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Friday, July 22 – Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Hold onto your iPhones, wireless data access on Phuket is about to shift up a gear. By the end of this month, wireless communication providers AIS will introduce the first islandwide 3G internet service, improving internet speed and coverage to thousands of Phuket subscribers. The third generation of wireless technologies for laptops, mobile phones, and other devices, 3G brings Continued page 2

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Phuket resident Viroj Klingklib says the exist0ing 3G service 0 35 100 0 is inadequate, and is eagerly awaiting the launch of the new, more extensive network.

Crackdown on tour companies T

he Phuket Guide Association (PGA) believes it may have found an effective way to curb what it sees as excessive flouting of the law on guides, particularly by local Korean and Russianrun tour companies. A list of 50 Korean tour companies operating on the island was presented at a meeting of the club’s Prob-

lem-Solving Committee on Wednesday and it was pointed out that Thai shareholders in many of these companies appeared to be employees. The Chairman of the PGA, Panompol Thammachart-Niyom, said it seemed likely that many of these so-called shareholders were in fact nominees. Using nominee shareholders is illegal in Thailand.

Under Thai law, in order to prove that they are not nominees, Thai shareholders must be able to demonstrate that they are wealthy enough to have invested, though they do not need to show that they actually did so. “It’s not possible that a big Korean company that brings a lot of tourists to the island has shareholders who live in


low-rent housing and ride to work by motorcycle,” Mr Panompol said. “Most of them are women working as low-level staff in the company, as receptionists or telephone operators, for example.” After the meeting, he told The Phuket News, “Many of them are not well-educated, and do not even get a share of the

profits. They just get a salary.” Vice Gover nor Niv it Aroonrat, who attended the meeting, said he would involve government agencies in checking on the tour companies and their shareholders. These agencies would include the Tourist Police, the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Sport and Tourism, Continued page 2

Rape complaint leads to arrest


Slice of humble pie for Murdoch


Women’s World Cup victory boosts Japan


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Net speeds get a boost

Continued from page 1 with it higher speeds, advanced multimedia access and global roaming. AIS claims that its 3G High Speed Package Access (HSPA), the provider’s first 3G service, will enable its users to increase internet access speeds by between 1.4 and 2Mbps, to a maximum of 6 and 7.2Mbps, depending on their device and the location they are connecting from. AIS Phuket Branch Engineer Manager Sakchai Thongthap said due to improved technology, internet coverage would be increased to 90 per cent on the island, a marked improvement on existing services. The company’s Marketing and Sales Manager for Upper Southern Thailand, Paiboon Rinsakul, said because people who live in Phuket spent a lot of time outdoors and travelling around the island, the service would be a big plus. More than 50,000 AIS

users on the island would benefit from the new service, he added. Four years ago, the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) launched Phuket’s first 3G service, but it has been dogged by slow speeds and poor coverage, users say. TrueMove’s service is slightly better, but still does not allow access across the whole island. Many users of existing 3G services find themselves unable to get a good signal when travelling between hills or from isolated parts of the island. The launch of the new AIS service will please the company’s Phuket users, who have been waiting patiently for over a year since AIS introduced similar services in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and other provinces. Pricing plans for the new AIS 3G service have not yet been announced.

Unusual expat death likely suicide: police REPORTER

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Chalong police have said the death of an American man, whose body was found in unusual circumstances last week, was most likely suicide. The man identified as 39-year-old Joshua Steven Weitz, was found leaning back on his sofa, with a plastic bag covering his head, and a tube running from the bag to a gas tank. His feet were tied together with rope, but his arms were free. There was apparently no sign of struggle in his room, and the cause of death is presumed to be asphyxiation.

His body was found by a maid at his Mountain Seaview apartment in Karon last Thursday. He was last seen the previous Monday with a female friend, believed to be his girlfriend, who he shared the apartment with. But police have said the girlfriend left Phuket just before the man’s death. Nothing has been heard from her since. Mr Weitz’ relatives informed police this week they would come to collect his body today (July 22).

Panompol Thammachart-Niyom, right, listens as Sarayuth Mallum explains some of the dodges foreign-run tour companies use.

Tour firms crackdown Continued from page 1 the Business Development Office, and the Bureau of Tourism and Guide Registration. Lawyer Sarayuth Mallam, who is also Vice-President of the Phuket Tourist Association, told the meeting that he knew many of these companies had been set up with the help of foreign “legal advisers” who are not (and cannot be) registered as lawyers in Thailand. Some of these advisers were helping companies to break the law, he said. One way was through bribery. In 2004, he said, Tourist Police officers were offered free trips to Korea. In return, they stopped and checked the tour

buses of only those companies that did not offer these trips. Mr Panompol said this form of bribery continues to this day. This year he had been offered a free trip to Korea, along with B150,000 spending money. He turned down the offer, he said. Mr Sarayuth also noted that the way some of the companies operated, though not necessarily illegal, was still damaging Phuket’s reputation in Korea. For example, he had met a Korean tour group on Khao Rang in Phuket Town and they told him that they had come to Phuket for a one-day trip. They complained that there

was nothing to see or do on the island, and that they did not intend to come back. Mr Panompol said he had come across a group of Koreans at Saphan Hin, and asked what they were doing there, as the area is not a normal tourist sight. They replied that they had come to see the sunset “because Laem Phrom Thep is famous for that”. At the end of the meeting V/Gov Nivit said that within two months suspect company registrations would be checked for nominees, and company offices would be visited to check for foreigners working without work permits.

Volunteer hit by car, in coma A volunteer with the Kusoldharm Foundation, Jiradetch Sawadjan, 20, was admitted to Vachira Hospital on Monday after being hit by a car. He was travelling home on his motorbike at the time, after finishing

a shift with the Foundation. As the newspaper went to press Mr Jiradetch was still in a coma. The accident took place near the Thai Rath Wittaya 29 School in Kathu. Another

volunteer told The Phuket News that the driver of the car seemed to be drunk, but police did blood-test him. Police said they are waiting for Mr Jiradetch to revive so that they can interview him.

Burmese boat people intercepted Forty-three Burmese illegals probably heading for work in Phuket were arrested on Sunday night in Ranong. The Burmese were caught by Thailand Marine Enforcement Coordinating Center Area 3 (TMECC), as their heavily laden long-tailed boat headed past Koh Chang, about 10 kilometres south of Ranong. In all, 29 Burmese men, 12 women and two children were found on the boat. Also arrested was the boatman, a Burmese named by the TMECC as Toey. The TMECC told The Phuket News that the illegals were most likely on their way to Phuket, the most popular place for migrants to find work.

Toey admitted that he had been hired to carry the migrants in his boat. He said he did not know the names of the hirers or where they came from. His job, he said, was only to take the migrants to a dropoff point where they would be met by a “broker” for employers looking to hire them. The boatman is currently in custody at Paknam Police Station, where police continue to question him. His passengers have been handed over to the Immigration Police in Ranong, and are expected to be charged with trying to entering the country illegally, and then deported.

No escape: The Burmese are watched by heavily armed Royal Thai Navy sailors.  – Photo by Thailand Marine Enforcement Coordinating Center Area 3



Rape complaint leads to arrest Police on Tuesday arrested the alleged leader of the gang who murdered Urai Chucheun and Somporn Kamkerd in Phuket on May 31 this year. The arrested man was named as Sorae Wongsa’ad, one of five suspects who eluded police investigating the killings. He was caught in his home town of Ao Luk, Krabi, after police received a complaint from an underage girl, accusing him of raping her. At this point, local police – who had already received a copy of the arrest warrant for him on the Phuket double murder charge – realised he was in the area, arrested him and handed him over to the Tah

Chat Chai police in Phuket. The Phuket News understands police believe Sorae was the leader of the gang, and the person who ordered the killings, but a police source said that the suspect has so far denied any wrongdoing, saying that he was only peripherally involved. Mrs Urai and Mr Somporn were beaten and then shot dead during an argument over a drug debt. After the murders, the two were taken in a pick-up truck and dumped on a steep hillside near the Andaman White Breach Hotel in Naithon. The owner of the truck, Mrs Urai’s husband, Sanit Chucheun, was also beaten but escaped being shot by

playing dead. He was also dumped, but after the gang left he managed to get to the hotel and raise the alarm. Two members of the gang were arrested on June 3. The two, Sitthipong Jaruenrak – who allegedly pulled the trigger – and Amarin Panthip – who supposedly drove the pick-up – are currently awaiting trial. After his arrest, Sorae told police that he was not the leader of the gang; his “gik” at that time, Pairin “Joom” Yamtin, was. After the killings he fled with her to Phi Phi, then Lanta, and then Ranong, where they split up and he headed home to Ao Luk. He added he now believes

Seafood festival is back The Phuket Seafood Fiesta is back for another year to help boost tourism numbers during Phuket’s low season. The festival will be held in July/August, and people will be entitled up to 20 per cent discount on seafood dishes at any participating restaurant. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket Office Director Bang-ornrat Chinaprayoon said the event has been organised by TAT, Phuket tourism agencies and local authorities to attract tourists to sample Phuket’s seafood. About 100 restaurants in Phuket and Phang-nga are

The Phuket Seafood Fiesta will begin this month. expected to take part. Patong, Rawai and Phuket Town will also host activities and food presentations as part of the festival, which will be launched on July 30-31 in Soi Bangla, Patong. On August 12-13, fresh

seafood will be on display for tourists in Rawai, and later in the month, on August 26-27, at the Sea Dragon park in Phuket Town, near the TAT office. Mrs Bang-ornrat said so far the low season in Phuket had been busier than usual, with scheduled direct flights starting from New Delhi, India, and Taipei, Taiwan, to Phuket. For more information about the festival please call TAT Phuket Office: 076 212 213. The website is not yet up and running, participating restaurants should be named by next month.


IN BRIEF Missing Polish tourist Polish tourist Andrzej Kiezik has been missing since July 6 from Bangkok, after spending time in Phuket. He was last seen at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok after arriving on a Bangkok Airways flight from Phuket to Bangkok. If anyone has seen him, please contact the Embassy of Poland in Bangkok, tel 0819 364 618 or email: t hba na Three days after the murder, Sitthipong Jaruenrak reenacts his part. Lying in the truck bed is Sanit Chucheun, who escaped by playing dead. Joom “used” him in an effort to recover a debt from Urai and Sanit. He said it was she who ordered the killings when the debt recovery meeting went all wrong.

Police believe they should soon be able to locate and arrest Joom. They said they are also closing in on the other three gang members, who all come from Thalang.

Illegal workers make the most of amnesty A total of 22,258 illegal migrant workers registered with the Phuket Provincial Employment Office (PEO) during an amnesty registration period from June 15 to July 14. The aim of the amnesty was to allow illegal immigrants to register so they could be provided the same conditions and rights as Thai workers, including receiving the minimum wage and a medical insurance card. From those who registered, 21,372 were Burmese, 222 were Lao and 64 were Cambodian – most were construction workers.

A work permit will be issued to those who registered. PEO officer Bhutharach Maneerat said the immigrant amnesty registration benefited both employers and employees. Information provided by the PEO revealed around 200,000 immigrant workers were estimated as working on the island, but only 60,000 of those are legally working here. In total, around 985,000 illegal workers across Thailand registered during the amnesty period. It brings the total amount of registered migrants in Thailand to almost two million.

Shooter arrested One of Thailand’s most wanted gunmen has been arrested in Phuket, 11 years after he allegedly shot dead a Thai journalist in Phetchaburi Province, central Thailand. Police issued a reward for B100,000 for information leading to Thanin Kaewsakul’s capture after Phetchaburi journalist Sanan Wannapuk was shot dead in 2000. When arrested, police said, Thanin confessed to the crime.

Driver still on run The driver of the Patong bus which crashed and killed two and injured 43 people in March has still not been located. When caught, Yongyou Jantip, 29, originally from Trang province, will face charges of careless driving causing death, plus trying to evade police. A warrant for his arrest two weeks after the March 8 crash.

A Lion dance (above) and Chinese performers (below) were popular with the crowd.

The opening parade of the Kathu Cultural Street Festival, which reflected the origin and culture of local people

Weather fails to dampen festival Despite the rainy weather, thousands of people turned out for the third Kathu Cultural Street Festival held over three days at the Kathu Shrine Market last weekend. Organised by Kathu Municipality, in cooperation with

a number of Phuket clubs, the event showcased a wide array of local cultural activities. One of the highlights was an opening parade held last Friday. There were also plenty of market and food stalls.




‘Dealer’ makes it two in a row

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An alleged drug dealer from Kathu was arrested on Sunday (July 17), just a week after he had been released on bail, charged with an identical offence. Jamnong Chumplad, 35, was first arrested on July 7. Police allege they found 48 pills of ya-ba (methamphetamine) and 0.7 gram of ya-ice (crystal methamphetamine) on him. Charged with possession of Class 1 drugs, he appeared in court two days later and was granted bail in the sum of B800,000. Police believed, however, that he went straight from the court and back to dealing drugs. They decided to check. An undercover officer contacted Jamnong, posing as a buyer, and set up a meeting. At the meeting, Jamnong was confronted by officers and, police say, was found to be carrying about eight grams of ya-ice. Yesterday (July 18) Jamnong was again brought before a judge, with the police this time requesting that he be denied bail. The accused is being held in police custody until the judge decides on this issue.


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Kajonkietsuksa's students with some of the items that have already been donated to the hospital.

Toys and books needed SALES SUPPORT

Siriporn (Nok) Seangmas 086 479 7470

Bangkok Hospital Phuket are now taking donations of toys and books to be gifted to children being treated at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health’s intensive care unit in Bangkok.

The donations will be presented to the children on August 12 to celebrate Mother's Day. Many of the unit’s children are required to undergo serious treatment and have

to stay in hospital for a long time. Phuket residents can donate good quality toys and books via a donation box in the public relations area, first floor, Bangkok Hospital

Phuket until July 31. For further information contact CSR Project Manager Pareeya Jullaphong on telephone 1719 ext 1284/2297 or 076 254 425.


Atitaya (Lek) Kencha 088 765 5881

Nineteen hotel workers and members of the public take part in the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort’s surf life saving programme held recently.  – Photos by Tony Pope


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Learning valuable skills Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort recently conducted its 11th consecutive surf lifesaving training course in Phuket. Every year Le Meridien organises for experienced

surf lifesaving trainers and assessors from Australia to run a series of programmes for members of the public and lifeguards working at hotels or resorts.

The contents of the programme include pool and surf skills, rescue skills, signals, first aid and CPR as well as beach and pool management.

This year 19 Thai participants from hotels around Phuket took part in the fiveday surf lifesaving course. Le Meridien estimates more than 200 people from

the local community have been trained over the past 11 years. They include members of the island’s fire brigade, marine police and hotel sport staff.

Phuket Detailed Weather Forecast FRI JULY 22







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Day:  +31° Night: +24° Wind 14 kmh

Day:  +27° Night: +26° Wind 14 kmh

Day:  +26° Night: +26° Wind 14 kmh

Day:  +26° Night: +26° Wind 18 kmh

Day:  +27° Night: +26° Wind 14 kmh

Day:  +28° Night: +26° Wind 18 kmh




Big changes in land zoning Lawyers, property developers and land owners on the island have been poring over new regulations on zoning in Phuket, which came into force officially this month. The Ministerial Regulation Regarding City Planning of Phuket Province (2011) supersedes the previous regulations brought out six years ago, and tightens up a number of aspects of land development on the island. The new Ministerial Regulation (MR) divides Phuket Province into 16 different land-use zones, each with a carefully defined list of how the land can be used. It also outlines what percentage of the land can be used for those purposes, and how

much must be left as “open space”. Law company Duensing Kippen, which specialises in land and tax legislation, explained to The Phuket News that there are five points people need to bear in mind about the new MR: – Zones may not be entirely contiguous; in some cases they are scattered about the island in separate sub-zones. – Whereas the 2005 regulations covered only the main island, the new MR also covers the entire province, including Phuket’s coastal waters and the offshore islands. Phuket Province extends to just a few metres off-shore to the north of the island, about 10 kilometres offshore to the east, about 20

kilometres to the west, and around 55 kilometres to the south. – The amount of land zoned principally for “residential” purposes has increased slightly, but so have areas reserved for “rural and agricultural” use, “forestry reservation” and “environmental preservation” purposes. – The MR includes three new zones that were not defined in the 2005 regulations. These are: “open spaces for environment protection, tourism and fisheries”; “open spaces for recreation and coastline environment protection”; and “natural resources and coastline environment conservation” areas. In these zones, no other use is allowed.

– The biggest change is that the 2005 regulations specified that a certain percentage of a plot of land in most zones could be used for the stated purpose. Now, with the new MR, that percentage relates to the entire zone, not plots within the zone or sub-zone. Thus, theoretically, if one were the first to develop a plot of land in a particular zone or sub-zone (where such development is permitted), one could develop the entire plot for “other permitted uses”. On the other hand, if one were to buy land in a particular zone with the intention of developing housing on it, and the maximum percentage of that zone or sub-zone is already built out, then no permit to

build for other uses will be granted. For example, under the 2005 rules in the “Forestry Reservation” zone (a zone which covers a very significant part of Phuket), the land was to be used primarily for agriculture or related activities, for residence, for tourism, for government offices or for public utilities. However, with some qualifications, up to 50 per cent of each land plot in that zone could be used for “other permissible purposes.” (These purposes vary from zone to zone.) Under the 2011 MR, land in the “Forestry Reservation” zone is still earmarked for the same purposes, but no more

than 5 per cent of all the land in any sub-zone of this zone may be used for any other lawful purpose. If the 5 per cent in a subzone is already being used for other purposes, then that’s it – no more land in that sub-zone may be used for such purposes. Duensing Kippen commented, “Obviously this new way of limiting the use of land for other than what it is primarily zoned for means that such other use in each sub-zone will be on “first come first served” basis. “As it opens the possibility to use most, if not all, of one’s land for other purposes, this may create a rush to obtain building permission for these other uses in some areas.”

Time to get out your sneakers The Phuket Health International Marathon will be held on July 31, Phuket Provincial Public Health Office has announced. There are three types of courses: the 42 km marathon event (from Sarasin Bridge to Saphan Hin), a 13 km “mini marathon” and a 4.5 km fun run, around various routes in Phuket. All races finish at the

Saphan Hin Park, Phuket Town. The men’s marathon event will be broken into eight age groups while the women’s event will be broken into four age groups. The event is open to both Thai and foreigners. Cash prizes of up to B24,000 are on offer. Registration takes place on July 30 and July 31. For more information see

The British International School, Phuket (BIS) recently collaborated with Bangkok Hospital Phuket (BHP) to offer a medical work experience to students who are interested in a future medical career to get first-hand experience in a hospital and learn from some of the best medical practitioners in Phuket. From left: Human Resources Officer of BHP, Sayan Nawijit, Marketing Manager of BIS, Surang Thiplueporn, Head of Secondary School at BIS, Simon Meredith, Deputy Director of BHP, Dr Bodin La-Ied, and Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery at BHP, Dr Chaiyuth Sutheerayongprasert.

New warning signs for beaches Wedding truly a gala affair The Managing Director of luxury resort Sri Panwa Phuket has married the woman of his dreams in probably one of the biggest Thailand weddings this year. Vorasit Issara recently married his bride Palawi Bunnag, an Associate of

International Legal Counsellors Thailand (ILCT) at the Royal Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, with an extravagant vintage theme. Over 1,000 Thailand’s top people and celebrity participated in the wedding.

The Phuket Lifeguard Club has erected new warning signs around Phuket beaches. The signs, which are in English, Thai, French, German, Russian, Korean and Japanese, aim to warn tourists of the dangers of rip currents and are designed to save lives. The signs are located at beaches on the island, including Yanui, Surin, Naithorn, Mai Khao and Nai Yang, Nai Harn, Karon, Patong and Bang Tao beach. The new warning sign at Karon beach.





Ti Maneemart takes a break from his work.

Rubbish guardian

I Ducklings for two weeks The fun school theme for these Early Years Foundation Stage students at Kajonkietsuksa International School Phuket (KISP) was

“Five Little Ducklings”. So for two weeks these very young students learned their nursery rhymes, created beautiful duck paintings,

became more creative with feathers, listened to duck stories and even waggled as ducklings during Physical Development.

KISP offers morning and afternoon sessions for their Early Years Foundation Stage which includes pre-nursery, nursery and reception.

n the sprawling vacant land next to the office block where The Phuket News has its offices, opposite Tesco Lotus on the bypass road, Ti Maneemart is having a late lunch with his wife under the roof of a makeshift shelter. The midday sun beats down on the block that looks more like a disaster area, filled with broken plaster boards, building blocks and rubbish. With heads wrapped up like Arabs, three or four other workers are toiling in the sun. Moving from Prachuab

Khiri Khan Province to Phuket about 10 years ago, Mr Ti has been working here for the last three or four years, as the owner of the land had hired them to look after it. The swampy land is gradually being filled by building debris being dumped by the truck-load. Mr Ti doesn’t know what the owners intend to do with the land, so from day to day he and his friends pick through the rubbish and take what they can salvage to sell to recyclers, and dutifully guard the place.

Restoring the grass roots About 60 volunteers from the Third Naval Area, Kajonkietsuksa School, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC), Prince of Songkhla University (PSU) and Ao Chalong Community last Thursday (July 14) gathered at Chalong Bay to plant sea grass in an effort to restore the ocean environment. Phuket Vice Governor Nivit Aroonrat and Rawai Mayor Aroon Solos also at-

tended, along with officers from Rawai Municipality. PMBC Biologist Phubet Jomphol said the sea grass was very important, as it is a hatching place for young sea animals, and also a hiding place for them from predators. However, Mr Phubet said the sea grass area in Phuket was slowly declining because of changes in the environment, but culturing sea grass and planting the seeds were ways to restore it.

Students from Kajonkietsuksa School also take part in the planting.

protest lack Cars at Locals of street lights Central Central Festival was overrun with 2011 models of Porche, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Range Rover, Nissan, Honda and Toyota last week. The cars are not available in Phuket but can be bought from Setpoint Group, based in Bangkok. A Mini Countryman by Mini Cooper, the first car in Thailand which has the internet connected.

About 300 local people blocked the main road leading east from the Heroines Monument on the night of July 14, to protest the continuing lack of street lights along the road through Pa Khlok, which they blame for three deaths. The residents, mostly from Moo 1 of Tambon Pa Khlok, burned tyres and demanded immediate action to install street lighting. The road between the Heroines Monument and the Pa Khlok tambon offices was widened to two lanes each way about two years ago, and

vehicles now travel along it much faster than before. Since the road widening was completed, street lighting has been installed in some parts but not in others. The protestors said that, as a result, pedestrians crossing the road in the dark parts could not be seen by drivers, and three people had been killed, with others injured. The protest, which ran from 7pm to 11pm, ended when officials from the Pa Khlok Tambon Administration Organisation promised that lighting would be installed within a week.


IN BRIEF Prince’s plane impounded

South train hits truck

Court ruling welcomed ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan welcomed Thailand’s and Cambodia’s promises to comply with the International Court of Justice’s ruling on Monday. The ICJ issued a ruling on Cambodia’s request for the court to order Thailand to withdraw its soldiers and stop all military activity around the Preah Vihear temple. “Both parties will have to endeavour in good faith and to exercise maximum restraint in their efforts to comply with many elements in the judgement. If amicable solutions can be achieved between them during this provisional period, it is all the better,” he said.


Yingluck gets the nod

German administrators have impounded a jet used by Thailand’s Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, in a dispute over an unpaid debt from 20 years ago. The administrators say the Thai government has refused to pay a bill of more than 30m euros (B1,290m) to a now-defunct German construction firm. Seized by court order, the Boeing 737 was and will remain grounded, said a spokesman for Munich airport. Thai Foreign Ministry said the seizure was “highly inappropriate”.

Dozens of passengers, including 19 foreigners, suffered minor injuries when a diesel train from Bangkok, bound for Surat Thani, crashed into a truck on Tuesday, police said. “The truck was crossing the train track when the train arrived and hit it. It was at a spot where there is no barricade,” said Pol Lt Somboon Murapan in Paktor district, Ratchaburi province, where the accident took place. Injured foreigners were from New Zealand, Denmark, United States, Germany and Switzerland.


Supporters of Yingluck Shinawatra shout slogans as they find out the Election Commission has approved her, at Pheu Thai Party headquarters in Bangkok on Tuesday. Prime minister-in-waiting Ms Yingluck was approved to enter Parliament, election officials said, clearing one of the final obstacles to her appointment. – Photo AFP

Prime minister-in-waiting Yingluck Shinawatra was on Tuesday approved to enter parliament, election officials said, paving the way for her to become the country’s first female premier. Ms Yingluck, the sister of ousted former leader Thaksin Shinawatra, was given the go-ahead by the Election Commission (EC), after it delayed ratifying her over campaign irregularity claims last week. The vote body dismissed the allegations against Ms Yingluck, whose Pheu Thai Party won a thumping majority at the July 3 election. “The committee has investigated the facts and cannot find any violations of electoral law,” EC Secretary-General Suthipon Thaveechaiyagarn told reporters after a commission meeting. Outgoing premier Abhisit Vejjajiva was also among the 12 parliamentary candidates endorsed Tuesday to become members of the 500-seat Lower House. Although 370 candidates have now been approved by the EC, another 105 must be ratified for Parliament to

convene, as required, within 30 days of the election. About three-fifths of the lower chamber’s seats are set to be held by a six-party coalition formed by political novice Ms Yingluck. The vote body’s delayed endorsement had raised questions over her appointment and fears of fresh instability in the politically-divided country. In the most extreme scenario, the electoral commission can issue a “red card” to a candidate, which would mean a one-year ban from politics. Any move to disqualify Ms Yingluck would have risked further ruptures in Thailand’s already fractured political landscape and enraged the opposition “Red Shirt” protest movement. The vote body dismissed the complaints by Mr Abhisit’s Democrat Party that banned politicians were involved in Ms Yingluck’s campaign. In another case, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) is seeking to void the election result because two million Thais were not able to vote. A court ruling is expected on Wednesday. –AFP

School bombing wounds fifteen

Three young children and 15 adults were wounded when a bomb hidden in a parked motorcycle exploded at a school in the restive south on Tuesday morning, police said. The device, detonated by mobile phone, was believed to be aimed at soldiers who had gathered outside after escorting teachers to the school in a district of Yala, one of three insurgency-plagued provinces. Police said seven people were in a serious condition after the attack, adding none of the military personnel was hurt in the bombing. Panu Uthairat, SecretaryGeneral of the Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre, said intelligence reports suggested an increased risk of violence in the Muslim-majority region ahead of

Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month. In another attack a 68-yearold retired police officer was shot dead in front of his wife’s beauty parlour in Pattani province on Monday night. The outgoing government extended a state of emergency across the deep south during its last cabinet meeting last week. Teachers working in state schools are frequently targeted because they are seen as a symbol of government authority and an education system perceived as an effort by Bangkok to impose Buddhist culture. The attacks appear to have become more brazen in recent months, with car bombs and assaults on military bases or outposts. –AFP

Army rescue helicopter missing Rescuers were hunting on Wednesday for an army helicopter with nine people aboard that went missing during a mission to retrieve five bodies from a previous crash, a military spokesman said. The Black Hawk chopper disappeared on Tuesday in an

area of dense jungle on the Thai-Myanmar border after it was dispatched to recover the bodies of soldiers killed in a helicopter accident on Saturday. Among the nine people on board the Black Hawk were Maj-Gen Tawan Ruengsri, commander of a border

task force, and a television cameraman from Army-run Channel 5. In Saturday’s crash, the aircraft went down in bad weather during a mission to airlift troops from the remote jungle area southwest of Bangkok. –AFP



IN BRIEF Famine declared in Somalia The United Nations is set to declare a famine in parts of Somalia as it suffers the worst drought in more than half a century. The UN says the humanitarian situation in the country has deteriorated rapidly, despite assistance efforts. A n est i mated 10 m people have been affected in east Africa by the worst drought in more than half a century. Tens of thousands of desperate Somalis have been trying to flee their country to neighbouring Kenya or Ethiopia.

