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11 am - 2 pm Tuesday - Friday


Small Plate

DINNER DIN DI INN NNER NER ER From 5:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday

ur O r o As k F LU N C H F R E E C a rd

561-832-2722 2500 Broadway Broa adway WPB WPB B at 24th Street Sttreet & Broadway Bro oadw way

e Tr y Ou m o




Plenty of Free Parking!






AND THEN THERE WAS THAI JO M uch like fine art, Sushi is best experienced when it is created at the highest level of expertise. In South Florida there is only one name at the top of the scale in Sushi cuisine - Sushi Jo. The now legendary Sushi Jo (AKA Joe Clark) built his reputation piece by piece, literally, at his first location on Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach. Sushi Jo and his partner Scott Guerrieri have taken what was once a small operation and created five locations - the newest being the spectacular Thai Jo in City Place. Located on the second floor next to Taverna Opa, Thai Jo is the result of over one year of menu testing at the PGA Sushi Jo location. When Sushi Jo PGA started running special dishes like Pad Thai and Curry the response was immediate and the clientele requested more Thai dishes. It turns out Thai food was one of the first international cuisines that Sushi Jo learned about in his long restaurant career before becoming an owner. “I learned about Thai cuisine when I worked at a restaurant called Artichokes. They served Thai Fushion and it was one of the





MAY 28, 2009

first restaurants I worked at in Miami, that’s where I learned about Thai Cuisine, then I got into sushi“- Joe told ICTV1’s Neil London during an interview for TV. The new Thai Jo space is a masterpiece design of art, color, ambience and sound. You’ll feel the vibe the moment you enter. Most importantly you’ll find the best Thai food in the world on the menu. All the standards like appetizers Nam Sod, Pork Nam Tuk, Chicken or Beef Satay & King Crab Rangoon, entrees including Chicken, Pork, Beef & Shrimp Stir Fry dishes with every Thai twist like Ginger, Sweet & Sour, Spicy Eggplant, Basil, Cashew Nuts and more. As is his custom, Sushi Jo has perfected several signature dishes. Jo Beef Salad, Jo’s Lobster Curry, Jo’s Spicy Basil Fried Rice & Jo’s Seafood Basil all appear on the dinner menu. Thai Jo is open for lunch with many exquisite items priced at only $10, and remember, this is highenergy food - perfect for your next lunch break! The address is 700 Rosemary Avenue - Suite 230 and the phone is 561-832-3545. You can check for more info and the complete lunch & dinner menus. For an Asian experience without leaving town, call and reserve your table tonight - this is cuisine you can’t create at home!





Page 10 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009

REHAB SUNDAYS Hilton Pool Party photos by


Page 11 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009

You may have read the column last month about Fane Lozman’s floating home being towed away from the Riviera Beach Marina, after what many say was a faulty & corrupt action by the Riviera Beach City Council in conjunction with Viking Yacht Company. Many people both called our office and spoke with the publisher personally, asking for more information. I asked Fane Lozman to answer some questions about this issue - here is the interview.

Can you estimate how much taxpayer money the city is spending a month to store your floating home right now, and how much the City spent to tow it to Miami? The City is spending around $2500 a month Fane Lozman in storage costs. The estimated costs to tow my floating home to Miami would be $7000 to $10,000. Legal fees are expected to exceed $100,000. It is important to point out that the City already spent $100,000 during my first eviction trial that the City lost in 2007. The city claims your floating home was towed due to not having “propulsion” ability, allowing it to be moved in the event of an oncoming storm. If a storm was coming, would you have been able to move your boat? That is complete nonsense; no boats or floating home are moved during oncoming storms. Florida Statute 327.59 was adopted in 1994, and it states: Marina evacuations.-- (1) After June 1, 1994, marinas may not adopt, maintain, or enforce policies pertaining to evacuation of vessels which require vessels to be removed from marinas following the issuance of a hurricane watch or warning, in order to ensure that protecting the lives and safety of vessel owners is placed before interests of protecting property. Do you think the failure of the $2.4 Billion redevelopment plan is one of the reasons you’re being targeted, the result of you standing up for lower income citizens who were going to lose their homes by filing suit against the city objecting to the use of eminent domain seizure laws for private development? Absolutely. There is an executive session transcript of the City Council when the Council members discuss efforts to intimidate me, including following me (at taxpayers expense) to determine my relationship with then Governor Bush and then Attorney General Crist.

Spiritual Advisor Olivia Sterling, who is an ordained Minister, is appearing at the Sunset Grill on Friday nights from 6PM to 12ish doing Spiritual Counseling and Tarot Readings. Olivia teaches the 2012 Planetary which involves understanding the accession into the 5th Dimension consciousness. This applies to your economic & money shift, relationships and health.

Kerrie, Allison, Ingrid, Owner Peter, Patty & Allison at OUZO BLUE on Lake Avenue

Since you own your floating home, and owed the Riviera Beach Marina nothing in dock rent, how is the City of Riviera Beach legally able to continue to keep your boat locked up? The City failed to disclose in its federal complaint by not disclosing the true facts of my tenancy at the Riviera Beach Marina. I do not owe rent. The City also, by omission, failed to inform the Court that my case had already been tried in State Court, and after a three day jury trial that I won, when the Court issued a final order denying the eviction. Do you think that some Riviera Beach City Commissioners specifically targeted you prior to the “propulsion” issue, and do you think that Viking Yacht Company is corrupting the City Council? There is no question that I was targeted, that is clearly laid out in the transcript ot the City Council’s executive session. Viking has given tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to City Council members. In addition, Viking has a financial relationship with Councilperson Thomas and his bus charter company that takes children to Vikings maritime school. Viking has also used Councilperson Dawn Pardo as an unregistered lobbyist prior to her taking office, where she solicited tens of thousands of dollars in contributions for her candidates running for elected office. Now that Pardo has taken office, she has pushed for the abandonment of 21st Street to Viking, even though the State of Florida and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council has asked the City in writing not to abandon this last waterfront public access way for the surrounding citizens who live in the area. Will you proceed to Federal Court and continue your suit against Riviera Beach? I am vigorously defending the City’s illegal seizure of my floating home, and we have an anticipated November trial date. Hopefully I will prevail at the Summary Judgment phase of the case, and have my floating home returned to the Riviera Beach Marina sooner than that date. Sandy Brown's



eeling sentimental? Let’s reminisce. Remember Royal Dutch Lounge, Black Rooster, Tiger’s Paw, Silver Spur, Loxahatchee Madness, and Florida Cracker? This is roamin-round-your- mind nostalgia... A broken leg and a used guitar transformed a football player hopeful into a musician/singer who became one of Florida’s most sought after names in the music business, Hughie Burns and his

