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26/03/2010 1st Lyceum of Menemeni Intercultural day: Interview Traditional treat Songs Dances Film show

The students of the 1st Lyceum take an interview from the visitors students of the Intercultural Lyceum of Thessaloniki.

Verses of Odysseas Elytis about the “OTHERS”

Οδυσσέας Ελύτης

Άξιον εστί

Η Γένεσις

Valasia and Irini present the work “Thessaloniki a homeland of people�

Helen and Heleni present the work “Greece and immigration�

Liza and Eudokia present the work “European personalities�

Songs in two different languages: “Amore mio� italian-greek

“Don’t worry be happy”:english-greek

Traditional treat

Tarantella: Traditional dance of South Italy

Latin:Rythme Salsa

Dances of Pontos

Greek dance: “Hasapiko”


26/3/2010 Some photos of the Intercultural day of 1st Lyceum of Menemeni