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Panagopoulos Dimitrios

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3$1$*2328/26',0,75,26 Chersikratous 13, 15772 Athens, Greece

Male, Single 26/04/1987, Athens,Greece Greek (0030)6934108248

,DPD\HDUROGDUFKLWHFWDQG,ZDQWWRVWDUWP\SURIHVVLRQDOFDUHHU,DPSDVVLRQDWH optimistic and really looking forward to collaborate with you in inspiring projects.


‡*UDGXDWHGVWXGHQW Department of Architectural Engineering & Urban Planning University of Patras (Greece), School of Engineering 5 Year Professional Diploma in Architecture & Urban Planning, Diploma’s final grade: 7,67 / 10,00 (top 20%) Graduation Thesis Project EarthSea (graded 10/10)

2005 - 2012


2002 - 2005

Architectural Competitions

‡Architectural Competition for the rebuild of Pallourokabos public park at Latsia, Cyprus


open to architects and students of architecture 2009 Entry ‡'DZQ7RZQ0LDPL)ORDWLQJ6WDJH&RPSHWLWLRQ Entry 2011 ‡*UDGXDWH$UFKLWHFWXUH$ZDUG   Entry 2012 ‡$(&208UEDQ626)URQWLHUV6WXGHQW&RPSHWLWLRQ Entry 2012

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‡7UDLQHH$UFKLWHFWLQWKHFRQVWUXFWLRQILUP´0DXULGLV 3DUWQHUVµ  7DVNV'0RGHOLQJ5HQGHULQJ*UDSKLF$UWV    ‡0DLQWHQDQFHRI0LOLWDU\&RQVWUXFWLRQ:RUNV Tasks: Conception and technical drawings for the reshaping of an abandoned military barrack into twelve apartments.

0DU2FW  2013 )HE$XJ 2013



 2012  2012  2012  2011  2010


2010  2009

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‡/RZHULQ(QJOLVK Certificate of Lower in English, University of Michigan


‡3KRWRJUDSK\7UDYHOOLQJ+LNLQJ Soccer, Swimming, Basketball,


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Ear th


Professor: Liapi Katherine Students: Dimitris Panagopoulos George Orfanopoulos Diploma Thesis

Honorable Mension

at GreekArchitects annual Diploma Thesis Competition 2013 The whole project was exhibited in the 7th European Landscape Biennial in Barcelona. (June 2012) The desilanator part was also exhibited in the 1st Energy Forum in Patras, organized by the Greek Technical Chamber. ( February 2012) The main intention of the “EarthSea” project was to create an open, multifunctional park that integrates natural water systems while hosting cultural and educational activities. The site is located on the city limits of Patras, while its boundaries are defined by the new port of Patras on the north-east, the coastal road on the south-east, the river Glaucus on the south-west and the sea on the north-west.

The neighboring river took his name from the mythological sea-god Glaucus, the god of disguises and transformations. As a whole the “EarthSea” project combines different varieties of vegetation that refer to different space uses. In this way an attempt was made to create different environments, giving to the park a unique identity. Water is the main ingredient that binds the different spaces, making this project a ideal environmental solution for this particular area of Patras suburbs. The main goal was to combine the educational, technological and cultural elements. The result of this combination is a public multiplex, that works as an entertainment space for the citizens of Patras, containing the mentioned elements while keeps the character of a public park. 1000m




Ea r t h


In the effort to reveal the strong characteristics of the site, we kept the flow and the

position of the three river streams. The river streams enter the site, beneath the street layer, with different ways, forming different paths on the landscape. Specifically, the first





entrance is the most impulsive, forms small waterfalls, then the water is split into smaller grooves that provide irrigation to the intense riparian vegetation. Then the water flows naturally into the sea. The two other river streams on wider channels that form an aquatic mirror. The boundaries of the two water streams changes throughout the year, providing thus a metaphorical association to to the unpredictable character of the river Glaucus who is known for the floods and it’s random behavior.

Diagram that represents the geometry of th groove and its ability to form water surfaces of differnt surfaces.