County Line band. At the age of 14 Hughie suffered a broken leg and was bed bound for a number of months, dashing his hopes of ever playing football. Needing an outlet, his mother bought him a guitar and the rest is history. It all began in the mid sixties when Hughie’s first band the Rhythm Rockers got a gig and what a gig it was, opening at War Memorial and Bayfront Auditoriums in Miami for Dwayne Eddie, the Beach Boys, Johnny Mathis, Leslie Gore, Ray Stevens…..and the list goes on. Eventually becoming the backup band for The Chanteers, they continued to open for music icons Smokey Robinson, The Marvelettes, Sam Cooke, Chubby Checkers…..and the list goes on. It would have been easier to list artists they did not open for, saving both ink and trees. Music was changing. Original members Keith (KD Mack) MacKendrick and Curtis Paul had an opportunity to perform with the Champs. Mack is well known for his sax solo on “Tequila,” a Champs classic. Returning to Florida in 1965 they again teamed up with Burns. With a new name, Jokers Wild and new drummer Bobby Batten, all they needed was a vocalist. This laid back countrified group did not need a nationwide search. Hughie stepped to the microphone and stayed there. His unique voice, described as a blend of rockability and blues captured audiences for the next twenty years. The seventies saw tragedy and significant change. Hughie’s father died suddenly from an on-base accident at MacDill Air Force Base leaving Hughie unexpected and paramount responsibilities. He was the oldest of six children. It was time to stick close to home. That decision he said, “Was the best decision and the hardest decision I ever made.” Around that same time, Sam Philips of Sun Records (they signed Elvis) gave him the opportunity to sign on the dotted line. Hughie turned it down. This era saw a surge in outlaw country music. Knowing they fit the bill, Hughie, along with KD Mack (MacKendrick) Curtis Paul and Ray Segasser who could pulverize the drums if he had a mind to, changed the name to Hughie Burns and the County Line Band. Playing regular gigs at Tiger’s Paw, the owner was getting rich and they were making it happen. An offer was made and Hughie was now a bar/restaurant owner. Moving in a new direction it wasn’t long before their first and longest running hit, “Florida Cracker” was climbing fast, remaining on the charts for over two years, eventually reaching number one on regional charts (all southern states). “Florida Cracker’ topped the state charts, claiming the number one spot for 1978. Where are they now? Stay tuned for next month’s column and some exciting news!

Square Grouper 1111 Love St, Jupiter 561-575-0252 For a fun time, be at the Square Grouper for LIVE music Tuesday through Sundays every week! Gail, Terri & Adriana at JADE in Northwood

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Nonna Maria Restaurant 529 Northlake Blvd, North Palm Beach



Your Hosts Francois & Judy Welcome You

Starters FRENCH ONION SOUP ESCARGOT garlic, lemon, shallots, parsley & Pernod butter BROCCOLI RABE w/ garlic & oil

Entrees SHRIMP FRA DIAVLO w/ linguini HOMEMADE GNOCCHI ALA NONNA creamy tomato sauce & wilted spinach YELLOWTAIL SNAPPER FRANCESE over spinach BRAISED SHORT RIBS OF BEEF over risotto with Chianti reduction CHICKEN PICCATA artichoke, mushrooms, lemon, caper, white wine, butter sauce VEAL MILANESE breaded veal scaloppini topped with fresh bruschetta

To view our entire menu go to:

Sunset Dinner Special

4PVQPS)PVTF4BMBEt&OUSFFt%FTTFSU Only $15.95 Served 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM (5:30 PM on Fridays & Saturdays)

Closed on Mondays



I-9 Okeec f o t s e hobee Blvd r West Palm Beach Fl r 2 blocks W

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nsiders are talking about the massive debt created by both city and county leaders during the housing boom. Bonds were sold like cheap candy at a flea market under the assumption the condo market would feed local government coffers forever. Smart money said it wouldn’t last and it didn’t. If you hear any city official saying “Who knew the housing market would collapse” or words to that effect they are either lying or incompetent. Many locals saw it coming. Friends of local government officials and some City and County Commissioners themselves seems to have lined their pockets with the funds generated by these bond sales. Citizens have to pay them back. Palm Beach County’s debt is now over $1.89 Billion! That adds up to $1,440 for every human in the county. Local officials still refuse to stop spending cash they don’t have. The County just took out a loan of over $16 million for building upgrades. They took $3 million out of an account to pay for ads to boost tourism - in the summer. Good luck. Citizens will end up paying for this bad bet. Commissioner Jeff Koons had this to say - “It makes more sense to spend the money than have it sitting in the bank.” I wonder if that’s how he handles his own finances? Then there is the non-stop taxpayer-funded construction boom in WPB. No one seems to be clear on how this land swap that resulted in millions being spent on a new City Hall will fiscally benefit WPB taxpayers. Or how destroying Henry Flagler’s vision of a free public waterfront-view library for all citizens will benefit anyone but those making money off the destruction of it. Or how the bonds sold with repayment determined by condo projects that may never break ground will actually result in payments. One thing is clear - the bonds have to be paid back and the city officials that spent the money will be long gone when the bills start piling up. It’s even worse in Dade County. Those idiots just sold $600 million in bonds to throw into one of the most corrupt airports in the world Miami International Airport, and will soon sell $563 million in bonds to build a new stadium for the Marlins, who draw less than 5,000 for many games. These bonds are due to be repaid in part by hotel-tax revenues, which dropped 22% in February and show no sign of rebounding anytime soon. If hotel-taxes come up short - just like in Palm Beach County, WPB and everywhere else - the money must come from the “general fund” - our property taxes. When you get your next property tax bill, and the next one, get ready for a lot of talk about “bond-repayment.” Journalism for sale at the P.B. Post?............Recently a story appeared in the New Times about Palm Beach Daily News “reporter” Shannon Donnelly, claiming she accepted gifts from Island socialites in return for positive stories and getting their photo on the front page. The story claimed Donnelly got free use of mansion swimming pools and was seated at the head-table of Charity Balls even though she personally gave not a dime to the event. The story also claimed Donnelly enjoyed rubbing her breasts on wealthy men and telling them they just got a “Shannon-Gram.” My publisher asked her for a comment on the story and got nothing. Then there is page-two “reporter” Jose Lambiet, who favors doing puff pieces on Al Malnik, a notoriously hated jerk who is alleged to have ended up with Meyer Lansky’s millions - he was allegedly Lanksy’s attorney during his final years in Miami Beach. Some say that’s false as Meyer actually died with very little. How Al Malnik ended up with so much cash is still a mystery to many. What we do know is that Malnik has many enemies and is involved in those sleazy check-cashing stores that offer huge interest rates and fees to the poorest of our people. Jose has done many stories about lavish parties at the ocean-front Malnik Mansion - south of Manalapan, making Malnik out to be the Great Gatsby. But even when notified about it, Jose refused to touch a recent story about the abrupt closing of Malnik’s Miami Restaurant - The Forge. Former employees have claimed that working there was like a season in Gestapo camp, and Malnik’s son, “Shareef” was once allegedly charged with having a bouncer beat up an employee over some trivial issue. Forge employees in the past have also charged wage & hour violations - claiming they were not paid what they were owed. The restaurant was closed with no notice at all to employees, even the few who were asked to pack up all the glassware & silverware because it was allegedly “bug-night.” Malnik claims the closing was due to planned “renovations.” Malnik also claimed he refused to give even a 1-hour notice to 100 employees, many of whom have families to feed, because he didn’t want to “jeopardize service.” Even if the renovation story is true, why screw all your employees? Why send them out the door going into the summer with no notice or chance to get a job without missing weeks of income? If this was a planned renovation, only a real scumbag would treat their employees this way. Why would Page Two “reporter” Jose refuse to do the story? Because then there would be no more invitations to fancy cocktail gigs at the Malnik Mansion. When you won’t do a story because you may lose out on a party invitation, you are not a reporter, you’re a puppet. The land of retirees........They say you’re supposed to retire at 65. Norman Weissman didn’t get the memo. At 80 years young he just reached a plea deal in the Runyon’s Restaurant bookmaking case. Weissman gets 2 years house arrest and 8 years probation. Seems he was running a lucrative bookmaking & loan-sharking business out of the restaurant in Coral Springs, where gamblers would call in their bets. Of course the restaurant claimed it knew nothing about it. $278,000 in cash was seized along with a gun in Norman’s Tamarac apartment. I guess we all have our little secrets.

