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Autumn 2013

Company Profile

Who we are Our Activities • Survey Engineering • Road Design and Transportation Engineering • Hydraulic Engineering • Structural Engineering • Software Development & GIS applications

Survey Engineering Meleti Co. is one of the leading engineering companies in Greece, and a major player in providing high quality land survey and GIS services for the Greek government. Since 1981, Meleti Co. has completed a large number of engineering studies and has collaborated with European companies for projects in the E.U. in various fields of engineering. Our company detains high level certificates for engineering studies, according to the Greek Technical Design Legislation. We are at the heart of achieving operational excellence, by managing successfully demanding and challenging engineering projects. With on time project delivery, we ensure the trust of our clients, existing and new. Meleti Co. headquarters are situated in Athens, in a 1.000m2 building fully equipped with up-to-date technological tools and machinery.

Our know-how • Land Information System (LIS) & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) • Cadastre Surveys • Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) • Digital Mapping (Chartography) • Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing applications • Production of Orthophoto maps (Aerial Photographs) • Photogrammetry, Agricultural and urban land consolidation systems • Satellite Geodesy – Global Positioning System (G.P.S.)

Engineers The company’s personnel is considered to be its most important asset. Our team is formed by highly experienced engineers, with an exceptional background of training, such us Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers and Foresters. The company emphasizes on the training and formation of its personnel in the latest techniques and engineering software. Furthermore, the company has a number of experienced users regarding photogrammetric instruments and engineering software. Moreover, there is a wide range of skilled external associates to work with in specialized projects, during the busy periods.

Quality Management Meleti Co establishes, implements, and maintains a high quality management system and continually improves its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001: 2008. After 40 years of experience in various domains of engineering, Meleti Co. has acquired the know-how as to organize efficiently the use of technical and other support staff, in order to ensure continuity of the design and service to the client. The management system was evaluated in order to be applied in the following fields: 1. Project Management 2. Survey Engineering 3. Road & Transportation Engineering 4. Hydraulic Engineering 5. Scanning and Digitization 6. Computer Science & GIS

Some references: • Five (5) projects for the National Cadastre including the city of Athens and 10 regional municipalities of Attica. In total, over 2.000.000 property rights were managed in a GIS environment. Contracting Authority: KTIMATOLOGIO S.A.

• Meleti Co. in co-operation with BLOM European Company produced 12.000 orthophotos-maps of scale 1:5.000 in a region of 144.000 km2 using satellite images with 1.0meter pixel size, all over Greece. Also, in co-operation with BLOM, Meleti Co. undertook the aerial-photography and the production of 2.200 map sheets of orthophotos-maps, of scale 1:5.000 from AP’s 1:40.000 in the islands of the Aegean Sea under the LPIS project. The total area covered was 26.400 km2. Contracting Authority: BLOM Aerofilms S.A. • Photogrammetric Diagrams of Egnatia Motorway at scale of 1:1.000 and 1:500 in 180km length, Attiki Motorway at scale 1:500 in 35km length and Evinos River catchment area of 20.000 hectares, etc. Contracting Authority: Attiki Motorway

• Update of the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) of United Applications all over the country (area of 130.000 km2). Creation and categorization of 3.000.000 polygons (in 18 coverage categories) using photo-interpretation and digitization on screen, with coloured orthophotographs as background. The data was managed topologically in a GIS environment. (oracle spatial 10g). Contracting Authority: AGROGI S.A.