Arrests after cyber attacks Police in the US, Britain and the Netherlands have detained more than 20 people as part of an investigation into major cyber attacks. Most of the arrests were in the US, where the FBI said 16 people had been held for alleged computer hacking. Fourteen of them were suspected of an online attack on PayPal, claimed by hacking group Anonymous, said the FBI.

US heat wave A heat-wave blanketing the US heartland in humidity has claimed the lives of 13 people. The National Weather Service put 18 states stretching from Montana to Texas to West Virginia under a heat warning, watch or advisory, with the heat index topping 38C (100F) in most locations. The heat is expected to move east in the next several days. More than 1,000 US heat records have been broken this month.

Campaign supports Russian PM An online campaign has been launched in Russia urging young women to support Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a presidential vote by taking off their clothes, a lawmaker’s site showed on Sunday. Called ‘Putin’s Army’, it features a video of a blonde student called Diana who struts along Moscow’s streets in high heels and a black suit before scrawling “I will tear my clothes off for Putin” on a white top in red lipstick and starting to undo her clothes. The campaign comes ahead of the March 2012 presidential vote.


New plan offers hope as US debt deadline nears A bipartisan group of senators offered an ambitious plan on Tuesday that could revive stalled US debt talks and the prospect of a long-term deficit reduction deal to avert a default by the United States. With just two weeks left until the federal government runs out of money to pay all of its bills, President Barack Obama seized on the “Gang of Six” plan as a “very significant step” and urged congressional leaders to start discussing it. “My hope ... is that they tomorrow are prepared to start talking turkey and actually getting down to the hard business of crafting a plan that can move this forward in time for the August 2nd deadline,” Obama said. The US Government will default on its obligations by that date if Congress does not allow the Treasury to sell more debt. That could force the US economy back into recession and wreak havoc on global financial markets.

Who does the U.S. Government really owe money to? US$13.6 trillion as of 30 September 2010

U.S. Civil Service Retirement Fund




U.S. Individuals and Institutions




1.3% Brazil

All Other Foreign Nations

“Oil Exporters” U.S. Military Retirement Fund

China (and Hong Kong)


United Kingdom

Social Security Trust Fund

Source: U.S. Treasury Department

Figures from the US Treasury Department show debt figures from last September. Another $0.7 trillion has been added since then. Washington hit its US$14.3trillion (B430 trillion) debt ceiling on May 16 and has used spending and accounting adjustments, as well as higher-than-expected tax re-

ceipts, to continue operating normally, but can only do so until August 2. Finance and business leaders have warned failure to raise the US debt ceiling by then

could send shock waves through a world economy still reeling from the 2008 collapse, while Obama has predicted economic “Armageddon.” Talks on a comprehensive

deficit reduction deal have stalled over tax increases, which Republicans oppose. Obama, a Democrat, said he hoped the “Gang of Six” proposal – which would require each party to ease back from entrenched positions – could help form the basis of an agreement. A broad deficit reduction package would clear the way for Congress to approve an increase in the US$14.3 trillion federal debt ceiling. A backup plan by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has gained momentum as a way to raise the ceiling and may end up incorporating parts of the “Gang of Six” proposal. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, one of the six Democratic and Republican senators who have been working since December on a deficit reduction plan, said the proposed US$3.75 trillion (B113 trillion) in savings over 10 years contains US$1.2 trillion (B36 trillion) in new revenues.

Radiation halts cattle shipments

Japan has banned all cattle shipments from Fukushima prefecture, home of the nation’s damaged nuclear power plant, amid growing fears of radiation-tainted beef. Around 650 beef cattle from northeast Fukushima and neighbouring prefectures are thought to have eaten hay contaminated with radioactive caesium since late March before being sent to meat processing facilities across Japan. The hay is believed to have been contaminated by

radiation leaking from the stillstricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was badly damaged in the March 11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The tainted beef was distributed domestically and is suspected of being sold across the country at restaurants and supermarkets, a number of which have put up signs for customers warning about the food. The government today told Yuhei Sato, the governor of

Fukushima, to suspend shipments of all cattle across the prefecture while the situation is more fully assessed. Japan’s cattle industry, renowned for such premium varieties, is big business, with exports from across the country totalling 677 metric tonnes last financial year. Authorities in Fukushima, which accounts for 2.8 per cent of domestic shipments, have already checked more than 33,000 beef cattle, with further plans to inspect all

Cattle shipments from Fukushima have been banned following radiation fears. 4,000 cattle farms in the region by August 3. Japan’s plans to end the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant by January next year are on schedule, with crippled reactors being

“stably” cooled and radiation levels reduced. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said they remain on target to bring reactors there to a safe state of cold shutdown by January at the latest. –AFP

‘Serious concern’ as South Tiger appoints new safety chief in bid to fly China Sea tensions rise ASEAN foreign ministers have voiced “serious concern” as the war of words between China and the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea escalated on Tuesday. There have been several recent incidents between claimants, particularly involving China, in the South China Sea, which is believed to be rich in oil and gas and is a crucial route for global shipping trade. It includes Chinese forces allegedly opening fire on Fili-

pino fishermen, shadowing an oil exploration vessel employed by a Philippine firm and putting up structures in areas claimed by the Philippines. The tensions look set to overshadow five days of meetings in Bali culminating Saturday in the ASEAN Regional Forum security dialogue, which brings in China, Japan and the United States. In an end-of-meeting statement, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers said they had noted the recent

tensions with alarm. “We discussed in depth the recent developments in the South China Sea and expressed serious concern over the recent incidents,” they said, calling on claimants to exercise “self-restraint”. Taiwan, China and ASEAN members Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia have overlapping claims to parts of the South China Sea. The United States has defence pacts with Taiwan and the Philippines and has a “national interest’’. –AFP

Tiger Airways Australia has appointed a high profile head safety adviser in a move to get back into the air after more than three weeks of being confined to the ground. The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority grounded Tiger from July 1 this year after a series of major safety breaches. This week it will seek formal Federal Court approval for an extension of the grounding until August 1. In a bid to reverse that decision, Tiger has appointed Chris Manning, a 40-year

veteran pilot who was Qantas’ chief pilot and group general manager of flight operations, to apply “the highest levels of operational safety management across the company”, the airline said. But a longer-term commercial threat to Tiger comes from within, with Singapore Airlines – which holds 32.9 per cent of Tiger’s shares in Singapore – appointing New Zealand-born aviation veteran Campbell Wilson as founding chief executive of its new lowfare airline, which launches next year. –AFP


Slice of humble pie for Murdoch Embattled Rupert Murdoch this week vowed News Corp would bounce back from the phone-hacking scandal, saying he would never tolerate such behaviour at his global empire. “I want all of you to know that I have the utmost confidence that we will emerge a stronger company,” he said in a message to staff. “It will take time for us to rebuild trust and confidence, but we are determined to live up to the expectations of our stockholders, customers, colleagues and partners. We are a great company that has set the pace and created much loved journalism, television and film for six decades and we will continue to do so for years to come.’’ Murdoch and son James

fended off questions from British lawmakers over the snowballing crisis at News International, and garnered sympathy after being assailed by a “custard pie” wielding “moron”. The 80-year-old chief executive was questioned for more than two hours by parliamentarians in London on Tuesday over the scandal that has rocked his business and forced two of Britain's top police chiefs to quit, interupted only for 10 minutes by the pie throwing incident. Their departure followed the resignations of trusted confidante and former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks and another close Murdoch adviser, Les Hinton. “I was shocked and ap-

palled by recent allegations concerning the News of the World, and I am deeply sorry for the hurt that was caused,” he said to staff. “And we have taken responsibility. I have led this company for more than 50 years and have always imbued it with an audacious spirit. “But I have never tolerated the kind of behaviour that has been described over these past few weeks. It has no place at News Corporation.’’ At the hearing in London, Murdoch denied ultimate responsibility for the hacking. But he apologised to the victims, saying at the outset: “I would just like to say one sentence. This is the most humble day of my life.” –AFP


IN BRIEF Indonesian volcano erupts A volatile volcano in central Indonesia unleashed its most powerful eruption yet on Sunday, spewing hot ash and smoke thousands of metres into the air and sending panicked villagers racing back to emergency shelters. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Mount Lokon, located on northern Sulawesi island, has been dormant for years but rumbled back to life late last week. A series of overnight blasts last week claimed one life – a woman who suffered a heart attack as she fled.

Rupert Murdoch fended off questions from British lawmakers, right before a protester stormed in and threw cream pie in his face.

Strauss-Kahn’s daughter quizzed on case

Camille Strauss-Kahn.

French police probing an attempted rape accusation against ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn questioned his daughter Camille, a friend of his alleged victim, a judicial source said Tuesday. Police questioned the Socialist politician’s daughter and her mother, his ex-wife Brigitte Guillemette, last Friday over claims by French writer Tristane Banon that he tried to rape her in 2003, said the source, who asked not to be named. Guillemette is Banon’s god mother and Camille Strauss-Kahn was a friend of Banon, now 32, at the time

of the alleged attack, which Banon says took place as she tried to interview Dominique Strauss-Kahn for a book. Police also questioned Banon and her mother, Socialist politician Anne Mansouret, last week. Mansouret has said recently in several press interviews that she had contacted Guillemette shortly after the alleged sexual assault on her daughter. Strauss-Kahn has dismissed the alleged attack as “imaginary’’ and his lawyers are counter-suing Banon claiming defamation. Strauss-Kahn is in New

York pending legal proceedings for allegedly sexually assaulting and trying to rape a hotel maid there. Prosecutors have admitted doubts about his accuser in that case, raising the prospect that the charges could be dropped. French detectives are also expected to question Francois Hollande, a leading candidate for the opposition Socialists’ nomination to run for president of France next year. The New York case has already derailed the electoral hopes of Strauss-Kahn, previously favourite to beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in

the 2012 presidential election. Banon has said Hollande knew of her claims at the time of the alleged attack but he has denied having any detailed knowledge of it. He told reporters he wanted to be questioned “as soon as possible’’ and warned against political “manipulations and manoeuvres” in the case. Guillemette also said she is suing Mansouret over claims she made in an interview in L’Express magazine relating to her alleged knowledge of another incident involving Strauss-Kahn. –AFP

Uyghur protesters killed Illegal immigrants Twenty protesters from China’s minority Uyghur community were killed in a clash with police in the ethnically-tense northwestern region of Xinjiang, a Uyghur exile group said on Tuesday. State media quoted an official in the region calling Monday’s clash a “terrorist” attack and said four people including a police officer were killed when a crowd set upon a police station in the remote city of Hotan. But Uyghur activists called it an outburst of anger by ordinary members of the mainly Muslim ethnic minority, and accused authorities of attempting to block information on the deadly incident. The Germany-based World Uyghur Congress,

citing sources in Xinjiang, said security forces beat 14 people to death and shot dead six others during the unrest. “The Chinese authorities should immediately cease their systematic oppression to prevent a further escalation of the situation,” said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the group. The state-run Xinhua news agency quoted an unnamed local official saying police had “gunned down” 14 people who attacked the police station, though the report did not say clearly whether they had been killed. Six civilians were taken hostage in the attack, Xinhua said. X i njia ng h a s b e e n plagued by violent unrest in recent years, culminat-

ing in savage Uyghur attacks on members of China’s dominant Han group in the regional capital Urumqi in July 2009. Raxit said the latest incident erupted after a group of Uyghurs tried to seize a number of police officers as leverage in their demands for the release of family members detained previously. The attackers also set fire to the police station, located near the city’s bustling bazaar, reports said. The situation in Hotan, an ancient oasis trading post on the famed Silk Road, remained tense after the attack, with police sealing off roads in and out of the city and “large numbers” of anti-Chinese flyers circulating, Raxit said. –AFP


pulled from sea Malaysian authorities have rescued 46 Indonesians who were trying to sneak back into their country when their boat sank, an official said Wednesday. The 46 men, all believed to be illegal immigrants, were saved from the rickety boat after it experienced engine trouble off southern Johor state early Tuesday, a Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency official said. “The engine had a problem, and the boat sank,’’ he said. “It happened in rough weather.’’ The official said the boat sent a distress call but maritime officials took 10 hours to locate it, arriving just before it sank. The immigrants were taken into custody pending further investigations, but the skipper managed to escape before the

boat sank, the official said. The boat was headed to Indonesia’s Batam island, he said. Hundreds of illegal immigrants from neighbouring Indonesia have been arrested off southern Malaysia this year alone for trying to sneak in or out of the country, where they seek work on construction sites and other places. Last month, seven Indonesians went missing and 17 others were rescued after their boat capsized off Johor state. About 1.1 million Indonesians work legally in Malaysia, while another 900,000 are estimated to live in the more prosperous nation illegally. Many return to Indonesia for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which begins next month. –AFP

Pakistani aid workers kidnapped Gunmen kidnapped eight Pakistani aid workers who had been distributing food to refugees in a dangerous part of the country close to the Afghan border, authorities say. They were seized late Monday in the Surkhab area of southwestern Baluchistan province, said local administration official Habibullah Khan. Khan said all the workers were Pakistanis. It was not clear which group they were working for.

Dust storm in US A giant wall of dust has rolled through the Phoenix, Arizona area in the US, turning the sky brown, creating dangerous driving conditions and delaying some airline flights. The dust wall was about 900 metres high and created winds of 40-48 kmh, with gusts of up to 64 kmh, said Austin Jamison, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Visibility was down to less than a 400m in some areas, he said.

Damages for British girl A British girl who suffered severe brain damage due to serious medical errors at birth has been awarded almost £5 million (B241.1m) in damages. Sophie Clarke, 12, suffers from cerebral palsy, which has left her immobile and needing to be fed through a tube. Staff failed to recognise that a CTG Trace showed gross abnormality of her heart rate, which meant she should have been delivered earlier, her laywers said.




Editor’s viewpoint No time for timeshare touts The maligned timeshare touts are at it again. This week, The Phuket News is carrying the story of a New Zealand man who left Phuket carrying serious grievances about a timeshare deal he says only came about after a series of lies and questionable practices (see page 11). Most of us living on Phuket are aware of the warning signs and politely decline the attempts of various salesman to draw us in. But call it ignorance or sheer stupidity, there are a lot of tourists who lack this awareness and the capacity to identify a scam, and who are preyed upon ruthlessly by unscrupulous timeshare touts. There can be no argument in favour of the tactics used to exploit vulnerable tourists. Some may dismiss it simply as aggressive marketing. In reality, it is dishonest, and it is a blight affecting the tourist industry on the island. In saying that, there also must come a time when personal responsibility has to come into account. The problems associated with some timeshare operators are well documented, but if people lack the intelligence to read the fine print of a docu-

ment before signing, it is difficult to have any sympathy. One former timeshare salesman put it down to greed – that people just want something for free, so they are easily lured in by the promise of free trips if they attend a seminar about timeshare. Nonetheless, it does not disguise the fact that these practices are fraudulent, misleading, and damaging to the rest of the tourism industry. It is also essential to point out that not all timeshare operators are fraudulent. Surely it is time to make the distinction easier to spot for visitors. A number of people are calling for the implementation of a national register which would provide certification to legitimate timeshare operators. As well as providing people peace of mind for people that the contract they are entering into is legitimate, such a register would make companies more accountable for their actions, as they would be operating under a more regulated network. A national accreditation system for timeshare operators would be a logical and effective means of addressing the issue. Of course on Phuket, all too often it seems logic takes a back seat.

Letters to the editor Minimum wage rise

“Hey, this 3G is good!”

Time for a totally new look? Where can I have cosmetic surgery done in Phuket? There are many cosmetic surgery clinics on the island. Some are well-known worldwide. Below are some that have good reputations: The Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic in Phuket Town, established in 1992 by Doctor Sanguan Kunaporn, who has an international reputation for plastic surgery. Though he can manage any kind of cosmetic surgery, he is particularly famous for male-to-female gender reassignment. See, or call 076 221 631 or 076 254 764 Dr V Cosmetic in Patong, provides cosmetic surgery and other treatments. Facial surgery (anti-aging or changing features), breast surgery, body contouring (liposuction, tummy tucks and thigh or arm contouring) and genital surgery are included. The clinic is run by Dr Veerawat

Tirananmonkol and his wife Dr Sirikul. See drvcosmetic. com or call 076 292 931. Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic in Patong, offers facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, body contouring and hair transplants. The clinic is run by Dr Piyapas Pichaichanarong. See jungceylonclinic. com or call 07630 4214-6. Phuket Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Kathu, ran by Dr Pongsakorn Eamtanaporn, offers breast and eyelid surgery, filler and botox injections, rhinoplasty, labiaplasty and otoplasty (noses, vagina and ears). See or call 076 304222. Dr Fu Cosmetic Facial Surgery Clinic in Phuket Town, run by Dr Fukiat Udomlapskul, who offers face lifts, blepharoplasty (eyelids), rhinoplasty and botox treatment. Call 076 218375. How can I know if a particular surgery clinic is reliable? Check that the surgeon or

practitioner is listed with the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Thailand. See plasticsurgery. (the list is in Thai language only) or call Tel: 02 7166 214, 02 7166 966. A qualified surgeon must have a certificate issued by Thai Board of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. The certificate suggests that the practitioner has a good record of successful surgery. Choose a surgeon who has, in the past, practiced surgery in a respected hospital (or does so now). This suggests that he or she has the relevant experience and trust. Do your research: ask for a list of the surgeon’s patients who are willing to give testimonials or references, and contact them to see whether they were satisfied with the results. What can I expect to pay? Fees vary depending on the practitioner, your body condi-

Q&A: tion and the type of surgery you require. However, here are some rough guides to price: Breast surgery:

from B100,000 to B200,000.

Body contouring:

from B20,000 to B180,000.

Eyelid surgery:

from B24,000 to B50,000.

Nose surgery:

from B10,000 to B50,000.


from B15,000 to B20,000.

Gender reassignment surgery:

Skater makes appeal Hi my name’s Jaden. I’m 13 and I go to BIS. I’ve recently moved here from Australia. I ride a scooter which is

Skate park I am 12, and I would really would like to learn more tricks by going to a skate park. Therefore I think it is a great idea to build one. Archie Plunkett Phuket

from B250,000 to B380,000.

Botox injection:

from B4,000 to B20,000.

How long do I have to stay in hospital after surgery? For eyelid and nose surgery, expect a day at most; usually you can walk out after the surgery. Patients who have breast surgery or body contouring usually need to spend one to three days in hospital. For gender reassignment surgery, a client can expect a five to seven day stay in hospital.

Note: This list is for reference only. The Phuket News is not a competent authority to endorse or judge the abilities of any of these practitioners. Readers contemplating surgical procedures should undertake thorough research beforehand. The Phuket News will not be held responsible for bad experiences.

Raising the minimum wage will benefit the poorest workers in Phuket. Most reputable businesses pay their staff more than that already. Any business people who cannot pay B300 per day will suffer the consequences they have brought on themselves by exploiting others. Elliot Phuket

a new sport that is based at a skatepark. I’ve been riding for two years and I now have friends here who do too. I fully support this guy and I’m keen to fully support the idea. Thanks for getting the word out. Jaden Brady Phuket

Have your say We welcome letters to the editor. Letters must be under 250 words. You can email editor@thephuket or fax your contribution to 076 612 553. Please include your name, address and contact telephone number.



A fair share of trouble I

t seemed like a good deal. Rahul Prasad, a 26-year-old doctor from New Zealand, was nearing the end of his Phuket holiday with wife, Shweta, when they were approached by two men on the street in Kata. They were running a competition, apparently. All the couple had to do was scratch a free ticket to win a prize. Before they were given the scratchcards though, they were asked if they had credit cards. It probably should have rung alarm bells, but the reason seemed legitimate. “They didn’t need to see the cards,” Dr Prasad recalls. “They just wanted to know if we had them. We asked them why, and they said the competition was sponsored by the major credit card companies, and the prizes were only available to people who had credit cards with those companies.” He knows now this was not the case. MasterCard’s New Zealand office had no knowledge of such a competition. The couple were told the scratch card had two panels. The first would tell them whether they had won a prize. The second would tell them what they had won. It was free, apart from one small catch – in order to claim their prize they would have to sit through a presentation on the glories of timeshare. The couple scratched the first panel and discovered that they had won something. That was the end of the good part. What followed was subjection to a high-pressure sales pitch for timeshareduring which Dr Prasad feels he was misled. Timeshare is a scheme where one pays money for the right to stay in resorts or villas all over the world at discounted rates. It usually requires a sizeable upfront investment, and there are additional maintenance fees. Dr Prasad knew a bit about timeshare before he came to Phuket. He has friends in New Zealand who have been involved in a timeshare agreement for some 20 years, without any problems. “Some of the things they were talking about were familiar, which reassured us a little bit.” When the couple arrived at the office of Premier Property and Leisure (PPL), one of the larger timeshare operators on Phuket, they were greeted by a “middle-aged British man named Colin”, who chatted with the couple and attempted to gather information about their background.

Rahul Prasad’s Phuket holiday ended on a sour note after he signed a timeshare agreement, the result, he feels, of lies and high-pressure sales tactics. The conversation quickly turned to timeshare, and then to price, at which point Dr Prasad and his wife began to feel pressured. “At times when we tried to talk it over, just the two of us, Colin was still sitting there … and we thought our talk process was getting interrupted by people there trying to say something. “They said we had to make the decision there, that we couldn’t go back to New Zealand and talk to other people before we made the decision. It had to be made in Phuket. “It just so happened that we were flying out that day as well, so there was that little bit of extra pressure on us.” James (not his real name) is a former timeshare salesman who worked in the industry for more than a decade. He says such tactics are common. “It’s called ‘pitching heat’, which is basically lying. It’s just playing on people’s greed, which at the end of the day is what marketing is all about. “No one ever actually walks into the office wanting to buy timeshare. You have to get them in there somehow.” Dr Prasad event ually agreed to a three-year trial for what he says cost around NZ$5,000 (B130,000). He paid NZ$1,500 (B40,000) as a deposit, and was told he could pay off the rest later. It should be noted there is no evidence that the package offered by PPL is not legitimate. There is no suggestion the company cannot deliver on its promises as set out in the contract. Dr Prasad’s main concern is that he feels he was pressured into signing the

A Phuket timeshare tout, on right, approaches tourists. contact through a series of lies and high-pressure sales tactics. James believes Dr Prasad has no reason to be worried. “The good thing for him is that he’s on a three-year trial. What they [PPL] want is for him to buy a full membership [of 25 years]. Do you really think they’re not going to take care of him and try to convince him to buy the full package?” But the more the Prasads think about it, the more they are worried. “On our flight [back home] we realised we probably hadn’t done the usual due diligence that you do when you make a decision involving such a large amount of money,” Dr Prasad said. “We thought we needed to do a bit of research and read up on this … and that’s when we saw that these sorts of things were happening a lot in Thailand, where people were being scammed out of money, and the whole thing just seemed to line up with how we were approached and what we experienced. “Part of their paperwork was saying we had the opportunity to come back to

New Zealand, and if we were convinced that we weren’t getting what we were signing up for, they would refund us the money. “But that statement wasn’t in the actual contract, it was in some of the extra paperwork they gave us.” They raised their concerns with PPL, but Dr Prasad said the company has been less than forthcoming in addressing them. “All of the emails [they sent back to us] were about trying to convince us that this was a good deal still, and we should carry on with it. But it’s looking less and less like that to us, and more and more like a scam.” When The Phuket News spoke to Dr Prasad on Monday, he had not heard back from PPL in more than two weeks, and at this stage, he is “not at all [convinced that a resolution could be reached] because [PPL] have not been replying to our concerns.” In the interests of fairness, The Phuket News contacted Andy Jackson, General Manager of PPL, via email earlier this week, asking him for a

comment. He replied that he preferred not to comment on the case publicly until the matter was resolved. Ex-timeshare salesman James is hardly sympathetic to Dr Prasad’s plight though. “He should have read the contract [to check] about the cooling-off period. “It was very naughty [of PPL] to say they were sponsored by MasterCard [but] at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what got you through the door, it’s the service offered. That’s just marketing.” James concedes there are a lot of dubious practices employed by some in the industry, but says this is changing as people become more aware of the negative reputation that timeshare carries. “At the end of the day the dodgy ones are not going to survive, but that won’t necessarily affect the good ones. It’s a bit like the Catholic Church – it doesn’t matter how many priests are arrested, I still believe in God. There are bad people in every industry.” But they are not all bad. Kit Whalley is the Business Development Director at Laguna Holiday Club, one of Phuket’s longest-established legitimate timeshare operators. Mr Whalley said keeping a clear head is the key to timeshare negotiations. “The best way to determine whether a timeshare operator is legitimate or not is to do some research on the company and their background. And don’t feel forced into [doing anything by] any pressure selling tactics that may be employed.” That was obviously little consolation to Dr Prasad, who

turned to the Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers for help. “I thought the Tourist Police were very helpful. They went beyond the call of duty to try and help me out.” But with PPL also failing to respond to emails from the Tourist Police for more than two weeks, Dr Prasad can only offer advice to tourists or expats on Phuket. “I would almost just blanket say, ‘Avoid timeshare in a foreign country.’ “Especially if you are put under any time pressure or [there is] any suggestion that you have to pay for it right there, and especially if there is no refund and no cooling-off clause, you’re better off just walking away from it.” Dr Prasad said hotels could play a big part in raising awareness about the dangers of dubious timeshare operators, by warning guests about the scratchcard ploy. He also said “it would be helpful if there was some form of government accreditation or something like that, it could help guide people towards something legitimate and make companies more accountable.” This is an idea supported by Mr Whalley. “Laguna Holiday Club certainly supports the setting up of any formal body that would encourage regulation of businesses selling timeshare... but the process takes time and is a work in progress.” As for Dr Prasad, the idea of timeshare is not something he would completely shun in the future, despite his experience in Phuket. “I think if it were a legitimate organisation, that could be something we would look at.” But as to whether he would sign up to it in Phuket again: “Definitely not.” When The Phuket News contacted PPL, we explained that this story would be going to press on the afternoon of Tuesday (July 19). Late Tuesday evening Dr Prasad emailed to say that PPL had offered him a full refund. Dr Prasad’s story ends on a happier note than some; high-pressure timeshare sales pitches are common, as is “pitching heat”. There are also supposed timeshare companies that are not even involved in the business. They simply take as many deposits as possible and then disappear. The solution, it seems, is to refuse to be rushed into signing anything or handing over any money. – Dane Halpin



Random View This week’s Random View comes from Mechthild Neumann, newly-arrived and out and about enjoying the views in old Phuket Town. Many local school children may be used to having their photos taken by wandering farangs, but it’s still good for a laugh and a little shyness. Many layers of light are reflected in the reflections of the glass window of the café, making it a pleasing composition. Glimpses of history in the old buildings are seen next to the new very young faces, beaming with the

happiness and expectation of the current moment, and bits of sky light standing for the future to come. The photographer is reflected here too in his or her usual role as an observer and faithful recorder of reality. We like to see the world through their eyes, and to “hear” their communication being made to us. Our world, as recorded in little pixel squares with the help of our digital friends. To have your own pixels shown here, please email your photo (over 1MB in size) to editor3@ .