Our Signature Items

213 8




Page 13 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009



"What mainstream media won't tell you"

Protection Specialists

By Hutton Carter, III

photo by

Another Trump project going bust?.....In a startling letter sent out by the developers of the much touted 298-room Trump International Hotel & Tower on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, a mixed condo & hotel project, buyers who put deposits down are being told that unless at least half the units are closed on - “We do not envision that the Hotel will open” and that “buyers likely can't occupy their units until the hotel opens.” I wonder how that’s going to work out? The $200 million tower was scheduled to open in 2007. Studios were priced at $500,000. The bank that funded the project, Corus Bank in Chicago, is close to being taken over by the Feds. They’ve been told to find $390 million by July or get shut down. The Art of the Deal. Estee Lauder Chief gets hit with divorce papers.......... It looks like Karen Lauder, after 22 years of marriage has had enough. In a story I broke locally in this column months ago, William Lauder, the CEO/President of Estee Lauder, had a child, “Djuna” with another woman named Taylor Stein and got her to sign an agreement stating she would stay out of NYC and away from the Lauder family in return for $500,000 a year. She moved to L.A. and allegedly started telling everyone about the deal. Word got to Karen, who at first tried the stiff upper lip routine, but allegedly after a few Palm Beach Socialites brought the subject up claiming they read about it in “that little gossip newspaper” she decided it was time to cash in herself. With no wife to worry about, William has now decided to stop the payments to Stein, and has instructed his lawyers to claim that Stein violated the deal by introducing Djuna to her grandparents - Palm Beachers Evelyn and Leonard Lauder. Now I know why there’s always an armed guard pacing the driveway at the Lauder’s estate when they’re in town - to keep the mistress away. He was a great one............. It was during the 1st Bush presidency that Texan James Baker served as Chief of Staff. No one dared cross him. One late afternoon a discussion was going on and the Secretary of Housing was forcefully arguing that Bush should recognize the breakaway Soviet satellite of Lithuania, something Baker did not want to happen. After being called a profane epithet by Baker, and told he had no place even raising the issue, the Secretary of Housing lunged across the Oval Office and grabbed Baker by the throat, threatening to “kick your ass.” He had to be pulled off him by Secret Service Agents who raced in. It wasn’t this great one’s first brush with violence. In 1960 he was sold for $100 to the Buffalo Bills by the AFL’s Los Angeles Chargers. In 1964 he led the Bills to the AFL Championship, and repeated it in 1965, when he was voted the leagues most valuable player. Although a hard-core Republican, he founded the AFL Players Union Association and served as its President for 5 terms. Football was a tough game then - he had his hand crushed during a pile-up - then had a doctor permanently set it in throwing position so he could finish the season. After retiring from football in 1969 he won 9 elections to serve in Congress before leaving to serve at the government Secretary level. Congressman, Secretary of Housing, Cofounder of Empower America, Vice-Presidential candidate - Jack Kemp was also the greatest quarterback ever to play in Buffalo. (Jim Kelly never could win the big game) Kemp left his mark on America - and this great quote - “Pro football gave me a good perspective for politics - When I entered the political arena, I had already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy.” Jack Kemp was a great one. What they won’t tell you..........Bank United’s takeover stinks to high heaven - you may have read about Palm Beacher Wilbur Ross leading a group that took over Bank United in Florida. One of his partners is the Carlyle Group, which is dominated by right-wing war mongers and world-wide manipulators, and is infiltrated by Saudi money and the Bush family. Then there’s Wilbur Ross himself, who owned a mine in West Virginia that violated so many OSHA Mining regulations locals there told everyone it was just a matter of time before someone got killed. It happened, miners were killed when a section collapsed. Wilbur ran for cover. Then there’s the deal itself - the new buyers will “inject $900 million in new capital into the bank.” Bank United had $12.8 billion in assets, $8.6 billion in deposits and 85 branches. To get control of Bank United for $900 million is the deal of the decade, or just another rip-off of the American consumer by those at the top of the income tree that can manipulate the U.S. government. Have you heard about......Have you heard about......Former City Place Tsunami & Resort owner Frank Cilione spending 3 days in jail in the Hamptons area - seems he is wanted in Florida for unpaid state taxes on Tsunami and got busted when he attempted to put his name on a liquor license in the Hamptons...... A certain Commissioners past heroin habit will come to light if they make an anticipated run for Mayor....... A well-known ageing Hollywood actor who is spending more time in town has been sharing his disco dust with the wrong girls, one has been telling tales of bedroom romps fueled by the white stuff at a waterfront condo..........The local strip club that is unaware that a waitress & bartender are undercover Vice-Agents busy building a racketeering case against the owners for tax evasion, money laundering and prostitution...........Mexican drug dealers have arrived in WPB and are flooding the area with pot & cocaine, driving the price down to levels never seen in this town, they are using a network of yuppie black dealers to spread their goods. Remember, don’t repeat a word if this! It’s all on the QT!




Our company is concerned with prevention, protection, deterrence, detection, loss reduction and the safety of people and business. Our services effect crime prevention and reduction thereby reducing losses, while providing the best in customer service.

Business 561-459-8056 Toll Free 866-492-4340

Some Services

Hotel/Motel Condos/Apts Corporate/VIP Private Functions Investigative Services

State License #B 2400254

Golden Jubilee

7 7 7 ARCADE Golden lden Jubilee Northlake Northlak




NEW GAMES COMING SOON! Mon - Thurs Friday - Sat 10am 0 - 10pm 10 10 10am - Midnight Mid i ht

Sunday NOON - 10pm NO

Located Across f rom K-Mart

2863 Northlake Blvd, Suite 5, NPB


NEW LOCATION NOW OPEN in LAKE WORTH 6681 Lake Worth Road at Lake Worth Rd & Jog Rd




PREMIUM LOCAL AREA Must have computer, car, cell phone Visit local restaurants & retail shops and make money today!

Call 561-844-5807


C O.


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ummertime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the Florida outdoors! Here in the Palm Beachces we have many places for you to explore outdoors. For your shopping start with the Northwood Village. Here you will find antiques, collectibles of many kinds, hair stylists, massages, facials, and more. Check out the restaurants in the Nightlife Write-Up on page 3 so you know where to stop for lunch or dinner after you've shopped and pampered yourself. One of my favorite stops on Northwood Road is Kesi's Mini Spa where you can receive a natural, organic facial to rejuvenate your skin, a body wrap to refresh you all over, or rid your body of toxins with a foot detox. Owner Kasey Cornish offers only the best in natural ingredients and she has recently become one of only three spas in the area to offer organic and even edible 24 Karat Gold Leaf Facials. Many of her fruit facials are handmade fresh to order on the premises promising the best ingredients for the health of your skin. Stop by her shop to find the most luscious handmade soaps and bath salts for gift giving or for you to enjoy. Kasey is celebrating her birthday on June 12 with special pricing on facials and foot detox just for you. See her ad on page 7 and give her a call today to find out more about her many offerings! Triple A Furniture on Northwood Road has a massive inventory of estate furnishings including four of the fanciest chairs you’ll ever see. They are valued at over $3,000 each he’s selling them for $400! See page 5 and visit to check out hundreds of other home items including TV’s, new bedding, tables, breakfronts and more!

