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Vol: 04 Issue: 04 

August 10 to August 23, 2011 

From President’s Desk. . . . Dear Riverside Rotarians,

School Uniform Distribution at Baandalpada Vibhag School at Khedele – Talavli on 25 July, 2011

After taking a charge as president from 1st July, I realize that Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside needs strength to grow up further of course the growth should be genuine and members should remain with us by developing their interest in club. And for this our existing members should try to involve them in most of the activity. All the New members inducted have shown very good participation in Meetings & Projects. I request them to come with new innovative ideas for programs, Projects, Events & picnics. So as to make Club more colourful. (Continued on Page 3)

Forthcoming Meetings

What Leaders say

10 Aug

“Rotary programs help Rotarians pursue their individual passion, whether it be international service, working with young people, or sharing their interest in stamps or computers.”


( Pre-poned on 7 Aug)

17 Aug CLASSIFICATION TALK By Rtn Minal Bhade This is SPOUSE NIGHT & discussion on Membership Development

31 Aug NO MEETING ( Ramzan ID – Bank Holiday)

- Dave Rohrer Rotary Club of Hartford, Wisconsin, USA

Forthcoming Projects 15 Aug BLOOD DONATION CAMP Venue: Spring Time Club, Adj to Cine Max, Khadak Pada

21 Aug Orientation Seminar for Membership Development Time & Venue: To be Announced Speakers : our district officers

We meet every Wednesday at 8.30 pm at Bapurao Adharkar Primary School, Beturkar Pada, Kalyan (W).

R I Programs (Rotary Basics) RI’s programs and service opportunities are designed to help Rotarians meet needs in their own communities and reach out to assist people in need worldwide. Interact Rotary clubs organize and sponsor this service organization for youth ages 12-18; more than 12,300 clubs in 133 countries and geographical areas.

Rotaract Rotary clubs organize and sponsor this leadership, professional development, and service organization for young adults ages 18-30; more than 8,000clubs in 167 countries and geographical areas.

Rotary Community Corps (RCC) Rotary clubs organize and sponsor these groups of non-Rotarians who work to improve their communities; more than 6,800 RCCs in 78 countries and geographical areas.

Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups Rotary Fellowships (groups geared to vocational and recreational interests) and Rotarian Action Groups (groups focused on humanitarian service activities) compose Global Networking Groups, which are open to all Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, and Rotaractors; about 70 groups.

Rotary Friendship Exchange Rotarian teams or individuals, who may be accompanied by their families, make reciprocal visits to other countries, staying in each other's homes and learning about different cultures firsthand.

Rotary Volunteers Rotarians and other skilled professionals are provided opportunities to offer their services and experience to local and international humanitarian projects.

Rotary Youth Exchange Clubs and districts send and host students ages 15-19 who travel abroad for cultural exchanges of one week to a full year; more than 8,000 a year.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Clubs and districts sponsor seminars to encourage and recognize leadership abilities of youth and young adults ages 14-30.

World Community Service (WCS) Rotary clubs and districts from two different countries form partnerships to implement community service projects. ProjectLINK (formerly known as the WCS Projects Exchange) is a searchable database of club and district community service projects in need of volunteers, funding, and donated goods, featuring descriptions of projects seeking an international partner and examples of successful completed projects. [ Source: ]

“He profits most who serves best.” .

With Best Compliments from

Dr. Vikrant Bhatt Dr. Pallavi Bhatt Shop No. 12, Mahaveer Nagari T(4) Opp Gokul Nagari, Khadak Pada, Kalyan (W) 421301

Rtn Sachin Nagwani

Tulip Handlooms Shop No. 19-20-21, Flower Valley, Khadak Pada Chowk, Kalyan (W) Tel: 2210565/66, 3254732

Rtn. Jayesh Vora Rtn. Keval Vyas

SHREEJI GROUP TUITIONS For Perfect, Proper & Personal Educational Guidance Tel: 6517025, Mbl: 9820565585

