tudents at UMD have demonstrated a passion for launching ventures with impact. In response, the Dingman Center in partnership with the Center for Social Value Creation initiated a local version of the Hult Prize, an international case competition for social entrepreneurship. Fifteen teams pitched a venture idea to solve this year’s challenge, “Provide meaningful work for 10,000 youth within the next decade.” The winning team of our campus competition, OnCall, was automatically advanced to the regional round in Boston, where they pitched for the opportunity to present to the United Nations and win a $1 million grant to launch their idea. Though OnCall did not advance to the national round, the impact of the students’ experience was life altering.

HULT@UMD WINNER - ONCALL | Rasheeq Rayhan, MBA ’20,

Alex Woo, MS ’20, Justin Fenn ’21 OnCall solves a problem in the healthcare market in India through telemedicine. With too few doctors to support India's enormous population, OnCall would provide doctors a platform to offer medical officer certification to anyone with a high school diploma or GED over the phone. Empowering these medical officers would allow doctors to supervise the treatment of a patient remotely, while providing the aspiring medical officers with valuable job experience.

• L eft to right: Sara Herald, MBA ’11, Dingman Center Director of Venture Development;

Alex Woo; Rasheeq Rayhan; Justin Fenn and Kim Robertella Glinka, Director of the Center for Social Value Creation

• The OnCall team at the Hult Prize regional round in Boston

“ Even though at the end of the day, we did not win, I think the world won. To be surrounded by such a large and diverse group of innovators and leaders was incredible and encouraging. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to pitch our idea at this global event, and it inspired us to further pursue our dream of social entrepreneurship and creating change through a sustainable business model.” —RASHEEQ RAYHAN, MBA ’20





ne of the biggest draws of the Dingman Center for students and alumni is the thought leadership that our network provides. Over six seasons of Bootstrapped, the stories of the founders and funders we highlight have become a valuable tool in the classroom and a means to connect with alumni across the country.

SMITH ON THE ROAD FEATURING DINGMAN BOOTSTRAPPED The fifth season of Bootstrapped was the finale for former co-host Elana Fine ’97, the previous Dingman Center Executive Director. Current Managing Director, Holly DeArmond, MBA ’17 assumed co-hosting duties with the launch of season 6 in Spring 2019. Holly and co-host Joe Bailey travelled for two “Smith on the Road” alumni speaking event tours: to Silicon Valley on March 19, and to New York City on May 16.

Listen to episodes at go.umd.edu/bootstrapped

• S mith on the Road at Silicon Valley with Amy Carr ’97, Co-Founder of PYT Beauty, and Ish Dugal ’05, Founder and Managing Director of Golden Arc Capital

Our innovative faculty supporters also play a key role in thought leadership at the Dingman Center. In February 2019, our Academic Director Brent Goldfarb and faculty affiliate David Kirsch co-published Bubbles and Crashes: The Boom and Bust of Technological Innovation, an insightful examination into the root causes of financial market bubbles and busts.

“ That we get fooled is not surprising; narratives and stories are how we think. But with a better idea of how, when, and for whom these stories become costly, we can better avoid them.” — BRENT GOLDFARB AND DAVID KIRSCH IN BUBBLES AND CRASHES.

Check out Bubbles and Crashes, published by Stanford University Press, at go.umd.edu/bubblescrashes



DINGMAN CELEBRATES FIVE YEARS OF RUDY AWARDS Created by Yo! Baba from the Noun Project


n May 2, 2019, the Dingman Center’s community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, students and faculty came out to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Rudy Awards. Named for our founder, Rudy Lamone, each year the awards have highlighted the best and brightest members of our network. The event allows our team a moment to pause, reflect and pay tribute to all the people who have made the year a success.

• Dean Alex Triantis, Rudy Lamone, Holly DeArmond, MBA ’17 and Bill Boyle ’81 at the Rudy Awards


WHITE, LLC Alumni Corinne Marie Pouliquen ’89, Minh-Quan Pham, PhD ’99 and David Taylor ’90 make up a team of intellectual property attorneys at sponsor company, Berenato & White, LLC, who have shown impressive dedication serving as legal advisors to students.