Lois & Raphael Clemente with artist Ashley Kujan at MUCCI SALON The Nor-Way Apartments, located in the middle of historic Northwood Village on 24th, features apartments starting at $695 with utilities, cable and internet included. Owner John Pacheco has painstakingly upgraded each apartment so that his renters get the best deal in town. Location, location, location is definitely true at the Nor-Way! You will have easy access to Northwood Village, Downtown WPB, the Intracoastal and beaches if you live at the Nor-Way. Check them out at the bottom of this page. The Artists-in-Residence at the Art Colony, David Alfonsetti & Steve Brouse, two unique talents, are ready to tackle your commission work. Their work is on display in their studios and it is definitely worth a visit to see what they are doing. Drawing, painting & sculpting large and small scale work, as well as murals and portraits are David's current interests and Steve's

whimsical and colorful styles are perfect for paintings, furniture and murals. Both artists teach classes and enjoy tutoring oneon-one as well. Drop by Art Colony and see the artists at work. See page 5 for more info. Also at Art Colony is the Mucci Salon where you will enjoy browsing the figure paintings of Ashley Kujan while you have your hair make-over. Owner Donetta Rozenboom cultivates artists as she nurtures the style of her clients. The arts are alive and well at Mucci where not only does artwork grace walls and shelves, but Donetta and her stylists will create a personal work of art of style for you. And now she's generously offering PB Sun readers a 30% OFF special for hair services for new clients - so what are you waiting for? Your new style awaits! And now there's more reason than ever to visit Mucci Salon - you can book a massage for the unbelievable price of $60 for an hour-long session. See the info. on page 5 and give Donetta a call today. You'll become a regular just like I have! The historic business Nowlin’s Flower Shop offers every imaginable type of Florist Service. Nowlin’s Flower Shop has always been active in the Northwood & WPB area providing gratis flowers for special events and business openings in the area. Now this 75 year old business is offering a "walk-in" rose special of $19.95 for a dozen roses. It's the perfect gift for any one on your list. See page 6 for more info. The newest hippest place in town is thedavidkspace in Northwood Village. Owner David K and Salon Director Parker, have created a New York salon in the middle of West Palm Beach. Elegance, style and attention to detail are their bywords. Now they are offering a fantastic summer discount on salon amenities as well as products.See their ad on page 16 for more information on this 20/twenty offering. Feel Safe Security Company is now offering private security detail for those who need bodyguard services. This security agency will provide you with stretch limo, driver, bodyguard with concealed weapon permit and more. It's dangerous out there, protect yourself with Feel Safe Security. Experience makes all the difference in the security biz and Feel Safe has it. See page 10 and make the call for your own peace of mind and security. Enter the oasis of calm and beauty when you visit Gyrotonic Satnam for all of your fitness needs. From gentle yoga, partners yoga, doga to gyrokinesis and gyrotonics you will find yourself refreshed and enlivened by your visit. Your first yoga or gyrotonics class is completely complimentary so go and give it a try! See their ad on page 16 for all of the details. When it came time to find a company to take care of our pool we did what I recommend people do and we asked around. I spoke to my neighbors and without any hesitation they all recommended one company. Sentinel Pool and Spa has been keeping our pool sparkling ever since. It's wonderful to deal with a company that is family owned and operated - you always know who the person is on the other end of the phone - or who is coming into your yard. Look at their ad on page 2 and give them a call to help you take care of your most valuable outdoor assets. The money crunch making it hard to do the remodeling you've been planning? No worries, you can brighten up a room without spending a fortune simply by replacing your old lamp shades! And the best place to shop for that special


by Dindy Murphy

shade is A Shade Above on Antique Row in South West Palm Beach. Don't waste your time hunting for the right shade at a big box retail outlet. Go directly to the pros and get the advice you need. See the back cover and check it out for yourself! Whether you're starting a new business or creating a new marketing approach, quality design and execution will make all the difference in your success. Head downtown to Impress Graphics where manager Jules delivers the highest quality digital printing solutions from brochures, letterheads, booklets, posters, as well as logos and branding materials. Check out their information on the back cover and give Jules a call today. Living Fit Today is the mobile fitness company that offers you 'Classes Around Town' as well as daily workouts on CityTV Channel 18. Owners and fitness experts Therese and Jerry, personally lead yoga and pilates classes at a number of convenient locations in West Palm Beach. They are also available to bring classes to your place of work so be sure to check out their ad on page 7 to find out how you can get fit and enjoy a healthier future.

Living Fit Today's Therese & Jerry Are you always in a rush and maybe you don't pay enough attention to what you eat? And who can figure out what's good for us and what's not? Sometimes we need a little help and Sunflower Nutrition is the place to go. Scott Moon at Sunflower has a huge selection of vitamins, supplements and sports nutritionals to keep your body at its peak performance. Scott is very knowledgable and always willing to give good advice and helpful information about all your supplement needs. Check out the info on page 12 and visit him today. To fully take advantage of living in the Palm Beaches you need to take part in water sports. And my favorite water sport is sailing. I learned to sail back in the days of the Prop and Sail Club sailing in a Pram and I've always been glad I did. Well, you can learn to sail too and it's never too late! Give a call to the folks at Sail Coach Plus and book your first lesson at 10% OFF if you mention the Palm Beach Sun. You don't need a boat, you don't even need a life jacket - they've got everything you need...just bring the sunscreen and a bottle of water and you're ready for your adventure. See their ad on page 16 for more information and make the call today! Throwing a party? Planning a wedding or rehearsal party? Looking for the best catering company in the area? Look no further! Call Scott or Nicki at Tuxedo Gourmet and you'll be on your way to the best event you've ever experienced! See their ad on page 13 and give them a call!



side from the rainy Memorial Day Weekend, Spring is in the air and oceanfront condo sales show signs of strengthening. There are some great BUYS out there right now. The best units are being snapped up at very attractive prices. Take a look through the SOLD inventory since April 1st though May 25th, 2009. New construction used to sell at $600 per SF – Beachfront (the Toll Bros. Condo) sold between $198 SF for a oceanfront townhouse and $257 SF for a 3 BR direct ocean premium unit. Another great buy was Cote D’Azur 2-802 at $225,000 SE Corner in good condi- Marilyn D. Peirce tion. Marina Grande had 2 sales at $165 SF - more are pending – cash investors are back in at very attractive pricing. All very good signs.

523 24th Street, WPB

Historic Northwood Village Enjoy the new cool shops, galleries & eateries!

