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Bowls: Pick a noodle, broth and protein. Nood le: ramen, udon, soba, rice noodles Broth: vegetarian, curry/coconut pork/chicken, dashi/miso P rotein: chicken, salmon filet, beef, tofu, pork, seitan A ll nood le d ishes come with : Seasonal vegetables, scallions, nori, Mushrooms,egg

P la tes:

Kid s: ( 8yrs or you ng er)

Ahi tuna,blood orange, spicy cabbage 10

Yum Yum Bento box:

Raw Kale salad


Malaysian rending, black rice


Thai duck and eggplant


1.chicken or tofu satay, brown rice and broccoli 2. udon noodle, vegetable stir-fry 3. steamed pork bun, green beans Includes miso soup and juice

Miso cured grilled salmon



1 person bowl 1 kid bowl (8yrs or younger) Family bowl (serves 4 people)

10 5 30

Japanese steamed pumpkin


Peanut noodles


Drinks: Strawberry mint lemonade Gus Fizzy Lizzy Green tea Fresh mint tea Thai iced tea Pelligrino sparkling 500ml Cranberry/seltzer lime

Miso soup Pho of the day

3 9

Steamed pork buns & pickles/seitan





Lime&coconut parfait, mango carpaccio 8

Pad thai


Pho cookies

Indonesian chicken satay/seitan


Vegetable dumplings


Ple as e s e e o ur blackbo ard me nu o r as k y o ur s e rve r abo ut o ur s pe cials .

4 4 4 2 2 3 5 3


Y um Y um is o ur ve rs io n o f no o dle s and As ian s tre e t fo o d with a twis t. It is ine xpe ns ive , quick and he althy us ing as many lo cally s o urce d ingre die nts as we can. 

Yum Yum Noddle menu