MAKING Cattleya Jaruthavee These “simple” photographs in the Lonely Land exhibition, held recently at The Pikture Gallery in Bangkok, say a lot. The images of people and the arid Isarn (northeast) countryside somehow manage to evoke disquietude and pathos, combined with deeper touches of familial memories in the viewers. We see clearly what the photographer feels. The resulting photography then holds additional power. A British/Thai photojournalist and writer based in Bangkok, Cattleya’s work focuses on socio-economic/ political disparities occurring in the world.


Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Bristol and a Master of Arts in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, Cattleya also sees herself as a social activist.


The pearls on sale in the market sparkle with a soft light. Each of these natural pearls are similar yet each has different size, shape and colour to its neighbour. The amazing oyster painstakingly coats layer on layer of a magical luminous calcium substance around a foreign impediment in its shell and, like nursing a baby in its womb, creates a rare natural pearl. All for what? So that humans can kill and eat it and take its prize to make

jewellery with the pearls for their own body decorations? These clever humans also put the pearl oysters and other shells into their sea factories, farming them out in the sea, forcing them open to place little pearlstarters, made from bits of seashell, inside so that the dutiful mother oysters can make more baby pearls for the market. Phuket has many cultured-pearl farms around the island for lovers of the simple natural beauty of pearl.



Pet of the Week

Some of the winning public-speaking students at KISP.

Paola Galarza and her dog Pou enjoying some time together kayaking at Ao Yon. Email us a photo of you and your pet to: *Each month one winner who submitted the best Pet of the Week photo will win a B500 voucher from the Chao-Fa Andaman Pet Hospital. The Chao-Fa Andaman Pet Hospital is located at 8/28--29 M.9 chaofah (East) Rd., T Chalong, A. Muang Phuket 83130. Tel: 076 283 365 or fax: 076 384 524. Mob: 083 501 8488 or email

Budding public speakers win Seven budding public speakers at the Kajonkietsuksa International School Phuket (KISP) recently won first prizes in the provincial rounds of a speech competition at the Educational Service Area Phuket. Methasit Tantiplubthong,

Purana Prateepnathalang and Nathan Lees won first prizes in different private school primary levels, placing themselves in the next competition round in Trang where they battled it out on Wednesday. Claudia Krauser, Than-

atcha Wihok and Benjarat Akkarawanichsil also won first prizes in their various categories and went through to the next level of competition at Srinagarindra The Princess Mother School in Phuket, which was held on Tuesday.

Adopt a dog

Jet is a beautiful, young, jet-black, male flat-coated retriever, approximately 18 months old. He was close to death when rescued by a tourist three months ago from the government dog pound. Not much is known about Jet except that he had a previous owner. Now in good condition, he would make a loyal companion dog for someone. Jet loves people but tends not to get on with other dogs. Spansa, the red cocker spaniel featured here recently, has now found a new home. If you are interested in adopting a dog please do not buy from the markets. Soi Dog Foundation has over 200 dogs and puppies available for adoption at any time. For more information on how to adopt visit All animals are fully vaccinated and desexed. Young puppies will be desexed free of charge as soon as old enough.



No business like show business

Karen Maciver on stage with her business partner Linda Cumming (right) at the latest “Gotta Dance” event at Phuket Hilton Acadia Resort and Spa.

Director of Phuket Academy of Dance, Karen Maciver, said her mother was the inspiration for everything she has achieved in the world of dance. “She was classed as one of the best acrobats in Australia, and also ran an extremely successful dance academy,” she said. Ms Maciver, an Australian but now living in Phuket, is well known for teaching several dance disciplines. Her dance studio in Chalong’s Fisherman Way Business Centre, which has been running for four years, has more than 40 students of all ages. Before coming to Phuket, Ms Maciver had worked in Australia for 35 years. “Dance has been in my life since I was three years old. My career has included TV work, musicals, wonderful times performing around Australia, doing what I love best,” she said. “I gained my teachers degree at the age of 18 in teaching dance for ballet – tap – jazz with the British Dancing Association (BDA), but I first started my dance exams long before that, when I was just four years of age. “I opened a school in Australia and

spent over 20 wonderful years with my students. My classes now include ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary, and each dance benefits you in a different way. “Ballet requires a heightened sense of grace and fluidity. Based on a very correct alignment of the body it can be intensely satisfying and enjoyable to pursue, while for tap, anybody at any age can have a go. It’s a combination of speed, control and rhythm. Once you have mastered the basics of tap you will have a real sense of accomplishment. “And for jazz, this style is accessible to almost anyone motivated to dance, as classes are accompanied by lively music and can be lots of fun as well as help to increase speed and co-ordination.” To have a career in dancing though requires passion, Ms Maciver said, because you have to be able to be disciplined and totally committed to your work, enduring training that is long and physically taxing. “My greatest reward in teaching in Phuket is seeing the results my wonderful students show me, their ability to perform with such professionalism and amazing talent. That’s why I love the old saying – there’s no business like show business.”

Enjoying a relaxed life Tony ‘Chainsaw’ Wilson,


Lead Vocalist/Frontman What were were doing before you moved to Thailand? I was teaching basic IT in a college in the UK and singing with various bands. What were you doing 10 years ago? I’ve lived in Phuket for the past 10 years, prior to that I lived in Bangkok for three years, working full-time as a teacher and singing with various bands in the evenings. I was singing regularly with a band called ‘The Delta Boys’, a great blues/funk band. They had all given themselves jokey blues names – Dr Blues, Southside Les, Ezyrolling Nolan – and they decided that I should have one. As I was the small, weedy guy in the band they said I should have a macho blues name. Hence ‘Chainsaw’. Since then I’ve been called ‘hacksaw’, ‘see-saw’ and many other variations, the latest one is ‘eyesore’! W hy d id you move to Phuket? I came to Phuket to visit friends in 1999 and fell in love with the place, I knew that one day I would make the

move to Phuket from Bangkok. In the meantime I met the lady who is now my wife and when the time was right, we pooled our meagre resources and came down to Phuket with the idea of buying a small plot of land, just enough to build a house on. As things turned out we ended up with a large piece of land and built our dream house (our own design – basic, not perfect, but we love it). What is best thing about living here? Lots of sunshine! I got a taste for the tropics as a young man in the Merchant Navy and decided there and then that I would rather be too hot than too cold any day. I have horrible memories of scraping the ice of my car windscreen and shovelling snow brrrrrr! Bring on the heat! Also there is a wealth of untapped talent among the Thai and expat community here and living in Phuket has given me the opportunity to perform alongside highly accomplished musicians of many nationalities. It’s a fact that music knows no borders.

What do you do to relax? I retired from teaching three years ago and since then I seem to be permanently relaxed. I’ve never really felt stressed out about anything since moving to the island. I hear people complaining all the time about the traffic and the scams etc. but I think by applying a bit of common sense, stressful situations can easily be avoided. If my stress level does start to climb I usually resort to some sort of relaxing medication, eg: a glass of wine etc. We like to eat out at a good restaurant occasionally but I spend most evenings out on my spacious balcony reading and/or listening to music. I sometimes nip down to my local bar The Freebird to have a few games of pool with my mates but I’m usually home by 8pm. The only times I’m out late is when I’m gigging. (A real rock star life eh?) What hobbies or sports are you interested in? As I mentioned, I like to play pool. I also have tropical fish tank on my balcony, I suppose you could say that’s my hobby.

What is your favourite childhood memory? My first professional (paid) gigs. My parents were both in show business so I was encouraged to sing from an early age. I used to get paid a shilling for standing on a chair and singing for my aunties and their friends. Favourite food or dish? Fried egg, chips and beans with tea, bread and butter. A touch of curry powder in the beans for that extra piquancy! What kind of music are you into? Blues, rock, soul, funk, jazz and all points in between. Favourite band - Steely Dan. What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket? Leave your preconceptions and expectations back in your country of origin. Above all, accept Phuket as it is warts and all, it’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight more perfect than where I came from. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while living on the island? While teaching a mixed gender

Tony ‘Chainsaw’ Wilson, originally from the UK, has lived in Phuket for the last 10 years. group of Thai students in their early twenties about the way to ask “Have you ever” questions, I asked if anyone could give me an example. One young man raised his hand so I told him to go ahead. He turned to the rather attractive young lady next to him and asked “Have you ever had an orgasm?” Needless to say, it took about 15 minutes to restore order in the class, mainly because I couldn’t stop laughing! The person you admire the most and why? My wife for her intelligence,

humour, nurturing nature and her natural grace. If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why? I can’t think of anyone I would rather be, I like being me. Is there anything you don’t like about living here? A few things, litter, moaning farangs, suicidal bikers, the usual trivial stuff. Favourite place on the island, and why? My balcony. (See above for reasons).



Street Fashion


Must haves


Accessories from G-Spot Fashion & Accessories. 179/14, R#8, Pangmuang Sai Kor, Patong.


Punyawee Waleeprasertkul,

Thongkam Panarak,

Punyawee bought her scarf (B299) and her shoes (B250) from Expo market in Phuket Town. Her shirt (B299) was bought from Hua Hin. She bought her Candy jeans (B2,970) from Had Yai in Songkla province, and her bag (B999) from Platinum Mall in Bangkok.

Thongkam’s singlet (B250), her bag (B800) and her shoes (B250) were bought from Had Yai in Songkla province.

Sales executive.



She bought her ZARA jeans (B1,800) from Central Festival. She borrowed her belt from a friend.

1: Handmade wooden belt B590 2: Issy Miyaki bag B4500 3: A set of painted glass accessories, earrings B350, ring B350, bracelet B400 4: Shoes B400


It’s cause for joy as the groom Rohit Harjani and his party dance their way to the ceremony.

The groom holds on after mounting his ceremonial elephant.

A wedding by the sea

The happy couple Neelam Saney and Rohit Harjani at their seaside wedding.

For Rohit Harjani and Neelam Saney, who met while they were studying in the United States, Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort near Khao Lak in Phang Nga may have been a perfect spot for their wedding. So true to the generous In-

dian style, a couple of hundred guests were flown in from India for the wedding on a stage built right on the beach, with the Andaman Sea as a backdrop, and their Indian home over the far horizon. The groom’s party brought Rohit to the resort’s front

door, all dancing to drum beats, where he mounted an elephant and paraded along the front of the front entrance of the resort. At sunset, long Hindu prayers were said and the happy celebrations continued well into the night.



TAT predicts 18m tourists in 2011

Atchaka Sibunruang: Investment applications have exceeded the Board of Investment value target by 24 per cent.  – Photo BoI

Investment surge worth B247.1bn Thailand’s Board of Investment (BoI) Secretary-General, Atchaka Sibunruang, has revealed that 882 projects applied for investment promotion in the first half of 2011, with a total investment value of B247.1 billion. Ms Atchaka said the value reached was 24 per cent ahead of the BoI’s target for the year of of B400 billion. The number of projects was up by 43.2 per cent from 616 in the same period last year, while the value was up 33.6 per cent on the B185 billion recorded in the first half of 2010. The rising trend had started at the beginning of the year, she added, though the biggest bulge came in June when there were 180 applications with a combined investment value of B43.6 billion, mostly due to big investors and entrepreneurs expanding production capacity. Businesses for which investors seek privileges with the highest investment value included vehicle-related equipment, machinery and metals (226 projects worth B77 billion); service and public utility with (180 projects, B46.3 billion); chemicals, paper and

plastic (126 projects, B41.3 billion); electronic products and electrical appliances (130 projects, B35.4 billion); and processed agricultural products and foods (129 projects, B25.7 billion). She said foreign direct investment projects seeking investment promotions in the first six months of this year totalled B167.2 billion spread across 522 projects, up 70 per cent value-wise from B98.3 billion, and 39 per cent in numbers from 375 projects in the corresponding period last year. Japanese investors remained by far the most active applicants with applications totalling B72.4 billion coming in from that country, a rise of 87 per cent from the B38.6 billion seen in the first half of 2010. The number of Japanese projects was up 80 per cent, from 151 to 272. A long way behind, Singapore investors came second, applying for 31 project, while South Korean investors ranked third, seeking promotions for 21 projects and in fourth place 18 applications came from China. – MCOT

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is predicting that more than 18 million foreign tourists will visit Thailand this year, and has named Russia as the market with the highest potential in Europe. Juthaporn Rerngronasa, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, said that current performance points to the number of for-

cent, along with the rapidly growing number of European visitors of 2.72 million. For the entire year, as many as 800,000 travellers are likely to come from Russia alone, Ms Juthaporn said, and strong growth has also been seen in the UK, Middle Eastern and Canadian markets. Despite rapid growth in newer markets such as India and China, the high spending power of Europeans is crucial

to the tourism industry. According to the TAT’s projection for next year, 5.4 million people from Europe and Russia (of a targeted 19 million worldwide), will arrive in Thailand in 2012, spending B370 billion, almost half the country’s expected total tourism revenue of B765 billion. Thus, half the income will come from just over a quarter of the visitors. – NNT

Thai travel companies urged to focus their marketing

Thailand’s tourism industry has been told it needs to become more focused in its marketing campaigns if it is to attract greater numbers of tourists, especially from the emerging economies of India and Russia. These two markets were lumped together with China and Indonesia as the perhaps wishful “RICHI” markets at the recent “Tourism Behaviour of the RICHI Inbound Markets to Thailand” seminar in Bangkok, hosted by the Thailand chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Industry experts were unanimous in urging that marketing campaigns should move from targeting entire countries to being aimed at cities, local languages or demographic niches. Professor Philip Pearce, professor of tourism at Aus-

tralia’s Jame Cook University, told tourism authorities that in order to “create rewarding travel experiences” and avoid “the sin of over-generalisation” the industry needed to get better at monitoring visitor behaviour. “Listen to the stories they tell and don’t just rely on satisfaction indexes,” Professor Pearce said. “Successful marketing now requires the ability to provide an experience that is in tune with generational changes, sustainability and new technology.” He noted that “techpacker havens” are increasingly important – places where travellers, luxury or budget, can plug in social media appliances, use large screens, make Skype calls to families back home,

download new music and get service for mobile and social devices. Ravi Bhatia, Director of Indian Host, an India-focused hospitality group in Bangkok, said the number of Indian tourists visiting Thailand “could easily double in two or three years” if authorities focus on the Indian wedding market and on enticing Bollywood film companies to shoot movies in the country. Indian Host runs an awardwinning Indian restaurant in Bangkok, and Mr Bhatia had advice on food for Indian tourists: “Don’t present vegetarian food to look or taste like meat – Indians will not eat it,” he said, urging Thais to pay more attention to Indian culinary needs. For example, he said, “Tofu

isn’t found in any Indian restaurant.” Andrey Snetkov, contract and marketing manager of Pattaya-based TEZ Tour, which specialises in the Russian tourist market, told the seminar that 90 per cent of trips to Thailand from Russia were still arranged by travel agents, as online bookings in that country were not trusted. As a result, more familiarisation trips were required for Russian agents, most of whom had never been to Thailand. Since 1991, Russian visitor numbers to Thailand have grown between 20 per cent and 100 per cent a year, a trend Mr Snetkov predicts will continue. Around 600,000 Russians now visit the country every year, with most heading for Pattaya, Mr Snetkov said.

Sell to S Sudan, firms urged Unusually quick off the mark, the Government’s Department of Export Promotion is urging Thai companies to set their sights on a new market – the new country of South Sudan,

We believe that the success of a project is essentially based on a serious management 40 years experience of more than 20 years at your service in Thailand.

which came into being just a few days ago after years of civil war in Sudan. Director General Nantawan Sakuntanak said this week that exporters should look at the possibility of a new market segment for Thai products in South Sudan where people, she said, had high purchasing power thanks to oil exports. Ms Nantawan said that South Sudan is is also “perfect located geographically” for

Thailand to use as a gateway for exports to other African nations. Thailand has in fact been exporting to South Sudan for some time; even before it was recognized as a nation on July 9, exports to the then-region of Sudan were worth B4.8 billion in 2010. Sugar topped the export list, followed by air conditioners and cars. Other items include canned fruits, plastic

items, washing machines, canned seafood, radios, televisions and rubber. Thai soldiers, not always popular at home, have made a positive mark for Thailand’s image in South Sudan, where they served as part of the United Nations contingent, and won hearts and minds digging wells and showing people Thai methods of growing food. – NNT/The Phuket News

Qatar named best airline

Main Contractor:

Study Project Architecture Design Construction & Management

Office 3.L.H & I.C.P. Manufactory 3.L.H & I.C.P.

eign visitors touching 18.3 million, a long way beyond the original 2011 target of 16.5 million. Of the 18.3 million, about 5.2 million are expected to come from Europe and generate B280 billion in the Kingdom. The projection is based on tourist numbers during the first six months of this year, which came to 9.85 million, a growth of 28.13 per

Qatar Airways, which flies direct from Phuket to Doha in Qatar and to Phuket from Kuala Lumpur, has received the world’s best airline accolade in the 2011 Skytrax World Airline Awards. Thai Airways International came fifth, while Air Asia

bagged the world’s best lowcost airline award for the third year running. The Skytrax awards, which this year covered more than 200 airlines, are based on the votes of 18.8 million passengers. Thai Airways also landed awards for best airline lounge,

first-class, and best airport services. AirAsia was also voted best low-cost airline in Asia. Other airlines in the Top 10 included Singapore Airlines (2), Asiana (3) and Cathay Pacific (4). Notably absent were airlines from Europe and North America.



Fears push gold price to record

BoT hikes interest to curb inflation The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of Thailand has unanimously resolved to raise the policy interest rate from three to 3.25 per cent upon mounting concerns over the rising inflation. According to BoT Assistant Governor for Monetary Policy Group, Paiboon Kittisrikangwan, the MPC had a unanimous vote on Wednesday (July 13) to increase the key policy rate by another 0.25 per cent. The rate adjustment was aimed at maintaining the country’s economic stability and taming the inflation. The MPC forecasted that the inflation rate would re-

main high as a consequence of the energy price hike and continuing price adjustment of ready-to-eat food. Potential policies of the incoming government such as the minimum wage increase, plus its spending plan in the future are thought likely to drive inflation up. The rate hike was widelyexpected. A survey of 18 economists by Reuters after the general election expected the BOT to raise the rate to 3.25 per cent, the highest since October 2008. They also expect further hikes, to as much as 3.75 per cent, by the end of this year. – NNT/Phuket News

The price of gold surged on Monday past US$1,600 an ounce (B1,690 a gram) for the first time in history, as investors bought the safe-haven metal amid deepening debt worries in the Eurozone and the United States. Gold broke through the US$1,600 level in early morning trading on the London Bullion Market, as the precious metal extended its recent record-breaking surge which began last Friday. In Thailand, gold went from B22,600 per bahtweight on Sunday to B22,700 on Monday afternoon. “Gold hit another milestone … at $1,600 as investors lose confidence in the ability of politicians to get to grip with the debt problems weighing down on sentiment,” said CMC Markets analyst Michael Hewson. “More advances look likely while this lack of confidence prevails as investors plough capital into the asset.” The precious metal is re-

Those gold necklaces have never been so valuable. – Photo by Ian and Wendy Sewell garded by most investors as a safe-haven in times of global economic turmoil. This week, Eurozone countries will seek to settle their debt crisis at an emergency summit to try and stop Greece toppling into default and dragging bigger Euro economies into deeper trouble. EU president Herman Van

Rompuy has said a summit in Brussels due to start yesterday (Thursday July 21) would focus on both the financial stability of the Eurozone and future financing of the Greek programme. Meanwhile, US politicians are wrangling over a deficit reduction plan which would allow President Barack

Obama to avert a potentially catastrophic debt default in return for US$1.5 trillion (B45 trillion) in spending cuts. Spread Co analyst Ian O’Sullivan commented of gold’s soaring price, “Investors are now adding real fears of a US default to go along with their European sovereign worries.” – AFP

‘Free price of pork,’ pig farmers plead The Bank of Thailand (BoT) is worried about inflation (see story above). It could well be right; one of Thailand’s favourite foods will rise sharply in price if the National Association of Pig Farmers (NAPF) have their way. The day after the BoT raised its interest rate by 25 basis points, the NAPF called for government price controls on pork to be scrapped, saying the policy goes against the realities of the market and is seriously affecting pig farmers. The First Vice-President of the NAPF, Prapan Tangcharuwattanachai, said that supplies of pigs have been falling and other Asian countries are all experiencing rising prices, but Thailand, with its price controls, is not following the trend. Prapan explained that Thailand currently has the region’s lowest price for pork – B70 a kilo – compared with B88 to B92 in Laos, B92 in Cambodia, B102 in China and B118 in Taiwan. Higher prices, he argued, will give pig farmers bigger margins, allowing them to

These two porkers seem comfortable enough, but Thai pig farmers are warning that the colder, wetter weather is bringing on diseases that reduce the supply.  – Photo USDA afford better farm management and increasingly efficient disease prevention, resulting in supply eventually increasing, presumably leading to lower prices. Pigs in many Asian countries suffered diseases brought on by the change in weather, he said, and around 3,000 pigs a day are “disappearing” from the market. Mr Prapan’s plea is likely to fall on deaf ears at the Commerce Ministry, however. With one eye on the incoming Pheu Thai Government’s agenda, the ministry seems

inclined to strengthen, rather than relax food price controls. The same day as Mr Prapan went public on pork prices, the Commerce Ministry forwarded a report on the real costs of household items to the Pheu Thai Party to allow the party, once it is government, to devise a price control strategy. Internal Trade Department Director General Watcharee Wimuktayon said she had asked officials to scrutinise the rice stock and will take legal action against rice speculators. – TAN Network



Troubled property development to be reborn as resort Tales of property developments in Phuket that came to a halt when half-completed are by no means new in Phuket, and especially after most of the world’s banks went and hid in caves following the global financial crisis of 2007/8. One example was Baan Karon Paradise, a complex of 49 apartments on a hillside above Karon Beach, five minutes’ walk from the sand. It was already in trouble in 2006, and was pretty much finished off in 2008. The past three years have been a battle for the investors, who have, in that time, managed to persuade the courts to give them possession of the project, and to get the financing to finish it off, an example in sheer persistence

that others may want to learn from. The project is now to be reborn as the Dewa Karon Beach, a resort managed by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Ydmark’s Tri-Asia, which already runs the successful Dewa Resort at Nai Yang Beach. There is also a property element: the last 10 apartments to be built are for sale. All the apartments have kitchenettes, which Tri-Asia sees as a plus for couples and families. The units on the upper floors have sweeping sea views over Karon Beach. The apartments range from one bedroom units through two-bedroom units to the Grande Karon Suite, a large

one-bedroom unit on the top floor. The deal, Mr Ydmark told The Phuket News, has taken a year to structure, but has now been signed, opening the way for the owners to get access to less expensive funding; resorts run by established management companies are much more attractive to banks than moribund property developments. Work is currently under way to add in the elements necessary to create a resort – a restaurant with bar, and a wrap-around swimming pool, along with a mini-mart and free wireless internet access. Dewa Karon Beach is due to open on November 1 this year to coincide with the traditional start of the tourism “high” season.

Rescued: The Karon Paradise development has been revived by turning it into a resort.

A sculptor’s unusual eye in the garden “Tropical, of course!” Most clients, when asked what kind of landscape they have in mind for their project, answer. And for good reason. Expats who have migrated here from colder climes are thrilled by the fact that heliconia – US$20 (B600) a stem at florists in London or New York – grows effortlessly in any Phuket garden. Bamboo, an exotic species in many countries, grows naturally here like the grass that it is. Raphia palm, a house plant back home, thrives here such that it is planted in thick hedges to effectively make a green wall. We are in the tropics, after all, so who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the ability to have one’s own private jungle? But in matters of design, there are always those who swim against the prevailing current. When our expectations are challenged, when we


Scott Gorsuch Design Matters

are surprised, when we notice something that would otherwise be mundane, someone has made a design statement. Good designers are willing to take risks and break the rules. Whether or not the experiment is successful depends upon both the skill of the designer and the willingness of the audience to be challenged. Boundary-bending, rulebreaking, expectation-defying design statements have the potential to enhance the human experience. But is there a place for any of this in my back yard? Thankfully, yes. While Phuket has many highly successful “tropical” landscape installations, the island also boasts several successful examples of modernist,

Heliconias? Good grief, no. Emily Gerrard goes for shape over colour, choosing each plant individually. non-traditional, and surprising – if not shocking – alternatives. These gardens exist as works of art in and of themselves, using form, color, and composition as deftly as would a masterful painting or sculpture. The landscape moves from background to foreground; the viewer is stopped short, drawn in, impelled to contemplate and absorb the work.

The technique involves using common plants in uncommon ways – a hedge of dracaena loureiri, for example – as well as plants less commonly found in the tropics: Euphorbia, agaves, yuccas. Use even more rare cultivars of these species – blue agave americana, for example – and things get really interesting. A forest of these plants,

rather than the usual one or two, and the effect is not unlike visiting a lost planet. Add an understory of cycads and bromeliads, and one is transported to the Pleistocene. Is that a woolly mammoth in the background? Among the Phuket practitioners of this new art, Alongor n Poochamchote springs immediately to mind, as does Emily Gerrard. Khun Alongorn – Gob to his friends – is a successful painter and his large, abstract canvasses have long been in demand by art collectors. He also designs furniture, sculptural in form and constructed from found objects. Recently he has taken to painting and sculpting with plants. Khun Gob specialises in smaller spaces such as patios or rooftops, and the effect is one of visiting a sculpture

garden. He prefers to use bent, mutant, older specimens that add character. Emily, of Chateau Sabai, specializes in villa landscaping. Her work tends to shock the neighbors; in addi­tion to the large sculptural forms listed above, she uses exotic grasses, black bamboo, and boulders. Like Khun Gob, she chooses each piece with a curator’s eye. While a standard landscape contractor might phone in his order to the wholesale nursery in Bangkok, Emily stalks her plants like prey through nur­series – and occasionally northern forests – in search of just the right branch structure or form, and then arranging for excavation and shipment to Phuket. Khun Gob’s work can be seen in the terrace gardens of the artful bar and lounge Nine, next door to Lim’s in Kalim, and in the entry and courtyard of the forthcoming restaurant at the Malaiwana Beach Club in Naithon. Emily’s work sits mostly within gated estates such as Trisara and the Cape Residences at Cape Yamu, so contact her for an appointment if you want a first-hand look at how she thinks. Scott Gorsuch is Principal of Leisure Design Group, a Phuket-based company providing design direction and project management to resort and villa developments. He can be reached by email to



Property investment recovery looking promising Global direct investment in real estate in the second quarter of 2011 totalled more than US$10 billion (B3 trillion), up seven per cent from the previous three months and up 47 per cent from the second quarter 2010, according to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). But according to Arthur de Haast, head of JLL’s International Capital Group, the biggest beneficiary was North America. The AsiaPacific region put in a much less stellar performance. In the Asia-Pacific there was a sizable fall of 30 per cent in volumes compared with the previous quarter, “but still a decent gain year-on-year” to US$18.5 billion (B555 billion), Mr de Haast wrote in a report issued this week. The natural disasters in Japan, the region’s largest property investment market, aggravated a normal seasonal slowdown, he noted. “It is not surprising that healthy markets elsewhere in the region, including strong growth in Australia and steady levels of activity in China and Hong Kong, failed to make up the shortfall. “Looking ahead [for the world as a whole], debt concerns in some advanced economies and the risk of overheating in some emerging markets will induce caution and careful asset selection, adding to a natural deceleration in the recovery. “Nevertheless, the pipeline of product in the market gives us confidence that full-year volumes will reach our forecast of US$440 billion [B13.2 trillion].”