Another strong characteristic o streams unite, and the topog lowest level. In this area a gra to the artesian springs existing a translucent circular surface is d functional stage. The main e was the spiral and the alternat spiral creates a size increasing p of the park. Around the stage th sisted by a grid of depressed seats for the audience. The sec surfaces that are lifted gradually public and they are following t same time they create sheltere are divided to an environment events and a cafeteria. The exh following the three different alti space is designed for further tra use.

of the site was the area that the two river graphy of the landscape reaches its aded well is placed making a reference g in the surrounding area. Above the well, designed which can be used as a multilements of the development of this area ing pattern. Starting from the center, the pattern that integrates the public uses he first view level is forming, which is cond and elevated surfaces that creates cond zone of view is consisted by sloped y. Those surfaces allow the ascent to the the amphitheater logic, while at the ed spaces beneath them. Those spaces tal educational lab, a lobby for cultural hibition space is consisted by three layers tudes of the sheltered surface. The inner ansformation due to the character of its


December 21

March 21 September 21 Î? δ

P φ


Solar beams



June 21


Plastic pipes, filled with cold sea water

Salt rtention filter, lattice support pp

Ascent ramp for the visitors

Solar panels, ability to control tha air flow

Support pillars

Hot air breeze carrying sea

Pump Natural

Cold Deep Sea Water

Bathymetry map of Patraikos

Following the riverside p reaches the desalinato most prominent feature geometry allows the vie while its ramp rises the higher point of the pa panoramic view of gulf. Its function is based ral cycle of water. F deep sea cold wate sequence of plastic tran The same water is also filter behind the pipes. sea breeze is passing thr occludes the water va behind the salt. Those va densed when the wi through the cold water p water is now gathered in base of the desalinator controlled from the so the leeward side of th system, which they hav rotate, optimizing th captures the most sun. of the desalinator is inte the environmental p the site's location, m output. The direction of tion is vertically oriented predominant wind flow vature of its shape ca tage of a wider variety tions.

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+ 13m + 10m


Ea r t h

path, the visitor or, which is the of the park. Its ew to the West visitors to the ark offering a the Patraikos d on the natuirstly we pump er that fills a nslucent pipes. o sprayed in a When the hot rough, the filter apors leaving apors are connd is passing pipes. This pure n a tank on the . The air flow is lar panels on e desalination e the ability to he angle that The geometry ended to meet arameters of maximizing its f the construcd to the annual w, but the curn take advanof wind direc-

D. Panagopoulos G. Orfanopoulos



Ear th


As a whole the â&#x20AC;&#x153;EarthSeaâ&#x20AC;? project combines different varieties of vegetation that refer to different space uses. In this way an attempt was made to create different environments, giving to the park a unique identity. Water is the main ingredient that binds the different spaces, making this project a ideal environmental solution for this particular area on Patras suburbs. The main goal was to combine the educational, technological and cultural elements. The result of this combination is a public multiplex, that works as an entertainment space for the citizens of Patras, containing the mentioned elements while is keeping the character of a public park. 13

Latsia Public Park

Architectural Competition for the reformation of Latsiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Public Park, at Pallourokampos Cyprus Team: George Mauridis, Maria Mauridi, Eleni Orfanou, Dimitris Panagopoulos, Marina Karamali

Honorable Mension

The main goal of the project is the creation of a modern, sustainable, environmental and boundless urban park with the potential to become a cultural and leisure attraction. This public park is characterized by a sensitive ecological approach that combines local vegetation, solar energy usage, heat pumps for the interior of the buildings and waste water management. 14


Latsia Public Park

Honorable Mension

The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Latsia Public Parkâ&#x20AC;? is organized in an area with sporting facilities at the north-west, an Environmental Learning Center with an open-theatre, on the north side, a cafe-restaurant with a comfortable playground and an outdoor cinema in the heart of the site, a small observatory in the highest level of the park in the north-east and two big parking areas, one for busses and the other for cars. 16


Latsia Public Park




This building is placed near the north entrance of the park and is organized in two levels. The entrance level is fully connected with the theatre and the piazza. Trying to enhance the idea of the park, we choose to form the main building volume into a light metal construction that is used also for shading. In an effort to recycle materials, the main shelter is placed upon a solid wall made by gabions.

Function Diagram

KAFE - RESTAURANT Next to the piazza of the main entrance is placed this cafĂŠ-restaurant and the outdoor cinema. This building follows the same design principals as the environmental education center and is also organized in two levels. The upper level is giving the ability to the bikers and the people, following on foot, to access it (entering the park from the north district). The ground floor is characterized by the existence of an aquatic surface, which will improve the microConnection to the neighboured area, entrys and movements

OBSERVATORY We took advantage of the terrain elevation to the north and we designed an observatory top the higher level of the plot. This shelter gives stunning view to the valley and is made by wood in an effort to keep the illusion of the countryside in this particular spot. In addition this construction works as a landmark of the park, because it is visible from a lot of places outside the park, due to his high altitude. Water surfaces and Vegetation


Divi_Chai_R 5th Industrial Design Competition of office and home furniture (2009) Shortlisted Team: Panagopoulos Dimitris, Aivalis Panagiwtis Chatzikalymnios K.