• Digitization of land parcels LPIS 2003 and printing statements per farmer in Peloponnese,Thessaloniki, Kilkis and Chalkidiki (10 prefectures in total). Processing of 95.000 declarations/ statements with 800.000 land parcels and digitization of 400.000 new land parcels in 2.800 map sheets, of scale 1:5.000. The data was managed in a GIS environment. Contracting Authority: Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

• Development of Geographical Information System for olive cultivation and vineyard register in Messinia County. Through this process, 60.000 statements were collected in 60 collection points. 220.000 parcels and 10.000.000 olive trees were identified in the orthophotos and were digitized with photo-interpretation on screen. The alphanumeric and spatial data were managed in a GIS environment. Contracting Authority: Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

• Digitization of agricultural polygons in a range of 50.000 km2 in Greece, from digital ortho-photographs. The area was covered from 4.200 map sheets, of scale 1:5.000. Also five (5) coverage types were digitized through photo-interpretation (annual cultivation, olive cultivation, vineyard cultivation, forests, pasture land, urban areas). The data was managed topologically in a GIS environment. Contracting Authority: Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Software Development & GIS applications

Our competences • Geo-informatics and GIS technology • Planning and management of databases • Vectorization of geospatial documents & georeference • Management of vector and descriptive information • Spatial detection

Road Design & Transportation Engineering Our competences • Engineering studies of highways, national, and local roads • Public Transportation Studies • Noise impact studies

Meleti Co. has completed successfully very important digitization projects for the Government during the past 10 years. More specifically, during Cadastre Survey of the city of Athens and the Cadastre of 10 Municipalities in Attica, more than 350.000 documents, maps and topographic diagrams were digitized, producing a total of 30.000.000 pages and more than 25TB of data.

Hydraulic Engineering Our competences

In-house software

• Sewage engineering

KatsCAD is an GIS software which manages ortho-photos, digitizes vectors on them and creates topologies and classifies polygons.

• Environmental impact studies

• Software for the ortho-corellation and correction of scanned maps in order to eliminate scanning errors and distortion of paper over time as well as the scanned document’s definition of georeference. During the correction, the software uses either grid points which are being identified automatically or points with known coordinates in space. • Autocad Map module which digitizes and manages polygons, manages scanned maps and orthophotos, organizes each users operation and monitors the performance of the project. The software works with Spatial database (SQL Server 2008 Spatial) which stores the unified work of each user, runs the necessary checks according to the dynamic standards and also redirects the users to the correct polygons. Moreover, the user can set dynamic statistical data which will make easier the monitoring of performance and the quality of works.

• Supplementation and reformation study for 9.1 and 9.2 Derveni-Profitis Interchange section at Egnatia Motorway. • Engineering study of the motorway connecting Korinthos and Argos section. • Engineering study of the road connecting Halkida and Edipsos section. • Engineering study of the National Road at Feres– Kastanies section.

• Engineering study for entering and detouring the city of Volos.

• Water supply projects

This software: • works with Arc/Gis, Autocad , SQL Server e.t.c. , • manages the work of all users , gathering information from all workstations and creating a single plan, • seperates workspaces in order to be distributed autonomously to the users/operators and • runs management controls and verifications in order to meet the high standards set by the client

• Study of the connection between Ionia Motorway and the region of Astakos (13km length). Section of Gouria Bridge to Platygiali.

• Engineering study of the National Road at Alexandroupoli— Turkish borders section.

Meleti Co. has managed large databases of alphanumeric and spatial information (National Cadastre, Register of Agriculture, LPIS) with standard and well-established softwares such as Oracle, Arc/info, Geomedia, Auto-CAD map, Mapinfo. Furthermore, the company has developed its proper software, which can work as add-ons on Arc/Gis, AutoCAD and SQL Server. These application were developed in order to meet the high level specifications of specific and demanding projects such us the National Cadastre Survey.

• Complete engineering study of the Egnatia Motorway at Derveni-Nymfopetra Section (33 km length), with a secondary network of 120km and 4 interchanges.

• Rehabilitation study of the road network at Girtoni.