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 2

100% Attendance July – 2011 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Rtn Anil Sarode Rtn Bandu Jagadale Pres. Bhadresh Shah Rtn Deven Thakkar Rtn Dinesh Pandya Rtn Girish Bhade Sec. Harsukh Patel Rtn Hina Pandya Rtn Mahendra Thakkar Rtn Minesh Desai Rtn Shripal Shah Rtn Suyog Kulkarni Rtn Vijay Vaidya Rtn Yogesh Kalhapure

School Uniform From President’s Desk Distribution Project (continued from page 1) 25 July, 2011 This was our club’s very first ‘Need-based’ project of this year. Our Rtn Yogesh Kalhapure had received request to support some students for School uniform from Baandalpada Vibhag School, Khedele-Talavli (Near Murbad). School management had short listed some 45 students out of 150 students. This year SSC result of the school was 94% and highest marks obtained is 86%. This school needs support for many more area, such as Science Lab, Library etc.

I also request all the members to announce at least one project of their interest. Once you become a project Chairman, you will start feeling the Joy of the same. And after completion of the Project, I challenge you; you will feel a Real satisfaction of Service to the community. Members who are busy, and can’t participate Physically, can suggest the project, arrange one meeting and many interested members will help to complete the project. You need not to involve yourself every time during the Project Planning.

Our following Rotarians have Lastly I thanks to all members bigheartedly supported this who are 100% in attendance in project. July. I sincerely Request all the members to attend the 1. Rtn Yogesh Kalhapure 500 meetings and make other feel 2. Rtn Harsukh Patel 1000 good due to your presence. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Rtn Suyog Kulkarni Rtn Mahendra Thakkar Rtn Girish Bhade Rtn Jigish Barot Rtn Dr Anant Ieetkar Rtn Dr Lalit Borale Rtn Deven Thakkar

400 1800 Yours in Rotary, 500 1000 1000 President Bhadresh 360 500  


Chanakya quote "As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it."

25 July, 2011 At Baandalpada Vibhag School, Khedele-Talavli, Nr Murbad


FRIENDSHIP DAY CELEBRATION : 7 Aug, 2011 Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside was lead club for this event. Infact it is our President Bhadresh’s idea of getting all NGO on one platform. This was very first of its kind event in the city of Kalyan. Along with us, we have RC of Kalyan, Lions Club of Kalyan, Innerwheel Club of Kalyan and Rotaract Club of Birla College Kalyan to share the dais. It was wonderful event appreciated by each one present over there. At the end, everyone has agreed to do a large scale service project.

Nitin Collection


Mini Vodafone Shop

Equipment for Steel Process Line Cut to Length Line for Steel

Tip Top

All types of Mobile & Accessories Shop 3, Maitri Park, Opp IDBI Bank, Tilak Chowk, KALYAN 421301

Farsan Mart

Rtn Nitin Gandani : 9802449972

Rtn Dinesh Pandya : 9821334108

Ganesh Towers, Agra Road, KALYAN 421301

खुशी अपने आप नहीं िमलती। यह आपके अपने कम से ही आती है । Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 3


कोई मझ ु को लौटा दो बचपन का सावन वो कागज की क ती वो बारीश का पानी !

माझं सग यात आवडतं गाणं. आयु यात आपण िकतीही मोठे झालो, जगा या पाठीवर कुठे ही असलो तरी आपलं

बालपण आप याला कायम हळूवार बनिवत असतं.

सवेफुगवे. एकत्र साजरी

बालपणीचे ते खेळ. शाळे तून घरी आ यानंतर केलेली म ती. खेळलेले खेळ. केलेली भांडणं,

केले या िदवाळीची मजा. हक्काने वसूल केलेली भाऊबीज वा राखीपौिणर्मेची ओवाळणी. उ हा या या सुट्टीत घातलेला दं गा. लग्नं होऊन सासरी जाताना भावा या उतरले या चेहयार्कडे सारखी वळणारी माझी नजर.