$695/ month & up Utilities Included Pet Friendly

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5/1 5/1 5/6 5/11 5/11 5/13 5/15 5/15 5/15 5/22

APRIL CONDO SALES – 12 CLOSED SALES Inlet Beach Club #102 $ 375,000 $267 per SF Mayan Towers South #606 $ 285,000 $268 per SF Aquarius #1401 $ 280,000 $200 per SF Water Glades 200 – #16A $ 425,000 $273 per SF Beachfront TH- #406 $ 610,000 $198 per SF Corniche #704 $ 325,000 $202 per SF Tiara Condo #38B $ 205,000 $205 per SF Oceantree #906 $ 211,000 $143 per SF Seawinds #PH-B $ 540,000 $296 per SF Tiara Condo #25A $ 365,000 $225 per SF Palm Beach Shores Apt. #311 $ 225,000 $234 per SF Marina Grande #2508 $ 290,000 $160 per SF

MAY CONDO SALES – 10 CLOSED SALES (thru May 25, 2009) Marina Grande #1812 Tiara Condo #33F Reaches #5B Palm Beach Shores Apt. #309 Connemara Condo #1405 Martinique West Tower #902 Cote D’Azur #2-802 Beachfront #301 Eastpointe I #21A Corniche #403

$ 300,000 $ 385,000 $ 382,500 $235,000 $238,000 $650,000 $225,000 $800,000 $240,000 $351,000

$166 per SF $257 per SF $229 per SF $245 per SF $156 per SF $255 per SF $150 per SF $257 per SF $141 per SF $218 per SF

TOTAL 22 SOLD LISTINGS (4/1/2009 – 5/25/2009)

Call Kasey at 561-779-6755/561-514-9071 Take a tour at


MEDIAN LISTING PRICE $372,500 MEDIAN SELLING PRICE $312,500 SP/LP 87% MEDIAN LISTING per SF $251.77 MEDIAN SELLING per SF $221.72 Days on Market 304 SELLING? BUYING? LEASING? INVESTING? Call or Email for a Consultation: Marilyn Peirce, Broker Associate, Illustrated Properties Real Estate 561 309-3579 mpeirce! OLD FASHIONED SERVICE @ HIGH TECH SPEEDS!

Page 15 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009

Lunch & Sunday Brunch Buffet



Open 7 Days a Week Full Food Service 11 am - 10 pm Bar & Lounge 11 am - 2 pm

Early Special Every Day


2 for 1 Entrees

The Longest Bar in PBC

(with purchase of 2 beverages)

Choose from Our Entire Menu With this Ad Or Mention the PB Sun Thru 6/28/09

Beautiful Dining Rooms & Game Room

Rachel & Brittany at OUZO BLUE on Lake Ave

Banquet Facilities for all Occasions

In Cardello’s Plaza 1447 Tenth Street Lake Park ph 561.848.0123 fax 561.848.1003

Dawn & Ed of PGA National at CARDELLO'S in Lake Park

A Saturday night Family Dinner at DE NAPOLI on Clematis Street Prudential Florida Realtor Chris Hutchison & C.P.A. Jim Hutchison at ENTRE NOUS

Mimi & Richard Simon at NONNA MARIA RESTAURANT


OĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;L>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;L>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;PĂ&#x160; ,K8G8JK8JK@E>D<ELXmX`cXYc\Xcce`k\ ;8@CP?8GGP?FLI?FLJ<;I@EBJG<:@8CJ]ifd,kf-1*'gd ;8@CP?8GGP?FLI?FLJ<;I@EBJG<:@8CJ]ifd,kf-1*'gd K?LIJ;8PJC8;@<JE@K<]ifd.kf0gd

Linda Butcher, Kathleen Speh, Owner Alec Lazo, Annette Blick, Elena Simonova & Vincent Cestone of the PARAMOUNT BALLROOM

N < ; E < J ; 8 P J

9PF9$(jkYfkkc\EF:FIB8><=<<$d`e`dldgliZ_Xj\f]knf\ekiÂ&#x201E;\j 9PF9$(jkYfkkc\EF:FIB8><=<<$ d`e`dldgliZ_Xj\f]knf\ekiÂ&#x201E;\j

OĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2026;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;>LÂ?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x152;Ă&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2026;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;>LÂ?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;PĂ&#x160; @E:CL;<J8:?F@:<F=J8C8;8E;J<C<:K;<JJ<IK =FIK?<GI@:<F=PFLI<EKIy< JLE;8P#KL<J;8Pk_ilK?LIJ;8P]ifd, JLE;8P#KL<J;8Pk_ilK?LIJ;8P ]ifd, =I@J8K]ifd,kf-1*'gd ]ifd,kf-1*'gd

$  Q 8> 8K  I 8K < ;   Ă&#x160;  < O: < C C < E K  Ă&#x2039;    ) ' ' .   ) ' ' /   ) ' ' 0  $

<EAFP8:FDGC@D<EK8IP Lori, Vince & Cassie Pierino celebrate Vince's graduation at THE SUNSET GRILL photo by daniel millay

Kelly, Jamie & Melani at OUZO BLUE PGA




with purchase of entrĂŠe

with minimum purchase of two entrĂŠes

:XeefkY\ZfdY`e\[n`k_Xepfk_\if]]\ij# [`jZflekjfiZflgfej%<oZcl[\jn`e\e`k\% C`d`kfe\Zflgfeg\i+g\fgc\g\ikXYc\% <og`i\j.%*'%)''0%

<oZcl[\jkn`c`^_kkXYc\j%:XeefkY\ZfdY`e\[ n`k_fk_\if]]\ij#[`jZflekjfiZflgfej% C`d`kfe\Zflgfeg\ikXYc\%<og`i\j.%*'%)''0%

,-(/-*,//* nnn%\eki\efljY`jkif%Zfd reservations recommended â&#x20AC;&#x201C; closed mondays Tammy and Cynthia with owner Don at GOLDEN JUBILEE ARCADE on Northlake

Artist Steve Brouse at WISPER'S COFFEE CAFĂ&#x2030;



thedavidkspace a boutique salon experience where every detail matters and nothing is overlooked


celebrates our 6 month anniversary by giving you the gift of being…

fashionablyfrugal ... 20/twenty visit thespace between July 1 and August 31 and enjoy a

20% savings on select amenities

(such as:

and a twenty% savings on select hairCare and boutique items (such as: home haircare.styling call for your appointment and mention promo code “20/twenty” not to be combined with other promotions


GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and are used with their permission.

2401 n dixie highway wpb fl


SATNAM Look Good, Feel Good, Be Happy!

O lilio Ob o Wi W sh sh, Ow O ner Ⓡ

GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Expert Individual and Group Fitness Training Private Tranquil Environment Unique Workout Clothing for Women and Men Organic Tea Counter Please remember we are a fragrance free environment. 2916 S. Dixie Highway • W.P.B., FL • 33405 • 561.650.0304

Page 2 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009


Come Dance With the Stars at the

You’re Invited to E<N9\^`ee\ij:cXjjJkXik`e^Jffe :Xcc]fi;\kX`cj SUNDAY NIGHT DANCING


6 - 9 PM $12 per person g n i r p FREE Group Class at 6PM S pecial ns Ste Lessos with Admission riva Clas 3 P Group arty P 1 nce a D Y 1 ONL 0

Our beautifully spacious ballroom is available at very reasonable rates. Call for more details!



T an EAKE 10%XTRA with OFF th AD! is

561-832-2141 211 Royal Poinciana Way Palm Beach

Photo by Bob D’Amico/ABC

“Dancing With The Stars” Cheryl Burke & Cristián De La Fuente

! 7740 40 BBELVEDERE ROAD AD W N E 2 Blo Blocks East of I-95 N TIO A Tel 561-832-6107 Te C O L Fax 561-832-3383 Fax 561 832 33383

Family Owned & Operated

Open 7 Days 11am—10pm

““Always l Serving ving The Best In...”


Pastelitos ♦Epanadas ♦Breads ♦Sandwiches ♦Coffees ♦Cakes ♦Desserts ♦Party Platters and more...

