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Messege from Editor Dinesh Deckker - VP Education

Panthera Toastmasters Club was initiated in October 2016 .Our Club popularity has risen rapidly. Our Club Members of our club are very dyanamic people from different walks of life and profesionals in various fields. We are glad to inform that we have conducted the inagural Club Speech Contest sucessfully. It was a great achivement to conduct a club contest considerning the age of the club. Amazing speakers of our club gives confidence and potential to reach greater heights. Also lauching the club newsletter at the Area 64 contest is a great achivement for our club.

CLUB NO : 5949615


Inside this issue Messeges from Officials. Messeges from Area Director, Division Director and Club Growth Director.

Page 3 Members Creative Corner. Section dedicated to share creativity of Panthera Toastmaster Club Members.

Page 5 2017 Club Photo Gallery. This section includes photos of club meetings, special moments and club contest.

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Messege from

His Excellency the Ambassador It is with immense pleasure that I send this message to the first international newsletter of the Panthera Toastmaster’s Club of Division L Area 64, open to all Sri Lankans living in the Sultanate. I was delighted to learn about the recent inauguration of the Panthera Toastmasters Club. I have also learnt that the Toastmasters Clubs for the students and the teachers of the Sri Lankan School Muscat (SLSM) have been re-launched in parallel. The Toastmaster Club provides a platform for its members who come from diverse backgrounds to improve their leadership and communication skills.


The formation of the Panthera Toastmasters Club is an important step towards the sharpening of the skills of the Sri Lankans, which will in turn reflect positively on the reputation of the Sri Lankan community in Oman. The Club also provides the opportunity to build a network among the Sri Lankans working in different sectors and enhance community bonding. The Embassy of Sri Lanka is keen to work together with the Sri Lankan community organizations such as the Pathera Toastmasters Club and will be happy to extend its fullest cooperation towards its activities. I wish all the office bearers and the members of the Club success in their future endeavours.




Awakening the Sleeping Giant Messege from AREA 64 Director

It is my immense pleasure to share my experience as the first ever Sri Lankan Area Directress in Toastmasters International appointed to the Sultanate of Oman. Two years ago I got the opportunity to join with Toastmasters fraternity. I keep enjoying completing my speech projects in Competent Communication manual while taking different leadership roles in Competent Leadership manual. While progressing in Toastmasters fraternity, I realized my soft skills getting improved and the sleeping giant within me has awaken. As a result I took part in many Speech contests up to Divisional level and achieved many victories. Also I got the opportunity to work with many challenges such as contest chair, judge, chief judge, master of ceremony & test speaker in speech contests.. Toastmasters has become one of my passion and last year I achieved the Triple Crown Education award. After appointed as the Area Director I had a dream to show the path to many others and now as a proud mentor together we have built a new Club – Panthera Toastmasters Club.

Subhashini Sumanasekara MSc in Business Strategic IT (UK) ALB, ACS AREA DIRECTOR AREA 64 Immediate Past President – SLSM Toastmasters Club Founder President/Mentor – Panthera Toastmasters Club Councilor – SLSM Gavel Clubs

I have been appointed as the Councilor of Sri Lankan School Muscat gavel Clubs and it is my humble pleasure to assist the blooming buds – the students to develop their communication and leadership skills from their young age and become enhanced citizens in the society. My sincere dream is every school to establish their own Gavel club to produce better citizens. Toastmastering is not just a passion, but it’s an art where we can apply the skills which we learnt in TOASTMASTERS in to our personal life as well as official career. For example when you become an active toastmaster you will realize how you can improve skills on critical thinking, evaluating others, listening skills, negotiation skills and all sort of soft skills. The ebullient new toastmasters of Panthera Toastmasters Club who are just few months old have initiated a newsletter, facebook page, youtube channel to share their experience. I wish the Team Panthera to reach the stars in Toastmasters fraternity. As the Area Director I invite all the people from different walks of life to join with Toastmasters fraternity and awaken the Sleeping Giant within you. Let me conclude my message to the inaugural News Letter of Panthera Toastmasters Club with the quote made by founder of Toastmasters International Ralph C. Smedley. “Whatever your grade or position, if you know how and when to speak, and when to remain silent, your chances of real success are proportionately increased”




Messege from Division L Director I congratulate you and your team first for Launching the “PANTHERA� TOASMASTERS CLUB, secondly for conducting a successful CLUB CONTEST and now for releasing PRIME EDITION OF A NEWS LETTER. This is not a small achievement by any means. The effort, co-ordination and a continuous follow up is testimony to the fact that you are an EMERGING LEADER in OMAN CHAPTER OF TOASTMASTERS FRETERNITY. DTM Dr K.Guru Raja Rao DIVISION L DIRECTOR

What ever bench mark you club sets initially that will be followed by other upcoming toastmasters in your club, Please set high standards, have quality programs and keep innovating to motivate club members there by your influence will get rubbed on to all toastmasters inside and outside your club. Let your club news letter highlight the efforts of ex-com members and other club member achievements. WISH YOU AND YOUR TEAM ALL THE VERY BEST.