याचं लग्नं ठर याचं

कळ यावर आ ही केलेली धमाल. लग्नानंतर सवार्ंनी एकत्र येऊन साज्रयार् केले या राखीपौिणर्मा आिण भाऊबीज. एका ओळीत बसलेले सगळे भाऊ आिण आळीपाळीने यांना ओवाळणायार् बिहणी. सम त भिगनी वगार्ची आपापली ओवाळणी हक्काने वसूल कर यासाठी सु

असलेली धांदल. आपापली ओवाळणी लगेच सवार्ंसमक्ष उघडून बघ याची चाललेली

लगबग. ब चे कंपनींची म ती, दांडगाई.

वयंपाकघरातून येणारा पक्वांनांचा सुवास. पोटभर ग पा मारत चालले या

पोटभर जेवणा या पंगती. जेवणं आटोप यावर आई क्रीम खा याची कुणालातरी आलेली लहर. नातेवाईकांपैकी निवन नोकरीला लागले या िकंवा निवन लग्न झाले या मुलाचा आई क्रीमसाठी हक्काने बनिवलेला बकरा.

यानेही आनंदाने

िखशातून काढलेली हजाराची नोट. यावेळी असलेले या या आई िकंवा बायको या चेहयार्वरचे कौतुकाचे भाव. आई क्रीम

आण यासाठी िपटाळ यात आलेली कॊलेजगोईंग मल ु े. एक िदवस असा सग या गोताव यात घालवन ू दस ु यार् िदवशी या टीनकडे नजर ठे वून एकेका कुटुंबाने घेतलेला िनरोप.

मुलं मोठी झाली. दाहीिदशांना पांगली. कुटुंबातले सद य कमी झाले. भाऊबीजे या िदवशी फॆिमली टूरवर िनघाली. जगा या एका टोकावर भाऊ आिण दस ु यार् टोकावर बिहण. फोन, इंटरनेट, फेसबुक वारे हॆ पी राखीपौिणर्मा असे मेसेज

जाऊ लागले. आलेला राखीपौिणर्मेचा िदवस इतर िदवसांसारखा येतो आिण िनघन ु ही जातो. आिण आपण आप या टीनला पु हा एकदा सामोरे जातो. एिनवेज, हॆ पी राखीपौिणर्मा !! कोई मुझको लौटा दो बचपन का सावन वो कागज

की क ती वो बारीश का पानी !


रो. िमनल भदे

Project Participation

Project Participation

Project Participation

School Class Rooms handover ceremony on 8 July, 2011

Harit Krant – Mega Tree Plantation on 9 July, 2011

School Uniform Donation at Baandalpada, Khedale-Talavali on 25 July, 2011

1. Rtn Anil Sarode 2. Rtn Bandu Jagadale 3. Pres. Bhadresh Shah 4. Rtn Deven Thakkar 5. Rtn Deepak Brid 6. Rtn Dinesh Pandya 7. Rtn Girish Bhade 8. Sec. Harsukh Patel 9. Rtn Dr Lalit Borale 10. Rtn Minal Bhade 11. Rtn Vijay Vaidya

Jagdish Agencies Stockist for

UltraTech Cement, 3M India Ltd, Pidilite Industries Ltd Shop No. 6 / 7, Daffodils Apt, Lal Chowky, Agra Road, Kalyan 421301

Ph: 0251-2314537

1. Rtn Bandu Jagadale 2. Pres. Bhadresh Shah 3. Rtn Deven Thakkar 4. Rtn Deepak Brid 5. Rtn Dinesh Pandya 6. Rtn Girish Bhade 7. Sec. Harsukh patel 8. Rtn Hina Pandya 9. Rtn Keval Vyas 10. IPP Sunil Sharma 11. Rtn Vijay Vaidya 12. Rtn Yogesh Kalhapure

