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Vital Tips for Window Cleaning in Eagan, MN  Why Maid Services Your window is part of your home. In fact, the window is one of the

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most important parts of the home due to the important functions

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and roles it plays. Windows in sitting rooms, bedrooms, toilets and

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any other parts of the home are designed to let in air into the home to ensure ventilation and to improve the indoor air quality of the home. A poorly ventilated home will surely have poor indoor air quality and this can dramatically affect the health of the home in a negative way. You can perform window cleaning in Eagan, MN all by yourself or hire a maid or a home cleaning company to handle the process for you. Tools You need to For Window Cleaning

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Vital Tips for Window Cleaning in Eagan, MN - BusyBee Cleaning

The tools you may use for window cleaning could differ depending

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on your requirements and needs, but usually most professionals use some basic and common tools for the process. Some of the most important tools you may need include squeegee, a new rubber blade, a scrubber, a bucket, a dishwashing liquid and also a small towel to wipe the window after the cleaning process. Squeegee occurs in several lengths and you need to be mindful of

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the squeegee length or size when purchasing. For the interest of

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window cleaning operation, you just need a squeegee of 10 or 12

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inches in dimension. Once you have all these tools, you are ready

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to clean your windows. The Cleaning Process With the aforementioned tools, you can begin cleaning your window. However, you should pay attention to the dishwashing liquid you choose. Several dishwashing liquids are used for window cleaning in Eagan, MN, however, it is better to go for a green cleaning solution. Green cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly. If you intend to wash your living room’s window, this option may be best for you. Also, you should seriously consider green cleaning solution if the home has kids and pets. The rest of the process is easy. You just have to properly add an adequate amount of dishwashing liquid and water together to begin cleaning. It is usually advised that you use a teaspoon dishwashing liquid with a few gallons of water in the process. Cold water may be used if the weather is warm, but warmer water may

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come handy otherwise. With your squeegee, you should scrub the

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window glass, clean a starting strip and tip the squeegee in such a

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way that only its corner is kept in contact with the glass. The process should be repeated from top to bottom of the glass in

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horizontal or vertical strokes until you have the glass thoroughly

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cleaned. With this done, you can wipe the squeegee clean and

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repeat the process to clean out soap bubbles and get the windows sparkling.

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Obviously, window cleaning in Eagan, MN does not have to be

in Cottage Grove,

tedious. You just need to use the right tools such as squeegee




Vital Tips for Window Cleaning in Eagan, MN - BusyBee Cleaning

properly and you can watch in amazement at how sparkling your window will turn out to be.

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Vital tips for window cleaning in eagan, mn busybee cleaning  
Vital tips for window cleaning in eagan, mn busybee cleaning