LARISA CIOACA, MBA ’07, Lecturer and Advisor, Agricultural Business Management, Leadership and Communication Larisa first engaged with the Center when the College of Agricultural & Natural Resources started its first pitch competition. As we’ve grown this partnership, Larisa has been a consistent ally in supporting the Center’s venture programs. Nominees: David Kressler, Smith School Senior Lecturer Oliver Schlake, Smith School Clinical Full Professor




DREW BEWICK ’88, Managing Director, Tree House Ventures Drew has been a faithful venture mentor at the Dingman Center for many years. The quality of his relationship with students has made him a valuable coach for Pitch Dingman Competition finalists, including this year’s second place winner, Solr Tech. Nominees: Philip Eliot, Managing Director, ReflectionVentures LaKisha Greenwade, MBA ’11, Founder, GlamTech


DEBORAH HEMINGWAY, PHD ’18, Founder & CEO, Leon Scientific Deborah is truly passionate about entrepreneurs and innovation. Since joining the Dingman Center Angels in 2017, she has been one of our most active investors. Not only does she invest with gusto, she regularly refers deals to fellow members. Nominees: Ajay Srivastava, MBA ’93, Managing Director, Ekuber Ventures Inc. Jitin Miki Ahuja ’97, MS ’02, MBA ’02, Founder, SpaceJet Media LLC ALUMNI ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR | ZEKI MOKHTARZADA ’00,



LOOK ’20, MEGHA GUGGARI ’20, ANOOP PATEL ’20 & DAVID BOEGNER ’20, Co-founders, Synapto

MPH ’19, MBA ’21, Co-founder, Aurora Tights

The founders of Synapto have demonstrated long term vision toward developing a means • Dhruv Patel ‘20 to diagnose Alzheimer’s early. Undaunted by a long FDA approval process, they have made great strides toward their goals and earned accolades across the university. Nominees: Myisha Gatson, MBA ’19, Founder, Pearl Long Term Care Solutions Rasheeq Rayhan, MBA ’20, Alex Woo, MS ’20, Justin Fenn ’21, Co-founders, OnCall

On her journey to winning the 2019 Pitch Dingman Competition, Jasmine eagerly participated in all the Center’s venture programs, giving 110% every time. As her startup grew, so did her confidence, making her a role model for aspiring female founders. Nominees: Shyon Parsadoust ’19, Founder, Toucan Zack Wynegar ’19, Founder, OpenPoll

Co-founder, Truebill Inc. Zeki and his brothers cofounded their first company, Webs, while students at Maryland. After the company sold to Vistaprint, Zeki found time to launch a new business while remaining a dedicated mentor to aspiring student founders. Nominees: James Fayal ’11, Founder, Zest Tea Stephen Steinberg ’10, Founder, Raw Athletics

Jason ’96 & Jamie Cohen Entrepreneurship Fund Award During the ceremony, the 2019 Jason ’96 & Jamie Cohen Entrepreneurship Fund Award was given to Alex Onufrak ’20, founder of Solr Tech. The $1,000 award will allow Alex to create additional prototypes of the Solr Tech “retrofit kit”, a solar-power charging station that can fit any patio umbrella. These prototypes will be used as part of a pilot launch at Playa Hotels & Resorts.

• Holly DeArmond, Jason Cohen and Alex Onufrak





uch of the Dingman Center’s strength of vision can be attributed to the innovators on our Advisory board. In addition to naming Bill Boyle ’81 as board chair this year, the Dingman Center brought on two new members who are both strong leaders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and faithful advocates of our programs.

Bill Boyle '81, Board Chair | FIBERGATE, INC. Bill founded FiberGate, Inc., a Washington D.C. metro area provider of dark fiber services. He ran the company for 17 years and successfully exited in the fall of 2012. Currently, Bill invests and works with startup companies through the Dingman Center Angels.

PV Boccasam | WEALTHENGINE PV is a General Partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners and has over 20 years of operational and executive management experience. Currently, PV has stepped into the role of CEO of WealthEngine, for which he sets the vision, strategy and governance for the evolving company.

Maurice Boissiere ’89 | DATATRIBE Maurice is Chief Customer Officer at DataTribe and founder of Higher Calling Ventures, a startup consultancy committed to helping people turn their concepts into reality. He has more than 20 years of product leadership experience at early-stage ventures and is an Adjunct Professor at UMD.


Paul Capriolo '06 | ZENTAIL Paul founded Social Growth Technologies, a social gaming advertising startup he grew for seven years before securing its acquisition by Kiswe Mobile in 2016. Currently, Paul is the Director of Growth at Zentail, an e-commerce technology company based in Columbia, MD.

Charles G. Carr '85 | RSM Chuck is a Partner at RSM, the leading U.S. provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. He primarily serves technology and life science clients, as well as numerous restaurant/hospitality clients. Chuck has assisted many companies with their IPO process.