• Traffic Junctions & Interchanges


Some references:

• Wastewater treatment and disposal

Some references: • Complete engineering study of the Egnatia Motorway at Derveni-Nymfopetra Section (33 km length) • Study of the connection between Ionia Motorway and the region of Astakos (13km length). Section of Gouria Bridge to Platygiali • Supplementation and reformation study for 9.1 and 9.2 Derveni-Profitis Interchange section at Egnatia Motorway. • Study of sewage and wastewater at Halkida (South Evia). • Infrastructure studies for 7 settlements at the Prefecture of Evritania • Drainage study for the town of Ioannina • Water supply study at Aliveri • Drainage study of Thesprotikos • Drainage study of Kalimnos • Drainage studies at Varybobi - Bogiati section and Afidnes– Markopoulo section of the National Road (Athens– Lamia) • Irrigation Networks of Naousa and Mesologgi • Flood Protection studies

Structural Engineering

Our competences • Reinforced Concrete Structures • Steel and Composite Structures • Earthquake Design • Industrial Buildings • Building Reconstruction/ Rehabilitation

The structural design department specializes in civil structures, structural and earthquake design. It undertakes projects such as structural designs of residential and public buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructure. Its range of activity extends to all stages of a project – from the preliminary studies to implementation studies - as well as supervision on site .

Tourism Activities Complex at Corfu Island, Greece The projects take place in Corfu’s touristic area. It includes: - Parking Building: In order to service the high number of visitors, a semi-underground garage building is constructed. The building is made of concrete. Moreover, its roof was planted with trees in order to avoid any environmental impact on the area. - Two major public swimming pools - A traditional hotel - Restaurant and cafeteria buildings.

The structural department is equipped with a wide selection of state-of-the-art static analysis and finite elements software such as: • Arche - Effel, Graitec

Thermal Buses Company Depot at Attica, Greece The project deals with the construction of the building installations of a total surface of approximately 7000 m2, the landscaping, the supply of required e/m equipment and the implementation of all necessary infrastructure of the new depot of the BUSES COMPANY S.A. within a companyowned plot of 44 acres at Anthoussa, Attica. Each building is specially designed in order to fulfill its special use technical needs. A concrete building of about 3400 m2 is used as office installations, while the two other steel buildings of about 1800m2 each, are used for the technical check, repairing, painting and servicing of thermal buses. Special servicing pits are constructed at the basements of the repairing buildings. Special support of industrial cranes is designed for both of the steel buildings.

• SCIA, Nemetscheck • SAP2000, Etabs and SAFE, SCI In addition, our engineers have developed in-house tools and software, adjusted accordingly to every project’s specialized needs. Among the department’s personnel, we have a team of well trained designers, with long experience in the production of structural drawings (formwork/reinforcement plans), using the latest Autocad versions. Furthermore and in order to correspond to the needs of modern architectural design, the department invests in the utilization of 3D design tools. Software like Catia Design and Rhinoceros are available to our engineers and designers and their partners.

The department’s head engineers, Argiro Plelli, Msc in Civil Engineering, MBA, Dimitri D. Kotouzas, Ponts et Chaussées (Paris) Civil Engineering and Alexandra Kotouza, Msc in Civil Engineering, have specialized experience on the design and supervision of private and public projects in Greece and abroad, according to local, national and international laws and standards. More specifically, their resumés include projects such as: Residential Buildings Design of several residential buildings -either multi-storey groups of flats or private villas. Civil, architectural and mechanical studies are coordinated so as to achieve the best aesthetical and functional result combined with safety and economy. The company is also highly expertise in earthquake design of buildings in high seismicity regions. Technical Repairing Depot of Athens Piraeus Electric Railways S.A., Greece Structural design of the building installations used for vehicle servicing and repairing. The building complex consists of 4 statically independent concrete buildings, with a plan of about 140x40m in total. Repairing works are taking place on the ground level areas, while the other storeys are used to host offices. Due to weak soil conditions and vicinity of sea level, a mat slab was selected as a foundation for the buildings.

- Cultural and Exhibition center: Reconstruction and extension of existing traditional building, which will be used as a multiple-activity area and will host cultural and archaeological exhibitions. - Open air Amphitheater: It is constructed of concrete and used for cultural shows and events. - Area Reformation: The whole area is reformed so that parking, transportation and other related needs are fulfilled. The project includes buildings of about 3000 m2 in total for the reception and service of tourists. The area reformation extends up to 26000m2 .

