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EDBE- 8P14 My Musical Story Submitted to: Jayne Evans Submitted by: Dimitrios Mavridis

My full name is Dimitrios Mavridis. My parents are both from Greece, however they met in Canada. My mother immigrated to Canada when she was 3 years old. She grew up in Burlington Ontario where she had lived most of her life. My father came to Canada at the age of 21. I was born in Hamilton Ontario, Canada with a very rich Greek background. I have been to Greece many times as I would visit my grandparents and other family members and friends. My experiences with music are both many and endless. In a more recent experience in music, I played with my jazz trio at an event at Carmen’s Banquet. We played jazz standards for a couple of hours, something that I do on occasion. I was with my trio members and friends. My friend Dan played guitar and my friend Keagan was on the drums. It made feel great. Playing music in front of a crowd is my highest passion, and the feeling never gets old. Genres and several interests in music have exceptional variety to listeners. In terms to my interests, I fall onto this category. I studied jazz/contemporary music for 5 years at Mohawk College and then at York University. During those times, I also practiced in classical settings as well, to diversify my knowledge and technique. Other interests and ventures of music would have to be composing, recording, teaching privately, and attending live concerts – that must be my absolute favourite! Studying and appreciating music for years has given me great insight. I would say the thing I know most about music is how strong the connection is, and how it brings people together. It is a universal language that has unified people for centuries, and it will continue to do so. Music has it’s many unique approaches. One thing I really want to know about music is how can it be implemented in younger grades. I have taught students older than me, and I have very little experience with younger students. How can something with so much history and power can be isolated in to an understanding, inclusive, and safe way to teach young students? I can say after our first class it gave me a little more ease.

I feel great being in this class! After the first class, I was informed, entertained, and overall had a great first experience. With this class and my yearning to learn on how to teach younger students, I believe my pedagogy can evolve greatly. It is not necessarily what you know, it is how to connect and render information smoothly so that each individual can learn, understand, and grow. One person who has influenced me to become a music teacher, was my high school teacher Mr. Gagnier. A very soft-spoken but smart and fair man. He was genuine and very much enjoyed what he did. I was inspired by his craft of both teaching and performing, it has stuck with me since high school. Another person who has influenced my musical experiences was my teacher from Mohawk College, Adrean Farrugia. He has taught me the idea of the power behind ego in life and in music. I have never experienced the emotional side of music before, and once attended his lessons, they have stuck with me. I am proud to share his work with others. A musical moment can occur at any point. By performing in front of an audience, or even listening to a song. Two of my favourite musical moments would have to hearing my band’s song play on the radio – a very unusual but awesome experience. Another favourite musical moment would be my final recital at York University. I felt as if all the years of practice was prompted in one evening of music that I had studied, generated, and believed in. The only negative experience I have with music are with some promoters who run performances. They often rip bands off or they are inadequate with their jobs. Not to say all promoters are like that, however the many I have met have given me negative experiences. We never played instruments in elementary school in class. When we studied music, it was cohered more to history and minimal theory. However, I remember getting my first bass guitar in Gr.8 and that was quite literally the best day of my life. We played the talent show that year and it was an absolute blast. When my friends and I started playing instruments, it grew us deeper into our friendships. I have told this story many times before. Every musician has a story on how they started to play music. I am very proud to share my experiences with others, and I also love to hear the experiences of others as well.

I went to university to become a band teacher at the senior level. I have conducted jazz bands and concert bands for many years (volunteering) and it brings me great joy. I would love to formulate a class where everyone can come and use their creative thinking as a tool to grow. Music is a outlet for creativity, it needs to be available for all students to experience in order to become creative individuals. That is the kind of music teacher I want to be. My prior knowledge can help me tremendously I believe – but it does not make a “know it all�. I have a growth mind-set and truly believe there is no cap on knowledge, especially with music! I am also glad I can give a hand to my peers in the class as they given me help in other courses we have taken at Brock thus far. I am excited and looking forward to the classes ahead, learning something new each time!

My Musical Story  
My Musical Story