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Number of Students Studying Abroad •

50 lakh students are studying outside their home countries

• 5.53 lakh Indian students studying abroad in 86 different countries Source: ICEF & Ministry of External Affairs

Number of international Students India; 11%

Rest of the World; 89%


Rest of the World

How much Indians spend on Studying Abroad $6-7 billion (roughly around 45,000 crores) is being spent by Indian students who go to universities abroad Source: 2015 study by Tata Institute for Social Sciences and Assocham

Why Studying Abroad is still a Great Option

Beyond Mere Travel ď ľ

First-hand experiences in a new environment build one’s character and abilities.

ď ľ

Independence and wisdom are some of the things gained by students living in very unfamiliar settings

Diverse Interactions and Learning As an international student, you get a taste of new learning and pedagogy styles. You get to compare different styles with your previous learning experiences and incorporate the best for your learning

Better Research Support ď ľ

Funding available in higher education for research studies is much more in some other countries compared to India

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There are also better facilities and support for research students

Cultural Awareness

Seeing the world through a new lens will help you reflect on your own culture and values. This helps you become a culturally aware citizen.

How To Pay for Studies Abroad

How to pay for studies abroad Scholarships (offered by institution and other orgs)

Bank loans

Friends and family

How To Make Your Studies Abroad More Effective STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS FOR INDIAN STUDENTS

Research into career paths that could open post studies abroad depending on the courses you choose

Interact with people from different backgrounds – it is one part of the experience that will be difficult to replicate

Immerse yourself into the culture of your study abroad destination learn all that you can

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Study abroad programs for indian students  
Study abroad programs for indian students  

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