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Rtn Bandu Jagadale Pres. Bhadresh Shah Rtn Girish Bhade Sec. Harsukh Patel Rtn Mahendra Thakkar Rtn Sanket Mhaskar Rtn Shripal Shah Rtn Suyog Kulkarni Rtn Yogesh Kalhapure  

Chaitanya Marketing

Serene Hills

Complete Computer Solution under one roof

A Bunglow Project

Sales, Service & Networking

Kishore Village, Murbad Road, just 24 Km from Kalyan Rtn Bhadresh Shah : 9821209498

Shop 4, Nav Annapurna Dham CHS, Pandurang Wadi, Lane 2, Manpada Road, Dombivli (East)

Mobile: 9821238158, 9324719479

A man is not old until his regrets take the place of his dreams. Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 4

Belief and Faith.   

There was a tightrope walker, who was so good that he could walk between two twenty stories building on a tight rope with a balancing pole. Thousands of people would watch him perform his breathtaking feat. After he walked across the building he would have his assistant sit on his shoulder and he would proceed to walk across the building. Everybody were amazed and gave him a thunderous applause. He asked them whether they believed that he could do it again. The crowd said, “Yes, we believe that you can!” After a while he asked the crowd again, “Now, who wants to volunteer to get on my shoulder?” With that the crowd became silent. There is a difference between Believe and Faith. We can believe what we see. In the above story, the crowd believed in the tightrope walker because they saw him perform the feat. But when he asked them “Who wants to get on my shoulder?” everyone was silent. You see, the crowd had Belief but they did not have Faith. This story clearly illustrates the difference between belief and having faith. [ contribution by Pres. Bhadresh]

RI President’s Message My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary, There is an old saying in India: “When you help your neighbor’s boat across the water, you find that your own has reached the shore.” By helping others, we often find that we have helped ourselves as well. Each of us came to Rotary to serve – and found the joys and satisfactions of friendship and fellowship. In August, the month we dedicate to membership and development, we focus on spreading the message of Rotary. By serving well, without hiding our Rotary light under the proverbial bushel, we find ourselves closer to our own goal: a stronger, more vibrant Rotary for generations to come. Public image and membership go hand in hand. Too many people – intelligent, educated, involved people – simply have no idea what Rotary is. This is something we need to confront. We have heard again and again about communities where, despite all the good work that Rotary clubs do, many people are unaware that those clubs even exist. This is not the way forward for our organization. Serving well is the essential first step – but it is only the beginning. We have to raise our profile with all the tools that are available to us, and there are more tools today than there ever were. We have to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and we have to be sure our clubs have an online presence. Having a website is not enough; it must be up to date, it must be appealing, it must reflect the work we are doing. And it must offer a way for prospective members, once they see what we do and become interested, to take the next step. Rotary has so much to offer. It is up to us to let others know what a fantastic organization we have, and to show people how they can integrate Rotary into their lives. Service does require time, and time is something nobody has enough of these days. So we need to ensure that all the time we spend with Rotary is worthwhile – that it is rewarding and never wasted. When we reach within ourselves and our clubs, when we learn what we are capable of and harness that power, we will elevate our communities as never before – and elevate Rotary as well.

Kalyan Banerjee

(message for August, 2011)

President, Rotary International

Speak Well English Acadamy

Keyur Award Shoppee

Shivaji Chowk, Kalyan Tel: 2205911

Awards, Trophies, Medals, Lapel Pins, Corporate Gifts, Frames, Certificates Shop 3, Maitri Park, Tilak Chowk, Post Office Lane, KALYAN (W)

Rtn Deven Thakkar

Rtn Keyur Manek : 821282094

Avani Insurance and Investments Life & Health Insurance, Mediclaim, Vehicle, Postal Investment, Tax Saving Bonds, MUTUAL FUNDS etc. Rtn Minesh Desai : 9821109686

ન હો જો કશું તો, અભાવો નડે છે , મળે જો બધું તો, વભાવો નડે છે . Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 5


FADA NI KHICHDI • • • • • • •

Pres. Bhadresh Shah

• • • • • •

Ingredients ½ cup bulgar wheat ¼ cup yellow moong daal 1 tsp cumin seeds 2 cloves 2 cardamom ½ cup sliced onions 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

¼ cup green peas ¾ cup chopped tomatoes ¼ cup turmeric powder ½ tsp chilli powder Salt to taste 1 cup low fats curds

Method 1.

