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Introducing the Health Services and Systems Research (HSSR) Track of the Integrated Biology and Medicine (IBM) Program What is the Health Services and Systems Research Program? HSSR is a center of academic excellence for research and education on the organization, financing, and delivery of health services. Our focus is on public health and clinical service innovation in an increasingly complex and connected world. HSSR employs a systems perspective to address critical health issues. Systems thinking cuts across all of our research priorities and recognizes the multiple leverage points and feedback loops involved. This includes health, social, economic, political, biological and other systems. Our focus is to conduct clinical and public health research that benefits Singapore. However, we also undertake regional and international work that is consistent with Duke-NUS’s global health mission.

Primary Disciplines Health Services Research Health Systems Modelling Health Economics Health Policy

Curriculum Requirements 1) Integrated Biology and Medicine Program core course - full time semester 1 2) At least 36 additional modular credits where 16 must be 6000 level and the remainder will be 5000 level 3) Courses will be determined based on the discipline chosen with input from the PhD supervisor and committee

Faculty Members Director - Professor David Matchar -bruce Deputy Director - Associate Professor Eric Finkelstein Associate Professor - Angelique Chan Professor - Truls Østbye (20% Duke-NUS, 80% Duke, Durham) Assistant Professor - Young Kyung Do Senior Associate in Research - James Thompson -patrick

Recent Significant Publications Effect of Home Testing of International Normalized Ratio on Clinical Events. New England Journal of Medicine, 2010; 363(17), 1608-1620 Authors: Matchar D.B., Jacobson A., Dolor R.J., Edson R.G., Uyeda L., Phibbs C.S., Vertrees J.E., Shih M.C., Holodniy M., Lavori P. Impact of Targeted Beverage Taxes on Higher and Lower Income Households. Archives of Internal Medicine, Dec 13, 2010;170(22), 2028-2034 Authors: Finkelstein E.A., Zhen C., Nonnemaker J.M., Todd J.E. Cost effectiveness of epidermal growth factor receptor mutation testing and first line treatment with gefitinib for patients with advanced adenocarcinoma of the lung. Cancer, 2011 Authors: Lopes G.L., Segel J.E., Tan S.W., Do Y.K., Mok T., Finkelstein E.A. The Impact of Mandatory Menu Labeling in One Fast Food Chain in King County, Washingon. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Feb 2011;40(2), 122-127 Authors: Finkelstein E.A., Strombotne K.L., Chan N.L., Krieger J. Self reported pain severity among multiethnic older Singaporeans: Does adjusting for reporting heterogeneity matter? European Journal of Pain, Published online Jun 8, 2011, DOI: 10.1016/ j.ejpain.2011.05.006 Authors: Chan A., Malhotra C., Do Y.K., Malhotra R., Østbye T. Living arrangements, social networks and depressive symptoms among older men and women in Singapore. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Jul 2010 Authors: Chan A., Malhotra C., Malhotra R., Østbye T. Correlates of Limitations in Activities of Daily Living and Mobility among Community Dwelling Older Singaporeans. Ageing & Society, Published online Dec 21, 2010 Authors: Chan A., Malhotra C., Østbye T.



innovation in an increasingly complex and connected world




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