Full Liquor Served

No Palm Beach North (East of Prosperity) Tel 561-842-4847 Fax 561-842-4849

OPEN 7 DAYS: 6am-7pm MON-SAT; 7am-2pm SUNDAYS

Your 2nd Entree e e r t With Purchase of n E 2 Beverages r e n n ee & ess Di1 DinEntree ner Entr ual Value or L q Buy ree of E FF t n E d n O Get 2 at 50%


ill 5/28/

t d · Valid th this A


561-848-6565 924 Northlake Blvd, NPB

“The only place to be every Thursday night”

Happy Hour 7-9 Live Music @ 7:30 ‧ Headliner @ 9:30

SENTINEL POOL AND SPA, INC 561-881-0064 t 8&&,-:100-NBJOUFOBODF t 'VMMSFQBJSTPOBMMQPPMFRVJQNFOU We use a very special Lab to test our swimming pool waters! Florida construction license #CPC1457735


Dindy Murphy Vice President • Advertising Sales 561-317-7153 2913 Avenue F Riviera Beach, FL

GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRE-PRESS SERVICES by DINDESIGNS For estimates call 561-317-7153




he feeling among restaurateurs in town is that the worst is over. The down cycle created by the housing crash and credit crunch has been weathered and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re floating along the bottom of the bust right now with no place to go but up. Some restaurants actually have numbers going upward from this time a year ago. Without a doubt the best dining deals of modern times are right now, as prices are as low as theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ever be. Take advantage of it - you can actually dine out cheaper than eating at home in many cases. I stopped by the Ouzo Blue PGA location last Friday and there were close to 600 people partying like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2099! Everything is clicking for the Ouzo Blue concept at both locations - Lake Avenue in Lake Worth and the PGA location. Now they are upping the ante, a new Wednesday night Ladies Night at the Lake Avenue location will offer all ladies free drinks from 9-11PM, then 1/2 priced drinks until closing. At the PGA location on Wednesday night first drink is free for ladies and every time you order a Perfect Vodka drink youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get a raffle ticket. A raffle will be held and ladies can win a pair of $300 True Religion Jeans, a Spa Day at the Gilded Spa and Salon, or another high value prize! Ouzo Blue has also just announced a new Ladies VIP Card - ladies will get a free drink every day from 4-7PM just for stopping by either location, along with other free benefits - you can see the hostess or owners Jim, Peter, George or Giovanni for your VIP Card tonight! While Ouzo Blue is the hottest party spot in town now, the food is still the star of their show. This is healthy Mediterranean/Greek cuisine at its best! See


BARON BEATTY page 9 for info and ladies - stop by today and get your free drink VIP card before they run out! The Small Plate Entree Menu offerings at the Sunset Grill are the talk of the town! If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever been at a restaurant and had to pay $28 for a huge plate of food big enough to feed 3 people the Sunset Grill has come to the rescue! Most health experts say eating smaller meals will lead to a longer life, overwhelming your

Cory, Ozzy, Mellissa & Annie at OUZO BLUE on Lake Avenue

system with huge meals is not smart. Getting the perfect portion for only $10 is very smart! Chef Terry Marince has created a tasty, filling menu of Small Plate Entrees that will dazzle your palate. The ever changing Sunset Grill is evolving again - the exterior has been painted, the entrance is being reworked and large floor to ceiling windows are being added, along with the patio being redone and expanded with an outdoor bar. Every time I visit thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a new change! The bar area at

and you get 50% OFF your second entree! La Fogata has a full liquor bar to complement their outstanding menu of Mexican food. This is top shelf Mexican cuisine prepared with nothing but the best ingredients and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll sense it with your first bite! Very moderate prices combined with the 50% off entree deal make La Fogata a must visit, service is sharp and friendly and the ambience is perfect - you really feel like youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve stepped into another world when you walk thru the front door. See page 2 and grab the coupon for your half-priced entree tonight! What a crowd last Thursday at the Cuillo Centre for Uncorked! It seemed like every musician and actor that lives in South Florida was there. Lotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of famous faces hanging out networking. Several film industry projects that will start filming soon were being discussed. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a musician, Thursday nights at the Cuillo is your chance to show your stuff! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s open mic and build-a-band with lots of jamming led by Cooper Getschal and several local band leaders. Uncorked is a one night music festival where everyone is a star - see page 2 for info and plan on being there next Thursday. If you want a taste of the show biz industry in South Florida this is it! If you want to treat yourself to a gourmet dinner at early bird prices - check out the Sunset dinner special at the famous Nonna Maria Restaurant on Northlake Blvd. For only $15.95 youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get soup or salad, entree and dessert! This is top-shelf gourmet food created and prepared by the owner - Chef Francois. His wife Judy works the front and the staff is attentive and professional. This Ian Sloane, Owner Joe Smali, Marco & is Palm Beach dining at half the Bertha at DE NAPOLI on Clematis Street price! For any special occasion night is getting very active - as more locals discover what a great place it is to have a small plate entree, a few drinks and chat - perfect for singles or that first date experience. See the front cover for info and stop in and try the new Small Plate Entree Menu tonight! De Napoli Restaurant on Clematis Street has announced some awesome Summer Lunch Specials! For only $7.95 you can have any of their four gourmet Italian pasta dishes - Manicotti, Ravioli, Stuffed Shells or Penne Ala Vodka. For only $6.95 you can have a 1/2 Sub with a Salad or Fries and a drink! And at lunchtime the fantastic Chicken Piccata with Pasta & Garlic Rolls is only $8.95! And at anytime you can have two slices of pizza and a drink for only $5.95 at De Napoli! Owner Joe Smali has brought in superstar Chef Giuseppe Alfeo to run the kitchen - see more about him on page 7 and see this page for more info on De Napoli! La Fogata is getting rave reviews from local diners for their 50% off dinner deal! Just purchase 1 dinner entree and 2 beverages

like an anniversary or birthday Nonna Maria is a restaurant you can count on for class! Surviving 19 years in this town means youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing something right! See page 12 for info. The word is out - Golden Jubilee is getting new games! The always fun Arcade location on Northlake is getting new games and they may have arrived by press time. This is the best entertainment value in town - for just pennies you can play! During the

Tricia Siomowitz & Jack Lambert at OUZO BLUE PGA

summer months its the best place to beat the heat - comfortable chairs, snacks cold drinks while you win big prizes - see page 13 for info. Cardelloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is now the spot for your next party, event or banquet! They have huge rooms available for any occasion and a full liquor bar to provide all the festive for your festivity. The Sunday Brunch is back - only $8.99 for all-u-can eat Brunch and the same price is available every day during the week for the Lunch Buffet - its the best in town by far! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget the outstanding Early Bird deal at Cardelloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - 2 for 1 entrees from 3-6PM every day! See page 15 for info.


523 CLEMATIS ST TEL: 561-835-8522 561-721-3489 FAX: 561-835-9787

Dinner Special "Ä&#x2122;FS1.&WFSZ%BZ +VOFTUUI ~ Dine In Only ~

1/2 SUB w/ FRIES or SALAD & DRINK ...$6.95

Glass of Red or White Wine


Salad ~ Rolls ~ Entree Snapper Piccata or Livornese Veal Piccata or Francais Chicken Piccata or Francais


Chef Guisseppe & Marco

tre a e h T rons Pat FF 10% Oith w tub tS Ticke

t t t t t t


SALADS )0546#4 $0-%46#4 $"-;0/& 4530.#0-* ,*%4.&/6

t t t t t t

/:45:-&1*;;" *5"-*"/1"45" '3&4)7&"'3&4)4&"'00% '3&4)$)*$,&/ *5"-*"/%&44&354


FREE DELIVERY Minimum Delivery Order $8.00

Dine In Or Pick Up

2 SLICES & DRINK ...$5.95




HOURS MON-THURS 11am - 11pm



L arge

Cheese Pizzas Only



11am - 12midnite 4pm - 10pm

Large Chee se Pizza & 12 Wings Only


Pizza Specials - Pick Up & Delivery Only

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CIVIL LAW Foreclosure Defense • Divorce Child Custody • Landlord/Tenant Business Transactions & Sales • Real Estate


he new Wispers Coffee Café at the very trendy Art Colony Building has announced a Saturday Night party for art and music lovers. Keith Daggett will be performing from 7-11PM and artists David Alfonsetti and Steve Brouse will be showing their works of art and doing live art. Wispers has been drawing a fun crowd of local artists and musicians since they started staying open later into the night. It’s a large space with indoor and outdoor areas, in a hip coffee shop setting that will remind you of the glory days of San Francisco. Check page 5 for info.