Tune begins Thai invasion Tune Hotels, Tony Fernandez’ earthbound equivalent of his highly successful AirAsia, will be landing in Thailand soon, beginning in Hat Yai in December, and followed by Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. The Thailand drive will be in association with Red Planet Hotels, an emerging Asian hotel investment company that has opted to have all of its hotels operated under a franchise agreement with Tune. Announcing the latest development at the Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific in Hong Kong recently, Red Planet Hotels Chief Executive Officer Tim Hansing said: “Tune Hotels’ business model is solid and complements our investment methodology. “Even though many investment companies have been looking to contain expenses and put expansion on the back burner, we were able to go out at the end of global financial crisis in 2009 and raise significant capital. “To be able to raise funds

The Tune Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, like most in the chain, and like AirAsia, echoes Tony Fernandez’ liking for postbox red. and then to quickly secure sites and contracts to have over 1,000 keys under construction is a significant achievement and testament to the strength of our experienced management team and the Tune Hotels business model,” Mr Hansing said. That model closely echoes

the AirAsia no-frills offer: check into a Tune Hotel and you get a comfortable bed with shower (no bath) at a price that is usually significantly below rates at other hotels in the area. There’s no pool, no business centre and no gym. And if you want air-con, towels, toiletries, breakfast or TV,

you pay extra. Also, as with the airline, the earlier guests book, the cheaper the rate is likely to be. And, like AirAsia, Tune runs frequent promotion periods with rooms offered in exchange for pocket change. Mr Hansing added that the no-frills “synergy” presented

Red Planet Hotels with fine opportunities for expansion across the region and sites are continually being scoped and investigated. Tune currently has 10 hotels, seven in Malaysia, two in Bali and one in London. By 2013, the aim is 584 hotels worldwide.

Spacious privacy in Bang Tao area This private pool villa in one of Phuket’s most successful residential developments, close to the Laguna complex and a kilometre from Bang Tao Beach, is on the market for B27.8 million. The property is in excellent condition, having been used little since being bought by its current owners, yet well maintained throughout. The villa has four bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. The master bedroom suite has a high vaulted ceiling, a private study, a walk-in wardrobe, and an outdoor bathroom with an extravagant sunken bathtub. Large sliding doors open wide out to the pool deck, allowing the The view from the master bedroom across the pool to owner to go from bed to pool in a couple of steps. the sala.

A new

Home The spacious central living area is completely openplan, containing a living room with high vaulted ceiling, dining area, breakfast bar, and kitchen fully equipped with all modern appliances. Concertina glass doors run the length of the living area, opening onto the pool terrace to create a cool tropical ambiance. Detached from the main building is a fully self-contained garden suite, which is ideal for long-stay guests. There are also staff quarters that include a laundry room with washer and dryer, as well as a wet kitchen.

The centre of the house is a 5 x 10 metre swimming pool with Jacuzzi, surrounded by a patio with outdoor dining furniture, sunbeds, and an outdoor bar for casual entertaining. In the garden is a sala with a large day bed that invites relaxing with a book while surrounded by lush gardens, or listening to music on the integrated villa-wide audio system. The property is offered fully-furnished, including all electronic appliances and fittings. For further information contact Ken Gondry at Phuket.Net Real Estate. Tel: 076 620 055, email:, or visit the website at realestate.



Tranquility and eco-tourism on Koh Yao island G

etting bored with the chaos of Phuket? Try visiting Koh Yao, in Phang Nga. It’s an island that will take your breath away with its natural environment and friendly local faces. Koh Yao, or “long island” in English, consists of two islands – Koh Yao Yai (big long island) and Koh Yao Noi (small long island) located off Phuket’s east coast. Koh Yao Noi, is now

Seafood BBQ offered at Koh Yao Yai Village.

relatively well-known for its Community Based Tourism (CBT), which is based around environmental, social and cultural sustainability. Visitors are encouraged to increase their awareness and learn about the community and local ways of life, and often spend time in homestays with a family. The population of the island is around 5,000. About 85 per cent are fishermen and the rest are farmers who plant rice and work in rubber plantations. Meanwhile, Koh Yao Yai is a bigger island where fewer people live. Almost all the land is covered by rubber plantations and ricefields. Tourists started to learn about Koh Yao Noi after the CBT group led by Samrerng Rakhet and Dusit Butri was established on the island, and won awards such as the 2002 “World Legacy Award” from National Geographic and recently won the 2010 “Golden Kinnaree Award 2010” from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Above: A pier in Koh Yao Noi where you can catch the boat to Krabi. Below: A nice quiet beach on Koh Yao Noi.

Above: Koh Yao Yai village’s welcome drink, Roselle. Right: Fresh coconut juice offered from the island’s garden. In 1992, Mr Samrerng and his fellow fishermen in Koh Yao Noi formed a group to protect and conserve the natural resources and environment around their area, after the island was invaded by commercial fishermen who depleted many of their food sources. After a lot of hard work by the team, marine life around the island has improved. With so many tourists packed into the hustle and bustle of Phuket, many now opt to be involved in eco-tourism

projects. Koh Yao Noi is now a place that nature lovers visit because it’s close to Phuket and still has plenty of natural resources. Being involved in CBT means tourists must respect the people of Koh Yao Noi and the local culture and customs. As almost all residents of Koh Yao Noi are Muslim, people are encouraged to wear conservative clothing, and avoid alcohol or gambling. Accommodation wise, tourists can stay in homestays with

local families, or opt to stay in bungalows or one of several resorts or hotels on the island. Activities on the island include visiting fish farms, ricefields, and learning how rubber is made. But the biggest highlight on the island, apart from the beautiful scenery of course, is the fresh seafood. Fish, crab, squid, lobster, prawn – it’s all on offer and its all delicious. How to get there: Koh Yao

Yai is about a 30-minute speedboat, or 45-minute long-tail boat ride from Phuket. Speedboats depart from Phuket’s Bangrong Pier to Koh Yao Yai, or you also can take a speedboat from Tiansian Pier at Rassada (near Koh Sirae). Visit for more information about Koh Yao CBT, or call the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Phuket office on 076 212213, 076 211036.



From left, Jon Ashenden Sala Phuket Resort general manager, Jason Nuell Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa general manager, Tony Pedroni JW Marriot Phuket Resort & Spa general manager and Andrew Turner Anantara Phuket Villas general manager.

Rainy-day feasts All set for dinner at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, the first Grapes and Grazing evening.


he attractive grape-green eyes from the Grapes and Grazing sign looked over bottles of wine and an array of empty full and glasses, as the extravagant wine and food night swung into action at the Sala Phuket resort at Mai Khao Beach last Friday night. It was the third night of the sumptuous festival, held from July 13-16, which saw four wine

companies: Frescobaldi from Italy, Lehmann and Majella from Australia, and Spy Valley from New Zealand, bringing selections of their best wines to be served. Pour those wines to accompany the best foods cooked by chefs of the Renaissance, JW Marriott, Anantara and Sala resorts, and the ordinary rainy evenings became instantly exceptional.

Above: Rob Davis strums his guitar.

Above, from left, Jason Nuell general manager of Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, marketing communications manager Kulchada Boonrawd and Jan Hollister Executive Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage of Sala Phuket.

Above: Sala Phuket Chef Jan Hollister (wearing white) talks to diners.

Above: Konstantin Lepaev and Irina Livinova from Russia. Right: The modern feasting space at Sala Phuket. Left: Cindy He and Wong Da Yu from China.




FILM REVIEW Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Run time: 130 minutes Rating: G

Incubus Tom Peters

The Little Big Things Harper Collins, 240 pages Unlike so many books on business, Tom Peters has a compelling, in-your-face style that makes this book as fun to read as it is insightful. An enemy of conformist “suits”, mindless mega-mergers, and the status quo, Peters urges readers to embrace diversity, cherish weirdness, and manage by turning off the computer and hitting the streets. Beginning with a fiery call-to-arms to companies and business people to get “back to basics’” this is a guidebook on how to excel at the people side of business, and a reminder to “never forget why you’re here”. Its main message is that “excellence” is the result of many small tasks, all of which can be practiced and mastered. – Asia Books: B350

If Not Now, When? Columbia (2011) When played back-to-back, each of Incubus’ seven studio albums sound completely different yet, somehow, they still all sound like Incubus. If Not Now, When? marks another progression in the band’s 20-year career, but call it growth, call it maturity, call it whatever you may like, when listening to their new album, it’s difficult deciding exactly what to call it. The best advice is not to listen to this album as an Incubus record – clear your mind and judge the music on its own merit because even diehards will be shocked as almost every track on the album has a slow, elevatormusic-style tempo. It’s all very much new territory, and overall, If Not Now, When? might be considered the sound of Incubus coming of age. It’s not particularly experimental nor is it completely straightforward, but it is concise and a risk that’s paid off.

Cinema and literary snobs may be breathing a sigh of relief – the Harry Potter saga is officially over. But snobbery aside, the final instalment in the world’s most successful film and book franchise is an exceptional one, a dark and surreal exploration of good and evil that delivers a satisfying – and suitably magical – sendoff to the characters we’ve come to love. If you haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, watch it now – it’s required viewing. Director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves have no interest in playing catch up, and Part 2 begins right where Part 1 left off. The film is not exactly

plot heavy though – most of that was dealt with in Part 1 – so while anyone who has missed the previous instalments may be a little confused by some elements, it is enjoyable in its own right as a sumptuous feast of visual trickery. The film centres almost entirely on a single day in which Hogwarts is beseiged by the army of the dark Lord Voldemort. If Yates only had one good Hogwarts battle in him, he thankfully kept his powder dry. The final hour and fifteen minutes of the film makes for one of the most elegantly crafted – and easilyfollowed – prolonged battled sequences in recent memory.

The visual imagery is dark but compelling, creating such a bleakness, such an outlook of despair and complete destruction, that it compels an emotional attachment from the audience rivalling the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Complementing the stunning visuals is the brilliant sound. Resisting the temptation to turn this into a cacophony of noise, Deathly Hallows 2 takes a much more minimalist approach, choosing to highlight only key areas. It adds a surrealist feel to the film, and works to incredible effect particularly in the extended battle scene. The tone of the film is incredibly dark though. It deals alot in death, and in images of horror and despair. Some younger ones might find parts a little disturbing, but the grownup Potter fans among us will relish the journey into the heart of darkness. There are several highlights; Maggie Smith as the stalwart Minerva McGonagall is unbelievably wonderful to

watch. Similarly, Alan Rickman delivers a superb finish to the life of Snape. Some brief flashbacks to the earlier films also remind us of how much Daniel Radcliffe has developed – both physically and professionally – as he delivers a convincing and more complex portrayal of Harry. The epilogue – a source of some contention in the novel – remains a little clumsy as none of the characters look convincingly older. In the end, it’s probably handled as well as it could have been; it’s been tinkered with, and is executed with such understated heart that it’s actually quite touching. Fans will be understandably teary now that their ride on the Hogwarts Express has come to an end. It is perhaps fitting then that this truly superb conclusion will ensure the magic lives on for a long time to come. – Dane Halpin

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or phone the cinemas: Phuket 076 209 000 and Patong 076 600 555.

AT SFX COLLISEUM PHUKET THIS WEEK Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E) [G]: Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E/3D) [G]: Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E/F) [G]: Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (T) [G]: The Lost Bladesman (T) [15+]: Transformers 3 (E) [13+]: Transformers 3 (T) [13+]:

13:10, 18:40 11:40, 14:25, 17:10, 19:55, 22:40 12:40, 15:25, 18:10, 20:55 12:10, 14:55, 17:40, 20:25 11:45, 14:10, 16:35, 19:00, 21:35 15:00, 21:00 18:00

AT SFC JUNGCEYLON PHUKET Dead of Night (E) [15+]: Green Lantern (E) [G]: The Hangover 2 (E) [18+]:

12:40, 15:00, 19:40 17:20 22:00

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E) [G]:

11:15, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:15

The Lost Blademan (T) [15+]:

12:00, 14:25, 16:50, 19:15, 21:40

Transformers 3 (E) [13+]:

11:40, 14:45, 17:50, 21:00

STRETCH YOUR BRAIN Across 1. Aid worker to be deputy. (9) 6. Ancient queen, but she has a degree. (5) 9. With these open, he’s embarrassed, but soars. (5) 10. Provincial figures who control speed? (9) 12. The stakes are quiet beers. (5) 13. Rock partner to dry herring. (7) 16. Cockneys have Latin greeting. (3) 17. Ritual scribble has no point. (4) 19. Is a ringer a Spanish

Solutions to last week’s puzzles

queen? (8) 21. Intrude? Very French – overtake! (8) 23. Run away, we hear, from little insect (4) 25. I get into reverse osmosis in Brazil. (3) 26. Weepy, yet back into weed. (3-4) 28. No crazy wanderer. (5) 30. No right expat may go on and on and on. (9) 33. Comforter of the French veterinarian. (5) 35. Beast sounds as if it may get narrower. (5) 36. On island, chap has headgear and golden skin. (9) Down 1. Crane after a very loud “I”. (9) 2. Kind of slope that’s the end of many Poles. (3) 3. Tough fiber for little sister and a learner. (5) 4. A note in healthy, large merchantman. (6) 5. Seabirds with a fiver in inns. (7) 6. I take senior around knight. (3) 7. Selfishness seen in effective governor. (3)

8. Tale-teller may pose a conundrum. (5) 11. If river has no point, there’s nothing left. (3) 12. Distort each green. (7) 14. Defame the Spanish after little Liberal. (5) 15. For Cockney, shopping center is tough. Duck! (7) 18. Teeters? Yes. A bit drunk. (5) 19. Immigration office outs partner. (3) 20. Car carpet on robot. (9)

22. Handgun for left or right limb. (7) 24. Indefinite article takes Mr Martin of the mountains. (6) 26. Take, violently, what sounds like a break. (5) 27. Letter in Greek to Basque rebels. (3) 29. “M’dear!” said sorceress. (5) 31. Philips’s seed? (3) 32. Old sailor’s tobacco residue. (3) 34. Tax vessel. (3)



Icelandic museum boasts an impressive package The Icelandic Phallological Museum boasts a bulging package, hosting the largest collection of man bits in the world – and now it’s adding a human penis to the collection. Coming in all shapes and sizes, over 200 specimens are preserved in test tubes and glass vessels, while others are displayed like hunting trophies on the walls. No matter how big or small, the Icelandic Phallological Museum in the northern fishing town of Húsavík wants to show it all. “It is finally possible for individuals to undertake serious study into the field of phallology in an organised, scientific fashion,” boasts the museum’s website. Dedicated to showing penises from all mammals in or around Iceland, it has recently added its newest specimen to the collection. A human penis was donated by 95-year-old Páll Arason after his death to be exposed to the

Weirdness is always in the eye of the beholder. But there are certain beliefs that defy all conventional – and unconventional – wisdom. Here is a list of some of the world’s more bizarre (legitimate) religions.

Jediism: Jediism is a post-modern religious movement based on the philosophical and spiritual ideas of the Jedi depicted in Star Wars media. Practitioners identify themselves with the Jedi Knights in Star Wars, believe in the existence of the Force, and that interaction with the Force is possible. The well-endowed Icelandic Phallological Museum is bulging at the seams with all things phallic. public.The human penis can be seen alongside attractions of all sizes including tiny specimens of field mice genitalia to a

gigantic sperm whale willy measuring 170 cm long. The well-endowed museum also boasts a big collection of

phallic artwork and artifacts – from penis paintings to lampshades made from bull scrotums.

Niko Alm claimed wearing a pasta strainer on his head was central to his belief in the the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. in it you can clearly see that I’m wearing a colander on my head to demonstrate my

allegiance to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” Mr Alm wrote in his blog.

“My headwear has now been recognised by the Republic of Austria.” The spaghetti church was founded in 2005 in opposition to pressure on the Kansas school board in the United States to teach the theory of intelligent design in biology classes as an alternative to evolution. It has engaged in a lighthearted campaign against religion ever since. Pastafarians claim the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but, because the monster was drunk at the time, it was a flawed design.

Jobless US man offers himself as human prey An unemployed man in the US has vowed to find a job, even if it kills him – by putting himself forward as a human target for rich hunters. Mork Encino said he has been struggling to find a job for years. His solution – to set up the website, saying he will be human prey for US$10,000 (B300,000) – and he will do it naked for another US$2,000 (B60,000). The website has pictures of him in humorous hiding spots while wearing countrystyle dungarees along with light-hearted pleas. He writes: “I seek hearty

Higher powers

The Church of Euthanasia: According to the church’s website, the Church of Euthanasia is “a non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth”. The one commandment is “Thou shalt not procreate”. The CoE further asserts four principle pillars: suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy.

Austrian ‘pastafarian’ strains the boundaries of religious freedom An Austrian has won the right to be photographed wearing a pasta strainer for his driving licence on the grounds of religious freedom. Niko Alm announced the decision on his blog, saying that, after three years of struggle, a psychologist had passed him fit to drive and so he could wear the kitchen implement for the picture ID. Mr Alm, who calls himself a “pastafarian”, said he belonged to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which lampooned religion. “Today I was able to get my new driving licence, and


gents who fancy themselves sportsmen and bored of the usual game. I am a new breed of prey with thick pelt and smooth hide. “I’m faster than a wild turkey, smart as any goddamn wild boar and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the monetary health of my family. “If I am trapped and killed you stand to earn the respect of your fellow hunters, a prize human mount for your wall and all income from any organ harvest.” The site has become a hit in the US and Mr Encino has since admitted he was looking to bring attention to his plight.

Apatheism: There are the believers, there are atheists, and there are agnostics. But apparently there is also a group who subscribe to apatheism – that is they don’t believe there is a divine being and, besides that, if there was a one, they would be completely apathetic and couldn’t possibly care less. They gather once a year and pop bubble wrap to show their indifference about the existence of God. Prince Philip Movement: The Prince Philip Movement is a cargo cult of the Yaohnanen tribe on the southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu. The Yaohnanen believe that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the consort to Queen Elizabeth II, is a divine being, the pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit and brother of John Frum. According to ancient tales the son travelled over the seas to a distant land, married a powerful lady and would, in time, return. Scientology: According to the story behind Scientology, 75 million years ago, Xenu (an alien ruler of the “Galactic Confederacy”) brought billions of people to Earth in spacecraft resembling Douglas DC-8 airliners, stacked them around volcanoes and detonated hydrogen bombs in the volcanoes. Their ‘thetans’ (souls) then clustered together, stuck to the bodies of the living, and continue to do this today. Enough said. Aetherius Society: In 1954, George King started the Aetherius Society, which hopes to combine alien wisdom of the “Cosmic Masters” and Yoga into something useful that will bring balance to humanity. They believe Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are in fact aliens, and one of their claims to fame is that the aliens alerted them to the imminent Chernobyl disaster a good 4 hours before it melted down. They claim about 650 adherents. Raelism: A French race car driver named Claude Vorilhons claimed he too was contacted by aliens and made a go-between for human-alien relations. The aliens dubbed him Rael, and he claims they took him to the planet Elohim where, in addition to hanging out with the aliens themselves, he got a chance to meet Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith and Confucius. They claim to have 30,000 followers.

Tired of hunting defenceless animals? Call Mork Encino. He’ll even go naked, for a bit extra.

The Church of Maradona: Iglesia Maradoniana was created in 1998 by fans of the retired Argentine football player Diego Maradona. With 80,000 members, they have their own list of commandments, and a version of the Lord’s prayer which starts: “Our Diego, who is on the pitches, Hallowed be thy left foot.”



Teacher Greta Caponnetto shows the children how it’s done.

Roll up, roll up L A small participant concentrates on the task at hand.

aguna held a special Circus School on Monday as part of their Summer Family Festival. Italian performing art teacher Greta Caponnetto was on hand to pass on her skills

“It’s not difficult. You just need to practice “Circus school is very fun!”, exclaims Maria and practice,” Greta Caponnetto said. Victoria while she attempts to get up on stilts.

A toddler checks out the bigger children taking part. Just a little bit of help is needed.

Trying hard to get the hang of the swinging sticks.

which she has been perfecting since she was five years old. The Circus School will be held Monday to Friday from 5pm until August 27 at the Canal Village, Laguna.

Practicing hula hooping skills at Laguna’s circus school event held on Monday.





Above: Narong Bumrungwong is the owner of the oldest herb shop in Phuket.

Above: A restaurant door preserved in SinoPortugese architecture. Right: One of the many eclectic coffee houses in the area.

A past worth preserving Village


huket may be popular for its sea, sand and sun, but during the past couple of years the island’s culture and architecture have become better known both to Thai and international tourists. Thalang Road is one of these popular areas, located in the old town, and it is famous for being the oldest road in Phuket Town and for its vibrancy and traditional culture. Situated parallel between Dibuk and Phang-nga roads, Thalang Road is part of an old business area which, back in the day, would supply people with everyday goods such as agricultural equipment, food

of the week

and clothes. More than 140 Sino Portuguese traditional-style shophouses have been on this 450-metre-long road for more than 150 years since Praya Lohakasetraruk (Tad) was governor in 1850. The architecture, culture and heritage belong to Thai, Chinese, Muslim, Indian and European ethnic groups who have been living and combining their cultures harmoniously since the mining era, and still do to this day. Although the area is pro-

We're now available at all


in Phuket Se-Ed Coliseum Phuket Talad Yai, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 256 723 Se-Ed Big C Phuket Vichit, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 249 422 Se-Ed Lotus Mall Phuket Rassada, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 255 118 Se-Ed Home Pro Village Chalong Chalong, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 606 441 Se-Ed Home Work Phuket Vichit, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 608 076

This is in addition to 400+ locations including all 7-Eleven, Family Marts, Big One Supermarkets and all major shopping outlets.

For full list of outlets please visit

moted by the Phuket City Municipality, Phuket Old Town Foundation, and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket Office, it is the locals that also work hard to spread the word about their special area. Many have formed a group called Choomchon Thanon Thalang or “Old Phuket Town Club”. Old Phuket Town Club president, Yindee Manosoonthorn, who set up the club along with some like-minded individuals determined to preserve the area, is ironically not originally from Phuket. Mrs Yindee was born in eastern Trat province but married a Phuket man, Mr Weeraphol, 23 years ago. Mrs Yindee explained that she started to recruit people to join the club four years ago. For 10 years before that, the economy in Thalang Road had taken a dive. The street used to be Phuket’s economic centre, but as shopping centres began popping up around the island, fewer people shopped in the area. “Some of the residents here started to relocate, some sold their businesses and buildings, and some old buildings were renovated to a more modern style as the owners could not afford the maintenance costs,” Mrs Yindee said. Mrs Yindee said she had a vision that if people did not start to conserve Thalang Road, before long its uniqueness would be gone. Not being an ethnic Phuketian, this placed her in a good spot to realise the value of Thalang Road from an outsider’s viewpoint.

Above: Part of the Baba Wedding parade.

Above left: A display at the oldest herb shop in Phuket. Above right: Yindee Manosoonthorn, Old Phuket Town Club president. Once Mrs Yindee began thinking of ways to keep the Thalang Road area alive, she found 10 others who had the same view and the club was born. It was formed in 2008 with 27 members. “We already have nice architecture and buildings, and the daily lifestyle here is different. There is the culture,

food, clothes and traditional customs like Chinese New Year, traditional Baba weddings, the famous Vegetarian Festival and many more. So if we can spread the word, Thalang Road will become a must visit place for tourists,” she said. Mrs Yindee said since the group started, they have

received very good feedback from government agencies and tourists. She’s very proud to become part of this group, which is successfully showing Thalang Road to the world. For more information please contact Mrs Yindee Manosoonthorn on 083 590 4828.



Managing fishing to save our reefs M arine experts gathered earlier this month in Phuket to discuss ways to help coral reefs recover from the devastation of last year’s widespread coral bleaching. The Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC), Prince of Songkla University (PSU), and Project IMPAACT from the University of Victoria in Canada, convened a three-day workshop to discuss the results of a post-bleaching survey, and the way forward to enhance coral reef resilience. Hosted by PMBC, the meeting drew over 25 marine experts from government agencies within the Department of Marine and Coastal Resource, the Department of National Parks, and leading universities. Srisakul Piromwarakorn, a PSU researcher, said “the objectives of this workshop were to discuss where we are in terms of the status of Thai coral reefs after last year’s bleaching, and to get together local experts to discuss the concept of reef resilience and how it can be applied to coral reef management.” Many experts agree that the extent of coral bleaching last year was unprecedented, but noted that many sites have shown signs of recovery. Niphon Phongsuwan, head of the Marine Biology and Ecology Unit at PMBC and one of Thailand’s most experienced coral researchers, said: “In order for corals to recover they need to have the right environment, and the best we can do is to minimise human pressures on

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material that regenerates within 10 years of harvest, which can be easily grown to compensate those that have been cut down.

Marine experts discuss coral reef protection at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre. those sites and improve environmental conditions, especially water quality.” Over 25 resilience factors for Andaman reefs were identified as useful indexes to assess and monitor the coral reef condition. Some of those include the condition of coral and fish communities, pressures from commercial fishing, the impact of human presence and connectivity between coral reef sites. These indexes will be circulated among coral researchers country-wide to help improve long-term monitoring. The workshop concluded that fishing needed to be managed urgently in key coral sites because many herbivorous fish play critical roles in keeping macro algae out and making sure that the space is available for coral growth. Parrotfish is one of the

functional species that many experts believe play a huge role in the reef recovery processes. The fact that this beautifully-colourful fish is heavily caught and readily on sale in markets is disturbing and a cause for concern. Marine scientist Petch Manopawitr from University of Victoria and the Project IMPAACT, who filed this report to The Phuket News, said: “Marine Protected Areas are a powerful tool in this regard, and Thailand is well advanced in terms of setting up individual protected areas. “But we need to look further to develop a Marine Protected Area Network and apply an ecosystem-based approach on a regional level. “Fish have to be seen as wildlife in those key areas and need protection because they play absolutely a key role in ecosystem function.”

Meet the natives E ach week The Phuket News introduces an animal or plant that is found on the island of Phuket.

These beautiful and colourful native parrotfish were for sale at the Rawai beach market at the weekend. Marine scientists are realising the ecological value of this and other mostlyherbivorous fish in promoting the health of threatened coral reefs in the Andaman Sea. This useful fish helps to clean the reefs of algae and promotes the growth of coral species. Its formidable mouthful of teeth can crunch dead coral, the fish eating it and excreting it as sand. One

parrotfish can make 90 kg of sand a year in this way. Of the Labridae family, there are about 90 species of parrotfish, each as spectacular and unbelievable as the next with their blue-green colourings and shapes, and they

grow to between 30-50cm in size. They live in tropical waters around the globe, and simply love coral reefs. If enough people boycott buying this fish to eat, to protect our coral reefs, fisherfolk may catch fewer of them.