Visitors Reception and Servicing Buildings at Katakolo Port, Greece The project deals with the general upgrade of the land zone in a touristic port situated in Southern Greece. The port receives annually thousands of foreign visitors via hundreds of cruise ships. More specifically, the project includes: - A Visitors Reception Building: A three-storey concrete building equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the reception, information and servicing of tourists. The building also houses the office facilities of the relevant staff. - Passport Control Building: All visitors arriving at the port pass through this two- storey steel building. The building is designed so that visitors disembarking from the cruise-ships enter from one side, undergo passport control and straightly exit to the city from the opposite side. Offices of tourist police are situated here.

Infrastructures for New Sulfur Recovery Plant of ERG Raffinerie Mediterranee SpA, Italy Structural design of infrastructure for refinery, which includes: - Steel pipe-racks - Industrial equipment and machinery supporting steel buildings - Foundation design for storing tanks, pumps and flares - Concrete control and office building Design takes into account special mechanical and thermal loads applied on supporting structures. Structural and earthquake calculations comply with Eurocodes and Italian National Codes. Infrastructures for OL2K Ethylene Project, Kuweit. This project deals with studies and detailed design of civil works and steel structures for OL2K Ethylene in Shuaiba industrial area of South Kuwait, owned by DOW. Infrastructures include: - Steel pipe-racks - Industrial equipment and machinery supporting steel buildings - Foundation design for storing tanks, pumps and flares - Concrete control and office building Design takes into account special mechanical and thermal loads applied on supporting structures. Structural andearthquake calculations comply with Eurocodes as well as American Codes, as requested by the client.

Bridges and Technical Works of Petra-Kalloni Motorway, Lesvos island, Greece The project included the structural design of 5 pre-stressed concrete motorway bridges. Each bridge has a 40m span with two lanes in each direction as well as a bicycle-lane. Several concrete retaining walls are also designed in order to support the motorway and ensure stability of slopes. Consulting Studies for Retrofing and Seismic Desing of Viaduct at Bolu, Turkey The study investigates the failure of the 1600 bearings of the Dûzce-Bolu Viaduct arising from the excessive relative displacements between the span and the piers, during the Dûzce-Bolu earthquake with 7,2R magnitude on 12-11-1999. Alternative models of the typical 50-meters high single column are studied, taking into consideration or ignoring the soilstructure interaction and investigating the possible role of the dissipating devices. By comparing the results of all analyses, the possible contribution of the different factors to the large displacements is emphasized and the parameters of the appropriate seismic isolation system are designed. Rehabilitation of the Macdonald street depot in Paris, France The study includes the capacity control and strengthening of the existing infrastructure (R+1), in order to support the 5 storey superstructure designed by the architects. A global finite elements model was developed in order to study the linear and non-linear effects of the superstructure on the existing building. The rehabilitation design included both global structure remodeling (e.g. addition of steel X-bracing) as well as detailed structural elements strengthening (jet grouting ect). Rehabilitation of the National Geographical Institut of France (IGN) in Paris, France The project includes the complete reconstruction of a 5-story building, with partial demolition of the facades and the construction of 2 additional storeys. In order to ensure that the existing infrastructure sustains the additional loads, light construction materials were chosen for the structure of the new floors and facades (steel and composite structures). In addition, a 4-storey extension to the existing building was designed. This light, metal superstructure had to be founded on a micro-pile system and was designed to be supported by a 3,5m height steel truss, with a span of 18m. Supervision of the Flamoval garbage incinerator construction, in Pas de Calais, France The supervision and control of the construction process of this industrial building was undertaken. This reinforced concrete building was founded on a poor quality soil; therefore soil improvement techniques such as ballasted columns were applied. Furthermore, the roof of the incinerator was supported by a wooden truss structure with a maximum span of 43m.

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Meleti brochure Automn 2013