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THE DRAGONFLY CYCLE, by Diana Gheorghiu

”Dragonfly” (2012) marks the first use of the Augmented Reality technology as support for a contemporary musical work in Romania, combining music with HD visual elements (accesible to the eye only by the use of electronic means/devices). The first work of the cycle is written for cello, percussion and pre recorded sounds, and it uses Diana Gheorghiu’s new composition technique called ”the captive shadows” (each sound live performed generates a recorded sound projection that remains as a “captive” pedal until the very end of the work, when the dragonfly transformation is complete). There are several versions of the work, for ensemble (vna, fl/oboe, clarinet, piano and percussion) and also for violin and percussion. Conceived as a metaphor of the transformation and one’s ability to fly beyond personal boundaries, the work describes (with 22 frequencies that overlap in a cumulative-upward path) the changing of the dragonfly, from aquatic larva to winged adult insect. Spending most of its life in water, the nymph gains its wings only toward the end of its ephemere existence, and only then it can fly free, over the world. The ”Dragonfly” premiere took place in August 2013, during the ICon Arts Festival at the Sibiu Philharmonic Hall and since then it has been performed in Sibelius Academy Concert Hall (Helsinki), in Bucharest (during the International New Music Week - SIMN 2013) and in Brașov (during the Rosenau Cross Beats percussion music marathon). The Dragonfly application can be downloaded from google play /Dragonfly Diana and must be open at the exact moment 00.04.02 of the work.

Dragonfly score