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Dear EVS mentors! We are happy to invite you to apply for the Training course for EVS Mentors “More than a friend�. This training course is aimed at developing basic competences in facilitation of learning processes and providing learning oriented support for EVS volunteers. It will specifically focus on deepening the understanding of facilitation, improve competences of EVS mentors to support volunteers in defining and satisfying their learning needs, providing a space for reflection and practice, deepen the theoretical knowledge on learning and create space for sharing experience and practice of mentoring.

Before we dive into practicalities, let us go back to the beginning and share with you the aims and objectives of the training course....

THE OVERALL AIM: Support and empower EVS mentors through developing competences needed to facilitate the learning process of EVS volunteers.

The specific objectives of the project: × To improve professional competences of EVS mentors, which will help them to facilitate activities with young volunteers with learning orientated approach; × To provide space for practicing and sharing experiences in facilitation in a safe and constructive environment; × To ensure deeper understanding of what is a learning process; × To develop essential facilitation skills; × Create a framework for facilitation based on non-formal education and self-directed learning; × Deepen the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the concept and implementation of facilitation as a tool to support the personal development/learning process of volunteers; × To bring a theoretical background of facilitation into a practical framework; × Sustain the experience exchange and impact of training outcomes after the training through a community of practice and trainers’ support after the training course.

METHODOLOGY Our course and its methodology are inspired by the values and principles of non-formal learning and selfdirected learning. Because of this in the development of the programme we will focus on needs of participants. For this reason, selected participants will be asked to conduct selfassessment and based on the results we will develop sessions encouraging cooperative and intercultural learning. The team will facilitate the learning that will mostly come from participants’ and group experiences. We will also try to respond to different learning styles and respect differences in the group. This also means that a big responsibility to make this training course lies with participants. As learning is a team sport each participant will be not only encouraged to be an active learner responsible for his/her own learning, but also for supporting the learning of others.

Draft Programme Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Getting to know

Sharing realities & Why am I here?

Debriefing of the “Experience” exercise and closing

Introduction to the programme

Concepts: Non-formal education & learning, Youthpass

Fears and expectation

Day 5

Role and competences of facilitators

Introduction to Learning Feedback and environment & installing „Feedback as learning planning a platform“

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Values Follow-up & introduction of educational materials

Tools and methods that stimulate learning „So What?“ How do we use this in our work Active listening

Mid-term evaluation

Group building The „experience“ experience Learning groups Welcome & getting to know each other

Free Night

Moving to facilitation introduction

Free afternoon

Learning groups The „experience“ experience

Movie night (the freedom writers diary)

Free Night

Workshops on topics So What?“ coming from needs How do we use this in assessment our work/ presentation of outcomes Learning groups

Learning groups

Free Night

Free Night


Evaluation & Closing Closing Learning groups Farewell evening

Day 9 Goodbye

Costs and Reimbursements × More than a Friend is the Youth in Action project therefore regular funding rules will apply – board and lodging will be fully covered, 70% of travel costs will be reimbursed. × Participation fee of 30 EUR will be charged. × Participants EU countries by bank transfer after the course; × Participants from Eastern Partnership countries will be reimbursed during the training course. × The participation fee of 30 EUR for the training course will be deducted from the travel reimbursement.

Accommodation The course will be hosted by the ethnographic complex “Ukrainske Selo” (Ukrainian village) It is located 16 km away from Kiev. Participants will need to share rooms for 3 and 4 persons. The complex is managed by an NGO and a training company so it is the perfect place for training. The atmosphere is very supportive for learning and resting. WiFi is only available in the restaurant and training rooms.

APPLY BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 We are looking forward meeting you in Ukraine! The Team Olga, Andriy & Sven

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