Jason Cohen '96 | HALEN BRANDS Jason is the Founder and Co-CEO of Halen Brands, Inc. which he created in 2015. The company quickly funded Chef’s Cut Real Jerky in March 2015; then purchased Rex’s Outrageous Road Crew Crunch in September 2015; and Core Hydration in June 2016.


Stephen B. Ferber '90 | GOLDEN GATE BPO SOLUTIONS, LLC Stephen is CEO & Managing Partner of Golden Gate BPO Solutions, LLC, which he founded in 2006 in conjunction with Paxys, Inc. and Advanced Contact Solutions, one of the largest outsourced providers of contact center and BPO solutions in Southeast Asia.

Matthew Fishlinger '07 | GRAMERCY RISK HOLDINGS, LLC In 2014, Matthew formed Gramercy Risk Holdings, LLC with his father, William Fishlinger, former CEO and Chairman of The Wright Insurance Group. Gramercy provides financial, operational and legal resources for both domestic and foreign property and casualty insurance entities.

Harry Geller '81 | SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR Harry is an entrepreneur whose career has spanned a broad range of successful startup companies. Geller has launched, owned and managed fourteen multi-million dollar businesses, primarily focused on the fields of logistics, food services and real estate.

Jeff Grinspoon '90, MBA '95 | VWG WEALTH MANAGEMENT Jeff is Managing Director, Partner at VWG where he works with business owners and executives formulating business succession plans, managing liquidity events and executing wealth transfer strategies.




Gloria is an entrepreneur, angel investor and technology manager. She has over 20 years of experience in research, technology based startups and entrepreneurship, as well as Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Michael Schwab began his D&H career in 1989 as an outside sales rep. in the Philadelphia area. Over the years, he has overseen D&H's staff of product managers, growing the department from two to more than 50 representatives. Michael became CoPresident in 2008.



Mark is a Managing Director of Core Capital Partners, a venture capital investment fund with $400 million under management. Core Capital’s portfolio companies concentrate on enterprise software, specifically cloud computing, cyber security, data analytics and mobile markets.

Kathryn is Founder and Managing Director of Cranbrook Capital, which provides seed and early stage capital to emerging techfocused companies. The firm has invested in Apio Systems, CircleUp, Canvas, Homesnap, GoTenna, Passive Capital Management and SalesWarp.

David Quattrone, MBA '05 | CVENT

Brian S. Taff '89 | STREETSENSE

David is Co-founder and CTO at Cvent, for which he designed and supervised the development of Cvent's original beta product as well as all of Cvent's subsequent product releases, upgrades and redesigns.


Sam Medile ’80 | OFF CAMPUS PARKING Sam is a proud Terp and an entrepreneur and angel investor with over thirty years of business experience. He founded Towne Park, the nation's premier provider of hotel parking services. He currently operates as Managing Director of Off Campus Parking.


Brian is well-versed in entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. As CEO at Streetsense, a strategy and design collective that creates, transforms, and activates brands and places, he both establishes and executes strategic initiatives and manages day-to-day operations.

Polly is Founder of TurnStyle Partners, which develops strategies and implementation plans for clients on branding and business development. Her past clients include the International Lyme Disease Society and GeniusRocket, where she served as Business Development Director and President.

At Womble Bond Dickinson, Pam founded and leads the firm’s Impact Economy team. Providing both cutting edge strategic consulting and a fullbreadth of legal services, Pam’s team helps companies and entrepreneurs “grow their competitive advantage, with Impact.” DINGMAN CENTER ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019




GOLD | $10,000–$24,999


hether it’s time, talent or treasure, the Dingman Center community gives back in immeasurable ways. Thank you to our donors and corporate sponsors for your generous support.

SILVER | $5,000–$9,999


Dugal Impact Fellowship | Ish ’05 & Priya Dugal ’05 donate a stipend for two undergraduate students to spend their summers interning at early-stage social enterprises.

