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This training course will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 10 - 17th of June. The training will address a group of 25-30 participant-trainers. The main aim of this training course is to support trainers/youth workers in exploring and eventually unblocking their competences and creativity skills, with a specific focus on their emotional competences in order to improve their work against social exclusion, and/or in topics like gender-based violence, racism and discrimination, bullying and other forms of violence, all embedded in a humanistic approach. Hence, the training will have social and emotional components, which will be tackled at different moments but comprehended as interdependent issues. We believe that the international dimension of such training course can support working better on topics such as emotional management, supervision and coaching of those discriminated or at risk of exclusion, profiting from a wide share of experiences, expertise and practices.

Specific objectives:  To support participant-trainers in exploring their capacity to use creativity and raise awareness among them about obstacles and solutions/ way-out oriented initiatives to obstacles, or positive influence for their creativity. This objective is particularly linked to initiatives dealing with young people facing discriminative situations or at risk of exclusion;  To introduce theoretical and practical frameworks to support trainers’ professional practice when it comes to supporting and accompanying trainees during challenging situations with rather high emotional components;  To develop participants’ skills to further develop self-awareness, the ability of selfobservation and the skills to develop appropriate response and behaviours;  To create a space for professional supervision of participants’ practices where real cases and situations can be explored at individual and group level. This objective will

tackle internal supervision and working with emotions and personal challenges as to better face and comprehend teamwork and support measures planning.

Beneficiaries Trainers, youth and/or social workers and other professionals working with groups of young people in a situation of exclusion discrimated or at risk and/or or in topics like gender-based violence, racism and discrimination, bullying and other forms of violence, all embedded in a humanistic approach.

Conditions  Participation fee: 20 Euros  Board and lodging: fully covered

 Travel: 70% travel reimbursement (up to a maximum of 370 Euros) About organizer Taaluma is an international organisation based in Brussels, in the process of being registered as international non-for-profit organisation (AISBL). The objectives of the organisation are:  To support formal and non formal education and the development of competences at European and international level. Such objective focuses on young people and adults education with a specific attention to people with fewer opportunities, in a situation of exclusion or at risk.  To improve the quality of educational programmes (formal and non formal) at European and international level.  To promote cooperation and synergies with other actors in the field of education such as associations, training centres, institutions and educational structures, and networks, at European and international level.

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