Low impact materials GREEN thumb Given the current state of many environments around the world, when constructing a home or garden consider using lowimpact materials. In 1996, construction and development in the USA generated almost 136 million tonnes of waste. Only 20 to 30 per cent of that was recycled. This shows new and nonrecyclable materials used around the home and in landscapes consume massive amounts of resources to produce and distribute, and also create waste when they are demolished. Using “low-impact materials” in construction, or in your garden, is one of many solutions that can relieve the excessive growing numbers of waste and pollution. The use of innovative lowimpact materials include permeable, recycled, recyclable, reflective and non-toxic materials that reduce the impact on the natural environment. The material selection will reduce CO2, reduce the consumption of new materials and maximise the use of natural resources which will help reduce the cost of construction as well. Design your property not only for aesthetic purposes, but to make your home and garden more valuable and useful. Some easy ways to apply the framework of this sustainable method to your house are suggested below. First things first: Begin with an assessment of your site to look for any existing structures, hardscape or landscape amenities that can be reused. Purchasing new materials will cost you a lot more than reusing existing materials. If your site has some existing plants, try to preserve

Above: Old pavement is reused for new plaza. Left: Old bottles are used to line a planting bed, while old bricks are reused to pave footpath. - Photo by Below: Low-impact materials include turf block that allows water to get through to sub soil instead of washing off ground surface.

as many important plants as possible. To grow new plants will cost more and take more energy. Selection: If you have to purchase new materials, try to select local materials and those made with recycled content, which will reduce the cost of production, transportation and even greenhouse grass emissions. Local materials are the right choice as it will create a sense of place that make your home and garden look different from anywhere else. Select rapidly renewable materials that regenerate within ten years of harvest such as bamboo, willow, coir and jute. And also, try to minimise toxic by-products or air-polluting emissions as much as possible such as adhesive coating, paints and sealants. Reuse and recycle: Don’t break every structure such as

existing concrete slabs, you can reuse it as the floor of your new pavilion. Other examples include: pieces of shattered pot can be used to decorate a path. Old tyres can be a flower plot. A pile of old railing wood and bricks can turn to be a nice pavement, and other pavers might be used to line a planting bed. Go green: It’s better to shade constructed surfaces (such as roof, roads and sidewalks) with vegetation, as plants are considered to be a kind of lowimpact material that can reduce heat and CO2. If you need a parking lot or big plaza, consider using permeable materials such as pumice, vesicular basalt, turf block or even create a space for a rain garden. (read The Phuket News issue June 24). Grass can also act as a green carpet on the floor of your landscape.



Rockfish rocks When Phuket real estate agent Nick Anthony drove past an uninspiring restaurant sitting on the shores of Kamala Beach, he knew it had potential and that its lease was coming up for renewal. He called his brother Richard, from Australia but living in London, who jumped at the opportunity to move to a tropical paradise and redesign the restaurant as his own. That was in April 2004, only eight months before the Boxing Day tsunami hit the area, causing extensive damage to the bottom storey of Rockfish restaurant and bar, damaging the wooden structure and f looding it. But thanks to some efficient repairs, the venue was back up and running in a couple of weeks. These days Rockfish is a cruisy, casual and eclectic spot to eat and drink in Phuket, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Despite its rather easyto-miss-location, it has been recommended in both Lonely Planet and Rough Guide as a good place to eat. Word has obviously spread about this great venue. Meals are a mix of Thai and Western dishes, and the

menu is extensive. Richard said he and chef Pui worked together on every dish, taking advantage of Pui’s natural skills in the kitchen and good palate for Thai food, and Richard’s knowledge of western meals. Rockfish offers a full range of Western breakfast menu options, ranging from Richard Anthony, owner of Rockfish. B150-250. For lunch, salads (B300), “Phuket’s islanders don’t drink seafood, fish’n’chips (B350), tea”, “The Ladyboy”, and pasta and burgers (B300), as “Blimey, that’s good”. well as an extensive range of With Rockfish, not only Thai dishes such as curries, is the food good but the atsoups and fish, are available. mosphere is relaxed. People Both the scallops dish can turn up in a t-shirt and (B380) and the deep-fried shorts for dinner, or more calamari with salad and garlic formal clothing. Richard is a mayo (B280) come recomvery friendly host and is there mended on the dinner menu. everyday to welcome people The massaman curry with at the door. Australian ribeye beef, caMake sure you arrive when shews, potato and rice (B500) it is still light to take advantage has got to be one of the best of the island, and tastes of a of the great waterfront views. blend of Thai and Indian curry. Desserts are priced from B120 to B250 and the chocolate brownie is delicious. Creatively-named cocktails (B220-B300) include

Rockfish, 33/6 Kamala Beach Rd, Phuket 83120 (opposite Andara). Phone 076 279 732. – Claire Connell

Scallops at Rockfish.

Calamari with salad and garlic mayo.

Egg noodle soup.

Glass noodle soup.

Many office workers spend long hours sitting at their desk, so when they hear that unique “beep-beep” horn sound, signalling food or other treats nearby, they rush for the nearest exit. One of the producers of that horn sound is Jinna Maneesri, a noodle soup vendor who can be regularly seen, especially around the Naka Temple along Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Rd in Phuket Town.

are made from different dough made from flours of rice, wheat, buckwheat, potato, maize, legumes or nuts. Then, like Italian pasta, the dough is rolled out and cut, or extruded into long thin strips of noodles that can be cooked fresh or dried. The end results are egg, white, glass and rice noodles, and yet more varieties of noodles, some of which are best used freshly-made and not dry. Once the customer’s se-

Oodles of yummy noodles

Noodle man Jinna Maneesri serves up a tasty treat.

Street eats Mr Jinna has been selling his noodle soup to satisfied customers for more than 10 years. Everyday he starts to prepare his ingredients from 3am to 9am, then he rides out on his trusty motorbike with its sidecar to his many waiting customers. The noodle man’s noodles

lection is made, Mr Jinna par-boils the noodles and mix in magical mixtures of garlic, chilli, spices and seasonings, plus pork or fishballs, red roast pork, dumplings, crab and vegetables. Then a boiling delicious soup is added or not, as the customer orders. The dish is reasonably-priced between B30-40, for a very appetising meal or snack. – Sukunya Phoonpong



Above: Fine entrées and tapas galore. Below: The delicious fish main course and salads.

Sunny food in Surin Many happy diners for a Monday night.


art of the joy of being invited to sample a new restaurant’s menu is the anticipation all afternoon of a good evening that lies ahead. Parking the car in front of the Surin Plaza, we suddenly arrive at a more stylish part of the island to be greeted by pleasing architecture. This includes the design of the Cudos restaurant, on the main street next door to the plaza, perhaps drawn by its owner Angus Keeling of Oracle Architects.

The long rectangle space available that leads to an open dining space in the rear has been made cosy, simple and stylishly modern, with large windows opening out to a rainy night sky. The firm warm handshakes and comforting Australian accent of host Managing Director Warren Lucas made us welcome. So did the first glasses of wine served by Warren, a refreshing dry prosecco from Piedmont (B275 a glass), still bubbling with trapped Italian sunshine.

Un Italiano segreto! Advertorial

Over the next few months I will introduce you to some traditional Italian cooking secrets. The ‘Mother Pasta’ for us Italians is something very important and, believe me, in pasta we have a lot of secrets, and lot to say and to discover together. Let’s start with which is the right way to cook pasta, and also to have a look at our tradition and culture. Secret 1: Pasta al dente In cooking, the Italian expression al dente describes pasta that has been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. But there is more reasoning behind it than just texture. Pasta al dente has a low Glycemic Index (GI – a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels). This means that pasta al dente produces carbohydrates which break down slowly during digestion and release glucose gradually into the bloodstream. Pasta cooked more than al dente becomes soft, and the carbohydrates break down more quickly, so they release glucose more quickly into the bloodstream, which creates a high GI. So now we can see why the Italians love pasta al dente. Next time: Why are there so many pasta types? Spaghetti, tagliatelle, maccheroni (or macaroni), fusilli, farfalle, the list goes on. Danilo Sangrigoli is the CEO of Bellini & Foodservice Asia, based in Kathu, Phuket. www.,

From the eight tapas and mezze dishes on the menu, we choose Piquillo peppers, tuna salad and basil oil (B250) and duck, pine nut and feta cigars (B190), and that introduce the subtle combinations of fresh Mediterranean tastes, typical to the rest of the menu. The duck flavour is strong on the palate and the attractive filled cones of red peppers deliver a smooth and creamy taste of tuna. Chilled light-yellow Little Yering chardonnay from the Yarra

Thai cuisine in Bangladesh Two chefs from Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket will showcase royal Thai cuisine at a Thai Food and Cultural Festival in Bangladesh from July 19 to 28. Having worked at the Dusit resort for 21 years, demi-chef de partie Boonram Chuamchuay will represent the resort with kitchen assistant Eakaluk Junsakul at this 10-day international event to be held at Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel in Dhaka. Over 50,000 visitors are expected to attend the event, which is co-organised by the Royal Thai Embassy in Dhaka and Thai Airways International. The chefs plan to impress by preparing authentic southern Thai cuisine, including signatures dish nam prik goong siab (Phuket-style dipping sauce of dried-shrimp, chili and smoked shrimp paste served with vegetables) alongside with some of the famous Thai dishes, such as tom yam goong (traditional sour and spicy prawn soup), and tom kha gai (coconut soup with chicken and galangal). The resort’s Ruen Thai restaurant is open for dinner at 6pm-11pm (closed on Sundays and Mondays).

Managing Director Warren Lucas and Executive Chef Belinda Tuckwell. Valley subtly complements. The hummus in the hummus, grilled eggplant with honey and lemon, and labna dish (B180) has a sweet chutney taste, to be scooped up by freshly-made thin pita bread. Wood-roasted mushrooms, garlic, thyme, lemon and fresh mozzarella (B380) came next, adding more fresh taste of crunchy and smoky mushrooms. Two more glasses with dark pink of Gassier Rose from the Cotes de Provence (B275) take one over there, briefly. The mozzarella cheese came surprisingly from a farm in Phang Nga Province as the restaurant tries to use fresh local produce. Filling up fast by now with

The outdoor backspace, ready for fine evenings. tasty food and wine, we shared delicious grouper with fried butter beans, sour lemon and garlic dressing (B500). Australian grass-fed ribeye, wild mushroom, salsa verde and asparagus (B1,050) and lamb rack, zatar spice, tabbouleh salad, hummus and saffron yoghurt (B1,200) also appeal to this meat eater, for a future visit perhaps. “Replete?” asks Mr Keeling at our table. We are, tastewise as well. Executive Chef Belinda Tuckwell, more recently from Noosa in Austra-

lia, also comes out to meet us. The restaurant, which is open everyday, has been almost full, even for this rainy Monday evening. The big open space in the back under the towering tamarind tree will come in handy on long warm high-season evenings. – Norachai Thavisin Cudos is open everyday from 5pm at 117 Moo 3 Srisoonthorn Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang (next to Surin Plaza). Visit cudosrestaurant. com. Tel: 076 386 598.

For more information, visit or phone 07636 2999 ext 7310.






An Extraordinary Wine Dinner At Dusit Thani

Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family

An extraordinary wine dinner where authentic Thai cuisine meets fine Thai wines. Discover a truly remarkable dining experience, featuring four courses of signature cuisine with a Thai flair. Perfectly paired with impeccable Thai wines from the Chateau des Brumes winery by Village Farm & Winery and be carried away by the the sounds of live Thai music. Reception at 6.30pm. Price: B2,000++ per person. For more information, please logon to

THIS MONTH ... Learn to SwimThis Summer at TSLC

Let your kids enjoy sports and adventure this summer at This comprehensive program helps develop a wide

range of skills to ensure children are competent in all strokes, water safety and survival. Qualified instructors will teach classes in all six levels of our program. We recommend group lessons for most children learning to swim. However, for those requiring individual attention, private classes can be arranged. Class times: 45 minute sessions from 9am-12pm or from 4pm-6pm. Price B200 per class per person. Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club. Contact 076 336 000,

UNTIL AUGUST 31 iFly Flying Trapeze by KidzSole

families, BDAY parties, and corporate events. Be in the iFLY fantasy fly show. 084 837 5726,

UNTIL AUGUST 05 TSLC Kids Summer Camps

“Learn to Fly” on Asia’s only Mini Flying Trapeze open to the public at Laguna Summer Family Festival. There are many reasons to go on holiday. One is to enjoy new culture and to gain new experiences for the family. iFLY are offering that chance, to create memories to last a lifetime and to try something new and unique with the entire family. Classes are open to all ages at all times. Great for

a range of sports and activities from football and swimming to nature walks and trekking. The camps include: • Developing self esteem, confidence and leadership qualities. • Professional, internationally accredited specialist instructors. • Encouraging every student to “Be the best they can be”. Programmes available for: Half Day – B600 (either 9am-12.30pm or 1.30pm5pm) Full Day - B1,000. 5 Days - B4,000.076 336 000 ext.1608.

UNTIL JULY 30 Summer Camps at BIS Phuket

BIS Phuket runs its very popular Sports and Adventure Camp simultaneously with its renowned English Camp. Whether children are looking to learn English or have the holiday of a lifetime in an exciting and action-packed sports camp, BIS Phuket has something for every youngster this summer. Courses are available by the week, as Day Camp or Full Camp, and are open to ages 8-16. Contact 076 238 711.

JULY 22 Ole Bar One Year Party

Let your kids enjoy sports and adventure this summer at Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club’s kids summer camps. Children from 7-14 years old can join the fun with a wide variety of sports to choose from. Each day will combine

List your events on our website and here for free

Welcome to Ole Bar’s one year party! Free food and live music at the party. Ole bar is a fun bar with good music and nice people, that can keep you company if you are bored or want someone to talk to. Come here for a single drink or a fun all night. Start at 6.30pm to late. Call 089 018 3654.

Kidz Lounge with movies and games, bouncy castle and trampoline, and quiz night

on Wednesdays. See www.

84/21 Patak Road Soi 10 across the Karon Post Office 076 333 222., www.facebook. com/ccblooms.hotel sales@

The IBAP (International Business Association of Phuket) Business Fair is back. The exhbition will feature exhibitors from all industries in Phuket and beyond.

Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family Festival runs until 27 August with Artistin-Residence Christopher Hogan’s daily art classes 2pm-4.30pm at B1,000 for children and B 2,000 for adults; and performance artist Greta Caponnetto’s children’s Circus Skills classes from 5.00pm at B200 per session. There’s daily Kidz Zone afternoon adventure activities 2pm-5pm for kids aged 5-15 at B200 per kid. Evening entertainment at the Festival Beer Tent with Happy Hour bar 5-7pm; BBQ food, live big screen sports. Kidzole Flying Trapeze,

JULY 23 Great Chef with Great Menu You are cordially invited to a culinary experience seven course cooked by Haikal Johari, Executive Chef of Water and Library Restaurant, Bangkok and Sandro Aguilera, Executive Sous Chef of Centara Grand Beach Resort, Phuket at the finest Italian Mare restaurant. Enjoy great menu from Jagota Food Solutions for Professionals paired with exquisite wine. The seven course menu includes oyster,Vodka and pearls,tuna and beef oyster blade and Parfum sucre Felchlin grancru chocolate. Call 076 201 234.

JULY 23-24 Canoeing Competition 2011

July 30-31 IBAP Business Fair

NEXT MONTH ... AUGUST AUGUST 12 HM the Queen’s Birthday Commemorates the birthday of Queen Sirikit, also observed as National Mother’s Day (Wan Mae Haeng Chart). It is a public holiday.

AUGUST Por Tor Festival Vichit Municipality invite to the canoeing competition 2011. Saturday July 23: Canoeing training and practice. Sunday July 24: canoeing comettition. At Mudong Canal, Moo 6, Vichit. Free register. For more information contact the Education Division. Vichit Municipality 076 525 100 ext. 170,172.

JULY 23 Christmas in July Pool Party Christmas in July Pool Party on Saturday, July 23 at CC Bloom’s Hotel, Kata. 5pm-10pm. Free Cabaret show from Kiss Bar Secret. Santa Claus gift for everyone free traditional Christmas dinner.

As well as local exhibitors, this year the show will also feature celebrity appearances, lots of prizes and free giveaways and much more. Spaces are limited. Special appearances by Princess of R&B: Lydia. Contact Events Thailand, info@eventsthailand. net.

Ethnic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. The seventh

lunar month in the Chinese calendar is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits released to wander or revisit homes. During the festival, people bring food and nicely-decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass onto those spirits. An essential offering for the festival is red turtleshaped cake, large or small. They believe that turtles symbolise longevity.



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Happy Hour? Special promo? Live Music? Live Sport? Brunch? Dinner? Spa Promo? List here for


FRIDAY Tri-Nations Rugby Australia v South Africa. Sat 23rd, 5.00pm at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. 089 2262878.

Friday Night Soul The Pjae Stanley Band, with US female soul singer Pjae Stanley at Opus One Restaurant, Surin Plaza, Surin Beach.

TapasTree TapasTree (Near Peppers Bar Laguna) Buy one get one free cocktails. Resident DJ 70s to date. Great tapas. 088 443 4166.

Colin Hill Colin Hill performs(duo) every second Friday at Legends Bar in Kamala, with local guitarist “Florian” . Call 081 079 1069.

Beach BBQ Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club, Surin (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. Call 076 316 567.

Curry Fridays at Navrang Mahal Alternate Fridays, all-you -can-eat authentic Indian curry buffet, B449 net per person. Draught beer B50. 7pm-11.30pm. Call 076 286 464.

Indian Night At RPM Due to the overwhelming success of our “Indian Feast” at “Les Anges”, guests can now enjoy this unique event regularly. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from 7-10pm. This authentic homemade Indian buffet will be prepared and served by in-house Indian Chef Padum Kahtri. Only B495++. Re ser vat i o ns re c o m mended, please call “Les Anges” on 076 360 803 Or call Khun Murat on 081 797 3364.

Tapas & Wine Night Order tapas, as much as you like plus one bottle of wine. B1,200 net per person. 6-11pm at White Box Kalim. 076 346 271.

50% Off All Drinks From 10pm-12 midnight with live music, Roaring Bhoys. Every Friday. Irish Times Irish pub, Jungceylon, Patong.

day brunch in Phuket at Twinpalms. 12-3pm (from B1,190++ per person). Call 076 316 577.

Champagne Brunch at Trisara

Middle Eastern Buffet Night At The Bistro. Millennium Resort Patong. B 690++ per person. 076 601 704.

Fillet Friday Enjoy the best steak deal in Phuket. Fillet steak, salad, potato and a beer for B250. From 6-9pm at 5!5! Bar, OTOP shopping centre. Call 086 786 5501.

BBQ Ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

SATURDAY Rider Cafe - Free Biker BBQ From 6pm this Saturday on the By Pass Road at West Coast Riders. All riders welcome. More details call 085 244 8755.

TapasTree TapasTree (Near Peppers Bar Laguna). Resident DJ 70s to date. Great tapas. 088 443 4166.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. Contact 081 895 4763.

BBQ Buffet B295 at Shakers, Rat-UThit Road Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas call 081 891 4381.

All Major Sports Live On the big screen. F1, Motor GP, Tennis, Golf, AFL, NRL. Irish Times,Irish Pub, Jungceylon, Patong.

Saturday Family Brunch At Club Yamu by Twinpalms. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. Call 076 310 557,

BBQ Seafood Buffet By the pool at Level Four Restaurant. Millennium Resort. B1,200++ per person. Call 076 601 704.

20% off all Pizzas At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

SUNDAY Sunday Brunch Enjoy the original Sun-

E v e r y S u n d a y, t h e beachfront bar becomes a celebration of f ine wines, exquisite tapas, live cooking stations and Phuket’s best dessert, featuring the cool sounds of a jazz trio. Come and indulge in Roederer Champagne or a wide variety of wines. Kids club welcome all children with complimentary snacks. Advance reservations reccommended on 076 310 100 or

Salsa Night Happy to announce the 4th salsa event at RPM. Dance the cha-cha, bachata, samba and rumba to the sounds of our resident DJ’s “Miscaro” and percussionist “Oy”. Live on the boardwalk outside Les Anges 8pm onwards. Entrance: free. Dress: colourful. For all enquiries please contact Anna & Dider on 084 306 2016 or Mr Murat on 081 797 3364.

Family Brunch on The Boardwalk Les Anges at Royal Phuket Marina introduces “Family Brunch on the Boardwalk”. Each and every Sunday, starting 11am-3pm. Mums and dads dine on the sumptuous buffet, including one complimentary welcome cocktail, while the kids can enjoy all their favorites including pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs and homemade ice cream. B795++ Adults, include one glass of house wine, 50 per cent discount. Children under 12 eat for free. Call 076 360 803.

Best Sunday Carvery in Phuket Roast beef, BBQ ham, chicken, pork and Yorkshire pudding. All you can eat B399. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

Sunday Family Brunch At Club Yamu by Twinpalms. Noon till 3pm. Enjoy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. Call 076 310 557.

Sunday Roast Buffet B350 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations call 081 891 4381.


Chef Dinner at Surin Gate Kitchen

Book & DVD Exchange at Duke’s

Star t at 7.30 pm, four courses for B750 with awarded Chef Daniel Isberg. 086 047 1474.,

Duke’s at Kata is happy to sponsor the ChickyNet monthly book and DVD exchange. We meet every second Monday of the month. Visit ChickyNet. com or for details.

Steak Buffet Night By the pool at Level Four restaurant, Millennium Resort Patong. B790++ per person. 076 601 704.

Roaring Bhoys Live Music every Monday night. The largest selection of draught beer in Phuket. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

BBQ Buffet Only B295 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick Patong and Kalim. Reservations 081 891 4381.

TUESDAY Beach BBQ Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. 076 316 567.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. Contact 081 895 4763.

Salsa Dance With Didier and Anna in their Dance Studio at The Green Man Pub. Dance continues in the pub after class. Happy hour 6-7 pm. Call 084 437 0233.

Rotary Club of Patong Beach Weekly meeting of the only English-speaking Rotary Club on Phuket at the Aloha Villa Hotel (Dinner out on the first Tuesday of mont).

20% off all Pizzas At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim area. Call 081 891 4381.

Middle Easternz Buffet Night At The Bistro. Millennium Resort Patong. B 690++ per person. 076 601 704.

WEDNESDAY Wicked Wednesdays at Delish Delish-ous selection of cakes with your favourite coffee or tea only B99 at Delish cafe, Viset Road, Rawai, 150metre past Tesco Lotus.

Salsa Class RPM Salsa c las s at Royal Phuket Marina from 7.309pm. For more info on

Interactive Pub Quiz night. Starts from 8pm every Wednesday night. The largest se lection of draught beer in Phuket. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

BBQ Ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim. Call on 081 891 4381.

you a “Buy 1 get the same one free” promotion. The Luna Bar, Centara Grand Beach Resort. Call 076 201 234.

Currie Cup Rugby Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

ITM Cup Rugby Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

GAA Football & Hurling Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

3-Hour Happy Hour

By the pool at Level Four restaurant. Millenium Resort Patong. B1,200++ per person. Call 076 601 704.

“ 3 - hour ” Happy H our Monday-Friday, 4pm-7pm. Beer from B50. House Spirits B90. Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. 089 226 2878.


Duke’s Sports Bar at Kata

Colin Hill (Solo) At Enigma Bar

Watch your favorite sports and enjoy a cold beer at the best little sports bar in Phuket. Special “drink of the day” B110, all day - every day.

BBQ Seafood Buffet

Aussie expat, Colin “Illy” Hill plays solo at Enigma bar, Rawai. Time 9pm-midnight. Contact Illy on 089 777 3063 or

Pub Quiz The Green Man Pub, near Chalong circle. The famous pub quiz with Master John and beat Howard on his landlord’s question. Call 084 437 0233.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. Contact 081 895 4763.

Rawai Ballroom and Latin Dance At The Green Man Pub, near Chalong circle. More info please visit on http:// Hope to see you on the floor.

Cheap Charlie’s Rooftop BBQ all you can eat and live entertainment B150 per person. Nanai Road b et ween Royal Crown and Soi Banzaan. Call 082 221 2922.

DAILY Sunset Happy Hours & Ninjazz Don’t let pass the Sunset happy hours between 5pm and 7pm when offer

July Live Sports Tri Nations Rugby, Netball World Cup, FIFA Womens World Cup, Tour de France. At Australia Bar & Grill. Call 089 226 2878.

Peppers Quiz Night Peppers Sports Bar daily happy hour, great food, full English breakfast. Open from 8.30am. All spor ts shown. Laguna area. 088 443 4166.

Rawai Buffet Breakfast B129 at Tiffany Restaurant. Fried potato, dark bread, fresh coffee and more. Near The Vijitt resort, Rawai. Contact 085 786 6272.

Australia Bar & Grill at Kata Projector screen plus 50” TV’s. TrueVisions and Astro systems. All live sport include AFL, NRL, rugby, F1, football. 089 226 2878.

Escentika Spa Special Promotion Millennium Resort, Patong. A very special promotion, 50 per cent discount for all massages and 30 per cent discount for all treatments from “a la carte menu”. Reservation call on 076 601 944.



Celebrity watch Shock split

French celebrate Manuela and Christian Fornasier.

Joffrey Tissier and Philippe Entremont enjoy a laugh together.

Bastille Day was celebrated in true French style at the Phawadee Village Hotel, Patong Beach last Thursday night. Hotel owners Claude de Crissey and Phawadee de Crissey

Above: Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkaosuttirak and Claude de Crissey with some French coloured balloons. Right: Denciana Lumaday and Bernard Nonclerco.

provided entertainment, fireworks, a buffet dinner and held lucky draws throughout the evening. In attendance was Phuket’s Vice Governor Somkiat Sangkaosuttirak.

Marc Anthony discussed his shock marriage split from Jennifer Lopez at a concert last weekend. He pair announced they had gone their separate ways after seven years of marriage on Friday. They have three-year-old twins Max and Emme together, and the news came as a surprise to many as they were thought to be very happy together. Anthony was performing at the Símon Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Bogotá, Columbia.

Singer engaged Nicole Scherzinger is engaged to Lewis Hamilton, her father has claimed. The singer has been dating the formula one star for around four years, and there have been many rumours they are planning to tie the knot. Nicole’s dad Alfonso Valiente has apparently confirmed the speculation is true, saying he couldn’t be happier about the wedding plans. “My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really downto-earth. My family all like him. The good spirit is there.’’

Unusual baby name Actress Kate Hudson and her rock star boyfriend Matt Bel-

lamy have followed Hollywood protocol by giving their new baby an unusual name. The Muse lead singer announced on Twitter that the pair have named their son Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy. The baby was born on July 9.

Sheen to return to TV Charlie Sheen, who had a spectacular fall from TV grace on his former sitcom Two and a Half Men, has confirmed reports he will return to television in a new comedy, Anger Management, based on the 2003 movie of the same name. The film starred Adam Sandler as a man who is forced into anger management counseling only to meet an instructor (Jack Nicholson), who is more than a bit angry himself. “I think it’s a great concept,’’ Sheen said. Sheen had been TV’s highest paid actor for his role as Charlie Harper, a boozing womanizing bachelor on number one-rated comedy Two and a Half-Men. But earlier this year he was fired by its makers and CBS, the network that aired the show, after he lashed out in public rants at its creator Chuck Lorre.



To advertise in our classifieds visit JOB WANTED Butler House Manager Professional Head Butler, 43, previous extensive experience with Buckingham Palace and an internationally-renowned Hollywood producer is now available. Interested parties kindly email enquiries to p.v.b.b@

JOB AVIALABLE Secretary Required Secretary required. Must speak and write Thai and English. Please your send CV: or call 084 449 3863.

Senior Web Programmer Web&IT Agency is currently searching for a Senior Web Programmer/Developer. Interested? Please send your CV/Resume.

ing and experienced tour guide needed. Great rates of pay. Contact Aon 083 390 4924.