Rebecca Howell ’20 | MEMORY WELL Morgan Wortham, Ph.D. ’21 | HALCYON INCUBATOR

Kathryn Stewart Fellowship | Kathryn donates a stipend for undergraduate students who want to intern at an early-stage startup. Doyinsola Oladimeji-Stevens ’20 | PEARL LONG TERM CARE SOLUTIONS Pete Schultz ’21 | PULSE HOUSE OF FITNESS

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Jitin Ahuja ’97, MS ’02, MBA ’02 Hillary Shenk Berman, MBA ’03 Maurice X. Boissiere, Jr. ’89 William J. Boyle ’81 Paul A. Capriolo, II ’06 Betty L. Cinquegrana Jason I. Cohen ’96 Daniel J. Connors, Jr. ’82 Diane Leslie Ty Ishdeep S. Dugal ’05 Priya A. Dugal ’05 Stephen B. Ferber ’90, Esq. Melissa Ferber ’89, R.D.H. Elana R. Fine ’97 Fishlinger Family Foundation

Matthew J. Fishlinger ’07 Harry L. Geller ’81 Jeffrey S. Grinspoon ’90, MBA ’95 Nick G. Harris ’50 Robert G. Hisaoka ’79 Linda H. Lamone Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone Ellen P. Myerberg, MBA ’76 Dr. Nathan James Myerberg Carolina Nievera Richard E. O’Brien David C. Quattrone, MBA ’05 Brianna A. Queen ’19 Sheamus M. Reardon ’12

Brandon A. Schwab ’15 Michael J. Schwab Kathryn Stewart James B. Stradtner ’57 Keith B. Sullivan ’82 Allison Fette Sullivan Adam B. VanWagner ’11, MPS ’15 Mark L. Walsh Polly Vail Constance K. Weaver ’75 Max L. Weiner ’96 Laura B. Winn, MBA ’17 Valerio Zanini, MBA ’06

BRONZE | UP TO $4,999

SPOTLIGHT: Sullivan Family Supports Ladies First Initiative Keith Sullivan ’82 and his wife Allison were early supporters of the Ladies First Initiative. Keith is the founder of several successful companies in the employee benefits industry, and with his wife has invested generously to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. A new multi-year gift from the Sullivan Family has enabled us to grow scholarship funds, provide the Ladies First Founders with mentors and reach a broader group of students by partnering with Technica, UMD's all-women hackathon. We are deeply grateful to Keith and Allison for their investment and partnership in our efforts to increase the number of women engaged in entrepreneurship at UMD.




Holly DeArmond, MBA ’17, Managing Director Brent Goldfarb, Academic Director Sara Herald, MBA ’11, Director of Venture Development Stan Smith, Venture Investment Manager Megan McPherson, Events & Marketing Manager Chris Rehkamp, MPS ’18, Student Venture Programs Manager Rudolph P. Lamone, Founding Director

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MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZATION Jonathan Aberman, Adjunct Faculty Bob Baum, Professor Emeritus Protiti Dastidar, Associate Department Chair and Clinical Professor Waverly Ding, Associate Professor Anil Gupta, Michael D. Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship David Kirsch, Associate Professor Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor Andrew Sherman, Adjunct Professor Evan Starr, Assistant Professor Mark Wellman, Clinical Professor DECISION, OPERATIONS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Joe Bailey, Research Associate Professor ENTREPRENEURS-IN-RESIDENCE

Drew Bewick ’88, Managing Director, Tree House Ventures, LLC Paul Capriolo ’06, Director of Growth, Zentail Harry Geller ’81, Serial Entrepreneur Bob London ’83, Founder & CEO, Chief Listening Officers Liz Sara ’80, Founder, Best Marketing, LLC Polly Vail, Turnstyle Partners LEGAL ADVISORS

Jon Forster ’86 Minh-Quan K. Pham, Ph.D. ’99 Corinne M. Pouliquen ’89 David Taylor ’90 Dan Connors ’82 Chris Yook Juliana Neelbauer, JD ’12 VENTURE MENTORS

Aaron Epstein ’03 Harry Alford ’07 Keith Armington Ronit Avni Don Baker Shelly Bell Drew Bewick

Maurice Boissiere ’89 Paul Capriolo Jon Chapman, MBA ’07 Mac Conwell Nick Dilks, MBA ’05 Xina Eiland Philip Eliot Stephen Ferber ’90 Elana Fine ’97 Anna Fitzgibbon Harry Geller LaKisha Greenwade, MBA ’11 Deborah Hemingway, Ph.D. ’18 Tricia Homer Jennifer Hsin ’98 Erin Janklow Phil Jung Bob London Phil Masiello, MBA ’92 Zeki Mokhtarzada ’00 Jay Newton-Small Kelly O’Malley Michael Robbins Mary Schulman ’97 Ben Tchoubineh ’93 Zeluis Texiera ’05 Kristin Thompson Fallon, MBA ’11 Polly Vail Sean Virgile, MS ’17 Ali von Paris ’12 Mangesh Wadegaonkar Tonia Wellons Carolyn Yarina Valerio Zanini, MBA ’06 STUDENT WORKERS

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