Messege from Club Growth Director


It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you all to the Toastmasters fraternity and District 20, the largest district in the world. You have taken a wise decision to join this club and it will change your life completely. Toastmasters international is the only non-profit organization in the world which will help you to master communication and leadership skills in a safe, encouraging, supporting environment . Beyond communication and leadership skills, the toastmasters education program specially targets listening, critical thinking, giving feedback, time management, mentoring, motivation, team building etc. You will also gain self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness which makes us better people. Toastmasters have endless opportunities to polish your various skills. It is a great place to make friends and meet new people. It is a great club for all ages. If you want to get full benefits from toastmasters, you have to attend the meeting regularly and take the various roles given to you sincerely. Panthera Toastmasters is the latest addition to Oman Toastmasters Group. The Leader of this club TM Subhashini, Area Director Area 64, is a dedicated, sincere , hard working Toastmaster who will inspire and motivate you and lead you in greater heights. I wish you all the best .





MTM Subhashini President

TM Dinesh VP Education

TM Hafeez VP Public Relations

MTM Manouri Secretary

Ziyad Sergent at Arms

TM Harisson Treasurer

TM George VP Membership


MTM Amiranthi

MTM Anesta

TM Chathuranga

TM Suraj

MTM Kamila

MTM Dakshi

MTM Aysha

MTM Nusra

TM Murshid

MTM Wajira

TM Eliyas

TM Sanka




There are many different things around us to communicate in various ways. We can communicate good things in good ways and bad things in bad ways or good things in bad ways or bad things in good ways. We can express our feelings, our ideas, our imaginations, social aspects, culture , disasters, rights, benefits and many more aspects. Writing is one of the main part of effective communication.

communication where we can express our feelings within few minutes with a deep touch in the heart of others. Hence I believe dancing is a very important field which we can communicate every single feeling effectively.

How can we use dancing as a communicating path? I believe rather than reading, visual expressions are more powerful method of communication. Eventhough everyone can read most of them can not understand the meaning between words. We can hear but most of the people are not good listeners. When we dance with a good music which expresses a situation most of the people can feel and understand it. Also most of the time it touches deeper into the viewers mind and stay for a long period. The audience won’t forget it because dance deals with inner humans feelings. Also if we want to learn about traditional dancing, we can explore our cultural dresses, music, language and their behavior. Dancing is an effective method of


Written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839

Pen is Mightier than Sword... True, This! —Beneath the rule of men entirely great The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing! —


But taking sorcery from the masterhand To paralyse the Caesars, and to strike The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —States can be saved without it!

Ralph C. Smedley The founder of Toastmasters International

“When you talk, you give yourself away. You reveal your true character in a picture which is more true and realistic than anything an artist can do for you.”




When Emailing Include your Club Name and Contact Details. Winners will be announced on 01st of April 2017. Quiz Prepared by: TM Hafeez Marikkar

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

When is the Toastmasters International was legally incorporated? What is the First Club which later became the Toastmasters Club? Who is the founder of the Toastmasters Club? Where is the Toastmasters Headquarters Situated? Who was the first women president of Toastmasters? Who quoted “A comedy is a Tragedy Misunderstood? Whose famous speech begins with “I have a dream”? Which famous club in Oman is named after genus in a Felidea family? As Salamm As Sultani is famously known as the ?

Please post your answers in our FB page “PantheraToastmasters Club Area 64” on or before 31st March 2017 and the correct answers will be eligible for a lucky draw for 3 prize winners. Please mentioned your contact details and the club.


(Send your photos to to be selected to published in the next issue)