DUI • Domestic Violence • Drug Charges Felonies • Misdemeanors • Traffic Assault & Batteries Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1976 1803 South Australian Avenue, Suite A West Palm Beach, FL 33409

24hr Cell 561-502-5261 Office 561-640-3537 · Fax 561-683-9039 The Palm Beach Sun interviewed Attorney Michael L. Cohen, who has practiced law in Florida & P.B.C. for 33 years, and posed these questions... What are my rights at a DUI Checkpoint? You may turn around before entering the Checkpoint lane if it can be done without negatively affecting or impeding traffic. However, this may draw attention to you and cause an Officer to think you are acting suspiciously, which may cause the Officer to stop your car.

Can police search my car at a DUI checkpoint? Only if there is a reasonable suspicion a traffic infraction has occurred or probable cause a crime has occurred.

If I am asked by the police “May we search your Car” can I refuse? Yes, but you cannot do anything to stop a search other than to say you refuse to consent to the search. Remember, every case had a slightly different fact situation that may change the application of the law. If you are under Police custody you have the right to ask for an attorney before you answer any questions - Do It! Request an Attorney! However, Police custody means more than a traffic stop. A situation where you are being asked for your name & license does not usually equal being in police custody. If this sounds confusing it is! Even for Police Officers, Attorneys & Judges who regularly deal with these matters. That’s why there are so many Appellate Court Decisions in these types of cases. Call your own Attorney & ask for his or her opinion on these questions.

Keith Daggett performs at WISPER'S COFFEE CAFÉ

Sunday nights are turning into one of the hottest nights in town. The party at the Paramount Ballroom is a classy way to start your week. A sophisticated crowd gathers at 6PM for the free group dance lesson that is a blast, then the dance party starts! This may be the best entertainment value in town - it’s only $12 at the door, unheard of for a Palm Beach Island event. There are many dance beginners and a few pros, but what makes this event click is the friendly attitudes of everyone there! You can prepare for the parties by taking advantage of the fantastic summer dance lesson special - 3 private lessons, 1 group class and 1 dance party for only $99! You can even make that $89 with their ad on page 2! As one fellow said to me - “I never used to dance, once I took the lessons and started my whole world changed, I’ve never had so many lady friends in my life!” Another Sunday party really making waves is the Hilton Hotel Rehab-Sundays Pool Party from 3-9PM. Neil London of ICTV1 along with German Garcia & Adam Lipson are hosting this bash at the pool. There are drink specials all day along with lunch, brunch and very sexy bodies. Also performing are guest DJ’s from clubs all over the country and several young celebrities are regulars at this bash. This is the official Saturday night after-party! See page 10 for info.

The Tulipan Family Bakery has been getting lots of press for their new store location and their fabulous menu. You’d be very surprised at the number of high-end restaurants that use Tulipan for all their breads and baked goods. You can bypass the middle man and go straight to the source yourself! Both the locations are perfectly located for an easy in & out on your way to or from work. Arriving home with some fresh baked goods for dessert will make your kids happy and showing up to work with Tulipan pastries will make you the most popular person in the office! It can’t get any fresher than Tulipan - their menu comes out of their own oven! See page 2 and try it - you’ll see what every paper in South Florida is writing about! Great crowd of professional diners at Jade last Saturday night! Owner Wayne has won over diners with his outstanding food preparations and exotic ingredients. Jade is cutting edge cuisine designed to be unique - foods you won’t get anywhere else. Soon Jade will be having Gourmet Dinner Parties, where one price gets you a 5-6 course gourmet meal with matching wines. For info call Jade - see page 6 for info. I ran into 3 people last month who thanked me for letting them know about the unreal seafood bargains at Fresh Catch on Dixie in Northwood! The new Crab Cakes Dinner for only $9.99 with 2 sides may be the best deal in town. It goes great with the 10-Shrimp Dinner with 2 sides for the same price. If you're coming home tonight and need dinner for two - stop by Fresh Catch Seafood - you’ll be in & out in a flash with 2 economy busting yet tasty & filling seafood dinners! See page 6 for info. Entre Nous has announced a wine lovers summer special! All summer long you can bring in your own bottle on Wednesday nights and there’s no corkage fee when you purchase two entrees! The bar at Entre Nous is very active on Thursday nights for ladies night - all ladies get their 2nd drink free and everyone gets $5 appetizers all night long. This is an upscale crowd of professionals and its really the only spot in the US-1 Northlake area where you have a nice full liquor bar and fine dining in one location. The Twilight Deal at Entre Nous is still in effect - you’ll get a choice of soup or any salad & select dessert with the purchase of any entree from 5 to 6:30 every night - see page 15 for info!


Page 5 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009


Call Wisper at 561-838-4118 For Apartment Availability with

Live Music

by Keith Daggett

f o f e C e s ’ Café r e p s i W


Live Painting



with Steve Brouse & David Alfonsetti

Every Saturday Night 7pm to 11pm

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE Alfonsetti Fine Art Studio Steve Brouse Artist 322 20th Street

320 20th Street

Drawing, Painting & Sculpture Private Tutoring & Instruction

Colorful,Whimsical Paintings, Murals, Furniture, T-Shirts, Painting Parties & Instruction

Available for Commissions, Murals, Portraits

Available for Commissions

David Alfonsetti 954-696-1703

p e s r i ’s W

Steve Brouse 561-693-8742

FREEÿWi-Fi s

Cof f Serving All Day!

Mon-Sat 6am-10pm

Sandwiche Wraps & More!

é f a ee C

FREE Coffee

With ANY Purchase & This Ad Thru 6/28/09


Every Day!

Sunday 6am-8pm

Now Offering Massage One Hour $60 - by appt. only 30%OFF Hair Services for New Clients With this Ad Valid through 6/28/09

Take a tour of Art Colony at

2032-2036 North Dixie Highway, WPB

Page 6 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009






Nowlin Flower Shop

42)0,%h!v &52.)452%


Store Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-2

We Buy & Sell • New & Used


% E 10 FRE rade es upg eliveri cal d AD o l on ith this w


2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! NOWLIN FLOWER SHOP 457 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 · 561-659-0988

VILLAGE FLORAL EMPORIUM 721 Village Blvd., Suite 107A, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 · 561-478-3600




(Corner of 24th St)

10-Shrimp Dinner y 99 w/2 sides o n l 9.


GXcd9\XZ_\j=`ijk Jkl]]\[=`j_JXe[n`Z_ y 99 onl $7.