Receptionist Needed Great salary, great bonuses to the right candidate. Must speak Thai and English. Call Lei for interview. 080 038 7599.

Homemaker/PA Single,attractive female under 32 years. College graduate with good English, live in. Own luxury apartment and transportation provided. Flexible hours and liberal time off. Swimming pool, health club and tennis cour ts steps away. Send CV to

Job Available at DIVE SUPPLY We are looking for: Sales representative (Westener) and secretar y/assistant (Thai). Please check www.

TV Cameraman Wanted

Reservation Sales Agent

Professional experience with Pro HD Cameras and editing with Final Cut Pro essential. Send CV to

Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, 076 602 500.

Travel Writer

One Touch Service Attendant

We are looking for a native English speaker who has excellent grammar skills and able to write in variety of styles. Contact jobs@

Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, call 076 602 500.


Gift Shop Attendant

Accountant wanted for cooking school and food services business. Thai national. For more information please call: 082 816 0126 or

Waitress Experience Waitress wanted for our new restaurant Cherngtalay area. Contact 081 787 2717.

Teacher Wanted

Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, call 076 602 500.

Duty Manager Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact, call 076 602 500

Engineering Maintenance (3)

Muang Thalang Secondary School is looking for a foreign English teacher. TEFL certificate and work permit are required. Send CV to

Thai, age not more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Cashier, Cook and Cleaner

Accounting Staff Required

A Cashier, cook and cleaner are required for a large bar (lady owner) in Rawai. Good English skills required. Call 089 071 0169.

Hostess Needed Must be happy, caring, nice and friendly for tour company. Excellent salary. Must be Thai and speak English. 083 390 4924.

Tour guide A really happy, smart, car-

Expanding, 10 years in business, urgently requires a Senior Accountant, five years experience and two junior accountants. Cherng Talay area. Send your CV to

Architecture and Mechanics Design Architecture - Mechanics Design wanted: 1. Thai national 2. Can use AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, 3D-

Max. Please contact sec@

Teacher For Nursery We are looking for a native English speaker to work part-time with children 18 months to three years-old. We train. 082 323 1188.

Phuket Event Company Hiring Wedding planner, part time admin staff. Please mail your CV to hr@phukete

Carpenter Urgently Needed Hard-working, punctual and responsible working. Six days per week, off sunday, We offer good benefit security fund fully-paid by us. 076 350 465.

Assist. Sport & Recreation Manager Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, 076 602 500.

Order Taker Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, call 076 602 500.

Food & Beverage Attendant Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, call 076 602 500.

Duty Engineer Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact, call 076 602 500.

Landscape Attendant (2) Thai, aged no more than 35 years. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Temporary Beach Boy Thai, aged not over 35 years, one years experi-

ence in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Demi Chef de Partie Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, 076 602 500.

Houseman Thai, age not more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Sales Staff for Cherng Talay Good English, positive attitude, good in sales, outgoing personality. Salary B12,000 plus commission. Contact Phuket Pool Tables 085 782 1200.

Swimming Pool Service Staff Wanted: swimming pool service staff. Male or female okay. Experience good but not essential for job .Please call 076 620 193 to make an appointment.

Animator Wanted Using 3D max, bachelor degree, hard working. Call 076 245 734.

Maid To take care of house and give daily massage to 70 year-old American. Email to

Native Russian Speaker Wanted

High proficiency in written and spoken English, able to speak and understand Thai. 081 803 7189,

web project. Good experience of Google Maps v3. Please send CV to bee@

Native English Teacher Female caucasian to teach class of 10-12, 3-5 year old children. Chalong, MonFri 8am-4pm. Immediate start. phuketpreschool@, 080 624 7060.

Reggae Keyboardist or Lead Guitarist Cool new reggae band in Phuket is looking for a keyboardist or lead guitarist. Call 087 895 7284.

Secretary / Assistant Manager Female, bachelor degree. Speak ing, w r it ing and reading English well. Must have at least two or three years work experience. 081 737 9049.

Commis I Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, 076 602 500.

Guest Service Attendant Thai, aged no more than 30 years, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Office Administrator Needed Bachelor degree, fe male, good command of English both written and spoken. Good computer skills. Send your resumé to marketing@phuketphoto

Accounting Manager B ac h e l o r d e g r e e, f i ve years’ work experience, preferably in property industry, knowledge of taxation, good English. Call 076 345 212.

Job Management Desk Needed Good administrative and organisational skills. Good communications skills, strong basic to intermediate English. 076 226 084.

Phuket Event Company Hiring Looking for event planner, models, female promotion staff, bartenders and service staff. Contact hr@

Assistant Sales Manager Based in Bangkok. Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experiece in field. Contact jobs.

Native English Speaking Teacher Need native English speaking teacher with ability to speak, read and write Thai. Contact Robin on 081 803 7189.

Sales Manager (Bangkok) Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact, call 076 602 500.

Pastry Chef Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs.phuket@radisson. com, 076 602 500.

Health Consultant is seeking a Thai national to join our detox team. Excellent English required.

Programmer Good experience in PHP, Javascript /Ajax, CSS3, HTML5 and mySQL for our

The Phuket News is looking to add to its ever growing team of professionals and seeks:

Sales Manager (Thai or Foreigner ) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Self discipline in developing and managing sale volumes

Sales Representatives (Thai National) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Must have good command of English & Thai

Tele Sale Executives (Thai National) Due to the high demand of our publications we now seek the following: AREA SALES REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities :

- Responsible for sales activities in Phuket, Krabi, Hua-Hin and Samui - Generating new leads through assigned territory - Responsible for sourcing and developing client relationship

Qualifications :

- Thai or Foreigner - Excellent communication and negotiation skills in English - Able to travel in all territories on a monthly basis - Must hold a valid driving license

We offer:

- Competitive salary, bonuses and travel expenses - Friendly work environment - Social security (10%) paid by the company - Excellent career progress opportunity

- Able to work to deadlines - Experience in sales or telesales would be an advantage - Must have good command of English & Thai

Reporter (Thai National)

- A curiosity for news and breaking stories. - A willingness to learn. - Good English speaker and communicator - Must have above average English writing skills. - A proficient photographer. - Must be able to work unsupervised and be a self starter. - Must be willing to work after hours to cover events. Some weekend work will be required. - Applicants must have their own car and driver’s licence.

We offer:  Competitive salary, bonuses and travel expenses  Friendly

work environment security (10%) paid by the company  Excellent career progress opportunity  Social

Please email full resume in English indicating expected salary with recent photo to or call 076 612 550-2 for more info.



To advertise in our classifieds visit CONTENTS Accommodation Available....................34 Animal Care................34 Apartments & Villa Rentals...............34 Articles for Sale.........34 Boats & Yachts..........34 Business Opportunities............34 Business Services....................34 Cars for Rent............35 Cars for Sale..............35 Child Care Servies.....35 Clubs & Associations.............35 Computer- Sales-Repairs............35 Diving Sales & Equipment.................35 Diving Services.........35 Jewellery & Accessories..............36 Miscellaneous Items Wanted......................35 Motorbikes for Rent..35 Motorbikes for Sales..35 Personal Services................35-36 Personals Wanted......36 Pets for Sale...............36 Property & Concierge Services.....................36 Property for Rent..36-37 Property for Sale.......37 Trade Directory..........38

ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE Inexpensive Stay in Phuket

Limthong House is a small guesthouse in Phuket. More detail please visit

Andaman Cove Condos Three luxury condos for rent inside the Evason Phuket. View www.anda

Cheapest Rooms Condo Rental

midify and fan functions. Exhaust unit, remote and owner’s manual. B6,000. Call 08 5325 0804.

Expobar Coffee Machine B45,000 Coffee machine-Picture http://www.phuketbazar. com/general/electronic/ expobar-coffee-machinei-45-000-available-l521. html.

Pizza or Bakery Oven B20,000 Picture http://www.phuket b a z a r. c o m / g e n e r a l / electronic/gas-pizza-orbakery-oven-thb20-000-i20-000-available-l522. html.

Mazda/Ford Brake Pads Full set front and rear Mazda original brake pads to fit Mazda 323/Ford Laser. Unused. Purchased B6,000. Sell B3,000. 081 271 5311.

Carpet for Sale

4 Large 9”x12” High-end carpets. Call Brian on 089 054 4354.

Moving Sale Two green potted palms three metres in hight, two large water jars, large pots, two stylish fountains, two potted Dock Bua with stand holder. Call 087 925 3778.

Jamis Cycle for sale

Jamis 19” frame. Good for tall person. 21 Shimano gears. New hubs, road tyres, stand and bottle holder. B7,000. Call 081 537 9196.

Boss Super Overdrive Pedal Plus Boss compression sustainer and “Rock” Delay pedals. All in good working condition. B1,000 each. Call 081 537 9196.

Cheap rooms. B2,500, B2,800, B3,000 per month, fully-furnished for rent weekly, monthly in Phuket Town near Super Cheap. 082 420 3134.

Pepper spray large (60g) B 600. Lipstick size (24g) B400. Call 089 896 5600.


Wii console + games, B6,000 ONO. Call Bec 084 845 5643.

Chaofah Pet Hospital

Tattoo Removal Laser for Sale

8/28–29 Moo 9, Chaofah East Road. 076 283 365, 083 501 8488.


Wii Console for Sale

Sale remove tattoo laser, call 080 718 1686, email,

Roland 80XL Guitar Amp

Good condition, suit yacht to 50’. Complete and ready for use, includes wheel mount unit. B15,000. Call 083 647 6659.

Portable Air Conditioner

Epiphone Wilshire ’66 guitar

Fujiaire has cool, dehu-

Reissue in Black/white.

Kustom KG210 Guitar Amp

Kustom 2x10” speakers. Built in Reverb delay. Line out. MP3 in. Two channe ls, hi gh - g ain. N ew boxed. B4,500. 081 537 9196.

Zee Zee Interior Grand Sale Old Java funiture items. The third floor of Zee Zee Interior. All items on sale. Clearance Sale. Call 076 620 095.

Mountain Bike for Sale Mongoose Td24, bought six months ago for B14,000, selling B8,000. Used about four times, as new. 083 691 8784.

Office/Home Equipment

Standing shelf, 24”Sanyo LCD, 22”LG LCD, 35-litre waterfilter, 750-litre Nano watertank, Samsung security system four cameras. 086 281 8883.

Bakery Oven for Sale Brand new gas bread oven for a bakery business, one door. Price B16,000. Call 081 892 5538.

Two Arms Flour Mixer for sale Brand new, size for 1-5 kg. Price B20,000. Call 081 892 5538.


Pepper Spray

The Roland 80XL. 80watt, 12” speaker, four channels, 11 Amp models, 8FX.Looper, four switchable channels. New boxed. B15,000. 081 537 9196.

Aries Windvan Complete Unit

t wo mini - humbuckers hand made in UK. Hot overdr ive. SG sound, one year old. Carry bag. B9,600. 081 537 9196.

18FT, two good as new engines 60HP Mercury and 8HP Mercury. Thai Reg’n Priced to sell. Very cheap at B130,000. Please phone Gordon (ENG) 081 892 4804.

Surfing SUP Equipment

Longtail Surf Shop sells surfing equipment deicated to SUP for fitness and core workouts SUP Retail/Whol/Rental//Tour. 076 620 201.

Azimut 46 $612,0 0 0. Year 20 01, functionality and flair in one stylish Italian package. 085 887 7414.

Inflatable Canoe

LodeStar Canoe for sale

3 pax size. B20,000 One year old and used twice. VGC. Call 081 985 2478.

Riviera Motoryacht For sale as new at US$ 190,000 ono. Full-time captain, length 40 ft, sleep five, game fishing/cruises. Call Duilio 081 820 6313.

Grady White Tournament 19 Merc Optimax 150hp w per 172hrs. New everything. Too much to list. B675,000. mmcgrath2@, call Matt 089 587 1862.

Wharram Tiki 30 Thai registered 20 0 9,whar ram tiki 3 0 cruising catamaran,ready to sail, give sleep up to 6 in 3 bunks B1.800.000.

SkyHigh New Amazing Boat Choose the style and difference, cruise with DreamCruiseAsia on SkyHigh the unique boat in Phuket. www.dream

Stand Up Paddle Phuket’s first and only SUP dedicated shop. Visit www.standuppaddlethai. com. Call Mam on 081 9 8 5 2478, jimsupthai

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Six Websites For Sale Commercial sites. Five in French and one in English. Made on Worpdress. Contact at maxidive@ or 081 090 3698 (From October).

Kamala Bar for Sale

Large bar on main road of Kamala . Owner returning to Australia. Chattels include pool table, stock, furniture. Bedroom and two toilets and private shower room. Good storage space also. Priced to sell quickly. Monthly rent only B8,000. Contact owners Peter or Chompoo on 084 844 3504 or 087 898 0508.

Business for Sale Nine bedroom hotel in Rawai, plus two bedroom house for staff or for the owner. Year around customers. B3 million. (Eng) 087 280 3282 / (Th) 081 797 9046.

Rawai Plaza

Lease opportunities, newly developed shopping complex. New available, one massage, one salon and two shops. Contact

Shop for Rent Prime potential shop for rent in prime commercial location. Also has

franchise opportunity for Bellini. For more information call 082 816 0126 or email

Bar For Sale On Nanai Road, (Soi 8), next to Seeka Resor t. Four years lease, four rooms, three bathrooms, and staffs. Optional price B600,000. 083 593 7553.

Internet System & CCTV Internet system, computer sales and service and accessery, wireless, and CCTV. 081 538 6237.

3D Animation And Perspective Over eight years experiences, 3D Animation and Perspective high quality.


Pearl Shop for Sale

Hospitality technology systems. POS system for F&B, spa and retail businesses. Hotel and property reservation systems. See

Thai Bistro for Sale

Suanluang Wedding & Studio

Large pearl shop located at Patong beach for sale. With fully furnished, talented staffs, high quality product. 087 047 5767. B e au t i f u l T h a i b i st r o on Soi Saiyuan, Rawai Beach for sale. Fully Thai style furnished. Chef and staff (optional). Recipe. 087 047 5767.

Bar/Guesthouse Pattaya Sale

One-stop wedding centre, providing a wonderful party including gowns, wedding cake, engagement rings, decorations, limousines. Call 076 221 976.

Get Exposure

Bar and six apartments in gay area-Sunny Plaza. Fully furnished, price B2.3 million ono, no key money,

Add your business to our directory for free and get reviews. www.Hotin

Internet Cafe for Sale Patong

Forty-satang copy, menu, card, colour printing/copiers, binding/laminating, rubber stamp etc. Free delivery order from B1,000.

Rat-U-Thit 200 pee Road. opposite to post office. 60sqm. Three years lease left. Rent B35,000 per month. sale B800,000. Call 081 908 8303.

Massage Shop for Sale Patong Beach, Nanai Rd, next to Seeka Hotel, fully furnished ready to run business, Quick sale 150,000 B. 083 593 3768.

BUSINESS SERVICES Tile It Thalang. Wana Park on Srisoonthorn Rd. Phuket’s Quality Tile Boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 16 8 or 081 424 2828. Email

Printing & Design Printing: competitive price and quality. Onsite service all process. Please visit www.marketingphuket. com. for full details.

Alarms & CCTV

Cheap Copy

Fully Programable LED Signs

Programable LED signs perfect advertising for all busineses call for free demo phuket area. Call 084 377 2526.

ASEAN Hotelworks

Hospitality solutions, asset management and project marketing services for resorts, estates, condos. See

Aquatira Zen Interior, furniture design, fitted and loose furniture packages, project management, professional photography. www.aquati

Global Services Agent Daily tour, bespoke travel, accommodation, business travel, visa runs. See

LED Shower Head

Protect your home or office with an alarm system and CCTV cameras. Call for more info on 085 798 9469 or

Simply replace your shower head with the led shower head and it will change color depending on the water temp. 084 377 2526.

Web Design

Maximum Security for Hotels

Webdesign plus af ter sales service, included marketing technical (SEO) , key word, usable via IPad, iPhone.

Instruct your security chief in the development of the most sophisticated precautions specific to your facility. 089 896 5600.



To advertise in our classifieds visit CARS FOR RENT Pure Car Rental: Phuket Good quality car for rent with honest and reliable services more than 30 years in Phuket. Call 076 211 002 or visit

riculum. Experienced native English teachers to teach ages 1½ -6. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Bus service available from Patong, Karon, Kat a, Phuket, Rawai and Chalong. Please contact for more information. Call 076 282 232, 080 624 7060. www.

Black Fortuner Smart TRD @ 28k

International Kindegarten

Excellent condition, low mileage, drives perfectly, long term rent at B28,000 per month. 085 7821 200

International Kindergarten. English teachers, UK and Singapore curriculum, small class sizes. Best choice. Contact 082 323 1188.

Ford Focus 2.0s 5-Door for Rent Special price for short and long term rental. First class insured. Call 081 908 8303.

New Mazda2 & New Vios For Rent First-class insured with free delivery, special price for short and long term rental. Call 083 690 9159. or

CARS FOR SALE Suzuki Vitara Four Door 19 9 6, dark red, good c ondition. Automatic, B310,000. 089 873 5947.

Toyota Yaris Silver 2008 Toyota Yaris for Sale B440,000 ONO. Good condition. Call 084 845 5643 or email for more details.

White Pearl Honda CRV for Sale Per fect condition, low mileage, no accidents, 2.0 i-vtec, 4WD, Modulo kit. Insured and serviced B999,000. Call 081 823 4627.

Isuzu D-Max 4x4 Double Cab Ice silver, manual, 62,000 miles. Lovely condition TV, DVD, alloys, full service history. Bargain at B500,000. 086 757 1362.

Volvo S80, D5 Year 2006, 2.4-lt, diesel, top options, top condition, price B930,000. Or make an offer. Call 086 846 3266.

2010 Mercedes 250E Coupe Pearl White 7,000 km as brand new, electric everything. Cost over B5.0 million, will sell for B4.2 million. 086 757 1362.

CHILD CARE SERVICES Buds Nursery Kindergarten Phuket oldest bi-lingual international child care facility. High quality time proven schedule and cur-

International School New International School. Primary 1, 2, 3 UK and Singapore curriculum. Promotion B8,000 per month! Call 082 323 1188.

Phuket Baby Sitting Plus nanny services, English-speaking, qualified babysitters and nannies, short or long term. www.

CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS SKAL International Phuket Skål is a professional organisation of leaders from all branches of the travel and tourism industry.

The Hub of Bridge Tuition and play is available for everyone. Beginners welcomed or seasoned players. All this can be found near Laguna. Chengtalay, Phuket. Contact Derek on 089 723 1209. Accredited Teacher & Bridge Director, U.K.

Rawai-Naiharn Dragon Boat Club Get fit, have fun with a rapidly growing social club. Naiharn lake on Sundays at 3pm. Ages 12+. Free membership. Get paddling!

Phuket Men’s Group The Phuket Men’s Group meets weekly and is focused on personal development and growth. Contact warrior.monks@

Phuket Sport and Tennis Club Tennis, beach volley ball, petanque, pool, dar ts, table tennis, lake fishing, bar and more. Everyone welcome. w w w.phuket

Singapore Club Phuket Calling all Singaporeans in Phuket to join “Singapore Club Phuket”. Contact Robin 081 803 7189, 076 303 500.

Aikido of Phuket Martial arts for adults and children. Classes Mon. Wed. Fri 5-6pm and 6.307.30pm. School break classes and seminars. David 086 007 4010.

COMPUTER SALES-REPAIRS English Computerman Sales, service and repair. Hardware/software. WLAN a speciality. Free telephone advice. Call for more details on 084 625 7744.

box, all accessories, documentation and original sales slip to prove ownership. 087 077 9816.

Thailand. B 420,000. Contact

Phuket Country Club

Bicycle sale and service shop, with full equipped. 111/1 Thepkastree Rd., Thalang (Monument circle) 081 891 9203, 081 893 3409.

Required immediately. Will pay B500,000 plus half transfer fee. Contact 084 065 7590(English),

MOTORBIKES FOR RENT Honda Click for Rent

Asus Laptop T8100

Short and long term available, no scams, honest good value. Free delivery for over one week hires. Call Cat 087 188 9047.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz. Graphics Card ATI Radeon. Memory:2Gb, HDD 250Gb. 14 inch screen. B10,000. Contact phuket_

Honda PCX, Honda Airblade for rent, cheap price and free delivery. Call now, Omar 087 075 2166.

Delivery Computer Repair

Cheap Motorbike/ Scooter Hire

Motorbike for Rent

Delivery computer repair service, upgrade, virus problem. Data restore. Network. WiFi. 081 908 8303, office call on 076 290 310.

Motorbike/scooter hire from B150 a day, in Patong, Phuket Town, Karon, Kata, etc. Free delivery.

PC Computer


PC Computer with a lot of equipment for sale, B3,500. 080 718 1686,

Harley XR-1200 For Sale

DIVING SALES & EQUIPMENT Dive Compressor for Sale Big compressor, 250 litres per minute, only B85,000. Phuket/Rawai. Call 080 718 1686.


Honda Rebel A real classic, lovely condition, 24 years old only B70,000. Contact Aon for more details. 083 390 4924.

Honda Click for Sale Honda Click, black, good c ondition, 20 0 8, only B19,900. 081 691 2881.

Honda Air Blade for Sale Three years old, 27,000 km. New front and back t yres, tax, insurance. B28,900. 083 647 3509.

Honda Wave 125 i for Sale Top bike, top condition, t hree - four year s o ld. 29,0 0 0 km, B3 0,0 0 0. Contact 080 718 1686,

Southern Big Bike Chopper Shop All your chopper needs, located on the hill before Safari heading south from Patong. Get ready for bike week 2012. 076 292 079 or 087 382 2494.

PERSONAL SERVICES 2009 with only 8,000km. Perfect condition, fast an fun. Priced to sell quickly at B595,000. Call 081 734 8309, ducphuket@

PADI 5 Star Centre. Half day, daytrips, live-aboards an d di ve r e duc at i o n. Phuket’s only dive club! www.phuket-scuba-club. com. Call 076 284 026.

Honda Rebel Classic

All 4 Diving

Ducati Multistrada 1100s

5/4 Sawatdirak Road, Patong Beach. For more info call 076 344 611 or info@

Andaman J Bike Sales & Services

Honda Rebel Classic 777 now available to buy or rent! Wow! Contact Lei for further details 080 038 7599.

2008 Model (Red). 43,000 km. One owner. Great condition. Serviced by Ducati

Cooking School

Fire up your creative flare with Food Services Cooking School. Italian, Western and Thai cuisine. Try our famous pizza school. For more information call 082 816 0126 or email

English Teacher English teacher. Russian students welcome! Four years teaching in phuket. 085 889 7758.

English Teacher For Thai and Italian students. TEFL certficate with

15 years teaching experience in Phuket. 087 282 2699.

Home Tuition We provide teaching Modern Languages at student’s house/office, two books included. 084 851 8099.

FINNAIR Promo To Europe From September 1 to November 30. Fare start at B36,000. One month ticket, book until July 22.Call Mr Peter at Taurus Travel on 081 539 4212.

Dance Tango Learn to dance Argentine Tango, the most sensual dance around. Workshops second/third weekend July. Contact furyusfeet@

ABC International Nursery Education for children 18 months to six years with experienced and native English teachers following the UK EYFS curriculum. 089 971 1813.

Lost Ring, Watch or Treasure? Lost something? Checking you proprety. for treasure? Call professionals. We’ll find it. Time matters. Skype: samovarsiam.

Maid Available Thai maid, expert in babysitting, international. cooking, ironing and gardening is available four hours a day for three days a week. 087 925 3778.

Asean Hotel Works Hospitality solutions, asset managment and project marketing services for resorts, estates and condos. See

Night Time Babysitting-Phuket Experienced babysitter, English-speaking, for one year-old+ children. Rate per night depends on location, own car. Contact

Paradise Diving Asia All courses and diving trips. Boat charter and individual tours.

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES Phuket Pearl Gem Brand new, genuine quality Phuket pearls. 100 styles, perfect gift, online store. www.phuketpearl

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS WANTED iPhone G4 Used second hand with



To advertise in our classifieds visit PERSONAL SERVICES CONT.

ing (Aust) Degree. Call 089 777 3063.

Learn Spanish

Live Music By Colin Hill

All levels, private classes. Teacher Paola 084 898 1225, galarza_paola@

Martial Arts for Kids Chinese Wu Shu, Kung Fu. AJ 082 590 8018,

Visa run B1,100 A completely new visa run company. Only B1,100. Leave 5am get back 5 am. No crazy driver, no boats, no bull. 083 390 4924.

DN Dental Clinic Services: dental implants, root canal treatment, dental prosthesis, periodontal treatment. 076 12 699.

German Lessons for Thais At Kathu Phuket, in preparation or tutoring for A1, A2, B1. Private lessons individual teaching ThaiGerman. 089 8662721.

Learn Thai Via Skype Visit the website if you are interested in learning Thai: Teaching both online (via Skype).

Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Trigger points structural integration. 14 years experience. Rid headaches stiff shoulders etc. Can come to you. 085 889 7758.

Chinese Translation English to Chinese, Thai to Chinese translation. Chinese translation by native translator. Contact

Kata Hot Yoga Most popular Yoga for men and women in Phuket. Four classes every day. Kata yoga, it works! www.katahotyoga. com, 076 605 950.

Image Editor Top quality image editor (see my site at http://www. can do excellent work on any image you need. Call 084 690 2217.

Bon Café Phuket A producer of premium coffee blends and powdered mixes as well as selling, maintaining, servicing and repairing all major brands. Contact 076 355 600-1.

Guitar Lesson By Pro Player Guitar/bass lessons beginner to advanced. Personal one-on-one or by DVD. Diploma of

Popular expat pro musician (guitar/vocals) with work permit. Can perform solo, duo or band. www., call 089 777 3063.

Phuket Private Tutor Phuket International Tuition Assignments IGCSE grade 1-12 IB++ qualified English-speaking teacher British International. Call 084 192 4975.

PERSONALS WANTED Persian-Thai Kitten Homes needed for 17 lovely kittens. Need pet lover please.

PETS FOR SALE For Sale 13 Pedigree Puppies

Resort-Estate Management Provide individual, property management and rental services for villas, estates etc.

Phuket Salsa and Latin Dance Rawai. Thai and English 084 051 7455 (Anna). French and English 084 306 2016 (Didier).

The Cashewy Phuket Cashew apple juice, the sole manufacturer of Cashewy healthy beverage in Asia. Contact 076 272 925-8.

Rawai Progressive School International private school for ages 3-12, offering Montessori education.

Naturopathic Chiropractor More than “just a chiropractor”. Specialising in “pain relief ” see www.,

Monkey Jungle Cruise River Rovers Tours Co., Ltd. Contact Gordon for bookings on 089 875 8691 or

Pet Hotel Dog Walker We are happy to take care of your pets while you are away, short and long term. 084 440 7482.

First time in Thailand. w w w.rhodesian-ridge Healthy Ridgeback puppies born on May 15, from these 2010 Top World Champion Dogs of Europe. Choose your best friend now! Contact lenysikuv@ or call 089 871 2744.

Spectacular Panoramas

Niigata Koi Farm

Fancy carp fish, imported from Japan. Sales, design, and care. Only one in Phuket. 086 691 2120.

POOL TABLES SALES & REPAIRS Phuket Pool Tables www.phuketpooltables. com. Your number one billiard and snooker supplier in Phuket. Sales, rent and profit sharing. All accessories and services. Call 081 823 4627.

PROPERTY & CONCIERGE Selling Your Property?