Divi_Chai_R 5th Industrial Design Competition of office and home furniture (2009) Shortlisted Team: Panagopoulos Dimitris, Aivalis Panagiwtis Chatzikalymnios K.





DawnTown Miami, Floating Stage Competition (2011) Entry

Team: Panagopoulos Dimitris, Orfanopoulos George Psarras Stamatis

We are proposing a floating stage which the competition addresses but with ample emphasis on the sustainability of the structure. Our main concept is to create a transformable stage. We represent just three of the possible proposals, a 360 open sea stage, a linear water sports center and the main form for the Miami Marine Stadium.



DawnTown Miami, Floating Stage Competition (2011) Entry



Team: Panagopoulos Dimitris, Orfanopoulos George Psarras Stamatis



Light Gro{o}ve

International Competition for students of Architecture issued by VELUX (2010)

So, Light in all its' importance is something that needs to be Cel-


In Greece, a country that many architects have praised for the Sunlight it receives, we decide to create a celebration point for Light. A Light Park. An area that fully utilises the power of the Sun and at the same time manipulates sunlight and artificial light to create a magnificent scenery.

Team: Panagopoulos D. Orfanopoulos G. Keranis K. Chatzikalymnios K.

What is Light? What is Light as an Element? What is Light to Nature? What is Light to us? Light is what pierced the Heavens, and when its rays touched the Earth, delivering the muchneeded energy, life occured.. Light is the most important element, the harbinger of all life to our planet. It provides us with heat, it allows us to see, perceive colour, space, form and volume. Light was also utilised by mankind as an energy and information provider. From the simple fire and sun-clock of the ancient times to the solar-energy heating systems of today. And now, with the enviromental crisis at a critical point , light needs to be utilised by mankind once again, not to create life this time, but to save the existing one. 28


The Light Gro{o}ve shows a different “face” during day-time and night. During the day, the area is bathed with sunlight, which is projected to us in many different ways, due to the existence of a small artificial creek (a metaphor claiming that light alongside with water were the founders of all existence in our planet) and a multi-layered shelter that covers part of the area. The shelter has different levels of transparency thus creating different forms of shadow and shade as well as different levels of luminous conditions. At night time artificial light takes the stage, being powered by the energy amassed by the photovoltaic panels. Diffused light emerges from the creek, bathing the concrete walls of the area with dancing lights. Alongside the creek, run two “creeks of light” illuminating the whole stage with their own unearthly glow, guiding the visitor. The materials in which the park is dressed further diffuse the light allowing the whole area to glow while a minimum amount of devises is used.

The concrete ceiling which is “pierced” by sunlight allows small rays to enter the area.


Exploded Axonometric View


Cinema MultipleX Advanced Urban Design Studio (2009) Selected and published in â&#x20AC;&#x153;a2610â&#x20AC;?, Patras Architecture Magazine.

Proffesor: Dragonas P. Team: Panagopoulos D. Orfanopoulos G.

Target of this studio is to create a multifunctional space that has a strong cinemato-

graphic spatial vocabulary. Narratives of different

elements of context and space are essential, as well as the rediscovery of elements of the existing area. It is located in the main dock of the current port of Patras as the port is about to be transferred. The main idea of the project is to create a building ,using an urban vocabulary, that is actually a new topography rather than a building. It is viewed as a continuation and decongestion of the city. Sea water and the mountainous skylines are vital elements of the design process.

The concept of this project is the creation of paths which open more, or less, the field of view thus framing the view towards the West and the mountains across the gulf of Patras. In this way, the created terrain is divided into three paths of grading slope, thus bestowing grading ease or difficulty in ascension accordingly. Those three paths correspond to different uses, the first is a path for those wishing to see the final view at the edge. The second, which has the most attractive inclination as well as the largest opening, leads to the lobby of the cinema multiplex from where the spectators can reach the center of the path again or reach the start of all the paths and leave. The third path is the one that hosts the seaplane terminal and its docks. In the end of the three sectors lies the restaurant and cafeteria taking advantage of the scintillated view. Two sea canals cross the dock-building rendering it pervious to small vessels. The cinema auditoriums are placed right on top of those canals thus taking advantage of the slope created. Those canals simultaneously serve as a source of natural light to various parts of the building. The exit from the cinema rooms is located in the center of the building where the volumes of the created terrain have opposite inclination thus revealing a crack. In the end of the paths, the view can be rewarding and stunning and outer edges are even more sloppy as to create a natural seat for relaxation with a west orientation. The paths can also be studied through a storyboard which depicts the framing of the view mentioned above.


Architecture PortFolio - Dimitris Panagopoulos  
Architecture PortFolio - Dimitris Panagopoulos  

An Architecture PortFolio that contain some parts of my work as an architecture student and as a professional architect.