Lion President Mr. Shete

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

RC of Kalyan Pres. Milind

7. 8.

Clean, wash and soak the bulgar wheat and dal for 15 mins. Drain and keep aside. Put 2 cups of water to boil and keep aside. Heat the pressure cooker, add the cumin seeds, cloves and cardamom and dry roast for about 30 seconds Add the onions and ginger-garlic paste and dry roast for few more seconds. Add the bulgar wheat, moong daal, peas and tomatoes and dry roast for another 1 minute while stirring continuously. Add the turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt and the hot water, mix well and pressure cooker for 3 whistles. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid. Stir the khichadi, adding a little hot water if required so that the dal and the bulgar wheat mix well.

Serve hot with low fat curds. ‐

First lady R.Ann Pragnya Shah

Rotary abbreviations, one must know. . . . DG District Governor P President DGE District Governor Elect PE President Elect PDG Past District Governor PP Past President RI Rotary International RC Rotary Club The august gathering on joint RIP Rotary International President celebration of Friendship Day PRIP Past Rotary International President.       Rtn. Jigish N Barot Rtn. Yogesh Kalhapure Rtn Sanket Mhaskar

MADHURIMA SWEETS Ram Baug Lane -4, Kalyan (W) Tel: 2324348

Visawa Resorts Murbad Ph: 9833247266

Ayushi Associates Insurance & Investment Service  Shop 3, Yashoganesh CHS, Opp Sharda  Mandir School,  Lal Chowky  Mbl: 9223502082, 9223331555 

Do not forget small kindnesses and do not remember small faults. Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 6

INSTALLING HUSBAND 1.0 ( just enjoy, its fun from internet) Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded *Boyfriend 5.0* to *Husband 1.0* and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance -- particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which perated flawlessly under *Boyfriend5.0*. In addition,*Husband 1.0* uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as *Romance 9.5* and *Personal Attention 6.5*, and then installed undesirable programs such as *NFL 5.0*, *NBA 3.0*. and *Golf Clubs 4.1*. *Conversation 8.0* no longer runs, and *usecleaning 2.6* simply crashes the system. I've tried running *Nagging 5.3* to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Signed, Desperate *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  Dear Desperate, First keep in mind, *Boyfriend 5.0* is an Entertainment Package, while *Husband 1.0* is an Operating System. Please enter the command: "http: I Thought You Loved Me.htm" and try to download *Tears 6.2* and don't forget to install the *Guilt 3.0* update. If that application works as designed, *Husband 1.0* should then automatically run the applications *Jewelry 2.0* and *Flowers 3.5*. But remember, over use of the above application can cause *Husband 1.0 *to default to *Grumpy Silence 2.5*. Whatever you do, DO NOT install *Mother-in-law 1.0* (it runs a virus in the background, that will eventually seize control of all your system resources). Also, do not attempt to reinstall the *Boyfriend 5.0* program. These are unsupported applications and will crash *Husband 1.0.* In summary, *Husband 1.0* is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. You might consider buying additional software to improve memory and performance. We recommend *Hot Food 3.0*. Good Luck, Software Helpline 

When you are in love you make wonders happen.









2 7 4

Once married, 3 you wonder, what happened...








How to play

1 3






9 2





2 5




Fill in the grid so that every horizontal row, every vertical column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 19, without repeating the numbers in the same row, column or box. You can’t change the digits already given in the grid. Every puzzle has one solution. This puzzle level: Easy 

एखा यावर मन लाव यासाठी सद ुं र असावं लागतं का ?