Phuket Dental Cosmetic Established in 2004 by three dental surgeons focusing on aesthetic work. Call 076 236 823.

Havana Cigar Shop

Cape house, Cape Yamu. A luxurious four bedroom villa at a remarkable destination. In a hillside estate with amazing ocean views. Features include marble finishes throughout, pool and lush tropical gardens. Close to BIS/ PIA schools. B60,000/ month. 086 279 6283.

Rent Condo Rawai

Why buy a pet? Soi Dog Foundation have over 300 beautiful dogs and puppies available for adoption. Fully-vaccinated and sterilised. 087 050 8688,

Good price for low season, 300 metres from the beach, clean and quiet. Contact 080 078 0931.

House Rental: Phuket Villa New house rental with Furniture in Phuket Villa Chaofa B17,000-B20,000 per month. Call 086 470 24 6 8 o r s e e purev il

New House for Rent in Patong New house for rent in Patong. Two bed, two bath , fully-furnished. Quiet area Contact 081 878 2199,

Two Bed Condo Patong Beach 3.2m One of Patong best locations. Two bed 100 Sq metre, freehold condo needs decoration, huge pool plus resort facilities. Call 086 757 1362.

Patong Lovely Freehold Condo

Opposite HomePro Village Chalong. Khun Vasanh 081 956 2024.

Get maximum exposure on our top ranked website. Call 080 143 2929 or visit

Chalong Language School

Personal Interior Decorator

Professional language instruction, translations, and education visa. English, Thai, German and French. 081 607 6765.

Home furnishing: Re-upholstery. Services: Interior. Renovation: Bespoke interior fitted furniture with design. 089 668 3639.

Sea View Apartments

Kata beach in front of hotel Alpina resort. Good condition, with air-con 1 unit, pantry, Well-decorated. B16,700 per month only. Contact for more details on 081 956 1077.

Modern furnished one and two bedroom apartments in Kata. Available for long and short term rent. From B20,000 per month. Contact 081 326 2542.

House for Sale or Rent

rai of land for immediate development B3 million per year. 128-metre sea frontage. 081 802 4098.


Phuket Visa Offers consulting and services on company registration, work permit, visa, accounting, auditor, legal advice. 081 892 9960.

Kata - Office for Rent

Huge price reduction from 3.4 million to 2.0 million, 50 Sq metre, Incuding furniture, perfect locatation, enormous swimming pool. 086 757 1362.

House for Rent Detached house, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, four air-con. Fully-furnished. Only five minutes from Central Festival. 087 270 9093.

Large house in chalong, three beds, four bathrooms, swimming pool well worth a look offers over B6 million or B30,000 a month. 076 374 562.

One Bedroom House Seaview Great little house, four minutes walk to Ao Yon beach. Fully-furnished and now available daily/ monthly. 083 390 4924.

Fully Furnished Rentals One- and three-bedroom garden rentals: new, quiet, near town and beach: Panwa Green. See full info rates at panwagreen.

Superb Apartments in Kata A variety of superb one or two-bedroom apartments, penthouses with pool for rent, also long-term. See

Nice Apartments in Kata Beach Nice clean safe, one bedrooms all with aircon. kitchen, cable TV, fast internet and jacuzzi. B500 a day. Call Ari at 086 595 8512.

Super Pool Villa By Laguna, luxury villa, jacuzzi, etc. Special rate lease. B15,000 per month. 089 594 4067 (English).

For Rent: Villa in Phuket/Chalong New renovated town house, three bedrooms and parking, without furniture B10,000 per month. Or with furniture B12,000 per month, minimum one year. 081 788 8280.

Rent In Phuket Looking for a house to rent long term in Phuket? Call 089 646 8563.

Land for Lease in Chalong Bay Opportunity to invest in Chalong Bay. Suitable for marine business, eight

Land for Sale One rai with Chanote title. Five minutes from Rawai Beach in secure area. Call owner on 086 940 0379.

Apartment for Rent in Patong Fully-furnished. B13,000 per month. Short and long terms. Call 081 893 2165, 081 956 1218.

Large Office Space Rent Patong 96sq metre, two levels behind Jung Ceylon. Good for legal practice, real estate or tour company. Call 086 281 8883.

Pool Villa for Rent Fully furnished with three bedrooms. Near Lotus Rawai, in quiet and secure area. Call 086 940 0379.

Saiyuan House For Rent Two bedrooms, one bathroom with a big garden in Saiyuan near Naiharn Beach. Good price for long term. 087 883 0105.

Patong Tower Rent Sea view and mountain view. Short term and long term, starting B30,000. Good location,walking distance from the beach. 081 878 2199.

Beautiful Office for Rent Nice and quiet of f ice space for rent, includes kitchen, server room and toilets. Perfect for property, IT, legal business. 076 521 873.

Four-Bedroom House in Saiyuan

With five bathroom, 168 sq.wah with big garden in Saiyuan, Naiharn Beach.

Comfortable Private and Quiet Townhouse three bedrooms, just a few minutes to Karon Beach. B25,000 per month, long term rent requires. 081 396 0880.



To advertise in our classifieds visit PROPERTY FOR RENT CONT. Pure: House RentalPhuket Town House for rent with furniture. In Phuket Villa Dowrung, B8,500-B9,500 per month. Visit or call 086 470 2468.

Three-Bedroom House in Chalong Fully-furnished, carpark, washing machine, WiFi, f r e e c a b l e T V. Re n t B19,000 per month (min 6 months) 086 944 4885.

Studio Apartment for Rent On the beach, Chalong. Studio apartment/office can convert to cafe, close to the light house. Call 081 892 0960.

Two Bedroom Ocean View Patong A quiet residential estate in Patong, fully-furnished with air-con in all rooms. bathrooms and f it ted kitchen, communal pool and terrace gardens. Call 087 888 4770.

Lake View Apartment Rooms and houses for rent in Kathu, (the way to Kathu Chinese temple). Quiet area. Call 089 196 8449.

Studio Apartment Near the Beach New studio apartment with quality furnishing, 50 metres from Chalong beach, garden and small pool. Babysit our house. 086 274 3060.

Happy Home Apartment (Rawai) Apar tment for rent at Saiyuan 15, Rawai. Fully-furnished, swimming pool, free WiFi. Star t B6,800 per month. Call 081 956 1218.

Three-Bedroom House for Rent Nice house, two bathrooms, one air-con, partially furnished detached house for rent, small garden, large communal pool. Call 089 475 3220.

Home-Office For Rent Saiyuan Main Road. 5 m. front x 20m at B9,500 per month. for pix and details. Or call Stefan 084 111 3977.

Three-Bedroom Pool Villa near BIS Three bedroom, three bathroom pool villa. 5/6 already sold.

House for Rent Two-bedroom furnished

house with air-con, one bathroom, living room, kitchen and car park. 081 537 9878.

Superior Four Bedroom Villa

Rat U thit Road. 400 metres from beach. B1.8 million. 084 058 2410.

Patong Lovely Freehold Condo

For rent, short day rate, holiday or long ter m monthly. Safe quiet location at Land & House Park Estate. 081 676 4849.

Huge price reduction from B3.4 million to B2.0 million, 50 Sq metre. Incuding furniture perfect, location, enormous swimming pool . Call 086 757 1362.

Affordable Office for Rent


At Royal Phuket Marina. Space from 40-200sq.m. A/C, car park, CCTV and 24 hr. security. Khun Koi 081 810 3328.

Furnished Two Bed Pool Villa Furnished, air-con. two bed two bath pool villa in Rawai area, 500m from Tesco Mall on quiet private road. 081 968 3546.

PROPERTY FOR SALE Two Bedroom House With Financing

Land on east side of Phuket. Some have seaview. B500,000 and up. All reasonable offers accepted! Can finance! Chris 086 942 1930.

Last Plot Saiyuan Mainroad Three hongs ( 15 x 20 m / 300 sqm ) - Saiyuan main road, sale: B7.5 million. Best for development

11th Fairway LochPalm For Sale

Phuket near Laguna, 5 minutes to Layan Beach, small pool, two air-con. Bedrooms ensuite, furnished, Electrical gate, 400m2 Land, B5.9 million. 086 267 0157.

850 SQM Land Plot for Sale In Soi King Saliga, front 22mx42m long. walled and on just about 100m from Rawai Beach. Full chanote title. 080 530 6880.

House for Sale in L&H Phuket Two storey house, 134 sq.m, land 225 sq.m, three bedroom, two bath room, in Chaiyapruek, Land&House Park Phuket. Call 086 470 2468.

Kathu: Serviced Land for Sale

Villa with three bed, two bath, open living, fullyfurnished, sala, pool and jacuzzi. Fairway and mountain views. Urgent sale B10.8 million. Contact 089 731 0283.

Chaofah Shop House 300 metre from Chalong Circle. Three-storey, double unit B9.9 millio. main road 7.5 metre front - 156 sq metre land. See www.

Jindarin Beach Resort Beach Resort Lots: B1 million. Cottages: B2.5 million. w w w.jindarin. com, eam1008@mac. com. Call 076 238 732 or 083 520 0020.

Rawai house cheap

NS3K land plot of 500 m2, including infrastructure and construction permit for a 220 m2 villa: B 2,900,000. 089 724 7211.

House and land in Rawai B1.8millon, great location ocean view from top floor. Big house, two-storey, call 085 889 7758.

Land for sale Rawai

180 Degree Seaview Land Sale

Four Rai, two Ngan, 64sq Wah (7,456sqm), near shell museum, 80m road frontage. B7.5 million per Rai. 089 731 0283,

Patong Condo for Sale One bedroom,56 sq metre, seventh floor, furnished and located on

Bali Style Pool Villa for Sale

Great 180 degree elevated seaview land for sale in Leelawadee Hill behind Toyota on Bypass Rd. 1080sqm for B18.9 Million. 081 823 4627.

Patong Condo for Sale One bedroom, 56 sq. metres, seventh floor,

lion each. Fully-furnished and newly-renovated. 084 442 6144.

Rawai-Sai Yuan Villa

Rawai-Naiharn Land Soi Saiyuan13. Sale at reduced price. 640 sq.m. B4.2 million. Elevated, walled, views and Chanote. Call for more info on 085 782 7551.

Three-Bedroom Big Garden

Two bed with en-suite in Naiharn, 480sq metre, fully furnished, internet etc, freehold. Priced at B9.7 million. Contact

Loch Palm Land

Three bed, three bath. Heroines Monument, Paklok. Bargain 460sqm. land, reduced from B3.8m to B3m for urgent sale. Contact for more details on 080 124 1245.

Private Pool Villas, from B4.9M

Several ready to build C h a n o t e p l o t s ove rlooking Loch Palm Golf course from B5 million per rai kathuland@gmail. com, call 081 893 3462.

Saiyuan-House for Sale Two bedrooms, two bathrooms in Soi Samakee 2, Saiyuan. Near Naiharn beach. 100 sq.wah, B5.5 million. Contact owner on 087 883 0105.

Kata-Phuket From 19M Now 14.5M

Rawaii Condo Rawaii Condo small unit on corner third storey up close to beach B500,000 with aircon. and cable. 085 889 7758.

furnished and located on Rat U Thit Road, 400 metres from the beach. B1.8 million. Contact 084 058 2410.

Intira Villas is a development of 15 boutique villas in the hear t of Rawai. Second phase open now! Only few villas available., call 083 594 9279.

Land at Anuphas for Sale 40 sq.wah of land behind weekend market at Naka Temple, on Wirathongyok 3/1 Road, Contact 089 668 3639.

Stunning three bedroom villa with big kitchen, living room, office, pool garden and parking. Freehold and free transfer. Original price B19 million. Now B14.5 million. Call 081 788 8280.

Guesthouse for Sale Eight rooms, internet cafe and an apartment. Rent B52,000 per month. Asking price B1.75 million. Call Merv on 085 794 6530.

Two Bedroom Condo Patong 3.2 M In one of Patong’s best locations, two beds, 100 sq. metres, freehold condo. Needs decoration, has pool and resort facilities 086 757 1362.

Land up Patong Hill, Sea View Various sizes of land with sea view overlooking Patong Bay. znresidence@, Please

Patong Condo Two studio apartments located 300m from the beach. Freehold, B2 mil-

For sale or rent. Twostorey villa on 620sqm land. Living spac e: 220sqm. In quiet area. Three-bed, office, open living area, Western-style kitchen, bathroom, cable TV, telephone, ADSL, balcony, car parking, beautiful garden, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Must see. Original price: B12.5 million. Now B9.9 million. Contact Harrij on 089 731 0283 or metres walk to Bang Tao beach. Price at B11.5 million, plus furniture. Please contact for pictures and details phuketbbgc31@

Bungalow in Chalong

Rawai-Sai Yuan For Sale

Two-storey villa, threebed, three-bath and pool. 516sq metre, two years old. Orginal price: B13 million. Now: B9 million. Needs work. Call 089 731 0283. namjailand@

Land and House Park Phuket Land and House Park Phuket for sale. 82 sqm, t hree - be d, t wo - bat h, Chalong, B4.3m. Call 087 907 4004, pppppatch@

Golf View Land for Sale 17 rai in Kathu, c​ onnects to main road, Nor Sor 3 Gor. B75 million. Contact 089 724 7211 or info@

Penthouse Two-bedroom, two bathroom penthouse. 200

For rent or sale. Three bedroom on 65sq wah, with Western kitchen and bathroom. For rent B17,000 per month. For sale price: B3.95 million. Call 089 922 2800.

Rawai Land for Sale Rawai land, cheap various plots from B2 million. See more details and pictures

Patong Cheap House Seaview Three storey plus three big apartments, only B5.4Mm and one pool villa reduced now to B4.5 million. Call 087 053 6016.

The Sands Condominium Naiharn. 150sqm foreign freehold, two bedroom, swimming pool, GRG FLR, lake view, 150 metres to N aihar n B eac h. Pr ic e B9.8m. Call for more information on 089 875 4173.



To advertise in our classifieds visit

TRADE DIRECTORY AIR CONDITIONING Siam Cooling System Marine air-conditioning, Koh Kaew. Contact 081 891 9442, or scspkt@

Phuket Home Services Installing, servicing commercial and residential air- con systems since 2001. All brands. Call 076 324 400, or

Kerati Air 2 71 Ya o w a r a t R o a d , Phuket Town. Air-con centre, call 076 214 033.

C.P. Engineering Service Supply and install both commercial and residential air-con units to satisfy 076 321 562.

Mana Air Specialises in the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning, ventilation and electrical services. 076 215 506.

BOAT REPAIRS Asia Marine Ltd. Parts supply, refits, repairs, project management yacht delivery. Call 076 239 111.

C & C Marine (Thai) Marine Engineering Services. Call 076 273 247.

Dan Marine Limited Koh Kaew. Yacht interiors, maintenance and management. Call for more info on 081 271 742.

BUILDING SUPPLIERS Casa Nine Co.,Ltd Mosaics, tiles, stones, wall plaques, hand-made, c er amic s, de c o r at ive items. Call 081 514 8547.

Phuket Pro-Built Construction, renovation, electrics and shop fitting. Call 089 909 8604,

KV Southern

Waterproof flooring. Engineering, product architectural, product repair system. 081 828 2457.

Water Proof Phuket

Phuket Sound System Rental

Waterproof, water stop and water swell. Design, construction for factory and home structure roof. See more info at www.

Having a party? Check out our website for your sound system needs. Contact for more info on 089 587 1841.




Phaisan Makita Paint

Professional Satellite Provider. Astro and Thai Satellite and Cable Services. For quotation call for Thai: Lek on 081 535 9936. For English call: Mel on 086 687 8806. Shop number 076 215 081.

All types of paints, colours for home and more. Find us at MaeLuan Road, Phuket Town, entrance to Rang Hill 076 355 664.

J-SAT Communication

Tile It

The leader of a communication system in Phuket. Service fire alarm, CCTV system, PABX system, TV system. Call for more details on 076 258 200.

Cooling Technician All commercial, kitchen needs, fridges and cooling systems. Good, reliable and honest. Service all over Phuket. Contact Tammarat 086 310 3870.

Mono Sun Technology Phuket solar, tomorrow’s technology, working today. Wind and solar at down-to-earth prices. 076 263 717.

Raksa Electric Service Electric, airconditioning, lighting services and water systems. Call 084 849 8204 for details.

AVC Engineering Mechanical, electrical and plumbing to international standards. 076 615 810.

AAA Phuket Electrician UK-approved electricians available to advise on all electrical issues. Contact for 081 691 9907.

Phuket Home Services Specialise in domestic and commercial electrical wiring installations, telephone, internet and security systems. 076 324 400 or www.phukethome

HOME IMPROVEMENT T h a l a n g. Wa n a Pa r k on Srisoonthorn Road. Phuket’s quality tile boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 168 or 081 424 2828.

Squeaky Clean Windows A professional window cleaning company. Clean villas, shops, hotels and specialise in high/hard access windows. Call 087 013 7650.

Designer Furniture Packages

Designer sofas, fitted and loose furniture and outdoor solutions. Full turnkey packages. 082 275 7737 or

House Sale and Service Phuket Offer a full range of home services, including electrical, plumbing, AC, interior and exterior painting and woodwork. 087 888 4770.

Pro Carpeting & Wood Work Thepkrasattri Rd, Boat Lagoon. Home, office, bar, renovations, rebuilds and repairs. 076 238 947,

Shades (Thailand) Awnings, shade sails, tension fabric structures. Call 076 367 566, www. shade

Fletcher Aluminium Thalang. Premium window and door systems.

For free quotes call 076 275 278.

Contex Phuket Co. Bang Tao area. High-end teak doors and windows with German technology. Call us on 086 281 1264.

German Floors H o m e w o r ks . En h a n c e your home and office with genuine German-standard floors. Call 076 608 000.

Chem-Dry Cleaning Service The carpet and furniture experts. Also offering full cleaning services for stone, marble, terrazzo, granite and more. Contact 076 261 513.

Canvas Creations Boat Lagoon. Deluxe awnings and covers for your boat. Contact for more info 076 238 946.

Phuket Home Maintenance Renovations, house repairs, painters, electricians, plumbers and construction workers. Fluent Englishspeaking manager. Free quotes. Call 084 139 5124.

Phuket Home Solutions Providing a solution for all your home requirements. 076 270 854.

The Stone Doctor Thalang Restoration, sealin g, m ainte nanc e an d cleaning. Call 087 282 4930. or visit w w w.the

Phuket Home Services High-quality building, contracting and refurbishment work in Phuket and the surrounding region. 076 324 400.

Phuket Awnings Service Making an alliance with the sun. Contact 076 612 870 for more details.

DWF Home Services Built-in bars, counters, pools, kitchens, ponds, etc. Call Noi on 081 606 5746. DWF_homeservices@hot

Adisak Trading Bypass Road. We have the largest selection of TOA paint. 076 261 420.

Stonearth Luxury Bathrooms The highest quality luxury natural wood and stone bathrooms for your villa, hotel, condo develop ment. w w w.stonear th.

May Curtain and Decor

The best for curtains. Visit for more information or call 076 304 304.

Buildersmart Public Treated pine, Thai gypsum, Shera, Weber, and Watty. Contact for more information 076 275 221.

LANDSCAPING SERVICES Cherng Talay area. Professional landscape design and care. Call 076 318 266

Phuket Home Services Design and build salas, pergolas and decks. Offer custom design and build water features and p onds. 076 324 4 0 0, w w w.phuket

REMOVAL SERVICES Numchai Ocean Transport Phang-nga Road, Phuket Town. Call for more info on 076 225 444.

Chaofah (East) Road. Moving and shipping. Better services, better prices. 076 376 677.

SAIL REPAIRS Rolly Tasker Sails (Thailand) Chaofa Road, Wichit. Sails, rigging, covers harken etc. 076 521 591,


Enjoy More Space! Safe, Smar t & Simple Storage Solutions, 1 m3 to 25 m2 units at Jungceylon Shopping Center. We Sell Boxes. 076 292 909,

WATER SYSTEMS Phuket Home Services Since 2001. Offer a range of qualif i e d in - house plumbing engineers, p lum b in g inst a llat i o n teams and plumbers. Call 076 324 400.

The Mobile Pool Doctor

B oat L ag o o n. G l o bal transportation services. 076 238 791, www.siam

Srisoonthorn Road, all areas of Phuket. Contact for details on 076 620 193 or visit

Global Logistics Asia

Environmental Solutions

Thalang area. We have the knowledge, networks and technology to answer your needs. 081 797 2753.

Chalermphrakiat Road, Rassada. Call for more information on 076 304 278 or 089 724 5617.

Phuket Universal Services Co., Ltd.

Phuket Water Supply

Siam Pickpack

Worldwide household removal services. Warehousing and pac k ing services. See info www.

Water filtration systems for home and pool. Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada area. Call 076 215 681.

South Services

Chai Choochuay Hot Water

M ontr i Road, Muang, Phuket. We specialise in air/sea freight, Transport etc. 076 211 447.

Air- con and solar water heating sales and ser vice. 076 321 562.

outlets in Phuket So you'll never have to go far for your weekly edition of The Phuket News. This is in addition to 400+ locations including all 7-Eleven, Family Marts, Big One Supermarkets and all major shopping outlets.

Advance Interfreight Express

Chateau Sabai Villa

We're now available at all

For full list of outlets please visit w w w.t h e p h u ket n m/d i st ri b u t i o n l i st s . p h p

Bigmove Phuket One-stop service for all your removal and shipping needs. 076 263 987.



Miss Saigon makes it an ACYC double

David Liddell’s Corsair C37RS Miss Saigon cemented her name on the overall title plus the inaugural Corsair Cup. – Photo by Leslie Hand

Brilliant sunshine emerged last Sunday for the final day of racing in the ACYC Multihull Championship, replacing the overcast conditions experienced over the previous few days. Six to eight knots of southwesterly breeze greeted the sailors, but as the breeze direction failed to settle, PRO Simon James chose Island Course 9, up to and around Koh Bon, then back to Chalong Bay for the first race. Staying in the wind lanes and out of the adverse current between the islands played an important tactical part in determining either success or becoming an also-ran in the fleet. After racing on Saturday, David Liddell’s Corsair C37RS Miss Saigon held a healthy lead in the Performance Multi’s, and Firefly’s The Frog, Moto Inzi and Voodoo were locked in a three way tie on 10 points and all to play for on Sunday. The top podium contenders started the cat and mouse game during the pre-start and covered each other up the long windward leg to the island. Paul Larson skippering the Andaman Cabriolet Da Vinci took a tack out to oblivion and looked very sad at the


beginning, but managed to recover and close back in on the approaches to Bon Island. Alan Carwardine’s Sidewinder picked up a favourable wind shift along the coast and led the fleet around the course. They could not shake off Miss Saigon, which held close on their tail and picked up the handicap win, going on to cement their name on the overall title plus the inaugural Cosair Cup. Paul Larsen pulled the cat out of the bag and came from behind to secure second place by three seconds from a disappointed Alan Carwardine on Sidewinder. As the breeze lightened up a little, the skippers were given the choice if they wanted to have a second race. The general consensus was to return to the comfort of the Ao Chalong Yacht Club bar as the overall winner was already decided. The hotly contested Firefly 850 One Design class were eager to get going to settle the overall podium or to improve on their placings. Several position changes up the long windward leg saw all boats round the island

within minutes of each other. Gybing downwind looked like a colourful waltz, with bows forging ahead with each puff of wind. Eventually several boats approached the finish line from opposite directions and extremely hard to pick who was in front. With a surge of speed, Ian Coulson skippering Voodoo slipped across the line to claim victory, in front of Andrew Marshall’s Pink Lady and Andy Pape skippering The Frog. Only one minute separated the first five boats. Although Voodoo was declared the winner, the majority of skippers wanted to have another go at toppling them and another race was called. The same scenario developed, going tack for tack to keep tight cover on each other, but eventually Voodoo broke away to take the win and nail the Firefly title. Second place for Andy Pape skippering The Frog was enough to earn them second overall. Although Roger Kingdon’s Moto Inzi missed a few wind lanes in the first race on Sunday, they clambered back into third place and collected the third podium position. – Capt Marty

Tokyo puts in Phuket prodigy is second Olympics bid in San Diego tournament

Tokyo has launched another bid for the Olympics, but Japanese pundits fear it may fail for of a lack of lobbying power. The city and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) formally announced Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Games at a grand reception in the capital marking the JOC’s 100th anniversary last Saturday (July 16). “The JOC’s diplomatic power is in question,” the Nikkei newspaper said Sunday as it analysed the chances of Tokyo’s new bid, officially touted as a “symbol” of Japan’s recovery from March’s earthquake-tsunami disaster. Sympathy would not bring success, Nikkei cautioned: “The bidding race is not so easy as to be won by a noble message.” Nearly 30 members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) including president Jacques Rogge and Olympic


Council of Asia chief Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, were present at the reception. Tokyo’s governor Shintaro Ishi­hara commented, “There is no point in fighting the battle that is the Olympic bidding if we don’t win it.” Ishihara later likened Japanese Olympic officials to strikers in football. “We can’t win if they aren’t good,” he said. His blunt remarks were taken by Nikkei to show his frustration with the JOC’s “lack of personal connections in the world of international sports”. Tokyo will again come up against Madrid and Rome, while Istanbul and Doha are also said to be considering bids, which must be in by September 1. The winner will be chosen in Buenos Aires in 2013. – AFP

Phuket’s young golfing prodigy, 14-yearold Pariwat Pinsawas, came joint second in the 13-14-year-old group at the Callaway World Junior Golf Championships, which finished recently in San Diego, California. Pariwat had three consistent rounds of golf for a total of five under par, 211 in the 54-hole event, played off the Championship Tees of the Par 72 Riverwalk Golf Course. Pariwat kept his concentration and patience throughout the three days, rallying to play the last four holes at two under par to secure his top-three finish – the target set by his coach and grand uncle, Prachuab Subcharoen. Mr Prachuab said he, Pariwat’s mother, father, family and friends were very pleased with Pariwat’s performance at these Junior World Championships and were looking forward to welcoming him home to Thailand later in the week. However, before Pariwat returns to Pariwat is now training with the Thai national squad. Phuket at the end of the month, he will

GOLF be rejoining the Thailand National Squad at their training camp in Khon Kaen. Pariwat’s qualification to represent Thailand at the Callaway World Junior Golf Championships started when he played in the Southern Region Tournaments of the CAT-TGA Junior Golf Ranking events. Although only Thai children can eventually represent their country, these golf tournaments are open to all nationalities of junior golfers living in one of the Southern Region provinces, which includes Phuket. The first event of the CAT-TGA Southern Region for the 2011- 2012 season will be held at the Rachaprapha Dam Golf Course in Surat Thani Province on the weekend of August 13 and 14. For further details, email Martin Carpenter at mcarpenter@fenixgolf. com (English) or Prachuab Subcharoen at (Thai).



