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Integrated Solar Electricity The solar luminaries have the function of replacing the common luminaries connected to the municipal electricity network. A solar LED luminary is an integrated light that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. These are considered integrated lights, since, in most cases, the luminaries’ and the apparatus are not separate parts, and the group of LED lights is sealed on a panel and then mounted on an LED panel with a heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture. Solar lights are smarter than any typical street sunlight. They have a motion sensor technology (infrared motion detector) that can detect the presence of a person and automatically adjust the brightness of the LED. This feature is ideal to help ensure that there is enough energy saved throughout the night and cloudy days, the light is turned on at dusk, gives light impulse in motion detection, then returns to normal after it ceases the movement of energy. The shape of the LED Street light depends on several factors, including the LED configuration, the heat sink is used with the LEDs and aesthetic design preferences. The heat sinks for street LED lights are similar in design to the heat sinks used to cool other electronic devices such as computers.

Integrated Solar Electricity Road Lamp-Free:

All in one solar street light is a unique investment, although it has just started to invest more than the network, but not the costs of protection, all in one LED Solar Street light three years can be recycled investment of capital, Returns the use of a long-term to 5 years, 3-year warranty, long time. Solar street lamps integrated are ultra-low-pressure products, stable performance, safety, integrated, reliable solar street lamp without risk for safety. Installation is Easy: Installation of integrated solar street light can be put directly in use, without a manual operation, all in one LED Solar street light with the patented MPPT intelligent controller, light control + time control, smart phone application control all in one LED Solar street light , can set the morning light, work time of the intelligent controller automatic control, more convenient use. Do not Consume Conventional Energy: Use solar energy; do not consume conventional energy, conservation of energy and protection of the environment. Reference URL-

Integrated solar electricity  
Integrated solar electricity  

The solar luminaries have the function of replacing the common luminaries connected to the municipal electricity network.