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Finest Tips of Backpacking with the Vietnamese Dong Let's dive into a topic which can equally be attractive as well as act as glue to gum you with the very culture of Vietnam. Pack up your boots Either your first stop is at Hanoi or the famous Ho Chi Minh City, don't dare to take much with you while leaving your home. These above mentioned two options can be the best places where at their hubs you are allowed to fill up all your most essentials which you may require in the rest part of your journey. Be it your travel guides, shoes, backpacks or clothes or some other necessities which you think can be the urgent in your rest part of the journey can all be best available at their shops and market. And what is more interesting about these are their almost half the cost which you could have purchased from your hometown. Obtain a Cyclo This can be best identified as 'dying breed' in the regions of South Asia as the government of Vietnam has banned such from utilizing the maximum of a road and there, within the region, a rickshaw or cyclo still gets considered as a cheap as well as novel means to opt for going sightseeing. Best of the drivers does have their own designed tour itineraries which usually come out a lot cheaper in contrast with motorbikes or bus services. A bus or a motorbike service is the commonest options available from a hotel. Look out for the Exhaust For the people who are backpacking at their zeroth hour, a motorbike or xe-om remains the sure fire modes of paddling fast. However, as many travelers will be advising you for availing these but don't forget while getting on and off these motorbike to remember about the boiling exhaustion that will not spare the top of the hair to the bottom of your ankles. Go easy with the Vietnamese Dong Vietnamese Dong is the currency of Vietnam and can easily accessible from the local ATM's around the city. Be conservative while you are drawing a lumpsum from the ATM's. if in case you don't spend all the drawn amount before you leave the place, you will be stuck with a horrible problem where no foreign exchange buyers will be ready to but a single penny from you. Don't miss out trying out the street food

Street food out of the locality is extremely cheap as well as cheerful and this can be concluded as the best ways to eat within the whole locality of Vietnam. Try to keep away from the backpacking clichĂŠs of getting healthy with the western style and try to dive into the banh mi, pho and the other treat located at the side of the streets which has got a lot to offer within their menu chart. Thus with Vietnamese Dong atleast once get introduced with the entire city and get mixed with their culture and food habit. Get the taste of their livinghood and their survival. For more information please visit : click here for more information about

Finest Tips of Backpacking with the Vietnamese Dong  

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