Life is But a Dream... TM Hafeez Marikkar Wake up and grab your oars “If we can change it why worry and if we cannot change it why worry? A simple policy to live by The main killer in the modern world is stress. Anger. Anxiety, Ego and Fear leads to stress where adrenaline level boost and continuous stress effects your vital organs and eventually leads to fatal complications as heart attacks and strokes. The more you stress the neuron hormones such as dopamine and serotonin levels decreases and leads to depression. Scientist has proven in the brain there is no difference between anxiety and entertainment. It’s how you interpret and react to the same. As Shakespeare correctly stated that a tragedy is a comedy misunderstood. There is no life if you don’t have ups and downs. Even clinically if your heartbeat does not fluctuate up and down you are presumed dead. To have a good life not only you need happy moments but you need to face challenges and heartbreaks as well. You need both black and white keys to create a beautiful tune. It is not what happens to us, but how we react that makes or breaks us. Life throws things at us when we least expect, some things are great, others are difficult. It is fascinating to watch the difference in peoples’ reactions and how some individuals can find good in basically anything, a silver lining in every cloud. Others fall apart when difficult circumstances arise, believing they are being victimized and showing little resistance to the situation at hand. It is important to note that the positive people are not the ones who gush positivity all day and night, going over the top about life and how wonderful it treats them. That’s just a step too far, I’m talking about realists who go through their day with a glass half full approach, choosing not to fall down when things don’t go to plan or a curve ball rolls out in front of them when least expected. We’d all love to be like this and here’s the way how. We need to get out of BED and grab the OAR. “What the heck does that mean?” you might ask. Well, I was shown an acronym at a course recently and I found it to be most powerful and insightful tool I had come across in a long time. We all have days when we wake up and want the day to be over, believing that it’s going to go from bad to worse. That’s the day when we get soaked in the rain, forget the mobile, are late for work and seem to have one problem after another when we do get there. This we can name a red light day. Then there are green light days when we wake up energized and positive, the sun shines and we are productive in work with next to no hiccups.

For the person described earlier even red light days quickly turn to green ones. This is because they grab the OAR. They take OWNERSHIP of the situation, remain ACCOUNTABLE and take RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening. To be happy in life our goal should be to live more of life above the line. This makes life easier, and gives a personal freedom. The way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions. * Am I looking for someone to blame when things don’t go to plan? * Am I making excuses? * What justifications am I using to get me off the hook? * What am I in denial about and what is really happening here? Be honest with yourself even if it’s not easy. You need to expose your below the line behaviors and look at what areas of your life they are affecting. How different would it be if you moved above the line? 1. Ownership – This is the ability to own your part and accept how you may have been part of or caused the situation. 2. Responsibility is the ability to respond to what is happening. It means you have the choice to respond differently to your circumstances. It is our inaction that keeps us stuck and panicked. 3. Accountability is the ability to account for or be held accountable. This is vital for personal development. If you want to live above the line the step is COURAGE. It takes no courage to stay in the trap of blame, excuses, justification and denial. Blaming others and refusing to face reality leads you to feel angry, resentful and helpless. It takes COURAGE to stand up and admit you have been using these coping mechanisms but want to change. So, every time you feel a red light thought coming on, ask yourself “Am I going to get into BED with this or take the OAR and steer my life in a happier, positive manner?

Take the right choice, the outcome will be amazing: * You will discover who you are and what you’re made of. * You’ll free yourself from the chains that impact your relationships and everything you do. * You’ll get to live in the present moment rather than the past. * You’ll feel empowered by taking responsibility for everything you do. Change starts with you. No-one can make you do it and the choice is yours but those who aim to stay above the line are happier and enjoy life, the opposite to those who choose not to.

On the red-light days, it is tempting get into BED, not literally (although this is tempting too) but figuratively as the tendency is to BLAME others, make EXCUSES and stay in DENIAL about what is happening.





N T H E R PHOTO GALLERY Special Moments of our Panthera Toastmasters Club

A 9

Crossword Puzzle MTM Aysha Aseef / MTM Kamila Kamal

Across 1.

Not fully formed


If not borrowed, copied or mimicked


A card that is ranked above other cards


The beginning of a slow end to the world


To express disapproval


Of ordinary citizens


Something that causes fear among powerful nations


Promoting human welfare


When every available choice is taken from you


A simplified version of something complicated


Spreading news that isn’t yours


To give someone the desire to achieve something


Original ideas often beautiful and appealing


A place to store files


Invisible water


The driving force of success


Inflicting harm on another


Beyond your region


Someone with the ability to influence people

20. 21.

A legal hearing To cleverly escape


Often forgotten in the rat race



23. The ability to control 24.A result of poor hygiene or treatment 25. A complete disregard for human lives 26. One who conducts a conversation between body and soul 27. Punching people in the face with words 28. What is better than being perfect? 29. A race for the corrupt and greedy 30. To achieve or complete something 31. Not depleted by use 32. Being open to this helps you grow as a person 33. Respect for oneself 34. The painful process of finding a new home 35. A highly disempowering force 36. Arguing in order to agree 37. What is better than being perfect? 38. The profession that feeds the other professionals 39. Commitment to a task 40. When arguing in order to agree, fails


“The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.�








Panthera Toastmasters Club Newsletter  

Area 64 / Division L / Panthera Toastmasters Club Panthera Toastmasters Club in Oman charted in January 2017. Its a very huge step to launch...

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