एखा यावर प्रेम कर यासाठी

ीमंत असावं लगातं का ?

या याकडे मन नसले तर चालत नाही मैत्री कर यासाठी नसाव लागतं

ीमंत आिण सद ंु र

या याकडे असावं लागतो आप या मैत्रीचा आदर,

मैत्री करणारे खप ू भेटतील, परं तु िनभवनारे कमी असतील

कधी भांडणाची साथ, कधी मैत्रीचा हात, कधी प्रेमाची हाक, अशी असते िन वाथर् मैत्रीची जात... . . . from internet

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 7

Attendance Report


जो हम सोचते ह, करते ह,

27th July : RI’s YOUTH Program, RYLA, RYPEN By PP Satish Bhojane Rotarians R.Ann, Guest TOTAL attendance

12 1 1 14


03 Aug : Classification Talk by Rtn Suyog Kulkarni Rotarians R.Anns Guest TOTAL attendance

13 1 1 15


07 Aug : Friendship Day Celebration; a joint meeting Rotarians 14 R.Anns 7 R.Annets 5 Guest 1 TOTAL attendance 27 Members of RC of Kalyan, Lions Club of Kalyan, Innerwheel Club of Kalyan & Rotaract Club of Birla College Kalyan attended the event. Total attendance of the event was 180+ persons.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand that... to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible only for those who firmly believe in it.

Rotarians 22 Aug : Keval Vyas

कहते ह क्या वह १.सच है ? 


२.सब के िलए उिचत है ?

10 Aug : Swati Deepak Brid 20 Aug : Rupal Keval Vyas

३.सद्भावना, भाईचारा और

R.Annet 16 Aug : Krishika Sunil Sharma ******************

िमत्रता बढाते है ? ४.सब के िलए लाभदायक है ?

Rotary News . . . . from District & around the world ¾ Open Chess Tournament organized by RC of Dombivli Uptown with BCA on 14 Aug, 2011 9.00 am at Yash Gymkhana, Milap Nagar, MIDC, Dombivli (W). ¾ RC of Thane North End had organized a “ Breast Feeding & Parenting Awareness Seminar” at Gadkari Rangayatan, on 5th Aug, 2011. House full 1000+ ladies attended!!! ¾ visit RI’s Flickr photo share site,

“What binds Rotarians together is a unity of desire and a unity of purpose to serve society and to serve mankind… a unity in diversity.” — A Unity of Desire, THE ROTARIAN, July 1965

SMS Khazana जब िज़ दगी हसाए   तब समजना की  

अ छे कम  का फल है ,   और िजंदगी  लाये तब  समजना की अ छे  कमर्   करने का वक्त आ गया है .  (Rtn. Minesh Desai)



5-7 Aug, 2011

Pres. Bhadresh for getting all NGOs on one platform, on Friendship Day.

Participants from our club 1. Harsh Jigish Barot 2. Kushal Dinesh Pandya  

Epsilon Design Enggs Pvt Ltd. Complete solution for HSE in hotels hosptal & hospitality Ashwin Ijantkar, 902 , Bluebell, Everest World, Kolshet Rd, Thane (W)

T V Enterprises Supplier for pipes n fittings in SS, MS, GI with non IBR & IBR TC. R I CONVENTION 6‐9 MAY, 2011 

This bulletin is for Private Circulation for Rotary Club members only. If you observe any error / omission, please inform. Edited and Published by Rtn. Dinesh Pandya, A/A 401, Swapna Nagari, Godrej Hills, Khadak Pada, Kalyan (W) 421301 Aug 10 to Aug 23, 2011

RIVERSIDE JOURNEY, The Bulletin of Rotary Club of Kalyan Riverside

Page : 8

Riverside Journey 04_04  

Orientation Seminar for Membership Development 10 Aug 17 Aug 31 Aug - Dave Rohrer Rotary Club of Hartford, Wisconsin, USA NO MEETING ( Ramza...