25th St

26th St

24th St Northwood Rd 23rd St

Flagler Dr

2501 N Dixie Hwy

2 Crab Cakes y 99 w/2 sides o n l 9.

N. Dixie

Voted BEST CRACKED CONCH in Palm Beach County

Fried Shrimp by the lb. 89 o n l y 19. (approx. 40) Spruce Ave




Sat 10am - 7pm 9am - 6pm

HOURS Tues - Fri

Page 7 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009 photo by

A Mobile Fitness Company Specializing in: Workplace Fitness Free Community Events Classes ‘Around Town’

Join West J W t Palm TV V 18’s 8’ C CityFit t F t ffitness t professionals at our classes around town!

Classes ‘Around Town’ Locations Fire Station #3

Placido Mar

5050 Broadway (US 1) WPB

5200 N Flagler Dr WPB

Yoga* Pilates* Mon at 5:45pm Mon at 7:00pm

Yoga* Thurs at 10:00am

South FL Water Management District (SFWMD)

Ximena Cordero, John Temerian & Kristen Salatino at the THEDAVIDKSPACE opening

3301 Gun Club Road WPB Pilates* Tues & Thurs at 5:30pm

Harriet Himmel Theater

Howard Park

700 S. Rosemary Avenue WPB

1302 Parker Avenue WPB

Pilates** Wed at 5:30pm

Pilates*, ** Yoga*, ** Wed at 7:00pm Thurs at 7:30pm

Fred Astaire Dance Studio 4603 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste C121 WPB Yoga** Sun at 10:00am Fees: * $10/class (8 week series prepaid $80) ** $12/class (8 week series prepaid $96) Class fees prorated; Drop-ins welcome: $15/class, except at Howard Park Lisa & Dennis Delois at OUZO BLUE PGA

Gary Lickle & Michele Henry at SUNSET GRILL

Living Fit Today recognized by the City of West Palm Beach for quality fitness programs, April 2009

561-281-5895 • Certified, Insured and Licensed

A HOSPITALITY PROFESSIONAL Melory, Sherene, Chantelle & Doug at JADE KITCHEN in Northwood

Melisa Daly & Jason at THE SUNSET GRILL photo by

Photo by Daniel Millay

Chef Giuseppe Alfeo started at his first restaurant in 1969 after coming to America from Sicily. He worked in NYC, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton working his way up to being a Chef. Along the way he created and learned cooking recipes and techniques that apply to every edible morsel mankind knows. About two years ago De Napoli owner Joe Smali brought Chef Giuseppe into his operation, at Pizza De Roma and now De Napoli. Chef Giuseppe is pictured with one of his signature dishes - Chicken Nicole - Breaded Chicken Breasts with Portobello Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, Marcella Wine and a Demi-Glaze. Stop in for dinner at De Napoli and Chef Giuseppe will be happy to prepare a custom gourmet meal for you!

DJ Mike Boz and friend At THE DAVIDKSPACE opening

Artists David Alfonsetti and Candice paint live at WISPER'S COFFEE CAFÉ

Page 8 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009





$ 410,000


561 309-3579

$ 410,000

Broker Associate MBA, E-PRO, ABR Singer Island Specialist

Marilyn D. Peirce Old Fashioned Service @ High-Tech Speeds EASTPOINTE I— 16F



Direct ocean , Black Marble & Wood Flooring Spacious Balcony, Many Upgrades $409,000

Over 4,000 SF, 3 Balconies, 3 BR + Den Elegant Upgrades—a MUST SEE! $1,995,000

UPGRADED 2 BR 1,700 SF Ocean VU’s

COTE D’AZUR 1-603 2/2 with a Sunny Southern Exposures Tower 1 New Kitchen + Baths, Furn. - Turnkey $369,000

WATERFRONT RENTALS UNFURNISHED The Resort 4 BR—4.5 BA $ 5,750 Eastpointe I I 3J —3 BR $ 3,200 Martinique WT 401 2BR $ 2,100 Connemara 2102 SE Corner $ 2,000 Cote d’Azur 1-505 $ 1,700 Marina Grande 2 BR $ 1,500 Mayan Towers N—Efficiency $ 950

Tile Floors, New Kitchen …..$415,000

COTE D’AZUR 1-501 TOWER I—direct EAST —NE Corner VU 2 BR/2BA Washer/Dryer in Unit—$ 399,000


EASTPOINTE ! - 20F 20th FL 2 BR/ 2 BA—all tile floors, custom paint, spacious balcony….$349,000

Eastpointe II—12 I 3 BR Martinique Ocean House Martinique East Tower 2 BR Tiara 38E Direct Ocean Phoenix Towers A16C Cote D’Azur 1-204 Mayan Towers South 2 BR

$ 2,900 $ 2,900 $ 2,750 $ 2,000 $ 1,800 $ 1,500 $ 1,400

SEASONAL 2700 N. Ocean B606 Water Glades 20C

Cote D’Azur 2-903 Eastpointe I 3E

WATER GLADES 200—12D Amazing ICW & Ocean Views New Granite Kitchen, 1 Pet OK! $ 410,000

$ 5,000 $ 4,000 $ 3,500 $ 3,000

Selling? Buying? Leasing? Call 

Marilyn D. Peirce

561 309-3579 MARINA GRANDE—RENTALS New Intracoastal Towers 2-3 BR Units Avail.

Prices range from $1,450—$2,200 month

PALM BEACH SHORES TOWNHOME 2 BR 2.5 BA with updated kitchen— garage Rooftop deck water views, UNQIUE $ 289,000

MARINA GRANDE 304 3 BR 3.5 BA Direct Waterfront & Marina Almost 2,000 Living SF! …$ 269,000

Page 9 • Palm Beach Sun • May 28, 2009


greek taverna

The Fine People of Regional MLS - Juanita, Toni, Linda, Leah, Kelly and standing - Freddy, Mellisa, Sal and George at NONNA MARIA RESTAURANT

ouzo bar

greek taverna

ouzo bar

Preferred Admission No Cover

Come Get Your Ladies V.I.P. Card & Receive One FREE Cocktail of your choice Every Day 4pm - 7pm AT BOTH LOCATIONS!


11:3 pm To 7 iced

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Mina & Ray at DE NAPOLI on Clematis Street


es’ V.I.P. Ladi

Open 7 days at 11:30 am Serving Lunch & Dinner

Mozart and Korin Bautista at MUCCI Art Opening

Palm Beach Gardens

Ouzo DJ - J Black & Rachael at OUZO BLUE on Lake Avenue

LAKE WORTH 707 Lake Ave

greek taverna

ouzo bar

Lake Worth


James, Jessica, Victoria & James Ashcraft at ENTRE NOUS

SSATS ATTSS & WWEDS ATS EDS LADIES ES DRINK DRRIINK FFREE REE* LADIES 9pmm to 9pm to 11p 111pm 1pm p (aat the (at thhe he bar) bar))

*Lake Lake Worth Lak Wor Wor orthh loc location looca caatitio ionn on oonly nly nly

Bethany Martin-Ingram, Ashley Kujan, and owner Donetta Rozenboom at MUCCI

Kara, Rachel, John, Brittany & Taira at OUZO BLUE on Lake Avenue


id’s d FREEAduKlt Entree Purchase ry cing ell y Dan FREE B or ALL Kids sf Lesson -3PM

for Eve

The Hot Spot For Private Parties Call For Your Group Reservation


Traditional Greek Dancing & Bellydancing Every Night!

Jonathan & Maria at OUZO BLUE PGA

Owners Katherine, Wayne & Hailey at JADE in Northwood

Owners Jim Marcil, George Kirkos, Avni Zeqraj & Peter Kushta