Humbled Brazil, Argentina decide to stand by coaches Brazil coach Mano Menezes insisted on Monday that there was no need to panic after his side lost their Copa America quarter-final shoot-out to Paraguay. The Brazilian media were scathing after a poor match ended goalless following extra-time and lambasted the Auriverde for contriving to miss all four of their penalties. “I know you live and die by results,” said Menezes, “but these will come if we continue on the path we are on.” The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will allow him to stay at the helm through to 2014, president Ricardo Teixeira said in an overnight statement from Rio. “There is not much time to cry over the Copa America elimination,” said Teixeira, adding that Brazil had been unlucky to crash out. Tei xei r a said he had phoned Menezes to underline that the “project to renew the Brazilian team with the principal objective – the 2014 World Cup – remains in place”. Menezes said the Paraguay game had to be forgotten. “Of course if we keep raking over the four missed penalties that saw us go out then we will not talk about the game we played, which marked an evolution in the team and the squad,” Menezes



told a news conference. The team had struggled to draws against Venezuela and Paraguay in the first phase before an improved performance saw them beat Ecuador 4-2, winning Group B and taking them into the last eight. But hope among fans that that improvement would continue into the knockout stages was quickly crushed. Overall, the impression left was of a patchy side with some fine approach play but a lack of end product. Menezes did insist, however, that Brazil were on the right track to shine where he wants them to – at the 2014 World Cup that Brazil will host. In similar news, Argentina said on Monday they would keep Sergio Batista on as coach despite their early Copa America exit. The 14-times champions lost a quarter-final to Uruguay – now going for a 15th title – also in a penalty shootout. But Humberto Grondona, sub-director of team affairs at the Argentine Football Association and the son of AFA president Julio Grondona, said the organisation would keep faith in the man who officially replaced Diego Maradona only six months ago. There will be no “brusque

Darren Clarke promised to celebrate his British Open triumph long and hard, and the popular Northern Irishman proved as good as his word. Speaking to journalists for the traditional morningafter photo opportunity, a bleary-eyed Clarke admitted he had spent the night partying and had not managed to get to bed. “I’ve looked at the trophy all night and sort of semi-figured-out it’s mine,” said Clarke, who slurred some of his words as he clutched the famous Auld Claret Jug. “I probably won’t get any sleep until tomorrow at some stage. Have to enjoy it when you can. “I had quite a few pints and quite a few glasses of red wine, and it all continued until about 30 minutes ago. It’s been a very good night.” Clarke stopped short of his threat to fill the Claret Jug with Guinness. “I’m a little bit of a traditionalist. I feel a bit funny about putting stuff in the Claret Jug that shouldn’t be in there,” he said. The congratulations have been pouring in. “I have 294 [text] messages,” he said, before admitting, “But the writing is far too small for me to look at them in this state.” Clarke meanwhile said he hoped Sunday’s win would elevate him into the running for the Ryder Cup captaincy at some point in the next few years. “It is definitely still an ambition,” he said. “I think at some stage if I get the opportunity to be Ryder Cup captain, possibly I may have a little bit more respect from players, having been a major champion.” Although Clarke’s ranking points from his Open victory won’t count towards qualification for next year’s Ryder Cup in Chicago, he believed Sunday’s win will have put him on captain Jose Maria Olazabal’s radar. “Unfortunately these points don’t qualify for the team next year, but in saying that, I am a major champion, so Jose Maria will be paying attention, as he always does, so we’ll see where that brings me,” he said. – AFP

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, 19, one of Brazil’s new stars, has been singled out for media scorn after missing a golden opportunity to score in the Brazil-Paraguay clash. – Photo by Ronnie MacDonald. changes – we never thought of going down that road,” said Humberto Grondona in an interview with Radio La Red. “The technical staff have to have sufficient wisdom to draw conclusions” from the Copa failure to end a trophy drought stretching back to 1993, he added.

“The future lies before us – the qualifiers [for the 2014 World Cup].” Batista has been vilified in the press for not seeming to know his best team; he chopped and changed after a poor start but still that did not prevent the Uruguay loss as Carlos Tevez missed the

decisive spot kick to send the Uruguayans through to a semi-final against Peru. Batista must “protect himself and see which player is of no use to him,” said Grondona junior. “We hope he will change,” he added. – AFP

Villa, Arsenal complete signings

Following a series of highprofile departures from the club, Aston Villa have completed the signing of Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee. The former Newcastle United goalkeeper, who has made more than 400 Premier League starts, has signed a five-year deal with the Villains which will take him past the age of 40. The 35-year-old is also the Republic of Ireland’s mostcapped player, having made a total of 113 appearances for the national side. Given told the club’s website: “Aston Villa is a huge club and I’m really excited to be joining. It’s a new challenge and I’m eager to embrace it.” The highly-rated stopper had been keen to leave Manchester after boss Roberto Mancini opted for England’s Joe Hart as his number one last season, leaving the

Clarke celebrates Open win in style

FOOTBALL man with limited first-team opportunities. Given is the first signing made by new manager Alex McLeish following the Scot’s controversial move from city rivals Birmingham City, who were relegated to the Npower Championship at the end of last season. McLeish made the Irishman his number one choice after long-time goalkeeper Brad Friedel moved to Tottenham on a free transfer. It has been a turbulent summer for Villa supporters who, first of all, protested against the arrival of McLeish and then have been forced to witness the departure of England internationals Ashley Young, who joined champions Manchester United, and Stewart Downing, now at Liverpool. Villa hope to add Charles N’Zogbia to the squad but had

Shay Given – from Manchester City to Aston Villa.

Gervinho – from Lille to Arsenal.

an initial bid of £9 million (B450 million) rejected by Wigan Athletic. McLeish sees the Frenchman as the ideal man to replace Downing on Villa’s left-wing. N’Zogbia, who has made 250 appearances in the Premier League with Wigan and Newcastle United, is in the final year of his contract at the DW Stadium and chairman Dave Whelan has already indicated that he will be sold. McLeish almost signed him for Birmingham City last

summer after the two clubs agreed a fee, only for the deal to collapse because of a failure to agree personal terms. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has also made a foray into the transfer market, completing the signing of Ivory Coast forward Gervais “Gervinho” Yao Kouassi from Lille, also for an undisclosed fee. The 24-year-old, who played in last summer’s World Cup in South Africa, scored 15 goals as he helped Lille to

a league and cup double. Wenger told the club’s website: “He has qualities that I find very important. I think he is a very good addition to the squad. “Gervinho is a player who can play in a number of positions up front. He can play on the right, on the left, and through the middle. “He has the qualities we like technically. He is good one-against-one, he is strong, was the best provider in the French League with assists and he scored 15 goals.” The Ivorian scored 36 goals in 93 appearances for Lille and described the move to the North London club as “one of the most beautiful days of my life”. Wenger will hope that Gervinho can help bring an end to Arsenal’s six-year run without a trophy, and convince the likes of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas to remain at the club.



Teams named for SpringbokWallabies Tri-Nations clash RUGBY

Australia will field nine of the 15 players who started last year’s epic win over South Africa in Bloemfontein for tomorrow’s 2011 Tri-Nations opener in Sydney, while three Springboks make their debut. The Wallabies have named an experienced team following last Sunday’s shock 32-23 loss to Samoa but there was no place for veteran Matt Giteau, who was left out of the match day squad entirely. Instead of Giteau, coach Robbie Deans has opted for Brumbies utility Pat McCabe to remain at inside centre. Deans produced another surprise by selecting in-form Queensland duo James Horwill and Rob Simmons in the second row, and relegating veteran lock Nathan Sharpe to the bench. Fullback Kurtley Beale, winger James O’Connor, flyhalf Quade Cooper, halfback Will Genia and flanker David Pocock are among established stars returning to a Wallaby side still licking its wounds after the humiliating loss to the Samoans. Australian rugby fans will be boosted by the return of the likes of Cooper, Pocock and Beale; many of them played in the 41-39 victory over the Springboks last year, a result that secured Australia’s first triumph on the high veldt in South Africa for 47 years.

The Wallabies (gold shirts) last year scored their first away victory in 47 years over the Springboks but are currently smarting from defeat by Samoa. T he w i n, wh ich wa s achieved by a penalty goal from beyond halfway after the final siren, also handed Australia the Mandela Challenge Plate, which is again on the line in Sydney. Deans said his side had a lot to prove after the disastrous Samoa defeat. “Last weekend, our standards were inadequate for what is required at Test level and we paid the price for that,” he said. “There are no short cuts in Test rugby. There is no substitute for rolling up the sleeves and doing the little

tasks that, while they might not carry the glamour, are critical for the overall success of the team. “Last Sunday was a massive wake-up call for the group. We can’t turn back the clock on that performance – it will stay with us as a reminder – but we do have total control as to how we respond.” South Africa will hand international debuts to props Dean Greyling and Werner Kruger, as well as number eight Ashley Johnson tomorrow. The Springboks will once

again be led by John Smit, playing his 103rd Test. The team features four other Rugby World Cup winners in Wynand Olivier, Ruan Pienaar, Danie Rossouw and Johan Muller. A sixth, C J van der Linde,

is on the bench as the replacement prop. “The new caps had outstanding Super Rugby seasons and this is an exciting opportunity for them,” said coach Peter De Villiers. “They have been rewarded

for their form and now it’s up to them. We have got some new combinations, but there is a lot of potential in this side and the players are hungry for this chance.” Joint Super Rugby top try scorer Bjorn Basson was named on one wing with Lwazi Mvovo on the other in a back line also featuring the pace and elusiveness of Gio Aplon and Juan de Jongh. The experienced trio of halfbacks Pienaar and Morne Steyn and inside centre Olivier complete the back line. Lock Flip van der Merwe gets the chance to step out of his understudy role to the injured Bakkies Botha and Victor Matfield, while Deon Stegmann and Rossouw partner Johnson in the back row. Australia has not won the Tri Nations since 2001 but did beat South Africa in the first match of last year’s series at Brisbane. The Wallabies will be hoping to get this year’s tournament off to a good start as they build towards the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand.

IRB worried over World Cup gouging International Rugby Board chief Mike Miller has warned that price gouging during the Rugby World Cup is threatening to sully New Zealand’s reputation with international tourists. The September 9 to October 23 tournament will be the largest event ever staged in New Zealand, attracting some 85,000 overseas fans, but Miller said he was concerned about tourism operators looking to cash in. “Some have thought, ‘We can make a bit of a killing here and not worry about what’s in the future’,” he told Radio New Zealand. “It’s not great for the image of the country.” There have been reports of some New Zealand motels

RUGBY significantly inflating their prices during the event, including one in Auckland that is charging almost 10 times its normal room rate. Miller said tourists would always pay premium prices during events such as the World Cup but it was disappointing some accommodation providers were pushing the limit. He said small operators were the worst culprits, with large hotel chains realising the damage that rip-off prices would inflict on their own and New Zealand’s reputation. “They understand that a lot of people are coming to New Zealand for the first time,” he told the New Zealand Herald. “If they have a great time

and feel they were getting decent value, they’ll come back again. If they don’t, they won’t.” Miller said the New Zealand government and tourism industry bodies appeared powerless to take action. “There’s no legislation. You can’t stop them,” he said. “The trade organisation really doesn’t have any sanctions against them except trying to get them to see it’s not in their interests or the country’s. “For the most part things are fine, but there are some people taking advantage and it’s very disappointing.” New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Rugby NZ 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden also warned against exorbitant pricing last year. – AFP



Kubica aiming for Brazil comeback FORMULA 1

Pistorius: Cleared to compete against able-bodied athletes.

Blade Runner close to Olympic dream South African athletics star Oscar Pistorius produced the performance of a lifetime in Italy on Tuesday night (July 19) to beat the 400m qualifying time for this year’s World Athletics Championship in Daegu, Korea and for next year’s London Olympics. Most amazingly – Pistorius should be competing against disabled athletes. The double amputee, a multiple world record holder and champion in disabled competition, stopped the clock on 45.07 seconds, 0.18 seconds inside the ‘A’ standard time for fully able athletes, and could now be selected to compete for the Rainbow nation. Known as ‘Blade Runner’ due to the carbon fibre prosthetics he uses after his legs were amputated at the age of 11 months, Pistorius was cleared to compete against able-bodies athletes just three years ago after a lengthy court battle. Ironically, officials felt that the South African 100-, 200- and 400m star might gain an unfair advantage over rivals who haven’t suffered the loss of limbs below the knee before it was proven that his blades do not perform as efficiently as actual lower legs and the IAAF’s decision was overturned by the Court of

ATHLETICS Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Pistorius’ previous best of 45.61 seconds set in March this year was inside the International Athletics Federation’s (IAAF) ‘B’ standard qualifying time but it meant it was unlikely that he would be selected to represent his country. Each national federation can select three athletes to compete provided they have achieved the ‘A’ standard, but only one if they only meet the B standard. Before his impressive performance in Italy, Pistorius had been ranked as the fourth fastest South African over one lap in 2011, trailing LJ van Zyl, Ofentse Mogawane and Lebogang Moeng in the national standings. Three days before his groundbreaking performance, the South African had posted a disappointing 46.65 seconds in Padua, Italy, leaving him with just Tuesday’s run to achieve the qualifying time for this year’s World Championship. His stunning performance means he now stands just behind van Zyl in the rankings and the 45.07 seconds he ran would have seen Pistorius finish fifth in the 2008 Beijing Olympics final.

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Polish driver Robert Kubica, who was seriously injured in a rally in February, says he will be back for the 2012 Formula One season and may even be on the grid for the final race of the 2011 championship in Brazil. “I like to have a goal when it’s a reasonable one,” the Lotus Renault driver told journalists when asked to comment on reports suggesting he would be back for Sao Paolo in late November. “We’ll see how the next few months go in terms of the rehabilitation process and then we’ll take a decision in due time. “It is difficult to predict the timing of a process that is also dependent on the laws of nature. “But the good news is that my recovery is consistent and sooner or later I will feel sufficiently fit to be able to put a date on when I’ll be back.” Kubica’s right-hand was partially severed in the crash in February in northern Italy when he hit a safety barrier and had to be cut free from his car. He also suffered serious injuries to his shoulder and leg. Fears that he would not drive again have been allayed and the Pole is determined that, whether he drives in Brazil or not, he will definitely be ready for the 2012 campaign. Kubica insisted that the crash had not left any psychological scars and that he was recovering physically. “I don’t have any memory of the accident – I am just aware of the consequences it

Robert Kubica: Consistent recovery from his rally crash.  – Photo by Mark McCardle had. So, to me it’s as if it never happened,” he said. “Mentally, no problem at all. Physically, I am still a bit weak but my general condition is quite good. My weight has now returned to its normal level and for a few weeks I’ve been able to walk without help. All in all I feel pretty well.

“I am satisfied with how things are proceeding. The improvement is in line with the expectations, and luckily there are no complications that could affect the recovery time. “It is still too early to have a clear picture for the timing of my return but the important thing is the final outcome, not the hurry.”

The 26-year-old said he would have no problem clambering back behind the wheel of his car and that he had been practising on simulators. “You never forget how to ride a bicycle,” he said. “There is nothing I need in that sense; I enjoy playing video games as I always did and that’s it.” –AFP

Umpire slams ‘Indian bullying’ Recently retired cricket umpire Daryl Harper of Australia has accused the Indian cricket team of bullying, just days before their four-test series in England started. Harper, who umpired a total of 95 tests between 1998 and 2011, withdrew from the final test of the recent threematch series between the West Indies and India earlier this month after being criticised by the Indian side. The 59-year-old Australian also cited a “lack of support” from the International Cricket Council (ICC) as another reason for the premature end to his career. “I thought someone had to make a stand, so I did,”


Harper said. “I never tolerated bullying when I was a teacher and I don’t think bullying should be allowed to continue here.” So far Indian cricket officials have made no comment about Harper’s accusation but the veteran umpire has been backed by the sport’s governing body, despite his criticism of it. “We’ve supported Daryl over many years. He has been a very good umpire and his statistics speak for themselves. “It is unfortunate that it has ended in the way that it has in the West Indies but we support Daryl and it is fitting

that he was on the élite panel.” After the first test between the two side in June which the visitors won by 63 run, Indian captain MS Dhoni criticised Harper’s performance during the match. “If the correct decisions were made the game would have finished much earlier and I would have been in the hotel by now,” Dhoni said. His comments went unpunished by test match referee Jeff Crowe but then reports emerged in the Indian newspapers which suggested that the Indian side didn’t want the Australian to play any further part in the series. “We don’t want him – you can quote it as the reaction of

the entire Indian team,” was the alleged remark. Harper withdrew from the final test of the series just days before it was scheduled to begin. “There were a number of factors … but the main one was what I deemed was a lack of support from the ICC,” he said. As well as officiating in 95 test matches, Harper also umpired 174 one-day internationals and 10 Twenty20 matches in a career that spanned 17 years. India’s four-test series against England got under way yesterday (July 21) with the first test being played at Lords.



NRL after round 19 Team


Storm Sea Eagles Dragons Broncos Cowboys Warriors Wests Tigers Panthers Knights Sharks Rabbitohs Bulldogs Eels Raiders Roosters Titans

17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17

Pts 32 30 29 28 26 22 20 20 20 18 18 18 15 14 14 12


D 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

14 13 12 12 11 9 8 8 8 7 7 7 5 5 5 4

L 3 4 4 5 6 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 12 12 13



387 398 350 338 394 321 338 337 290 317 318 296 278 305 256 239

198 243 205 268 330 290 330 341 313 360 380 361 370 407 360 406

Coming up soon

AFL after round 17 Team Collingwood Geelong Cats Hawthorn Carlton W. Coast Eagles Fremantle Essendon Sydney Swans Melbourne St Kilda N. Melbourne Western Bulldogs Richmond Adelaide Brisbane Lions Gold Coast Suns Port Adelaide

P 15 16 15 16 15 15 16 16 15 15 16 16 15 15 16 15 16

W 14 14 11 10 10 9 8 8 7 7 7 7 5 4 3 3 2

L 1 2 4 5 5 6 7 7 7 7 9 9 10 11 13 12 14

D 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

PF 1762 1683 1531 1611 1442 1368 1599 1327 1403 1218 1519 1458 1500 1138 1277 1063 1264

PA Points 1003 56 1246 56 1164 44 1252 42 1196 40 1385 36 1451 34 1240 34 1395 30 1219 30 1551 28 1517 28 1767 22 1456 16 1637 12 1869 12 1815 8

Formula 1 Driver Standings (after British Grand Prix) Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

S Vettel M Webber F Alonso L Hamilton J Button F Massa N Rosberg N Heidfeld V Petrov M Schumacher K Kobayashi A Sutil J Alguersuari S Perez S Buemi R Barrichello P di Resta P de la Rosa J Trulli V Liuzzi J d'Ambrosio H Kovalainen P Maldonado T Glock N Karthikeyan D Ricciardo

RBR-Renault McLaren-Mercedes Ferrari Mercedes Renault Sauber-Ferrari




German Australian Spanish British British Brazilian German German Russian German Japanese German Spanish Mexican Swiss Brazilian British Spanish Italian Italian Belgian Finnish Venezuelan German Indian Australian

Red Bull Red Bull Ferrari McLaren McLaren Ferrari Mercedes Renault Renault Mercedes Sauber Force India Toro Rosso Sauber Toro Rosso Williams Force India Sauber Lotus HRT Virgin Lotus Williams Virgin HRT HRT

204 124 112 109 109 52 40 34 31 28 25 10 9 8 8 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

328 218 164 68 65 33

7 8 9 10 11 12

STR-Ferrari Force India-Merc Williams-Cosworth Lotus-Renault HRT-Cosworth Virgin-Cosworth

(Times in Thailand) Friday July 22 Bulldogs v Eels 16:35 Storm v Broncos 16:35 Saturday July 23 Titans v Cowboys 14:30 Tigers v Roosters 16:30 Sharks v Knights 16:30 Sunday July 24 Rabbitohs v Warriors 11:00 Panthers v Sea Eagles 12:00 Monday July 25 Raiders v Dragons 14:00

AFL Round 18 (Aussie Rules) (Times in Thailand) Friday July 22 St Kilda v Adelaide

Constructor Standings 1 2 3 4 5 6

Australian NRL Round 20

17 12 4 0 0 0


Saturday July 23 N. M’bourne v B Lions 11:10 S Swans v W Bulldogs 11:10 G Coast v Collingwood 16:10 Essendon v Carlton 16:10 Sunday July 24 Geelong v Richmond 10:10 M’bourne v Hawthorne 11:10 Fremantle v WC Eagles 13:40 Bye: Port Adelaide

MotoGP (Times in Thailand) Round 10: Red Bull US Grand Prix, Laguna Seca, California Saturday July 23 Practice 1 00:10 - 00:55 Practice 2 04:10 - 04:55 Sunday July 24 Practice 3 00:10 - 00:55 Qualifying 03:55 - 04:55 Warm-up 23:40 - 00:00 Monday July 25 Race 04:00

Formula 1 (Times in Thailand) German Grand Prix Nürburgring Friday July 22 Practice 1 15:00 - 16:30 Practice 2 19:00 - 20:30 Saturday July 23 Practice 3 16:00 - 17:00 Qualifying 19:00 Sunday July 24 Race 19:00

The Nadeshiko celebrate with the trophy after their historic victory over the USA. – Photo AFP

Women’s World Cup victory big boost for Japan FOOTBALL Members of the Japanese national women’s football team have been lauded as heroes in their homeland following their fairytale World Cup final win over the USA in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday (July 17). With their triumph, the Japanese women’s team become the first Asian nation to win a Fifa World Cup. The team, nicknamed Nadeshiko after the pink plant that is supposed to personify the traits of the ideal Japanese woman – neatness, resilience and loyalty – showed plenty of character after twice trailing their more fancied opponents before beating them 3-1 on penalties. Alex Morgan gave the USA the lead and the two-time winners looked on course for victory before Aya Miyami equalised with time dwindling down. Abby Wambach restored the States’ lead in extra time but Golden Boot winner Homare Sawa brought the Japanese level again with a stunning flicked effort at the near post, sending the game to penalties. Japanese ’keeper Ayumi Kaihori was the star of the shootout, saving two of the USA’s three penalties, leaving Saki Kumagai to seal a historic 3-1 win. With Japan still recovering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck in March of this year, the success of the national team has given the whole country a lift. Japan’s previous best

Golden Boot winner Homare Sawa’s goal took Japan level to send the game to penalties. Women’s World Cup finish was a quarter-final appearance back in 1995, and the team had never beaten the USA in their 25 previous matches before Sunday’s tournament climax. Japan began the tournament ranked as the fourth-best team in the world but few experts believed that they would be able to compete with the likes of the USA or the hosts, Germany, who were hoping to secure a third successive World Cup win. Knowing that his players were considered underdogs by many, coach Norio Sasaki showed his team film of areas of the country devastated by

the two natural disasters in a bid to inspire them. The footage, it was revealed, reduced several members of the team to tears but it had the right effect as Japan overcame hosts Germany in the quarter-finals and Sweden in the semi-finals, before the thrilling penalty-shoot-out victory over the States. USA goalkeeper Hope Solo, who had inspired her side to victory against Brazil earlier in the tournament, said the motivation to lift the devastated country had carried the Japanese to victory. “I truly believe that something bigger was pulling for this team,” she said. “As much as I’ve always wanted this, if there were any other team I could give this to it would have to be Japan. I’m happy for them and they do deserve it.” Pia Sundhage’s team had the support of President Barack Obama and his family, who watched the game in the White House, but it appeared that presidential backing was no match for the hopes and dreams of an entire nation.



Ecclestone accused in B1.3bn bribery scandal

Bernie Ecclestone plans to be at the German GP despute the risk of being arrested.

Prosecutors in Munich have charged a former senior executive at a German bank for allegedly taking bribes from Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone in connection with the sale of the bank’s stake in Formula One. Gerhard Gribkowsky, the former head of risk management at Bavarian bank BayernLB, is being charged with corruption, abuse of confidence and tax evasion, after overseeing the sale of BayernLB’s commercial rights stake to private equity firm CVC Capital Partners in early 2006. Prosecutors claim two Austrian firms set up by Gribkowsky received US$44 million (B1.32 billion) in payments from Ecclestone and his holding company Bambino Trust. The companies, which used bogus consulting contracts, had addresses in Mauritius

FOMULA 1 and the British Virgin Islands and did not pay German taxes. Prosecutors claim that Gribkowsky later used BayernLB funds to pay the F1 chief a commission of US$41.4 million (B1.2 billion) and added a further US$25 million (B750 million) for Bambino Trust. Ecclestone was questioned by state prosecutors last April as part of the probe into irregular payments made during the sale and is still under investigation, the prosecutor’s spokeswoman Barbara Stockinger said in a statement. “According to this investigation, this is bribery money,” the statement read. “These payments would not have been asked for were it not for the bribes to be paid to the accused. Bayerische Landesbank incurred damages of almost US$66.5 million (B2 billion)

through the conduct of the accused.” The British billionaire, who is CEO and president of F1’s governing body, has denied corruption charges and has insisted that he will be present at this weekend’s German Grand Prix, despite a looming threat of arrest. “Why should I not go?” Ecclestone has said. “There is no reason.” The 80-year-old Ecclestone has already given evidence to the prosecutors handling the case and is confident he will be exonerated of all charges. The British billionaire may, however, face new charges of aiding and abetting Gribkowsky, who is being accused of overseeing the sale of BayernLB’s 48-per-cent stake in Formula One, without updating its valuation, in return for bribes disguised as consulting contracts. – AFP/Phuket News

Vettel targets Red Bull improvement

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel has warned his own Red Bull team that they need to improve their performance if they are to get back to winning ways at this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Vettel was beaten into second place at last weekend’s British Grand Prix, and the

German said the team needs to take the Ferrari threat seriously even though it currently holds a runaway lead in both drivers’ and constructors’ championships. “It was a tough race and Ferrari were very quick, Fernando Alonso in particular, and they beat us,” said Vettel,


who leads the championship by 80 points from teammate Mark Webber who in turn is a further 12 points clear of Alonso in third. McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are tied for fourth place with 109 points. “We need to accept it and to understand that when you get beaten you have to accept it. It was a lesson to learn and it is up to us now to refocus and make sure that we come back with stronger performance for the next couple of races. “It is a very important time now for the championship. We are in a good position, but we need to keep working on ourselves, or the others will get too close for our liking.” Red Bull also appear to have closed ranks over the ‘team orders’ row that engulfed team in the wake of the Silverstone race during which Webber initially ignored orders not to challenge Vettel for second place behind Alonso. The owner of the Formula One champions, Austrian magnate Dietrich Mateschitz, said earlier this week he had no doubt that Webber would stay with the team. “Mark Webber will re-sign with us,” said Mateschitz. “This will happen for sure. He is

Sebastian Vettel congratulates Fernando Alonso on his victory at Silverstone. – Photo AFP very popular within the team, he feels very comfortable and it is an excellent relationship. He knows this and we know it. “To be honest, Mark has no better choice than the fastest car and we have no better choice for a fast driver.” The Australian driver shrugged off the row and said this week he was “positive” about negotiations over a new contract. In other Formula One news, the rules introduced into Formula One to encourage overtaking in 2011 appear to have borne fruit with statistics showing that the number of passes after nine rounds of the championship is already

higher than for the whole of the 2010 season. Sources within the Mercedes team said that official statistics show 623 instances of overtaking so far this season, more than the 547 from 19 races in 2010 and 244 from 17 races in 2009. “If the trend continues, it will reach 1,200 by the end of the year,” said one of the team. The big jump from 2009 to 2010 was caused by the arrival of three new teams, Hispania, Virgin and Team Lotus, who struggled to keep pace and were consistently lapped. This year’s rise has been attributed in part to the in-

troduction of an adjustable rear wing known as the drag reduction system (DRS), which provides a higher top speed, and tyres that degrade faster than they did last year. “Of the 623 overtaking instances, some 180 (29 per cent) were made using the DRS,” said Mercedes. The Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal saw the most overtaking manoeuvres with 136, while Istanbul (123) and Shanghai (97) also provided plenty of excitement. The races that scored least well in terms of overtaking were Monaco (22), Silverstone (29) and Melbourne (30). –AFP


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