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By: Jovana Kalamković Dimitrije Iskrenović

Photography was my way of expressing myself and my creativity for as long as I remember. I take every opportunity to take a snap of something I find beautiful and keep that sight so I can admire it later. This session is a chance for me to further explore myself and gain new experience in something I love. I would use it as an opportunity to try out new ideas and put my abilities and creativity to a test. Having been an Editor of a small scale EYP event and a Journalist a few times already, I find this Session a great way of pushing myself further and truly diving into this world. Being well aware that there are many things I still have to learn and knowing the mistakes I made in my previous tasks, I think the best way of fixing them is by doing those tasks once again. Redoing those errors will help me visualise the exact moments’ oversights occurred and ensure me never repeating them again. What I would also like is to grow as a person and develop my social skills and my belief is that there is nothing better for that than leading a team. And where is a more convenient opportunity for that than my own country?

Having been in EYP for two years now, I think this is a great time for me to try out something new. Since I was always a Journo, this would be a milestone for me and a chance to improve my team leading skills. All this while implementing some of the techniques I learned on the Alumni weekend of EYP Serbia. Also I enjoy meeting new and exciting people with their different experiences and thereby expanding my knowledge. This would be something different than what I usually do in EYP, and I would like to gain the skill of being an Editor. Being an Editor means having bigger responsibilities than before, which will test my manageability and quick thinking. The biggest problem is balancing out giving every journalist a chance of having their ideas heard, and having valuable projects. I would like to gain the skills and the experience of doing just that.

The main thought behind this Session concept is the fact that it being a Regional Session results in scarcely any time to waste. This means that we are required to have everything planned in advance, but also to expect the unforeseen and be ready to deal with any sort of plan changes and setbacks. Our goal would be to engage as many participants as possible in order for nobody to feel le out and make sure everyone has memories to take home. However, we would also like to avoid as many stereotypical and clichÊ EYP projects and focus more on being innovative and presenting the participants with something original thus ensuring the Journalists get every chance to express their creativity and have fun. On the other hand, none of the projects should be demanding due to the lack of time, so we should establish careful organisation and communication with other members of the Oicials team.

The chance to express their creativity should be given to everyone and we would like to encourage every member to think of a project to do during the session in order to support the development of their individuality. They will get to choose the media with which they would like to work so that we have both video and photo material as well as an issue to present at the end of the session. Taking upon ourselves to be there for them at all times, our focus is going to be on making everyone feel comfortable and ensure them having as much fun and memorabilia as possible. So, at the end of the session we plan on having a session video, photo video and photos apart from the obvious photos of each day to capture everything that EYP is about and represent our best features as an organisation.

I firmly believe that good communication is a key feature of every successful team. Being a very communicative and opened person is a true strength when it comes to teamwork and I am sure to use it throughout. I also consider myself to be quite approachable, so I will make sure nobody is afraid to ask questions and ask for help dealing with dilemmas. This being a Regional Session means there are probably going to be first-time Journalists. I will strive to make them feel welcome and comfortable with expressing their creativity and discovering their own style whilst also having a friendly environment to grow and develop in. "No idea is a bad idea"-is one of my mottos and having said that, I will ensure every idea gets reviewed, commented and made into reality. Working with a co-editor with whom I already have experience in sessions, will result in both of us having more self-confidence and someone to rely on. One of my main goals for this session is being friendly with authority. This means having an opened relationship with all of the Journalists, yet making sure that there will be no toleration for tardiness and disrespect. Keeping that balance can seem delicate sometimes, but if it is established at the very beginning it can make all the difference with the whole experience. I feel as though mutual respect between all of the members of the Officials team and being honest with each other is going to help us build a strong working environment in which everyone gets a chance to expand their knowledge and skills as well as be a part of a strong team. All of this will definitely result in memorable output for every participant of the Session.

I think that the most important part of being an editor is having a “good” CJO. By good, I mean going over the basics, like camera setup and handling, and going to advanced levels for example composition and camera angles, just in case. Some editors like to have full control over how Journalists finish their projects by changing them completely and leaving the member dissatisfied with what their project came out as.

That is something I will leave up to my Journalists to develop their creativity and would encourage unique and artistic media while making sure every moment gets recognized. A journalist will have full freedom of doing their projects and ideas while respecting the schedule based structuring of teams. This means that every project has their finish time, which must be followed. By not following the plan, the Journalist is not only disrespecting the editors, but also all of the participants of the session. With that in mind, a fault of the journalist of not following the time is a fault of the editor. Every idea must be heard and if needed reworked in a way that the message of the project stays the same. I would not do any projects that my team members disagree with because that would create a toxic atmosphere amongst participants.

Editorial Vision- Niš  

This is the editorial vision of Jovana Kalamković and Dimitrije Iskrenović (me)

Editorial Vision- Niš  

This is the editorial vision of Jovana Kalamković and Dimitrije Iskrenović (me)